Raining on Sporting Parades

Over the weekend, an opinion was shared by a caller (Phil) on talkback radio about the importance that is given to sports, sporting events and matches instead of the major issues we face. It got me thinking.

For many people, watching sports events fills some need in them. They may have an interest in a specific sport, or maybe in a particular type, or in everything related to the action on a sports field. Sports can keep people entertained for hours on end. It can provide an escape from the everyday stresses of life. There is a sense of community, camaraderie, connectedness and competition.

There are various sports, games and matches. Cricket, rugby, football, tennis. World Cups, Grand Slams, Olympics. Team sports, individual sports. Those who are able to do so, go to the stadium to see the match. In some cases, the venue is filled to capacity with several thousands of spectators. The fans pay for tickets to attend the match, and they participate by cheering for their teams. Sometimes, fans travel inter-city, inter-state or even to other countries to watch sports matches. (It would be a similar scenario in the case of concerts by singers or musicians.) Millions others sit at home and watch the matches on screens.

Some individual or team will win the coveted trophy; another will be the runner up. At a pre-defined interval set by the sporting organisations (one year, two years, four years), the process is repeated. It is supposed to be national pride if the sports people or team representing your country qualify for the latter rounds, and then go on to win the final match. There are ticker-tape parades to honour the team for winning some sports match; as if they don’t get well-paid for doing a job that they have chosen and love.

The news reports tell us that there was a record television viewership for these FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 matches, this month. At some of the matches, there were over 70,000 occupied seats. Three cheers for Aussie women, sportswomen and female athletes. Besides a short-lived euphoria, does winning a match really have a long-term impact on our lives that would make a difference one way or another?

My interest in the whole drama related to the Women’s World Cup was zip, zero, zilch. Would I be called an unpatriotic Aussie if I reveal that I did not watch a single minute of any of the matches played by the Matildas or any other teams in the Women’s World Cup? That I did not care who won or lost?

My preoccupation is in other areas and I am concerned about the:

▹ Loss of our freedoms through the ACMA Disinformation Bill 2023
▹ Net Zero policies that will wreck this country
▹ Covid scam cycle with new variants, WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty
▹ Digital ID, Cashless society, 15-minute cities
▹ Voice referendum that will impact our democracy
▹ Homelessness situation, the cost of living, the woke madness
▹ WEF and UN agendas
▹ Many other topics

Am I just a spoilsport?

If someone organised a protest rally against the Disinformation Bill (which affects our freedoms) or against the Net Zero policies (which affect the economy, cost of living, jobs, reliable baseload power supply), would there be 70,000 members of the public gathering at a public centre, in every big city, with corresponding lower numbers in smaller cities and towns? Totalling millions all over the country? Would there be any records broken by the sheer numbers of people who were ready to give up their leisure time or even took time off work to participate in the protests?

Would the media provide free publicity about the protests for weeks before, and a wide coverage on the day?

▹ Does it matter to us that our freedoms can be taken away on the whim of a government?
▹ Does it matter to us that the unelected WEF force on us a Climate Change agenda which is being implemented by the governments and politicians we elect?
▹ Does it matter enough to us that we will be prepared to rise up and protest?
To revolt? To rebel? To resist?

We sit back and twiddle our thumbs and whinge about what is happening. But if there were organised rallies of combined millions in the country, would a government still dare to take away our freedoms? Would it dare to comply with WEF orders? Or the UN schemes?

This great glorification of sports teams is a form of virtue signalling and distraction used by governments and organisations to fool the plebs by making it appear to be a support for gender equality, fighting for women’s rights, displaying female athletes as role models for women and so on.

Even though the Matildas ended up in fourth place, despite the advantage of being in their own country and a home crowd to cheer them on, they will be still rewarded by the showboating premiers in New South Wales (a giant mural at Stadium Australia) and Queensland (installation of a statue).

Over there in the UK where Christianity is crumbling, the Church of England has done far better. Worshippers were given permission to skip the Sunday morning service so that they could watch and cheer on the Lionesses in the World Cup final match against Spain. What a truly splendid fair trade deal! Swap the worship of God for the worship of a sporting team.

