Guest Post : Anon – My Covid Story

(Note: Names have been changed to protect the writer’s identity.)

Dear John,

It has been a while since we last spoke, so you may be wondering where we have got to.

You will recall that my 87-year old mother, who lives in the EU, has lost her partner and now has no other relatives there, so we intended to bring her to Australia to live with us.

I would have been happy to sign whatever undertaking the government wanted regarding covering all her costs, including any future medical ones, but alas, that was not to be. The migration lawyer in Brisbane I had on that job informed me that Australia is not giving any visas to anyone apart from a few cases of immediate spouses and that this is unlikely to change at least until June 2022.

So I thought, okay, let’s go over to Europe and stay with her until the Australian politicians come to their senses.

Being a law-abiding citizen, I applied with the relevant government department for a “permit” to leave the country indefinitely due to compassionate reasons. This was denied without any explanation.

We then thought we’d use Jane’s New Zealand passport to go to NZ and instead fly out from there, by-passing the Australian gulag policies.

The first flight out of Brisbane was cancelled, but a couple of days later we were lucky to get on one of the NZ government’s last ‘green flights’, provided to NZ citizens “returning home”. Just before the “travel bubble” slammed shut, too.

Of course, a PCR test was compulsory before departure; these cost $150 each in Brisbane.

We were supposed to fly on to Europe the next day, on a separate ticket obviously, because having the same flight on the one from Australia would have seen us refused departure.

Alas, apparently the PCR test now must be done no less than 72 hours before arriving in the first port of entry to EU, which is Germany in our case. Funnily enough, one still needs the test even if “fully vaccinated” – so much for the “freedom pass”! In any case, we are not, and will not subject ourselves to any experimental “vaccines”.

So we were refused boarding and got stuck in Auckland for at least a week.

Now the fun starts: The PCR tests cost $250 each in NZ, but there is nobody who will guarantee to do them in 24 hours. It is basically “pay up and take your chance”.

Allowing for having the test 2 days before departure, so as to get the result before trying to check in, presents a true Catch-22 because the travelling time from NZ to Europe, with one stopover, pretty much means you cannot quite make the 72-hour limit.

So here we are, waiting for the most recent test and hoping we may be allowed to get on the next flight.

Meanwhile, next door to where we are staying is a “quarantine hotel”. If you ever visited any of the Nazi concentration camps in Europe, you will see some eerie similarities. Double-layered barbed wire fences, huge warning signs, complete with menacing-looking guards.

Once a day the inmates get to walk around in circles outside, to get some fresh air, presumably – we can see them from our window because we are several stories up. Mind you, there must be a limit on how much “air” they are allowed to breathe, because they are all duly masked up and have to walk well apart from one another.

This is where the western world is in mid-2021.

Jane and I are financially independent, but I am still terrified of where this new totalitarianism may end up. Or even where WE may end up. Stuck in NZ, perhaps, waiting for Jacinda Ardern to invoke their very own version of the Orwellian nightmare Australia is going through? Or, if we get to the EU, stuck there, unable to even go to a grocery store without a “passport”?

Keep well mate.

Kind regards,


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20 Responses to Guest Post : Anon – My Covid Story

  1. Pogria says:

    Over the past twelve months, I have had this image in my head of Charlton Heston as Moses, with arms outstretched, demanding of Pharaoh “let my people go”.

    I am probably paraphrasing, and I apologise in advance to my Jewish friends, but that is how I see we Aussies under the yoke of our increasingly hysterical political class.

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  2. calli says:

    We’ve already had the Plague of Premiers.

    Nine more to go.

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  3. Adam D Adam D says:

    I am in a similar boat. The most frustrating part is the inability to navigate through effectively.

    I can deal with rules and procedures as long as they are clear and solid. These days the rules are arbitrary, changing consistently, applied at multiple layers, totally vague, policed mercilessly and with absolutely no recourse from any level or branch of government.

    A phone call to a help line tells me to apply with a different department whom I am informed doesn’t have any phone number to call or direct email. My application just sits with them with no response whatsoever. Asking the helpline what my chances are or what I should do results in the simple answer of “I have no idea”.

    This I can handle because I have no faith in government whatsoever, but when I see a poll where 75% agree with a snap lockdown in regional areas with zero cases EVER I lose hope fast.

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  4. Shy Ted says:

    I hesitate to say this cos I like you lot but in only 9 years you will own nothing and you will be happy.
    It’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. You know what to do. I know what to do. We know who they are. We know who the enablers are. People are only waiting for someone to go first. “Not guilty, your honour”.

