Open Thread – Saturday, 26 March 2022

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  1. Timothy Neilson says:

    Good to see a bowler get given player of the match.
    It has been getting to the stage that they could have renamed it “highest scoring batsman for the winning team”.

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  2. Steve trickler says:

    With J.K. Rowling copping flak, telling it the way it is…here we are.

    Hedwig’s Theme – Harry Potter // Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

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  3. Steve trickler says:
  4. johanna johanna says:

    A bit of frivolity – not endorsing MJ’s personal life, but not trashing art because of it either – Billie Jean:

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  5. Steve trickler says:

    Sick the death of these CCP sell outs *****. Happy to see their nose rammed into their skulls….not physically, but proverbially…Words, not physicality. Get on your plane and fuck off back to China your filthy pieces of shit. ScoMo…join them…jump on board and join the filth.

    CCP *****, sympathizing bastards. Horrible people.


    Ok, leaving that Labor crap, Friendly Jordies going stupid in minutes. You stupid imbecile ….YOU ARE A DISGRACE, C02 IS NOT A Threat…. pay us a visit here, sell out. C02 C02 C02
    C02, harmful…Friendly Jordies.
    Labor partying lying wankers. Equally measured against the Libs. Sort yourself out, Jordies. STFU, you are not winning the game…you are just climate change, Greta. Sick of pricks like you.

    But but but but but but, the friendly Jordies.
    IPCC. IPCC is my friend.

    No excuses for this espousing climate prick. Disgusting individual,
    peddler of lies.

    You are a disgrace, Jordies. Stupid prick.

    Do you wish to play ball? You are a piece of green piece of shit, wanker.

    All the shit about “Climate Change” is bullshit you smarmy piece of crap.

    A few spelling on errors my part. Jordies, needs a clip in the ear. I am sick of this prick sprouting bullshit. NO FUCK*ING EXCUSES FOR RETARDS GETTTNG SUCKED INTO THIS SHIT. You are a fuckwit on the subject, Jordie. Give it you best shot you piece of filth.

    A good debate and his anus would be handed to him…


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  6. Steve trickler says:

    I could have worded that better above. I am f*****g angry


    Dad happy with fourth shot, brother going for third… I have protected mum… Aunt is considering a third along with her partner…so so many people promoting this shit need to hang.

    Doctors and nurses included. IT IS NOT A VAX YOU F*CKING MORONS!

    Bill Gates has a chuckle in the background. I am sick to death of media whores not holding this prick to account. You can proverbially f*ck him over in under 5 minutes.

    Rogan was right, he’s a fat, man boob skinny arm piece of shit. Happy to see to see him dropped in central Africa with no communication.

    **** of the Earth.

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  7. mh says:


    I’ve altered the title:

    Another stunning victory for the Ukrainian military!

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  8. mh says:

    Elon Musk defends Russell Brand from media attack

    Elon Musk
    Replying to
    With so many mainstream media companies saying @rustyrockets
    is crazy/dangerous, I watched some of his videos. Ironically, he seemed more balanced & insightful than those condemning him!

    The groupthink among major media companies is more troubling. There should be more dissent.
    6:15 AM · Mar 19, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

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  9. Steve trickler says:

    Posting again on this new thread…why you may ask? They are doing Gods work.

    Absolute champions. They’ve sparked a movement, globally. A lot of divers with the skill sets are getting involved in doing the same thing.


    Adventures with Purpose.

    SOLVED: Missing 2-years Underwater (Miss Annie Lee Hampton)

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  10. Shy Ted says:

    In under 21s soccer, Swaziland beat Wales 5-1.
    Sorry, misread that. It’s Switzerland. Easy mistake to make if you only look at the pictures and surnames.

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  11. Steve trickler says:

    No one is going to dictate how I think.