If you love sports, of course you can enjoy playing your favourite game or go to a stadium to watch it being played in the arena, or view the action on television sets or other devices. We need the de-stressers–whether it is movies, music, books, sports or something else–that will give us the breaks we need away from the real world problems and the worries that go with them. But if a sports match or event can bring us together to cheer for our team (be it at a local, state or national level), can we also find the passion for other patriotic causes so we unite and fight to save our country from its rapid decline?

It is all very well to whinge and rant as it does get an issue off the chest. But we also need to get beyond that to save our democracy and autonomy. To join forces with the other citizens of Australia and drain the swamp that is responsible for destroying this great country. If we could transfer a portion of the fervour we possess for some sport event that has no real benefit to our lives, to being part of a freedom team of millions prepared to resist the despots who seek to control us, the rewards would be far greater. We could hold aloft the trophy of victory for retaining our freedoms and way of life in this lucky country and rejecting the unelected organisations like WEF and the UN.

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  1. John Bayley says:

    Watch out mate…your list of things you’re concerned about will these days mark you as ‘extreme right-winger, to be cancelled and deplatformed…

    As far as sports are concerned, ancient Romans knew this as ‘panem et circenses’ (bread and circuses).
    It is a time-tested way to keep the masses dumb and docile.

    It has been noted by various thinkers that tyranny is only possible with the consent of those that are being ruled over. In other words, servitude is voluntary.

    In order to have the government, or the ‘elites’, to use a more modern description, change course, only a small minority, perhaps as low as 10% of the population, need to simply withdraw consent. Passive resistance.

    Etienne de la Boutie’s classic treatise ‘The Politics of Obedience – A Discourse on Voluntary Servitude’, published in 1574, is an outstanding exploration of this idea. It can be freely downloaded, in PDF format, at mises.org for example.

    Alas, I suspect that even the 10% hurdle is way too much for the citizens of today’s West. Things will need to deteriorate much more, before the ‘bread and circuses’ loses its hold over the masses and they start waking from their slumber.

    The danger of that lies in the fact that by then, it may be way to late. Today’s technology allows would-be tyrants to exert such control over our lives, with literal 24×7 surveillance of everything we do, that Stalin or Mao would be green with envy if they could see it.

    Once the digital trap snaps shut, it will be very, very hard to escape.

    The current system cannot be reformed. Elections will not fix it. It needs to be demolished, so we can start again.

    Another classic work, ‘Democracy, the God that Failed’ by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, written some 25 years ago, predicts the current state of affairs and identifies the reasons why it was always inevitable that our previously enlightened societies would find themselves at the exact place we are now.

    It also offers some interesting ideas regarding how to do better next time.

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  2. Shy Ted says:

    The real elites, the trillionaires, make no bones about distracting the populace with sports and such from their nefarious activities. There really were very large protests around the world, including Oz, in recent years but I don’t think there has been any impact at all. I’d wager that our political puppets feel emboldened by their wins. Only a matter of time til the PNG route is taken at a local level. when it does the tide will have turned.

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  3. Mak Siccar says:

    1000 upticks, kaysee.
    I gave up interest in ‘$port’ a long time ago as it became abundantly clear that it was, and is, all about money. And also these days, all about virtue signalling and sucking up to governments to siphon off OPM.
    My time is too valuable to waste on such vacuous pursuits.

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    A long way back, I used to label myself a pessimist. Because I was one. I expected negative outcomes. Anticipated the worst result. Years later, I changed the label to realist – things were bad and I was calling them out as they really were.

    Now, I would label myself as hopeful. There is much that is terrible about the world, the country, the society we live in. But there are many examples of people who are battling against the tyranny, either as individuals or as groups, at a great personal risk to life, careers, finances and even relationships.

    In the past few years, through the Covid scam, many have woken up. They resisted the masks, the jabs, the mandates. They were prepared to take the risk and lost their jobs and incomes. They have spoken out and encouraged others to do the same. Some have taken legal action and won.

    I look at these people as inspirational. I believe that if enough of us unite, we can win. I don’t mean one or few protests and then give up and resume our lives under the dictators.

    We have to follow The Great Resist and the Do Not Comply with despotic rules as part of ongoing action till we win.

    Christine Anderson MEP

    You cannot comply your way out of a tyranny. It is impossible

    End your silence. Speak up.

    Stop complying. Start rebelling.

