US Elections 2024: The Conservative Angle [2]

As there is additional content to be added to the US Elections 2024 thread, it will be continued in this second part. If you want to follow the topic and have not read the information in the previous thread, it may be better to start with Part 1, and then read this thread.

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  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    The House Speaker and Trump
    The Republicans have a majority (slim) in the House and their Speaker Mike Johnson. Now, some Republicans are not happy with Johnson and have put a motion for Johnson to vacate the chair. But Johnson need not fear. The Dems have pledged to save him.

    Glenn Greenwald answers

    Because Mike Johnson has proven himself an incredibly useful, pliant and loyal instrument for the Democratic Party.

    He has been the chief strategist ensuring the Biden WH gets its tops priorities: funding the war in Ukraine, warrantless domestic spying, free speech limits.

    That would make Johnson a traitor to the Republican Party.
    But there’s more ….

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Johnson has the support of Trump.

    Last month, Trump defended Johnson.

    At Mar-a-Lago this weekend, according to the Daily Mail he
    dished out praise to embattled House speaker Mike Johnson, ordering Republican critics to ‘leave him alone’.

    In the previous thread, more examples of the close link between Johnson and Trump.

    The Dems like Mike Johnson. Trump likes Mike Johnson.
    Mike Johnson likes the Dems and Trump.
    They are all unconcerned about America and happy to send US aid overseas.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    What really happened.

    March 2024
    NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, 31, was shot and killed by a career criminal during a traffic stop.

    Posted by Maga
    Trump will be paying off the mortgage

    Tunnel to Towers Vows to Pay Off the Mortgage on Diller’s Home

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    March-April 2024
    Ruby Garcia, a 25-year-old Michigan resident was murdered by an illegal migrant from Mexico

    “….I’ve heard that from so many people. I spoke to some of her family.”

    Family of murder victim Ruby Garcia deny speaking with Trump

    Ms Garcia’s sister says the former president’s words were a complete lie: she told a local news outlet the day of the rally that the former president did not reach out to any member of her direct family — nor did any member of his 2024 campaign team.

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    2 May 2024
    Trump makes a post-court stop to bring pizza to firefighters

    After court ended today, Donald Trump stopped by a fire station in Midtown Manhattan for a campaign photo-op with firefighters and boxes of pizza.

    Long said the Trump campaign asked to visit — and paid for the pizza.

    Vs This
    Trump’s NY pizza scam exposed in under a minute

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  6. kaysee kaysee says:

    The right wing media will discuss Biden, scandals about his relationship with his daughter and also with young girls. But Trump’s interactions with women and teenage girls is not questioned even with the available footage.

    There is some overlap of some clips but together they should provide a picture of the person. If there was something in them that is not true, there would be Community Notes.




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  7. kaysee kaysee says:

    Jan 6 Defendants

    Why did Trump not pardon J6 defendants before he left office? His supporters say he couldn’t have done it because there wasn’t enough information available at that time.


    23 December 2023
    Federal Pardon

    President Joe Biden has announced he’s issuing a federal pardon to every American who has used marijuana in the past, including those who were never arrested or prosecuted.

    22 Dec 2023
    Statement from President Joe Biden on Clemency Actions

    So Trump’s excuse goes out the window. The President has clemency powers.
    Why didn’t he use those powers?

    Nov 2021
    Tucker Carlson today show

    Donald Trump “cared” about the J6 defendants so much that not only did he fail to pardon them before leaving office, he let them rot in jail and kept all the money donated for election audits and to fight election fraud for himself instead of donating to their legal defense.

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  8. kaysee kaysee says:


    Trump can twist everything into a Look-at-me.



    Having the time to play golf and win trophies from your own club is an achievement to boast about, especially when you want to be President of the country.

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  9. kaysee kaysee says:

    He took this article from the NY Post

    Picked out the favourable bits and left out the others for this post.

    He is the Number 1 expert on….

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  10. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Graduation

    There was a great deal of whingeing from Trump (who did not attend the graduations of any of his other children) about how he would not be able to be present at Barron’s graduation on 17 May.

    The judge has now granted permission. The graduation is due to start at 10am in Florida. But Trump also has a fundraiser set up for 5pm that evening in Minnesota. That would be around a 3.5 hour flight to Minnesota from Florida.

    Having made such a big deal about his son and the graduation, he is not even spending the day, or even the afternoon, with his family. And doesn’t mind using his son for his gain.

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    But then again there may be plans for a family dynasty, now that
    Maga is a political party.



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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    For more than a year, he posted lies about DeSantis.

    Last month, there was a meeting which must have been set up for Trump’s benefit as it couldn’t have been the other way around. After that he posted this.

    Compare the two posts:
    Florida continues to tumble
    the future of Florida which is FANTASTIC

    This was his response to Bill Barr’s endorsement. Instead of graciously accepting it, he had to toss in insults and boasts about his name-calling. Was there any need for those sentences? It was an immature reply.

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  13. kaysee kaysee says:

    After sowing disunity and disruption for years, Trump is now calling for unity?