    Eli from Russia:

    Anything I publish now from Russia now will be taken very sensitively, but from this week I will continue to share my travels in the Far North. My channel is my hobby, passion, job, routine and a big part of my life. If you know that my videos will inflame negative emotions in you – don’t watch it. ♥️

    My winter trip in the Coldest republic of Russia | the Lena Pillars, Yakutia

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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

    4 years ago I was expelled from the European Parliament for confronting the US Assistant Secretary of health over Pentagon-funded biolabs in 25 countries accross the world. I was smeared by US media as “fake news”. Who is the fake news now?

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  13. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dr. Paul Alexander:

    Pfizer offered me $1 million & $50,000 month wage…

    …was this to stop writing & hammering them/Bourla?; I have had limited patchy broken income due to being cancelled, smeared; I said NO!

    I joined McCullough, Malone, Vanden Bossche, Oskoui, Rische, Tenenbaum, Trozzi, Wolf, Urso et al. willingly, to wage battle for society & our children as doctors & scientists & governs failed, evil

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  14. Mh says:

    Taylor Hawkins, the longtime drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters, has died. He was 50.

    There were no immediate details about how Hawkins died, though the band said in a statement on Saturday AEDT that his death was a “tragic and untimely loss”.

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  15. Fat Tony says:

    Taylor Hawkins, the longtime drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters, has died. He was 50.

    Phew – glad I’m in my late 60s – don’t know if I could survive my 50s in this day & age…

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    Call a Dictator, a Dictator.

    Trudeau’s visit to Europe and the EU Parliament.

    Croatian MEP, Mislav Kolakusic

    German MEP, Christine Anderson

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    Romanian MEP, Cristian Terhes refused to attend Trudeau’s EU speech.

    He put out this statement.

    Last month, this was his response.

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  18. Steve trickler says:

    Keep going, bloke.

    Adventures with Purpose – Australia.

    God knows how many people are in water here. Speculation is futile, but if they are, may this bloke find them.


    Downunder Dan Diving. (AWP OZ )

    Down Under Adventures With Purpose search for missing person Dale Nicholson Cold case

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  19. Cardimona says:

    On, the Foo Fighters’ drummer, from the Courier Mail website…

    The rock music world is in shock after the Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins was found dead in his hotel room while on tour in Colombia.

    The American band confirmed the tragic news on their social media channels at 2pm Saturday (AEDT).

    “The Foo Fighters family is devastated by the tragic and untimely loss of our beloved Taylor Hawkins,” the statement read.

    “His musical spirit and infectious laughter will live on with all of us forever.

    “Our hearts go out to his wife, children and family, and we asked that their privacy be treated with the utmost respect in this unimaginably difficult time.”

    The cause of his death is unknown, and comes as the band were touring South America where they were about to perform at Picnic Stereo Fest – a major musical event in Bogota.

    The Foo Fighters have since cancelled their performance.

    According to a report translated from Colombian national daily newspaper El Tiempo, a preliminary police report indicated that “the cause of death is yet to be established; according to some versions of those close, the death could be associated with the consumption of (drugs)”.

    El Tiempo reported Hawkins had been suffering chest pains and staff at the luxury Casa Medina Hotel called emergency services.

    But the musician had already died when paramedics arrived.

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  20. mh says:

    “the cause of death is yet to be established; according to some versions of those close, the death could be associated with the consumption of (drugs)”.

    Consumption via a needle to the upper arm administered by a health professional.

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  21. mh says:

    COVID Under Question: Raelene Gotze

    senatormalcolmroberts Published March 24, 2022

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  22. Steve trickler says:

    Johnny FD:

    Even though I enjoyed my time in Budapest and Hungary, I couldn’t resist a cheap $35 flight and a great deal on a $44 a night apartment in Athens. I also embarrassingly didn’t didn’t that Greece was still part of the Schengen zone and was trying to save visa days. But either way, I’m glad I made the journey, and it was a great one!


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  23. mh says:

    Tucker: We may not have enough food soon

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  24. mh says:

    It’s possible that we will be told that Taylor Hawkins died of a heroin overdose, but most likely we will be told it was from natural causes.