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    I hadn’t heard of this case before but came across the defendant’s post on twitter and the link leads to this info:

    Even though 1LT Mark Bashaw received “No Additional Punishment” by the Judge for refusing to participate with experimental CV19 protocols (masks, test, and injection), LT Bashaw’s Commanding General (MG Robert Edmonson) decided to use the guilty conviction as justification for eliminating Bashaw from service to our nation after 17.5 years.

    Mark Bashaw

    I made this video an hour prior to stepping inside of U.S. v 1LT MARK C. BASHAW, a military court martial, for refusing to participate with the weaponized CV19 products (mask, tests, and jabs).

    Will you take a stand against tyranny?

    Will you take responsibility to secure liberty?

    If not, then who?

    We Stand Together, God Speed🫡🇺🇸

    This man is a hero twice over. One, from his military service.
    The second, as a freedom fighter against the Covid tyranny.

    If we believe the system is too broken and unfixable, then what about those, like Mark, who are battling at great personal cost?

    If they win, we benefit too.
    If they lose, they will pay the price alone.
    Either way, should their battle have been in vain?

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  6. John Bayley says:

    There really were very large protests around the world, including Oz, in recent years but I don’t think there has been any impact at all.

    You are correct, of course.

    One of the major reasons for the lack of impact has been the main stream media, which either totally neglected to report on any of those events, or when they did, they framed the participants as ‘extreme right’ and/or ‘anti-vaxxers’ & ‘flat earthers’.

    Yet, it is one of the major paradoxes of our time that we all do have enormous amount of information at our fingertips. It does not really require a ‘samizdata-style’, underground literature networks, like those that existed in the communist block, to find out there’s always more to the official story.

    But, the vast majority cannot be bothered. They continue coming back to the major social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter, despite being repeatedly censored and deplatformed, and despite having their personal usage data sold to advertisers and given to the government.

    In this way, they actively choose to remain ignorant and continue to voluntarily comply, as they did in submitting to masks, lockdowns, experimental shots etc etc.

    Remember the saying that ‘Bad times create strong men; Strong men create good times; Good times create weak men; Weak men create bad times’?

    That’s where we’re at. We are weak, hence the bad times are inevitable.

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  7. johanna johanna says:

    I am reminded of a Petty cartoon in the 1970s, when Mao was ascendant. At the time, in China there were huge billboards full of propaganda in place of a free press.

    The cartoon depicted one such billboard, with a tiny corner marked ‘Sport’. There was a packed crowd of eager readers thronging around it, while the rest was ignored.

    Political tragics frequently fall into the error of assuming that the vast majority of the populace, who are not obsessed with politics as they are, deserve to be called ‘sheeples’ and similar denigrating names. In other words, the punters are inferior to those calling them names.

    But their real problem is that others do not have the same priorities that they do.

    I’m afraid that the political tragics will be eternally disappointed if they continue to subscribe to Maoist beliefs.

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  8. John Bayley says:

    In other words, the punters are inferior to those calling them names.

    But their real problem is that others do not have the same priorities that they do.

    That may be so, Johanna, but it is a fact that whether the Matildas, for example, win the World Cup or not, it will not fix the heart attack that the 25-year old punter has suffered thanks to ‘having other priorities’ than to object to government tyranny.

    Personally, I do not consider myself a particularly political person. I used to support the Liberal party, but that stopped years ago and by now, I despise almost all of them; be it Labor, Liberal, Greens or whatever.

    Yet, I am very sensitive to having my basic freedoms removed, and when the apathy of the ‘sheeple’ (yes, that term is very much deserved) does not budge one iota (see Victoria – Dan Andrews), I can only feel contempt for those who prefer to be enslaved, as long as they are allowed to continue watching football on TV.

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  9. Shy Ted says:

    In real sporting achievement news, Aussie lass Nina Kennedy broke the national record en route to sharing the gold medal in the women’s pole vault final with America’s Katie Moon at the 2023 World Athletics Championships. First vs fourth. A mere note in the MSM for the champ.

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  10. mh says:

    In real sporting achievement news, Aussie lass Nina Kennedy broke the national record en route to sharing the gold medal in the women’s pole vault final with America’s Katie Moon …

    Did they also share a lesbian kiss?

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  11. Shy Ted says:

    Ha ha, no. The beauty of it was, apart from the skill and athleticism of the pole vault, was the waiting for final judgement, each thinking they might have won the gold outright and then a mutual hug for an admired opponent as equals. SBS 31 has some highlights, might be on there.

