Open Thread – Saturday, 21 May 2022

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  1. egg_ says:

    No More Bushes: George P Bush Gets Crushed by Ken Paxton for Texas AG Primary

    Robert Barnes was saying similar on The Duran upthread.

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  2. mh says:

    Dutton 2.0: I’ll be a gentler and caring me

    Peter Dutton has promised to show another side of him as opposition leader, arguing the Liberal Party is the champion of families, small business and aspirational workers across the ­nation’s cities, suburbs and regions

    I think Dutton is too bald for the Australian voters.

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  3. egg_ says:

    Dutton 2.0: I’ll be a gentler and caring me

    Plenty of fodder for the Micallef scriptwriters.

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  4. We wait and see.


    Joel Jammal:

    1 ) Western Australia AEC back down on 😷
    2 ) Senate Count Update – Mail in ballots favour freedom parties 📩
    3 ) Data from TPAUS HTV cards helping to highlight where fraud may have occurred 💯
    4 ) Gathering testimonies from AEC Workers, Scrutineers & volunteers from our community 👁
    5 ) Interview with Professor David Flint coming early next week. How to improve election integrity 🤝

    ⚠️ ELECTION UPDATE 🔴🟠🟢🔵🟣

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  5. win says:

    Morrison was manipulated by Turnbull and Photios .Palachook a puppet of the CFMMEU. Biden taking the blame for Obama and Clinton doing a third term of disasters. Why should Dutton dance to the media and one track minded shriekers.

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  6. cohenite says:

    These are great and very timely: Feminist Cringe Compilation. The one with Gavin McInness is splendid as he gives it to some feminist kunt but they’re all hilarious:

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  7. Shy Ted says:

    If you ever doubt that we’re watching a movie, watch the first 30 seconds of this
    Imagine that, we’d all have clean, green energy but for the shoo ting. Twiggy doesn’t need the massive H factory, just a truck in his driveway.
    Absolute proof we are sending military equipment to Ukr.

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  8. egg_ says:

    ‘Weak’ Liberals ‘run for cover’ instead of defending leader: Kroger
    Sky News Australia

    Former Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger says some Liberal MPs should have come out and defended former Prime Minister Scott Morrison during the election campaign and “not allowed” attacks to “go without a response”.

    Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

    P1ss orff, Kroger!


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  9. mh says:

    Former Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger…

    Following his tenure the party was a pile of rubble.

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  10. mh says:

    Courier Mail

    South East Qld’s cheapest rents revealed as crisis escalates

    Shocking figures reveal the extent of Queensland’s rental crisis as desperate tenants consider giving away their pets to secure a roof over their heads


    Power bills will be slashed by $175 under a cost of living rebate announced by the Palaszczuk government this morning, with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk saying it would make life ‘a little bit easier’.

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  11. candy says:

    Former Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger says some Liberal MPs should have come out and defended former Prime Minister Scott Morrison during the election campaign and “not allowed” attacks to “go without a response”.

    Well, there is something in that I think but Scott Morrison was a one-man show since his polling figures were sky high in the beginning. He was everywhere and it just became all about him. Changing his mind over an issue every few days did not help. He actually should have relied on the senior ministers more and take their advice and let them shine a little.

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  12. Boambee John says:

    Power bills will be slashed by $175 under a cost of living rebate announced by the Palaszczuk government this morning, with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk saying it would make life ‘a little bit easier’.

    Mmmmm, yers. Boost the price of power by forcing coal and gas generators to pay subsidies, then give the serfs some of their own money back, less administrative costs and political skimming.

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  13. egg_ says:

    Former Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger says some Liberal MPs should have come out and defended former Prime Minister Scott Morrison

    Scummo was running a Presidential style Election?

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  14. egg_ says:

    05-25-2022 – The Snowball Effect
    The Dreizin Report – Ukraine War & Aftermath

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  15. mh says:

    The old fella doing the Vic Senate count has really cranked it up today

    63.3% counted, updated 6m ago

    Give that guy an ice cold VB.

    The UAP have extended their lead over the Legalise Cannabis Australia party.

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  16. mh says:

    Holy hell

    Courier Mail

    A Queensland MP will seek a leave of absence after detailing how she was ‘shopped around’ and raped as a child, and later within her church – resulting in her hitting rock bottom when she was found unresponsive earlier this year.

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  17. These evil bastards are flaunting it. Plain to see.


    Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans boasts at the World Economic Forum about the development of an “individual carbon footprint tracker” to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where/how you travel.

    You will comply or be switched off.

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  18. egg_ says:

    We’re in the final countdown to British Home Secretary Priti Patel’s* decision on the fate of Julian Assange, with the WikiLeaks founder’s extradition to the United States due to be approved or rejected by the end of the month. Joe Lauria has a new article out with Consortium News on the various pressures that Patel is being faced with from both sides of this history-making issue at this crucial time.

    *The UK run by swarthies?

    What could possibly go wrong?

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  19. Polly is onto a cracker of a story. The plant grows looking like a penis and vagina and ultimately wreaks havoc on the pox.