    Here is a very recent interview

    Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins open up on life and music | 60 Minutes Australia
    23,785 viewsMar 26, 2022

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  25. Steve trickler says:
  26. Cold-Hands Cold-Hands says:

    Good to see a bowler get given player of the match.
    It has been getting to the stage that they could have renamed it “highest scoring batsman for the winning team”.

    Pretty much the selection criteria for “Player of the Series”, Khawaja.

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  27. egg_ says:

    Taylor Hawkins, the longtime drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters, has died. He was 50.

    Phew – glad I’m in my late 60s – don’t know if I could survive my 50s in this day & age…


    We tail end batsmen of the Baby Boom missed out on the Cupcakeification of following genertions.

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  28. mh says:

    #RepublicTV #MultiPolarWorld #ArnabDebates
    Has Ukraine War Ended America’s Glory Days & Created A New World Order? | Arnab LIVE

    * The term New World Order when used here is not a Klaus Kissinger NWO.

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  29. candy says:

    Biden calls for regime change in Russia.
    Hoping the mid terms will be okay if he says things like that, I guess.
    I don’t think the Dems look further ahead than trying to make Biden look less demented and reduce voter negativity towards them. If they think people like to hear such dangerous statements and it brings in voters, they will get him to say it.

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  30. mh says:

    Sean Penn supporting a fellow actor

    #CNN #News
    Sean Penn vows to destroy Academy Award if Zelensky isn’t invited to speak at Oscars

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  31. mh says:

    5.66M subscribers

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the West is trying to cancel Russian culture. He also added that an attack on culture is like Nazi book burning.

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  32. Steve trickler says:

    Views from Russians.



    Have you ever been to Ukraine?

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  33. JohnJJJ says:

    The best Robert Barnes rave to date. Uninterrupted on the Duran

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  34. mh says:

    It appears that Dave Grohl led the charge in the music industry for vaxxed-only shows.

    His father was also a Washington Insider.

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  35. mh says:

    🔴LIVE: President Trump Rally in Commerce, GA

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  36. mh says:

    I meant MTG Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    Short speech though.

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  37. Shy Ted says:

    Pretty funny version of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald originally by Gordon Lightfoot. NSFW

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  38. Shy Ted says:

    It was my first day at the Medium Secure Forensic Psychiatric Unit (MSPU). Having gone through a series of airlocks and heavy gates I wondered what a High Secure unit was like! Clanking, whooshes of air, jangling of keys – just like on TV. There were three wards, which usually have prominent local names but are alphabetically A, B and C, in most units and are for acute cases, stable and for rehabilitation, and stable and preparing for release. Being a young, fit man I was destined for A, there being a fair amount of aggression and I would be expected, as part of a team, to manage it before it escalated. After all, mentally ill murderers come here.

    But this was day 1 and everyone goes to B for a gentle introduction and informal assessment from other staff – “are they sensible, fit, strong enough to cope with what may come?” A member of staff showed me through the double doors – “look through the window. Safe? Go through quickly, close behind you, wait. Repeat for second door but press doorbell and preferably wait for staff to clear your entry.” I was in. Alone. He hadn’t followed. Unbeknown to me this was the first test. I walked to the nurses station, the “goldfish bowl” and knocked on the door. I was terrified already. A large chap got up and asked me just to make myself at home on the ward. I could come in in a few minutes for handover. I sat at a dining table and then remembered the training, “never let anyone get behind you”, so I went and stood by a wall in a clearly visible area.

    A young man, perhaps mid 20’s approached and offered his hand to shake. The training said “don’t”, so I didn’t. “Well done, passed your first test. I’m Ray,” he laughed. I was put at my ease. “Anything interesting in your bag?” “Um…” “Well done, you wouldn’t be in here if there was. It’s best to sneak chocolate bars and such things in your socks. Everybody does.”

    “Can’t go a shift without a chocolate bar,” I replied, much more at ease. In a few moments we were laughing like old friends. I hoped all the staff were going to be like that, friendly, fun. And then one of the nurses from the goldfish bowl summoned me for handover. I took a pace or two, Ray didn’t move. “Aren’t you coming for handover?” I asked. He smiled, “not me, I’m a psychopath. You just failed your first test.”