    But if we show DISUNITY, which will be portrayed as CHAOS, it will negatively affect everything! Mike Johnson is a good man who is trying very hard. I also wish certain things were done over the last period of two months, but we will get them done, together.

    He is singing the praises of Mike Johnson whose job has been saved due to support from the Democrats. The Democrats don’t have a motive for their “good deed”?

    Trump ↔️ Johnson ↔️ Democrats

    Trump is going to drain the swamp that he is a part of?

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  14. kaysee kaysee says:

    What happens to any American politician who is America First?

    In the next two weeks, Massie is facing an election. He voted against Zionist Johnson this week, so Zionist AIPAC announces a $300,000 ad buy against him.

    The Dems saved his job, now he works for them.
    Johnson Vows to Protect Jack Smith Hours After Democrats Save His Speakership

    Do voters see what is happening?
    Johnson chose to support Israel instead of America.
    Johnson ↔️ Israel

    And chose the Democrats instead of his own party, the Republicans.
    Johnson ↔️ Democrats

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  15. kaysee kaysee says:

    In my post in Part 1 of this thread, I mentioned that my plan was to present content in three sections. So far, I have been providing info that would focus on the character of the candidate. Now, I am going to the second section.

    2. In the second part, I will explain how and why the Republican Party and its voters, as well as the US as a country, has reached this point in terms of their choice of nominee.

    Let me begin with an analogy.

    The problem
    The country has been facing some troubles with weather: droughts or floods or very hot and dry or very cold and freezing. This is a fact.

    I work in the media – I have shows on radio or television or both. I build up a good relationship with my audience and I understand and sympathise with them on the problems we face due to the droughts or floods or extreme weather.

    The solution
    I bring in some experts (carefully selected) who explain that the problem is due to global warming and they describe to the audiences/viewers/listeners how the use of coal increases the warming. The solution is to get rid of bad coal and use good renewable energy sources like solar panels.

    (…..continues in next comment)

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    The result
    My radio and television shows are running well and my audiences who were really worried with the extreme weathers have gone ahead and bought solar panels. I have made good friends with those in the solar business and now own several shares in renewable energy companies making solar panels. It is quite nice because I am making an unexpected high income from my shares in these companies.

    It may be that at some point I realise that global warming, renewable energy and solar panels are one big scam. But my bank balance is doing so well. Why would I take the risk of telling my audiences that coal ain’t bad, after all? In fact, my audiences are now far more enthusiastic about the wonders of solar panels that if I tell them the truth, they may switch off my shows and go elsewhere….To some other shows that peddle this same fiction which they now fervently believe – there is a climate crisis and the world can be saved if we switch to renewable energy.

    I may as well continue with the scam – and let the $$$$$$ keep rolling in.

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    I was wondering how to explain this section and decided to begin with the analogy above.
    Now over to the US political scene.

    The problem
    Prior to 2015, conservative/GOP voters were frustrated with the political class. The Republican politicians from their party who betrayed them – the Rinos, the Establishment, the Deep State. This is a fact.

    There would have been the conservative hosts in the media – on television, radio, journos, writers, broadcasters, commentators and podcasters – all bemoaning the state of the country and its pollies.

    The solution
    Along came Trump in 2015, saying all the right things. He already had a well-known profile, but could claim he was a “political outsider”, and thus, not tainted by the corrupt politicians. Although he was not a conservative, he played the game well, made the necessary promises and got the nomination.

    Before he won the 2016 election and through it ,the conservative media supported him, and their audiences looked at him with hope. During his term as President there were a few good things that he did, but many of the promises were not fulfilled. Then there was the poor management during Covid. Of course, he blamed everyone else.

    Even so, he was the 2020 nominee and most GOP voters voted for him. Was the election stolen? In Nov 2020 and a few months after, I thought it was so. Now I am not sure.

    There is the reality about Donald Trump. And then there is the myth.

    (….continues in next comment)

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  18. kaysee kaysee says:

    The result
    All those in the conservative media (later referred to by unflattering terms as “Influencers”, “Grifters”, “Con Inc Media”) learnt soon enough that their livelihoods and prosperity depended on promoting Trump as the hero fighting against the establishment/deep state villains. Their audiences loved this narrative. This helped the ratings, clicks and subscriptions of Con Inc Media. They ignored the negatives about Trump, his character, his values, his lifestyle – because they were catering to what pleased their audiences.

    In 2020, during Covid, it was the conservatives (media and voters) who were up in arms against masks, lockdowns and vaxx. However, they chose to turn a blind eye to Trump’s role in the vaxx and lockdowns and his support for Fauci.

    Even if these Con Inc Media realised that Trump was not the solution they thought he was, it was too late. The same Maga which they – as conservative media – had fed and helped to build up was now a cult. Their audiences became Maga and Trump was their god. Being critical of Trump would affect their income stream $$$$$$ (see analogy above).

    By the time it came to early 2021, Magadonians believed in stolen elections and had already donated towards the stolen elections fund – 250 Million dollars – which disappeared.