    Perhaps I consult 🙄


    Amazing Polly:

    For 180 years the cabal has buried a formerly well known natural treatment (I’d call it a*cure*) for smallpox & related illnesses! I will tell you about this incredible plant.

    Big Tech & Big Pharma Conspire to Hide A Cure!

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  20. mh says:

    A wee bit of inflation across the dutch

    New Zealand’s central bank raised interest rates by 0.5 of a percentage point to 2 percent on Wednesday as it tries to get a handle on inflation while signalling the benchmark rate would peak at a higher level than previously forecast.

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  21. mh says:

    Swarthy alert

    LIVE: Rishi Sunak announcement as UK battles cost of living crisis

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  22. mh says:

    The Tories need Alan B’Stard.

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  23. mh says:

    The Sun

    RISHI DISHES Rishi Sunak announcement: Chancellor reveals £1,500 for poorest Brits in bumper £15bn cost-of-living package

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  24. johanna johanna says:

    Rishi dishes my left big toe.

    They have just whacked a 25% tax on gas and oil companies’ new finds, plus the handouts will not begin to cover the extra costs to punters – those that are eligible, that is.

    Yet they are still spruiking the Green New Dream.

    No doubt Boris and his Ministers and the bureaucrats will be able to afford the price rises. Pity about the plebs.

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  25. egg_ says:

    Johnny Knoxville Bows to Wokeness
    Mark Dice

    Putting Wee Man out of a jerb?

    Maybe there’s an opening for M0ntifa?

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  26. egg_ says:

    the handouts will not begin to cover the extra costs to punters – those that are eligible, that is.

    Brits will be forced to drive even tinier Noddy cars?

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  27. mh says:

    Ray Liotta, brown bread.

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  28. egg_ says:

    The End Of The American Empire Is Here
    The Jimmy Dore Show

    They sound more fvcked than us now, thanks to Daddy Warbucks.


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  29. egg_ says:

    Ray Liotta, brown bread.

    Loved Corrina, Corrina – back when Whoopi Goldberg was funny.

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  30. Shy Ted says:

    Qld MP
    Born in 1976 so she’s 46. Alleged rope in 1981 and thereafter ongoing.

    Memories of her horrific childhood began to resurface in 2021 as the MP struggled to cope with debilitating bouts of panic and anxiety. She lost her marriage and her family before hitting rock bottom. My children had found me unresponsive. Paramedics and police were called to my home,” she said. I was resuscitated, I was transported.

    Aged 45. She will have undergone a mandatory mental health assessment after physical recovery and been referred on for “counselling”. Counsellor will have asked about childhood experiences.
    There is not a scrap of evidence that any of this abuse actually happened, nor any comment that a police report has been made. It would be kind to call this False Memory Syndrome.
    A better explanation is that careers in the police, army and Qld Labour Party have introduced you to not very nice facts of life and it did you in. And everything else followed. But somehow you remained functional enough to continue to be a MP?
    Go to it, MSM, investigate. Waiting, waiting…

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  31. The now senile and demented prick has certainly changed his tune.

    This is Gold. It Would be a Shame if it Got Around.

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  32. Old bloke says:

    Ray Liotta, brown bread.

    Just another one of those inexplicable “sudden deaths.”

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  33. egg_ says:

    But somehow you remained functional enough to continue to be a MP?

    Yup, sounds like one of Phatty’s infamous false memories of a phantom on-Air interview that never occurred – Leftism is a curse.

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  34. Who will be the first CAT to get the monkey pox jab, along with the seasonal flu shot and another C-19 booster shot +++++ in 2022?


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  35. Who is Nas you ask?

    Until seeing this clip I had never heard of the bloke. Apparently this short clip with the popular “YT influencer” has landed him in a spot of bother with his followers, so to speak.

    Basically, he chickened out and acted like a clown, totally opposite to his online persona.



    I just CONFRONTED @Nas Daily in Davos

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  36. Shy Ted says:

    Hope you all saw Ray Liotta when he met Hannibal Lecter.
    Movie Hannibal, I think. We used to love curried brains (sheep) when I was a lad. I think they were sheep. Might have been lefties.

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  37. egg_ says:

    Why a Mars Colony is a Stupid and Dangerous Idea
    Adam Something

    I think I’d rather take my chances with the Frank-N-Furter Tranny Zombie Apocalypse here on Earth, thanks – sounds like the alleged ‘hole in the Ozone layer’ would be a walk-in-the-park in comparison.

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  38. mh says:

    Headline at FT

    Russia slashes rates in effort to cool rouble’s rapid ascent


    I remember Biden celebrating the collapse of the Rouble.

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  39. mh says:

    The keyboard player of Depeche Mode is also brown bread.

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  40. Via Tony Heller: 0:25


    The World Economic Forum is working on an “individual carbon footprint tracker” to monitor people’s movements, what they eat, and essentially every other aspect of their life.

    Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker

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  41. mh says:


    Hong Kong lost 93,000 residents in 2020, followed by another 23,000 in 2021. But early estimates show this year will see far more people go.