    The nurses had a good laugh at my expense. They had all been through it somewhere in the forensic system. Initiation. Just to let you know you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing.

    Ray was 24 and had just spent 4 years in Broadmoor, without incident, so he had been moved to a MSPU as part of his return to society. The story was that as a 19 year old he had attacked and killed his grandmother with an axe and then chopped off her finger for the wedding ring which he had then sold locally. Easily caught and convicted he had ended up in Broadmoor because he scored so highly on the Psychopathy Checklist and, though incurable, he was unlike other murderers, needed a formal diagnosis, “treatment”, ongoing risk assessment and recommendations for release or not. On some weekends he would go to the local pub for lunch with two staff members. They reported he immediately gravitated towards the eligible young ladies and had them in the palm of his hand in a few minutes – “superficial charm” and was not at all concerned what their boyfriends and suitors thought.

    I had a couple of shifts on B ward and then moved to A. Never saw Ray again. Decades later I was doing a shift in a different forensic unit, halfway around the world. A young man on the ward had just been diagnosed as a psychopath and the psychiatrist had the job of telling him, which he did. I was merely his nurse for the day.

    “How can I be a psychopath? I haven’t done anything.”

    True, he hadn’t. Petty crimes, several short jail sentences but a thorn in the side of inmates and institutions alike. Prison inmates wanted to kill him because he “just never lets up, never leaves people alone” – “constantly seeks stimulation”.

    For some reason I thought of Ray. The internet had been created and a world of information is at your fingertips. So I did an internet search. And another. And another. Nothing. You’d think an axe murderer would be on the first page of a search. I remembered what a very experienced forensic nurse told me years ago. “If they’re famous, or infamous, you can’t really hide them. But if they’re kept out of the news, and they are, new identity, the crime we’re told they did is not what they actually did. Released on licence into the community, monitored, strict conditions. Don’t usually re-offend. Still a psychopath! Might be living next door to you!”

    I met my second diagnosed psychopath two years later. He was eight years old. “Biological psychopath”. A very controversial diagnosis. Twenty years later he was one of the main suspects in a kidnapped and murdered child case. He wasn’t the perpetrator but had embarked on a career of serious crime and could easily have done it.

    The diagnosis of psychopath can only be made by qualified professionals. You have to do the training course, pass and then use the official screening tools. Few do so few people are diagnosed. If you score 30/40 or more on the test, you’re a psychopath. 28/30, despite being a heinous criminal, you’re not.

    I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve interviewed (and met) and walked away thinking “psychopath”. Many of them were very likeable. Even more have completely pulled the wool over my eyes. But I can only thinking of a handful who chilled me to the bone. Nothing menacing about them, just the words they used and the way they used them and a very dubious event in their past.

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  39. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Andrew Rule in today’s Hun isn’t pleased with Their ABC.

    ‘Our ABC has done it again. It has just spent a barrowload of taxpayers’ money on an embarrassing farrargo of fact, fiction and fluff that deliberately muddies inconvenient facts linking the Waterhouse family to the worst scandals in Australian sports history.
    It’s new 8 part podcast series, The Ring In, could and should have been a fearless forensic re-examination of the facts surrounding the Fine Cotton ring’in scandal in early 1984.
    But the podcast is not fearless or forensic. It tries to be funny, and misses there, too. Instead, it’s makers have played fast and loose, with witnesses misled into thinking they were telling the definitive true story behind the scandal.
    The podcast (which has three “fact checkers” among the 40 names listed on its credits) sidesteps the chance to kill off myths and misinformation.
    Despite the huge expense and long lead time, the fact-checkers, chief reporter and hired “expert” allow basic errors, such as the colour of the substitute horse, Bold Personality (one narrator describes the bay ring in as a “chestnut”, which is like mistaken Penelope Cruz for Nicole Kidman.)
    Worse than mere errors, though, the makers trash the contribution of well-meaning people, doing an about face in the last two episodes that undermines the credibility or those whose frank testimony made the first six episodes look better than the juvenile jokiness imposed by tone deaf producers.
    Handed the tools to do a proper job, the national broadcaster has nobbled the truth by playing it for cheap laughs. Who knew that Millennials thought The Three Stooges trope was still funny? They’ll be doing mother-in-law jokes next.
    Bad jokes and trite dialogue apart, the Ring In is cowardly. It ends with a lame giggle instead of a bang. It’s biggest fault is tho elevate the lies of repeatedly discredited people to a false equivalence with far more reliable witnesses.
    For instance, it promotes a long time prison inmate Bertie Kidd, a career criminal who has lied all his life, as a quotable source, despite the uncontested fact he worked for corrupt bookie Bill Waterhouse for years as a racehorse nobbler and standover man.
    Similarly, Kidd’s longtime associate Robbie Waterhouse is treated as credible when the opposite seems the case, having been disqualified from racing for life and criminally convicted of false swearing, for gross dishonesty over the ring-in.’