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  12. mh says:

    Don’t mess with lezzos

    Spain’s World Cup winners say they won’t play until defiant soccer chief resigns

    Luis Rubiales refused to step down after insisting that a kiss on the lips with Jenni Hermoso was consensual, an assertion she has strongly denied.

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  13. Old bloke says:

    That’s where we’re at. We are weak, hence the bad times are inevitable.

    This applies to the whole western world, i.e., Western Europe, UK & Ireland, North America and Australia / New Zealand, the R1b1a2 people of the House of Israel.

    The rest of the world is going their own way, they are divorcing themselves from the tyrannical lunacy which our masters want to impose on them too. I see the BRICS union as a sign of hope for the world and it’s growing stronger every day.

    Six new countries have announced that they are joining the union, these are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Argentina, Egypt and the UAE, that signals the end of the Petro-dollar and western hegemony. It’s hard to gauge what the financial fallout will be, particularly for the USA, which is probably why western countries are aiming to introduce CBDCs.

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  14. kaysee kaysee says:

    Yet, I am very sensitive to having my basic freedoms removed, and when the apathy of the ‘sheeple’ (yes, that term is very much deserved) does not budge one iota (see Victoria – Dan Andrews), I can only feel contempt for those who prefer to be enslaved, as long as they are allowed to continue watching football on TV.

    If the current year was 2013 (and the world is as it was a decade ago), I would most likely have been a lurker on this blog. Probably post occasionally, some news items, maybe a few music video or some toons.

    I used to keep up with politics but more as knowing the news and current affairs without too much analysis. But the past three years have not only shown us how the world was duped during Covid, but we learnt a great deal about the dupers – WEF, the UN, the globalists – and their plans for world control.

    There are many, many ordinary people (and this is the advantage of having blogs and social media) who have the chance to share and say what they want without censorship. This helps others get informed on what is really taking place through public opinion vs what the media are telling us.

    People who understand what is happening with the Great Reset and NWO are concerned. I know that we cannot be complacent and that is why I come here in the hope of learning from others who post here and passing on what I am learning.

    I, too, feel a frustration with the apathy, disinterest and passivity not just from the woke and the lefties, but those who would call themselves right-wingers and Conservatives.

    She’ll be right mate.
    Until it is too late.

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  15. John Bayley says:

    This applies to the whole western world

    Very much so.
    The West has been busy, these past few decades, to cast off almost all that had made it what it was. The Enlightenment is no more.

    I see the BRICS union as a sign of hope for the world and it’s growing stronger every day.

    I really do want to agree with this…

    But I am far less optimistic, when I look at, for example:

    – The Brazilian president, Lula da Silva, the fact he’s a hard-core communist who has been in jail for corruption, the manner of his ‘win’ against Jay Bolsonaro, or his tying support for the poorest families (Bolsa familia) to mandatory Covid ‘vaccination’ for these families’ children;

    – The political situation in Argentina, a hopelessly corrupt country plagued by >100% inflation;

    – The real internal situation in Russia, as documented for example by Riley Waggaman, an American who has been living there for a number of years and speaks fluent Russian;

    – The fact that China is still a one-party state, complete with a Social Credit system, which seems to be more of a template and inspiration for the would-be ‘great resetters’ rather than a beacon of freedom…

    Then I see more of the same, just perhaps with a slightly different flavour. Not having children turned into ‘non-binary’ individuals is great, but being but a serf & tax cattle for the elites, is not.

    Perhaps this is no more than a defeatist sentiment, but I believe that reform of the current system is not possible.
    ‘Democracy’ as we have known it has failed.

    Authoritarian regimes, like China, are not the answer. Blatantly corrupt ones, like Brazil and Argentina, are not the answer either.

    On the plus side, there are interesting ‘experimental’ society structures being tried out there. Whether any will succeed, or be allowed to succeed, is to be seen.

    But that’s beyond the scope of a comment on a blog.

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    The next scamdemic is coming …


    They can’t defeat us when we stand together!!
    There’s WAY more of us than them!


    With talks of masks coming, we must remember, the only reason we’re here is because we allowed it. We consented. Society is to blame.

    If we have learned anything from this experience, I truly hope it’s mass civil disobedience.


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