    Many people and companies are moving to Singapore, though some expatriates are returning home and Hong Kongers are applying for residency under new visa programs launched in Canada and the United Kingdom.

    There’s also an increase in moves from Hong Kong to Dubai, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, according to insiders.


    Australia not mentioned.
    If you are escaping authoritarianism, coming here would be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire!

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  42. I still can not believe pencils are allowed to be used to fill in ballot papers and ID checks are nonexistent. So much room for manipulation exists and most are blasé about it.

    This country is a joke.

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  43. mh says:

    Ukraine Russia war UPDATE – Col. Douglas Macgregor

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  44. Dr Vernon Coleman:

    More evidence the world has gone mad
    26TH MAY 2022

    Sri Lanka is in terrible financial trouble because of the global crisis deliberately created by the sanctions against Russia. Around another 69 countries are now in dire straits as they struggle to cope with rising food prices, rising energy prices and a shortage of cash. Of the 69, 25 are in Africa, 25 in Asia and 19 in Latin America and the Pacific. Big countries such as Pakistan, Egypt and Tunisia are in trouble. (Pakistan has already imposed power cuts.) Peru, El Salvador, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia are all at risk. Things are going to get far worse. As I said some time ago, Biden and Johnson should be arrested as war criminals. They will kill far, far more people than Putin. And what happens when people are cold and hungry and really pissed off at the world? They start wars.

    Schools close on the flimsiest of pretexts. If there is a slight breeze then all schools will shut in case a child is injured by a flying leaf. After a boy was injured at school, the council announced that ‘all campuses…will be closed…on health and safety grounds. Learners will access blended learning.’ I had to use a search engine to find out what ‘blended learning’ is. Apparently, it really just means online learning. It’s a tragedy that the boy was injured. But if you shut campuses every time someone is injured then every school will be pretty well permanently shut. But then that’s the idea isn’t it? Teachers are too dumb to realise that they will be entirely replaced by blended learning. When the only teaching is done via the internet, the authorities will need only one teacher for each subject. All the rest will be fired. (The same thing is true for doctors who refuse to see patients any more. They will be replaced by computers – who have been proven to be better at making diagnoses and performing surgery. And the computers can probably be programmed to be kind and friendly too.

    In 2021, an anti-viral drug made by Merck was authorised as a treatment for covid-19. The drug had originally been developed as a veterinary drug using shiploads of public money. The drug is now being sold back to the US Government. The profit is estimated at 4000%.

    News that Wimbledon has lost its ranking points for 2022 cheered me enormously. To ban Russian players simply because they are Russian was an act of pure racism. Anyone who suggested that the players should denounce Putin in order to play tennis needs treatment. This year’s Wimbledon is just an exhibition bout. The BBC should not show a second of this fiasco – they’ll save a fortune which they should give to the parents of children injured after taking notice of bad BBC advice on the covid jabs.


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  45. Another observation from Doc Coleman.

    Progress in General Practice

    Progress in General Practice
    25TH MAY 2022

    When I was in general practice some decades ago, in the 1970s and early 1980s, we ran the whole caboodle with three doctors, two and a half receptionists (we could have managed with one without the damned official requirement that we run an appointments system, which everyone hated) and a secretary who was also officially described as the practice manager.

    The three of us looked after just under 10,000 patients, did our own daily home visits and with the aid of three other GPs from another practice, we provided a 24 hour a day service for a combined total of around 20,000 patients for 365 days a year. Between us we covered all evenings, all weekends and all bank holidays including Christmas. A district nurse and a health visitor popped in to our surgery building occasionally but we took our own blood samples, removed stitches, syringed ears and so on.

    I checked the other day and found that my old practice still exists and now has five GP partners, eight salaried GPs, four registered nurses (one of whom is allowed to prescribe drugs), two health care assistants, a phlebotomist, a practice manager, a quality and performance manager (whatever that is), two reception managers, five dispensers, twelve receptionists, a senior administrator, five administrators, two prescription clerks, a medical records summariser and two medical secretaries.

    I’m not kidding. I wonder how many patients they look after.

    I suspect all these people spend a good deal of time in meetings and dealing with paperwork and I am pretty sure they cost the NHS a massive amount of money. I hate to think how much time is spent working out the holiday rota.

    I hope I am unduly sceptical but if this small army of health professionals is anything like the rest of England’s GP practices it is possible that they provide a daytime only service with relatively few house calls and no out of hours’ visits at nights, weekends or bank holidays.

    I think that’s what they call progress.

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  46. Siltstone says:

    Thanks Steve T. My Best of Billy Field CD gets the most airtime of all. He’s a seriously good entertainer! My late father used to love Bad Habits.

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  47. Joel Jammal:

    1 ) SENATE: Count ongoing 70% completed 📊
    2 ) Quantifying the ‘Freedom Movement’ 🧮
    3 ) Scrutineers still needed for senate count 👁
    4 ) Remember to take a break 😵‍💫


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  48. G’day Siltstone. The song just popped in my head whilst rolling a ciggie.

    True story.

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  49. Shy Ted says:

    Me too Carpe. Splashing out on the good bait
    Handy if I’m hungry, too.

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