    There’s more and I try to reproduce it but beers beckon with fellow unjabbed men to talk of support for the local UAP candidate.

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  40. kaysee kaysee says:

    US Government Paid News Media $1 Billion to Promote Vaccines

    – A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by TheBlaze shows Health and Human Services spent $1 billion for a media campaign to build public confidence in, and uptake of, COVID-19 vaccines using mainstream news outlets

    – News outlets that did respond to TheBlaze assured them the editorial staff are not influenced by advertising money, but it’s not hard to imagine management would not look kindly on editorial staff who write content that doesn’t align with the advertising narrative

    – Mounting evidence demonstrates why the government is paying for good press since insurance companies reported a rise in all-cause mortality in late 2021

    – The first batch of Pfizer documents the FDA used to approve Comirnaty (Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine) were released March 1, 2022; mRNA technology inventor Dr. Robert Malone believes these papers show a break in the indemnification clauses, exposing Pfizer to potential civil and criminal liability

    If you are unable to access the article at Mercola’s site, check it here.

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  41. kaysee kaysee says:

    Liberal Melts Down about trans rights at Denton Texas city council meeting!

    Watch this. At least to the 5-minute mark.

    If you can restrain yourselves ^.^ , do not check the comments below the video. Post your reaction to the liberal who melted down.

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  42. egg_ says:

    “not me, I’m a psychopath. You just failed your first test.”

    IME Sociopaths‘ main behaviour is gaslighting – often accusing you of what they’re doing and use tribal behaviour – as Prof. Sam Vaknin says, employees will often side with the Sociopath for a psychological reward, even if it’s to their long term detriment – e.g. their branch gets shut down and they’re looking for a job – denial?
    Denial being the key here.
    IIRC a shrink described a sociopath as someone unable to process grief.

    I cite the clown posse as a clear example of the above – Lizzie seems adept at pulling their trigger.

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  43. kaysee kaysee says:

    Black Ball says:
    March 25, 2022 at 12:42 am

    I’m out. Thank you for your absolute supreme service. Im here with a lady friend who is completely oblivious to world machinations.

    Black Ball,

    A number of us who come to conservative/centre-right blogs are grateful for these sites. The information posted here helps our learning process. Sometimes, just one blog can provide access to different sources and opinions, and this enables us to gain a clearer view of the events taking place.

    We keep seeking the truth because we value it. We keep looking for the latest news stories to educate ourselves.

    Sadly, there are those whose sources of information are limited to the Fake Stream Media or censored social media. They have, like your lady friend, been brainwashed. So, what do we do? Give up?

    I think we have to try to see if it is possible to un-brainwash them. Some cases may be hopeless. But there may be some who may not be complete lost causes and there is a chance that they may learn, if someone offers them another point of view.

    You also mentioned working with your UAP candidate. Even if only a few came to the meeting, the fact that you and a few others are there helping out, makes a difference.

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  44. kaysee kaysee says:

    Sometime during Trump’s mid term (around 2018), I met someone I know, at a shopping centre. He works in one of the woke organisations. He told me about a party that he had been to and that there was a (crazy) Trump fan at the party who kept raving about how wonderful Trump was.