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  19. kaysee kaysee says:

    The “Influencers” in “Conservative” media would say that they are conservatives and Christians. They will say that they are pro life/anti-abortion, pro family, fidelity to your spouse, belief that He made them male and female, the Ten Commandments, the Bible as the holy book and other Christian values and beliefs.

    It is not illegal, unlawful or a crime for private companies or individuals to support a political party or candidate. This section is critically examining why the Republican Party/Conservatives have selected Trump, a 77-year old non-conservative as their presumptive nominee for 2024 President.

    A few quick points that have already been explained with examples in the Election Threads:
    – Trump married 3 times and has cheated on all his wives.
    – He is “pro-life” depending on the votes he can get. Or he is willing to negotiate at what point it is okay to murder the baby in the womb.
    – Con Inc will attack Joe Biden’s support for homosexual marriage but when Trump does the same, we hear crickets.
    – When Joe Biden talks about transgender day of visibility there is a loud protest from Con Inc, when Trump supports Bud Light, Jenner and trannies in women’s spaces, again, it’s crickets.
    – They are shouting that E Jean Carroll and Stormy Daniels are lying and this is a witch hunt, but don’t have anything to say about a man who has married multiple times, cheated on his wives and talked of women in disparaging terms.
    – They do not question the falsehoods uttered by this person, his self-obsession, narcissism, need for vengeance against anyone who does not worship him.
    – They support the genocide of innocent civilians because of a Zionist cause.
    – They are silent on the Anti-Semitic bill which makes parts of the Bible unlawful and takes away the right to free speech.

    The list goes on ….

    Are they Conservatives and Christians? Or just Con Inc Media and grifters?

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  20. kaysee kaysee says:

    The decision was made that Trump should be the nominee. Who made it?
    Trump? Maga? RNC? Donors? Media?

    What would happen if anyone – a Conservative media personality or a GOP politician – decided not to back Trump and publicly backed another candidate?
    They would pay a price.

    So those who didn’t want to support Trump stayed silent or pretended to be pro Trump, pro Maga. They didn’t want the risk of facing a backlash financially, politically or socially.

    I am going to provide a few examples of those “Influencers” in the Conservative media. You can how “the system” works.

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  21. kaysee kaysee says:

    First, I will begin with Steve Deace. He is a talk show host with Blaze Media and is also an author of some books. Last year, he publicly endorsed DeSantis for GOP nominee. He was one of the very few in the Conservative media to do so openly.

    After DeSantis suspended his campaign, Deace wrote an article. It was after reading it that I became aware of another facet of how the same conservatives and conservative media who emphasise the right to free speech, can ignore you if you dare go against their decision.

    In this case, Deace did not get booked on shows to promote his new book. The promotions help sales and not getting invited to Conservative shows affected the sales and $$$ he would have earned.

    From his article: (Bold emphasis is mine)

    If you can’t vote for Trump because of his unrepentant decisions, I completely understand. Your conscience is clear.

    Donald Trump’s at times unchecked, delusional narcissism makes it much more difficult to vote for him than it should be, given his pre-COVID record and the Cloward-Piven alternative. Trump makes it nearly impossible to like and admire him for those not the most intensely enamored with (or financially tied to) his schtick. His final year in office, when he surrendered the country to the archfiend Anthony Fauci and puckered in the face of demonic riots, was one of the most self-destructive in the history of the presidency.

    Those are all reasons — along with his superior character, integrity, worldview, and résumé — I wanted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to be the Republican nominee. And I alienated many people by saying so, including many of my own friends and career acquaintances. Notice you don’t see me booked on as many shows as I once was. I haven’t received a single booking to promote my new book, unlike all the others.

    The Fox-Boomer-Conservative Inc.-industrial complex wanted otherwise, so here we are. But I wouldn’t do anything differently because I thought it was the right thing to do. Backing the most successful Republican politician since I came of voting age was well worth another 10,000 book sales. When you play a high-stakes game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

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  22. kaysee kaysee says:

    Candace Owens

    Candace is staunchly anti-vaxx. Big Pharma is evil.

    Yet, she is pro Trump and Maga. The same Trump responsible for the Covid vaxx that has injured and killed millions. The same Trump who calls himself “the father of the vaxx” and thinks he is not being given enough credit for it.

    She likes him because he has the “IT factor”. Better to have a President who can entertain a crowd, tell jokes and is charming, than a leader who lacks this “charisma” but can implement policies and keep election promises.

    Does she still back him and think he is America First?

    Candace also likes Vivek and supported his campaign.
    The same Vivek who made his fortune connected to Big Pharma and experimental Covid drugs. His company pitched governments to install a universal Covid patient records surveillance database.

    All the information is available on the internet. Candace worked in the media, earned very good money and would have had a team to research, yet an anti vaxxer supports not just those who are pro vaxx but those who have been directly involved with Big Pharma.

    Supports free speech and privacy but campaigned for a candidate who wanted to sell a surveillance database system that would monitor all Americans.