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  5. jo says:

    This I can handle because I have no faith in government whatsoever, but when I see a poll where 75% agree with a snap lockdown in regional areas with zero cases EVER I lose hope fast.
    ____________________________________________________________These are the same people that think Reality TV is real. Never go into something without having a plan to get out. The gov’t had a pandemic plan, that was replaced with a plandemic plan. (Plandemic) a good word for the Catictionary. In the beginning how much of the message coming out of West Taiwan was true. Very little.

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  6. Zipster says:

    Why oh why is the government stoping people from leaving?!?!?!?!?!?

    governed by morons

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  7. Old bloke says:

    I don’t understand the Government’s rational for keeping citizens locked in Australia. They could justify a ban on incoming migrants and visitors based on pandemic fears, but I can see no reason to keep those already here imprisoned.

    Are they fearful of a large migratory exit of their actual tax payers?

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  8. ikamatua says:

    And so it turns out that after all, our governments COULD regulate the movements of peoples, they just refused to do so when it came to people smugglers and wealthy foreigners wanting to enter our nations illegally.
    Compare and contrast people.
    They do the things they want to do ruthlessly. The things they promise to do but don’t really want to do, they do hardly at all.

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  9. ikamatua says:

    Year after year we saw migrants landing in Europe by boat, greeted with open arms, saw our suburbs bought up by the children of the CCP here on dubious grounds, saw amnesties for illegal aliens in the USA, after tens of millions of arrivals, causing depressed wages and idiotically high real estate prices. No one in government gave a damn about the pleas from their citizens adversely affected by this shit.
    Now we see that given the excuse to acerbate even more the conditions of their own citizens and voters by doing so, these pigs. THESE PIGS. Have no hesitation in making the free movement or even legitimate travel of their own people impossible. They are illegitimate. These events have rendered our governing “elites” illegitimate.
    Stop obeying them.

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  10. woolfe says:

    Lady Haw Haw aka Tokyo Rosie will be along soon to tell you everything is fine, just read the MSM and trust the government.

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  11. rickw says:

    Apart from controlling the departure infrastructure.

    Do The Mongs have any legal basis for preventing departure?

    I wasn’t aware that I was a prisoner on this shithole of an island.

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  12. rickw says:



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  13. Eyrie says:




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  14. Damon says:

    “I wasn’t aware that I was a prisoner on this shithole of an island”
    Well, if you know, tell us how to get out.

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  15. John Bayley says:

    “I wasn’t aware that I was a prisoner on this shithole of an island”

    It took an article in a US-centric website for me to even realise that apparently the Australian government quietly tightened up the departure rules, so it is now almost impossible even for those Australian citizens who are ordinarily permanent residents overseas to leave.

    So there are now people here who came home to see ailing relatives, and are now precluded from returning to their jobs and/or partners, just because they happen to not have a second passport.

    And, most depressingly, it seems a large part of the Aussie public think this is perfectly OK.

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  16. Crossie says:

    Zipster says:
    August 16, 2021 at 10:24 am
    Why oh why is the government stoping people from leaving?!?!?!?!?!?


    Because they can and they don’t have to explain themselves any more.

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  17. Enyaw says:

    THESE PIGS . Yes. +3 .

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  18. Chris M says:

    “in only 9 years you will own nothing and you will be happy.”

    Yes, interestingly that date is about the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So his return is imminent now as the world begins to accelerate into free-fall, which he predicted in detail. Then the day of judgement will begin, the dividing into two groups – faithful and unbelievers. It’s a privilege to be here now, so I am happy.

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  19. Spitfire says:

    The whole situation is insane. I live overseas and would dearly love to come back for a couple of weeks and see my family, aging parents in particular. But even if I could get back in, there’s no guarantee I could leave again.

    I used to love you, Australia.

  20. Lizzie of Sydney says:

    Agree about the insanity of the ‘prisoner island’ rules and mentality.

    The anti-lockdown Lib Dems are looking better and better all the time.

    Vote these weasils out.  Our 37 year old son, father of a 2 year old and happily married, has had to seek medication because he is so frayed and angered by the lockdowns.  He has no prior mental issues but tells us he just wasn’t coping emotionally and felt he had to see a doc to discuss it.  He’s a one issue voter now: no lockdowns.  He’s voting Lib Dem though he had never heard of them till this lockdown; they’re his lifeline to sanity he says.  All his friends are too.  If many feel like this, the LDP if they keep focussed may be in with a good chance for two Senate seats.


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