    I politely listened to the story. When he had finished, I said that Trump did have some weak points and I listed those. Then I listed his positives. I told him that no one is perfect – we all have some good and bad qualities. Trump, too, is not perfect, but if we compared the good vs bad, his good points would definite be higher.

    As I was speaking this person had a stunned look on his face. He had told me his party story clearly expecting me to be a TDSer as well, and that we would both be laughing about those weird Trump fans. I kept my points brief as I did not want to go overboard. When I had finished, he stayed quiet. He did not have a rebuttal of evil Trump’s character because I had already covered them.

    But as we said goodbye and he walked away, he looked clearly dazed. First, a crazy Trumper at a party could be dismissed. But now, another person, unexpectedly, has provided a list of Trump’s good points.

    During our conversation neither of us raised our voices, or lost our tempers or abused each other. It was a civil exchange.

    Had I converted him? Did he turn into a Trump supporter? No. But I had planted a seed. Maybe, down the road, he would have other examples that would cause him to wonder whether Trump is really a bad guy.

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  45. kaysee kaysee says:


    Moron EXPOSES Chinese Government by Accident

    He uses the right terms to describe the influencers. They are despicable creatures selling lies to get some internet fame.

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  46. kaysee kaysee says:

    Liberal Melts Down about trans rights at Denton Texas city council meeting!

    Watch this. At least to the 5-minute mark.

    On another site, there were some who thought the guy was actually a Liberal.

    I also learnt a new term.

    Culture jamming:

    It means to mercilessly mock your political and cultural opponents by turning their absurd behaviors and beliefs against them.

    Since lefties and the woke are not bright enough to understand how foolish they are, and explaining it to them will not work, the better option is to ridicule and make fun of them in a different way. Talented conservative actors may be able to make a living from this new genre. Culture jammer experts.

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  47. Barking Toad says:

    Black Ball @ 2:33pm……..

    After beers can you please post the rest

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  48. Eyrie says:

    Pretty funny version of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald originally by Gordon Lightfoot. NSFW

    On a more serious note: The Ballad of Apollo 13 to the same tune:

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    Neil Oliver:

    The way our leaders are going about things reminds me of the behaviour of toddlers

    Neil, as usual, sums up the major news stories of the week. He advises us to laugh, but to also pay attention to the truth.

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  50. mh says:

    Watching the footy on CH9.

    Ad just came up for ACA, “exposing a public menace” – Aussie Cossack.

    Channel Nein – can you drop off the Russophobia? Who next, the Jews?

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  51. mh says:

    Aussie Cossack
    154K subscribers

    Australian journalist Carl Liebold interviews Simeon Boikov who unleashes on:
    1. Main Stream Media attacks
    2. Steven Marshall from A Current Affair
    3. Candace Sutton from Daily Mail

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  52. Delta A says:

    Shy Ted says:
    March 27, 2022 at 1:56 pm

    An extraordinary post, Shy Ted.

    I met my second diagnosed psychopath two years later. He was eight years old.

    One wonders how a child so young can rate such a diagnosis. But then, remember Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, 10 year olds who, in 1993, abducted, tortured and murdered two year old James Bulger. It’s impossible to comprehehd such viciousness in young kids.

    (I suspect that you have done much good work in many awful environments, Shy Ted.)

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  53. kaysee kaysee says:

    Larry Sanger co-founded Wikipedia with Jimmy Wales in 2001.

    In this interview with Neil Oliver, he says:

    The Establishment Left radicals have taken over the website

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  54. kaysee kaysee says:

    There have been some queries about search engines following the revelation that DDG belongs to the enemy camp.

    On his site, Larry Sanger looks at the various options.

    Is There an Exit from Search Hell?

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  55. kaysee kaysee says:

    I posted this Jeremy’s Razors commercial, some days ago.

    If you don’t know the history:
    A product called Harry’s Razors cancelled its advertising from the Daily Wire because it does not conform to woke values. So, the co-CEO of Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, has launched a rival product called Jeremy’s Razors.