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  23. kaysee kaysee says:

    Mark Levin

    The examples here will show you how a host of radio and television shows has assumed a role where he has the power to advice Trump, via his audience to reject any VP Prospects who will not appear on Levin’s show. So he and his audience of millions should decide which of the candidates were suitable for the VP role.

    Levin: We have a president who ‘rejects Americanism’
    I tried very hard but couldn’t get past the 2-minute mark.
    This is Levin’s Ode to Zion and “the first Jewish president of the US”.

    More links in this comment.

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  24. kaysee kaysee says:

    Sean Hannity

    Murdoch: Hannity was ‘privately disgusted’ with Trump after 2020 election

    Fox News host Sean Hannity was “privately disgusted” with former President Trump’s actions following his loss in the 2020 election, despite showing steadfast support on air, according to statements made by the network’s owner revealed in a new court filing this week…..

    “Thanks Paul,” Murdoch wrote back, according to the filing. “Wake-up call for Hannity, who has been privately disgusted by Trump for weeks, but was scared to lose viewers.”

    Meet Sean Hannity, Donald Trump’s pal and Fox News legend

    – Trump had his ‘truce’ interview with Hannity – a year after the TV host was scrutinised for ‘advising’ the Republican presidential candidate before, during and after the US Capitol insurrection…

    Now, at 62, Sean Hannity not only has the ear of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but also has the ratings to back up his star power…

    While his relationship with Trump has come under scrutiny, it has also continued to bolster his ratings on Fox – most certainly contributing to future-proofing his career there.

    Net Worth

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  25. kaysee kaysee says:

    Mother’s Day
    There are videos showing the crowds at Trump’s rally in NJ – a sign of his popularity.
    But on Sunday, there was a Mother’s Day brunch at Mar-a-Lago.

    Some videos from that event.

    He arrives
    Applause from the guests
    He was seated the special table and had a laptop.

    But no members of his family. No Melania.

    It is an event at his home, and his (third) wife is not with him to host the function. He arrives alone and has guests at his table.

    What does it matter if there are thousands at rallies and you are so popular in the Maga-world but your wife, who should be there with you, doesn’t consider your event important enough to attend? Or doesn’t want to be in the same room with you? Or preferred to spend the day with her son?

    Conservative values?

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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    While Melania is missing, some photos with Maga guests.


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  27. kaysee kaysee says:

    Charlie Kirk

    How Trump’s MAGA movement helped a 29-year-old activist become a millionaire

    The Make America Great Again political movement has been lucrative for Kirk, the 29-year-old CEO and co-founder of the conservative youth organization Turning Point.

    The nonprofit rocketed to prominence by latching on to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and has raised roughly a quarter-billion dollars since, much of it spent cultivating conservative influencers and hosting glitzy events. The organization also enriched Kirk and his allies….


    Glenn Beck

    In 2018

    TheBlaze, the conservative cable media company established in Dallas by former Fox News host and chalkboard enthusiast Glenn Beck, seems to be struggling to stay afloat…

    After railing against President Donald Trump throughout his [2106] campaign and the beginning of his presidency as a staunch “Never Trumper,” Beck announced his change of heart about Trump in May by donning a red “Make America Great Again” hat and promising, “I’ll vote for Trump,” during the president’s 2020 re-election bid.

    Now, in 2024, he is one of the biggest Trump supporters.
    Net Worth

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  28. kaysee kaysee says:

    Matt Walsh

    Mar 2016 post

    My piece calling out by name the prominent Christian & conservative figures who sold out for Trump will be published in a few minutes.

    I couldn’t find the list but in Oct 2016 he posted:

    The idiots in conservative media who shilled for Trump in the primary will never take responsibility because they’re all cowards and frauds.

    Aug 2021, it was this.

    When it really mattered in 2023 for those who supported candidates other than Trump to step up and speak for that candidate, they went quiet on the topic of the primaries.

    In May 2024, Mat Walsh has over 2.8 million followers on twitter. Eight years after his 2016 post, has be become one of the idiots in conservative media who shilled for Trump in the primary?

    Jeremy Boreing

    His Daily Wire colleague Jeremy Boreing also stayed quiet until Trump was the only one in the race. Wouldn’t want to lose Maga subscriptions to Daily Wire or twitter followers.

    In March 2024, it was safe enough to be brave:

    Ron DeSantis is a better man than Donald Trump.

    Ron DeSantis is a better executive than Donald Trump.

    Ron DeSantis is more conservative than Donald Trump.

    Ron DeSantis is more effective at defeating the left than Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump is our presumptive nominee.

    I hope he wins.

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  29. kaysee kaysee says:

    Evangelical Christian voters

    It may seem strange that Christian voters vote for a candidate whose life history is far removed from the teachings of the faith. Yet, Trump has the support of a big part of white evangelical Christian voters. How does that happen? This article provides some answers.

    I asked some people who would know. The consensus: Many evangelicals don’t need Trump to be a person of faith – or even a good person – if they feel like he has their backs…

    People feel he understands them,” Miller told me. “Even though some of his life stuff doesn’t fit into their personal lifestyle or morality, they still feel like he gets them.”…

    Trump doesn’t have to worry about his evangelical supporters holding him accountable. They’ve shown no inclination for that since he emerged as the Republican front-runner in 201…

    Trump will keep winning evangelical support as long as he looks like a winner, no matter what the rest of his life looks like.

