The Russia-Ukraine Conflict [4]

Two countries from Eastern Europe are at war. There are no independent observers.  There are narratives being disseminated. Who creates them? Controls them? Manipulates them?  In what way is the available data being modified, filtered, blocked or concocted? What is really happening? What is the underlying plan?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cannot be condoned or justified. Innocent civilians have been killed, or have had to flee their homes and their country. But there is hypocrisy related to this particular war, that needs to be exposed.

The WION channel reviews the above issues in the context of the monopoly, by the West, in the flow of information. The introductory blurb from the channel states:

Now Big Tech is directing the course of conflicts. It’s pushing the western narrative & suppressing Russia’s. Platforms have become battlefields, data has been weaponised.

The presenter goes on to explain:
Why the West is winning the Information War


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  1. PeterW says:

    Are we becoming so accustomed to having all the details a click away, that we’ve succumbed to Analysis Paralysis?

    Early in the Gulf War, they identified a syndrome in senior officers that was informally known as “Predator Crack”. An addiction to watching the details on the feed from the Drones led to a tendency to forget the bigger picture.

    I think you’ll find that most of the “problem” in this case is argument over detail, when policy should be based on the issues that you’ve already (correctly, in my view) identified.


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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Is this real?

    Russian propaganda?

    A staged set-up?

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    William Ruger on twitter.

    From the thread:


    When a negotiated settlement of the war comes, guessing that more than a few analysts here in US will be quite disappointed and will vehemently criticize the deal. But they will underestimate the value of peace to Ukrainians (which is easy to do from the safety of MD/VA/DC etc).


    And yet I see few of them volunteering to actually fight in Ukraine.

    Was same response to Afghanistan withdrawal deal – and yet so few had volunteered to go there in uniform during 20 years they had the chance.

    Another reason Pat Tillman was the man! He put it on the line.

    And a response:

    It is likely that #Putin will get what he wanted in the beginning of the war: Neutral Ukraine, Donbas, Crimea. Media will spin it as a Putin loss. This is why the TV news incessantly describes Russian military failures. Will say he wanted a new govt and had to “settle”.

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    The tweeter says

    For those even remotely thinking about going over to Ukraine to volunteer, watch this s*** first before you do. Please spread this around.

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  5. PeterW says:

    If we are honest with ourselves, we will remember that the relatively low-corruption system that we enjoy is not something that we created, or that popped up overnight. It is the result of millennia of development, civil wars and experiments in government.

    Ukraine has had just thirty years since becoming free from one of the most violent, corrupt and authoritarian systems that the world has known. Seventy years under Communism, on top of centuries of Czarist rule. You think that is turned around in five minutes?

    Let’s not be arrogant.

    Let’s not hide from the fact that Ukraine is being invaded by the same people who were responsible for creating that culture and maintaining it. The same people who denied Ukrainians the opportunity to develop an open, modern democracy…. and did it with tanks and guns.

    3.9 MILLION Ukrainians died of starvation in 1932/33 for the “crime” of not being enough like the Russians. Western Ukrainians spent much of WW2 fighting both Germans AND Russians, and continued resisting Russian occupation into the 1950s. Is anyone here really surprised to see the symbols of those who are best remembered as being “Anti-Russian”!

    Maybe ask yourselves just one question. How many children are you willing to see killed, so that Ukraine can come under the boot of people who produced a system that killed more people than the Nazis?

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  6. PeterW says:

    Just listening to a pertinent comment on the basis of a low-corruption society. Low levels of corruption must be based on trust. We must be able to trust that the larger society and its institutions are able and willing to reward integral behaviour and punish corrupt behaviour.

    Can someone explain to me how 70 years of Communism – with its “Some Comrades are more equal than others” attitude – is going to generate that trust?

    Trust is earned. Trust must be built.

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