Open Thread – Saturday, 13 November 2021

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  1. Steve trickler says:

    Tony Heller:

    Professional climate fraudsters demand censorship of anyone who tells the truth.

    Banning Climate Misinformation

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  2. mh says:

    Sydney Freedom Rally Saturday

    If you’re not protesting this weekend, you’re not trying.

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  3. egg_ says:

    Pineapples are so culturally significant that pineapples adorn the tops of cathedrals, and serve as the domicile of one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters.

    Been enjoying Indian style Lime Pickle with ham lately – goes better than “Hawaiian style” ham and pineapple IMHO.

    Lime glazed ham sounds good.

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  4. Steve trickler says:


    Estelle McCartney:

    “In The 400 Blows, Truffaut creates a cinema that “speaks of ordinary experiences and situations, fragile individuals, daily recognizable language and emotions where the director displays a non-superior relationship to his characters”. The original title stems from the French expression “Faire les quatre cents coups”, meaning “to live a wild life”, as the main character does.

    school -supertramp- the 400 blows ( les quatre cents coups )

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  5. egg_ says:

    Professional climate fraudsters demand censorship of anyone who tells the truth.

    They have an Industry to protect!

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  6. Steve trickler says:

    Going back in time. A few years have transpired.

    Harold Baldr:

    $2 Pork in Bangkok Street Food Market 🇹🇭

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  7. Steve trickler says:

    Did the f*****g pr*cks at Cop26 eat this?

    No, they didn’t.


    Harold Baldr:

    THAILAND, BANGKOK: Bugs are highly rich in protein. But there’s a catch. They look somewhat unappetizing. They’re also quite weird to chew down on. But can our aversion to putting these creepy crawlies in our mouth be over come by seasoning, spices and a crowd cheering you on?

    I went to find out in Bangkok’s famous Ratchada Rot Fai market where I tried every bug, incest and Scorpion on the menu. But did I manage to keep it all down….. ?

    Scorpion Dinner Thailand 🇹🇭

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  8. mh says:

    Hitler night on SBS.

    SBS catering to Daniel Andrews.

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  9. srr says:

    “Steve trickler says:
    November 19, 2021 at 8:11 pm
    Did the f*****g pr*cks at Cop26 eat this?

    No, they didn’t.


    Scorpion Dinner Thailand 🇹🇭”

    No they Did NOT.
    I recall (as does ALL Vietnam), they enjoyed, GOLD LEAFED STEAK and more of that class of Food For The Elites.

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  10. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP

    • TOMORROW •

    Saturday 20th November • 12.00pm.

    • HYDE PARK •


    Rain, Hail or Shine.



    Together we’ll NEVER be defeated.

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  11. mh says:

    What exactly did Tim Paine do?

    ‘Sexting scandal’ doesn’t mean much to me.

    Sending pics of his cock to young girls, Anthony Wiener style?

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  12. srr says:

    Just shared this on Dover’s Cat & figured Cats here could do with the, ‘Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Food Boost’ –

    BTW, if you can’t cook for … but you’re up for a Happy Saturday Breakfast …

    Sweet Raisin Bread French Toast –

    Ingredients –

    2 slices of Coles Cafe Style Raisin Bread
    1 Egg (from 700gm sized carton Minimum)
    1 milk bottle cap of Milk
    1 dessert spoon of Caster Sugar

    a small (or to save on oil, bread slice sized), frypan with a few mil of Peanut or Sunflower Oil

    Optional Toppings eg. Banana slices, Berries, Maple Syrup, Whipped Cream, Ice Cream etc.

    Method –

    Whip up the egg, milk & sugar – in a mug with a drink frother is ideal – a fork & wrist action will do.
    *Make sure all the yoke & white is evenly broken up. You don’t want ‘scrambled eggs’ in your pan fried spiced fruit cake.

    Pour the egg mix into into a ‘European Soup Bowl’/not too shallow small plate.

    Heat the oil while you soak a Raisin Bread slice in the Egg & Milk mix, both sides.

    Gently place the soaked Raisin Bread in the medium heated oil, turn a few times to check the oil’s not too hot, and cook until puffed & on the brown side of gold.

    Remove onto paper towelled plate & repeat with the next slice that was soaking in the rest of egg mix.

    Eat as is or with a sprinkle of Castor or Cinnamon Sugar or top or with all the goodies you feel like.
    1 LARGE Egg & 1 Cap of Milk, to 2 Slices, is the average measure.

    Your children, working men & nursing mothers will love you for it.
    It’s a, “Christmas For Breakfast or Anytime”, that anyone can knock up with ease and the cheap staples in your kitchen.

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  13. mh says:

    This is a blow to Bill Gates who wants to monopolise the world’s food production:

    ‘Narendra Modi has announced he will repeal three contentious farm laws that prompted a year of protests and unrest in India, in one of the most significant concessions made by his government.

    In a huge victory for India’s farmers, who had fought hard for the repeal of what they called the “black laws’, the prime minister announced in an address on Friday morning that “we have taken the laws back”.

    “We have decided to repeal all three farm laws. We will start the constitutional process to repeal all the three laws in the parliament session that starts at the end of this month,” said Modi, in a surprise announcement.

    He added: “I appeal to all the farmers who are part of the protest … to now return to your home, to your loved ones, to your farms, and family. Let’s make a fresh start and move forward.”

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  14. Steve trickler says:

    Bald And Bankrupt:

    🇱🇹 Since Lithuania gained it’s independence in 1991 it has removed as much of its Soviet past as it possibly could unlike in other post-Soviet republics where there are constant reminders of the USSR around every corner. However in the north of the country lies the town of Visaginas where I was told I could find the last remaining Soviet mosaic ( kind of ). Join me as I head north to see how life is in Visaginas which was built to house the workers from the nearby atomic power station and maybe meet some babushkas on the way.

    The Train To Lithuania’s Nuclear Town 🇱🇹

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  15. cohenite says:

    Rittenhouse is free and can sue the media bastards.

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