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  30. kaysee kaysee says:

    So, there is a section of voters who feel that the political forces are against them and here is a man who appears to be on their side. They are willing to give him a pass on everything in his life that does not fit in with their Christian beliefs because they think he will save them from their enemies. And Trump knowing their weaknesses, plays the game. He doesn’t have to deliver anything; just keep them thinking that he is the only one who can win the victory for them. And pretend to be their saviour.

    Trump has got the backing not only of the white evangelical Christian voters but has also been endorsed by a group called CatholicVote. I would say that the terms evangelical and “Catholics”, in this context, are synonymous.

    The support for Trump is not just being pushed by Con Inc Media but also from the church pulpits. Evangelical preachers are telling their congregations to vote for Trump.

    This video provides an explanation.
    Why White evangelicals continue to support Donald Trump
    And this article
    My challenge as a Christian psychologist:
    Help evangelicals see Trump for who he really is

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  31. kaysee kaysee says:


    During the primaries, it seemed like the media – all sections – Conservative, Democrat, MSM – were in favour of Trump winning the GOP nomination. There seemed to be a media blackout on DeSantis. Even on the conservative side, it seemed like editorial decisions were made to be pro Trump.

    ‘You Are Unhinged’: Leaked Breitbart Messages
    Reportedly Show Writers Revolting Over Pro-Trump Editor’s Rules

    Others in Con Inc Media – joined the Trump is god parade.
    Or kept quiet, lest they face a Maga backlash.

    The Con Inc Media want Trump in the news because he is their meal ticket. They can run stories on him and their audiences will lap it up. Magadonians enjoy the feeling of being the victims who can only be saved by Trump. Reality does not matter. Trump is promising to do the same things he promised in 2016 and didn’t deliver. But the Maga world doesn’t care. Fool me once, twice, five times ….. As long as it is Trump doing the fooling.

    For the left-leaning MSM, they too, along with the Dems, want Trump to be the nominee. Trump will refer to MSM as fake news but only when it suits him. Just before the GOP debates,
    Trump Advisers Spotted Dining With Legacy Media Reporters

    Why would Dems want Trump as the nominee?
    Didn’t they realise each indictment made him more popular?

    This explanation

    If you only rely on Con Inc Media sites like Breitbart for all your news, you’ll believe that Trump is so popular, he has as good as won the 2024 general election.

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  32. kaysee kaysee says:

    Tucker Carlson

    April 2023
    5 Times Tucker Carlson Privately Reviled Trump: ‘I Hate Him’

    In his private messages, Mr. Carlson, who generally provides strong support of Republicans on the air, repeatedly showed contempt for Mr. Trump and some of his closest aides.

    The Flip
    Nov 2023
    In Tucker’s philosophy it seems that you don’t vote for candidates based on their policies. You vote for them if they are a victim. Or is it because this helps get the support of Maga?

    Tucker to Barr

    Dec 2023
    Tucker on Megyn Kelly show
    Tucker Carlson went on the Megyn Kelly show and totally debased himself. “I’m a total sucker for Trump” he said with no shame.

    He posted his interview with Trump at the same time as the first GOP debate. Later he admitted that Trump should have taken part in the debate. At the interview he did not ask Trump the most important questions which related to Covid. He followed the interview rules laid down by Trump. He compromised his journalistic integrity in return for that big interview on his twitter account.

    Magadonians love Tucker and want him as Trump’s VP.

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  33. kaysee kaysee says:

    Chaya Raichik (better known as Libs of TikTok)

    Chaya did well when she just focussed on exposing wokeism. But when she decided to take up the political – Zion and Maga – she lost some credibility.

    While she was posting under the name Libs of TikTok someone discovered her identity and doxxed her. I was aware of that incident but didn’t know what happened after that. She was living in California at that time.

    In Dec 2022, on the Carlson show she revealed some other info related to the doxxing.

    Fast Forward to March 2024
    She is in Florida and posts incorrect information about the issuing of drivers licences. It got Community Noted for being wrong and DeSantis responded as well.

    She has millions of followers and posted fake info. Why did she do that?
    Here’s why.

    Later that day, she was a guest at Mar-a-Lago.

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  34. kaysee kaysee says:


    Most of the Republican politicians also endorsed Trump not because they like or respect him but because they are afraid of what will happen to their own careers if they don’t. I posted examples of Trump trying to primary politicians like Massie and Roy who had endorsed DeSantis.

    Some of them have ambitions for 2028, so they want to make sure that they stay on good terms with Trump and Maga. It is not about what is best for the country, but personal gain.

    Meanwhile VP hopefuls are at the courthouse in support.

    Plus this fundraising ad.

    There are some unconfirmed reports that DeSantis will also be fundraising for Trump. Waiting to see if that does happen and the reasons why he’s joined the circus. What’s the deal and is it worth it?

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  35. kaysee kaysee says:

    On now, to the third section.

    3. Finally, is there a solution to this situation? What is the way out of this mess?

    If this upcoming US election has been of concern to you and you have been seriously following this thread, you may have found plenty of content on different aspects that affect the voting decisions and election results.

    This wasn’t meant to be an easy-reading thread. It certainly wasn’t easy researching and putting it together here. I’ve provided detailed information in four threads (July 2023, Sept 2023, April 2024, May 2024). In most cases, there are links which allow you see the source of the data, check the linked articles or posts, view the videos or listen to the podcasts. It gives you the opportunity to read, research, fact-check, think about and analyse the political situation and the events connected to it.

    And then join the dots……to reach a conclusion.

    If you don’t see a problem, there’s no need for a solution.
    If you do see the mess, you are wondering if there is a way out of it.

    I had put forward a set of questions in a comment here. Points to think about before you make your decision. What would your answers be to those questions?

    In this hypothetical situation, you are entitled to vote in the US elections.
    The primaries are done. The general election is next week.

    How will you be voting?

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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    Summing Up

    In the next 6 -12 months, we will be having a federal election in Australia. So I will do a separate post ( if 🕗) to take that up and switch from the hypothetical to reality.

    Back to the US. I’ve watched over the past two years, especially on social media, voters choosing their teams. For the majority, it is team Blue and Biden, or team Red and Trump. However, there have been the discerning voters, keeping watch on what was happening and changing teams.

    I have placed before readers here, enough information from the Conservative perspective. If you say that you are a Conservative, then given the facts, how would you vote? Would you be caught up in this is the most important election of our lifetime and the fear mongering that if you elect Biden, SCOTUS will be stacked with lefties and all these terrible things will happen. So if you are America First, vote Team Red?

    Forget about your values, turn off your principles, shut your eyes to integrity?

    If you state your objections, and list the negatives, you will be told that it is better to vote for the lesser of two evils.

    Are you prepared to make a choice that ignores your values and principles?
    It’s your (hypothetical) choice. Your (hypothetical) vote.

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  37. kaysee kaysee says:

    In 2016, there were a few Republicans/Conservatives, who did not vote for Trump. They were called the Never Trumpers. However, now in 2024, there is a section of voters who voted Trump in 2016 and 2020. But now, they are under the band Never Again Trump.

    If Conservatives really cared about their country, they would have thought about their choices at the primaries. They see Trump as their Saviour and their god. But we already have a Saviour – He was here 21 centuries ago and gave us the blueprint on how to live our lives. But the modern world has rejected that.

    Conservatives use terms like “Christian nation”, “Christian values”, “Judaeo-Christian traditions”. Then they decide that the man who is contrary to everything that is Christian is selected as leader to be their saviour from the evils of this world. The one who is part of the Establishment swamp is going to drain the same swamp and is “America First”.

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  38. kaysee kaysee says:

    I had held high hopes for Ron DeSantis based on his history. In most areas, he has proven that he fights for Conservative values. Since no one is perfect, I was willing to mark his pro-Israel support as the negatives on his tally sheet.

    If all the candidates are pro-Zion, we have to check other criteria. Even with his pro-Israel stand, DeSantis is still ahead of the pack because of his other policies. None of the other candidates come near enough.

    But over the past two months, especially with the student protests and the Florida antisemitism bill, I am disappointed with his actions and responses. I don’t know who is pulling his strings or at least influencing his erroneous actions. So until I know more about it, he is off my list.

    America’s Choice: the three main contenders.

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  39. kaysee kaysee says:

    Is there a solution to the problem being faced?
    Here are some suggestions that will help not in the short-term but in the long-term.

    Help The Conservative Party achieve ZERO SEATS
    Steve Deace’s guest, Paul Alexander provides the answer.


    What would I do if I could vote in the US Election and it was being held next week?

    In the field for the President, I would either leave it blank or write in Ron Paul or Thomas Massie.

    Down ballot, I would vote for all true Conservatives who, based on their past records, have shown themselves to be America First.

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  40. kaysee kaysee says:

    That ends my commentary for this thread.

    From here on I will just post links to opinions of American voters related to the candidates or the elections, some articles and memes.

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  41. kaysee kaysee says:

    (Comment upthread – 21 20 centuries ago …..)


    Jeffrey Tucker
    Apparently, many GOP voters are JUST FINE with lockdowns, eviction moratoriums, forced stopping of cruises……

    Whitney Webb
    Well-meaning dissenters, from covid to endless war etc, have been repeatedly duped by controlled “political saviors”….

    If we compromise on our [principles].. the very things that set us apart and make us different….

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  42. kaysee kaysee says:

    Trump did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to ‘drain the swamp’ when he was President so what makes you think he would do it this time?

    They All Knew

    Dear Republican Party

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  43. kaysee kaysee says:

    He’s still The Outsider

    Stockholm Syndrome

    Rush Limbaugh quote

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  44. kaysee kaysee says:

    Responses to the election campaign and the question: Will you vote for Trump?


    No. Non. Née. Nein. Ne. Nie. Nao. Nej. Het. Hi. Nage. Cha. Nei. He. Ez. Negatory. Absolutely not. No indeed. Most certainly not. Under no circumstances. By no means. Not at all. Never. Negative. Naw. Nay. No siree. No way. Not on your life. Nope. No thanks. I will not vote for #Trump


    Anyone who allows fear of the left to embrace the evils of Trump then I pity your soul. Trump has done more damage to conservatism and the good principles of the right than the left could ever do.


    The reason we despise Trump is because we see him for what he really is. Many of us were former die hard 2 time Trump voters……

    Martin Knight

    As multiple people have pointed out, over and over again, there is a reason why no one prior to Donald Trump ran the type of Primary campaign Donald Trump did for 2024…..

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  45. kaysee kaysee says:

    Some books to read:

    The Cult of Trump:
    A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control
    A masterful and eye-opening examination of Trump and the coercive control tactics he uses to build a fanatical devotion in his supporters…..

    Trump’s War on Capitalism
    Donald Trump had all the right enemies while in office—but that was about all he had right…..

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  46. kaysee kaysee says:

    If you are outside the cult…
    Libertarian National Convention

    Questions and speculation about
    Trump and Epstein

    The Influencers

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  47. kaysee kaysee says:

    A Democrat turned Republican turned Maga turned Libertarian.

    The Libertarian Convention

    What he claimed:

    Former President Donald Trump claimed he would have “absolutely” gotten the Libertarian Party convention nomination for president**, if not for already being the presumptive GOP nominee.

    What happened:

    Congratulations to realDonaldTrump for getting 6 out of 800+ votes, after begging the Libertarian National Convention to nominate him


    **I read a comment from Michael Tracey:
    It’s not true that Trump “can’t” be nominated by multiple parties, there is no Constitutional prohibition against such a thing, hence why he sought and failed to obtain the Libertarian nomination.

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  48. kaysee kaysee says:

    What he will do if he is elected President (47) that he promised to do if he was elected President (45) and didn’t do then but will do now.

    Donald Trump just announced he will FREE ROSS ULBRICHT on day one
    President Trump …….vows to pardon all of the peaceful J6 hostages.

    Of course he will also drain the swamp, build the wall, lock her (Hillary) up, get rid of the deep state and the establishment, Make America Israel great again, bring about world peace, end poverty, find a cure for cancer, find beautiful solutions to abortion, celebrate marriage equality, climb Mt Everest, support more vaxxes for Covid, make all Americans billionaires and much much more.

    And Magadonians will believe it all.

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    I’ve been following the events of the past week and putting some of the info together for the final lap of this thread.

    The circus continues – witch hunts, political persecutions, kangaroo courts, lies, rigging, allegations, fake charges.

    We can agree that the hush money trial in New York where Trump was convicted last week of falsifying records (to cover up the scandal that would affect his 2016 presidential campaign) was politically motivated. There may be questions about the charges, the process that was followed and the judgement.

    But the reactions of people, especially on the right-wing, have made for riveting reading. There are the obvious responses from Magadonians about the injustice to their god which is predictable. But there have been also those who said that they do not like Trump or they would not have voted for him or even some who said they are Dems or those who never contribute to political campaigns who suddenly came out of the woodwork to support Trump with donations.

    Some contributions running into as high as six figures, others donating what they could from their paltry savings. There were some who posted copies of their donation receipts as proof. They all claimed that they were doing it to save America, liberty, freedom and so on. Over $50 million in donations to help a billionaire who is going to save America and them.

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  50. kaysee kaysee says:

    One can walk and chew gum at the same time.

    We can evaluate a situation and say, yes, that it was a sham trial with charges that should not have ended up in court. But still maintain that it has not changed anything else. Trump is the same person. The verdict doesn’t make him any better a choice as President 47.

    This is the same man who cries witch-hunt, political motivations, rigged elections/polls, fake media whenever something doesn’t go his way. But he has no hesitation in using the same tactics against anyone else if it will benefit him. I have explained all this in context to the primaries this year, and he used similar methods against opponents in 2016.

    Yet, there is this emotional wave of support for a man because of the belief that he has been unjustly convicted. How is it that people have lost the capacity for rational analysis and evaluation?

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  51. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Dems are playing their game.

    Last year, before the indictments, Trump wasn’t faring too well in the polls. But the Dems knew how it would play out. Bring in the charges and the GOP voters forgot everything else about Covid and broken promises, and rushed to support Trump. He is the presumptive nominee and the focus has been on his legal battles, court cases and convictions. There are bigger issues that the average person is worried about – like paying grocery bills – but media, especially conservative media, is worried about a billionaire and his persecutions.

    He was the favourite in the primaries because of the indictments.
    Now he is the favourite because of the felony convictions.

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  52. kaysee kaysee says:

    Memes like this and this get passed around Magadonia – encouraging myths.

    Yeah, the average American is a billionaire running as a candidate in the presidential elections. Has married 3 times and cheated on all his wives – with or without porn stars. Has or has not used hush money to cover up the deed. So there are parallels between Trump and the ordinary American including mansions and jet planes.

    Yet so many have forgotten what Trump is and are pretending that the Deep State is coming after them and the only person who can save them is Donald Trump. That anyone who doesn’t support Trump does not love America. But they conveniently forget that he was President for 4 years and failed to drain the swamp.

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  53. kaysee kaysee says:

    Another example:
    He could have pardoned Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and released Ross Ulbricht. But he didn’t.
    Because the Deep State did not want that.

    On his last day as President he handed commendations to Fauci and Birx.
    The Deep State would have been pleased.

    At the libertarian convention last month, in order to get votes, he promised to free Ulbricht on Day One. Why didn’t he do it between 2017-2020?

    A champion of freedom and free speech?

    And Maga land still believes that he is going to drain the swamp and get rid of the deep state and build the border wall and ……

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  54. kaysee kaysee says:

    Remember those witch-hunts and political persecutions against Trump. It is always about Trump who is being unfairly persecuted.

    Bob Good is a congressman who is conservative, Christian, and chair of the Freedom Caucus. In the primaries, he initially endorsed DeSantis not Trump. And for that he must pay the price.

    Last week before the verdict, he posted this.

    Now, after the verdict, his petty vengeance is still the focus of his life. This is his message today.

    He doesn’t mind destroying the Republican Party by getting rid of good candidates. If he does get elected President, he won’t be busy with doing what is best for America. He will be busy with getting his revenge.

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  55. kaysee kaysee says:

    He says – he didn’t say it.

    It is not one isolated case where he once said lock her up in private to someone and it was secretly recorded and published. He has said it, in public, a number of times. Viewed by millions of people.
    Then, in an interview, he says – he didn’t say it. Also viewed by millions.

    Can he be trusted over anything he says or does when there is proof to show the facts of what was said, who said it, when and where?

    Whether it is something that happened between Trump and a politician, bureaucrat, some official, world leader or Stormy Daniels, E Jean Carroll, anyone else – in public or private – can you believe his version of events? This is one example of lock her up with his claim that he didn’t say it. It is a fib as proven by the videos that show the reality. It can be verified that he said it, yet he says he didn’t.

    This is the explanation in Magadonia.

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  56. kaysee kaysee says:

    America First

    During the primaries, Nikki Haley appeared to be anti-Trump and was in a full on battle against him. For months, she refused to endorse him. Then suddenly, last month, it all changed. What happened?

    Some clues to the Trump-Haley-Adelson connection.

    Sheldon Adelson

    Trump Is Desperate for Miriam Adelson’s Cash.
    Her Condition: West Bank Annexation

    Miriam Adelson and Nikki Haley

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  57. kaysee kaysee says:

    Trump, Christianity, Maga

    I have posted in these threads links to Trump’s interviews where he bluffs he way through on questions related to Christianity, the Bible and if he has ever asked God for forgiveness.

    There are several blasphemy videos, memes and books from Maga about Trump being compared to Christ.

    Following his conviction, there are more of them floating around.

    Relationship with God

    Does his non-answer in that interview
    link up with this?

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  58. kaysee kaysee says:

    Check this one.

    A response to the above meme

    Article from African priest
    on Trump verdict reaction

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  59. mh says:

    Nicholas J. Fuentes

    The meme magic from Trump 2016 is gone and anyone pretending otherwise is either forcing it to shill for politics or never understood it to begin with.

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  60. kaysee kaysee says:

    There is so much happening, on a daily basis, related to the US Elections and Trump. But I am going to end my input to this thread with two final comments. The rest will continue in the Open Threads.

    A description of Trump

    RINO re-defined

    A meme
    that aptly describes Trump

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  61. kaysee kaysee says:

    A country with a population of over 340 million has come up with two geriatrics as the best candidates to lead their nation for the next four years. How did it come to this?

    That was the question I posed in Part 1 of this thread.

    Forget the Dems and the lefties. Their agenda and end game is different.
    How did those in the Republican Party, calling themselves Conservatives and Christians, reject the obvious evidence?

    Okay, in 2016, they believed Trump and gave him a chance. They did the same in 2020, despite his response to Covid and broken promises.

    But again in 2024? They have ignored the proof (see four threads on this topic – links in Part 1). How did the Republican Party, Con Inc Media, the politicians, the influencers, all pretend that this is the man to lead and save the United States of America? That what he failed to do in his first term (between Jan 2017–Jan 2021) he is going to do if he wins a second term (Jan 2025–Jan 2029)?

    How is it that the average Conservative, Christian American does not expect and demand the basic minimum standards in character for whoever wants their vote as President of the country? Why is it that they have not made clear that their vote will only be given to the candidate who will put America First? How have the Christian leaders and groups endorsed Trump – not just evangelicals but groups like CatholicVote and Catholics for Catholics as well as some Catholic religious and clergy?

    Is there any hope for the US, or has it fallen already?

    This observation from Thomas Massie.

    I don’t think the country is fixable but I’m here in case it is.

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