    He explains the reasons for conservatives to fight back and do something instead of just complaining.

    It’s Time to Win — Introducing: Jeremy’s Razors

    In this interview with Tucker Carlson, he says:

    “We’ve absolutely started our own razor company and in our first 72 hours we’ve sold 30,000 razor kits and razor blade subscriptions.”

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  56. kaysee kaysee says:

    Another new term for today, thanks to Jeremy’s Razors:


    Virtue-signalling coward who bends the knee to the woke mob.

    It’s also Jeff and Andy, the co-CEOs of Harry’s Razors.

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  57. kaysee kaysee says:

    Anyone on the site?

    If I am just talking to myself ……

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  58. mh says:

    George Galloway gave this video an inappropriate title, but definitely deserved more views. From March 18

    George Galloway
    159K subscribers

    “FULL INTERVIEW: There’s an aggressive currency war going on behind the #RussiaUkraine conflict

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  59. Steve trickler says:

    Hello, kaysee.


    This channel is all about cinematography, regardless if the films are tish or not.

    Fine editing skills on show.

    The Beauty Of Pixar

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  60. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Barking Toad I will in sections. As kaysee will say, part deux:

    ‘The podcast compounds this slant by undermining the credibility of witnesses who have willingly repeated sworn and tested testimony. It treats such strong evidence as having the same weight asunsworn allegations and downright fabrications from Robbie Waterhouse, Kidd and others pedalling msinformation to muddy the truth.
    This marked bias in the last two episodes is shown especially in the deliberate-and legally risky-gambit of cherry picking a few words of criticism out of context from a judge’s summing up of a civil action in which David Waterhouse was ultimately vindicated. And after which the plaintiff’s partner, notorious swindler Joe Talia, was later sentenced to a long jail term for a massive fraud.
    The podcast, released last month, is the second time the ABC has embarrassed itself by confusing heavy criminal activities with light entertainment in its oddly sycophantic coverage of the Waterhouses.
    Despite an award-winning Four Corners report (“Horses For Courses”) in 1986 that nailed Bill and Robbie Waterhouse as liars and cheats, or perhaps because of the fallout from it, the ABC has tred wearily around the family.’

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  61. Black Ball Black Ball says:


    ‘In late 2010, it broadcasted a piece of puffery masquerading as a factual documentary in the Family Confident series.
    This episode was about the Waterhouse “dynasty” and it stank. To be banal and shallow is one thing. But if this was not actually corrupt, it was breathtakingly lazy and stupid.
    The subject was the family of the “Mr Big” of Australian bookmakers, Bill Waterhouse. Bill was up to his chins in arguably the worst disgraces in Australian sport-the criminal nobbling of 1969 Melbourne Cup favourite Big Philou (defrauding the public of millions), and the Fine Cotton conspiracy. Amazingly, hardly a hint of scandal made its way into the episode, which blithely dismissed the linger stench with cloy references “colour identities” and similar evasions.
    It was as gutless and toothless as the tame media that let the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Jimmy Saville get away with so much for so long.
    No one wants to be first to say the unsayable. The likes of Bill Waterhouse are too big to take down-right up until someone does it.’

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  62. Black Ball Black Ball says:


    ‘Last Sunday, Channel 7 aired a brave documentary on the Fine Cotton ring-in. It took the sort of grit, tenacity and research that ABC management should demand from its once mighty but now rudderless flagship current affairs show, Four Corners.
    Sevens Crime Investigation Australia special, Murder And Mayhem, was pieced together over 10 years, a legally fraught ordeal motivated by respect for truth.
    It’s makers lack the luxury of ABC budgets and in-house staff. But it ran powerful interviews with Bill Waterhouse’s estranged son, David, with Sydney’s former chief racing steward John Schrek, with former Waterhouse form analyst Arthur Harris and with one or the Fine Cotton “stooges”, Robert North, who served time with common John Gillespie, puppet of the thinly veiled Sydney mastermind calling the shots.
    Tellingly, the documentary included Melbourne builder and businessman Robbie Sayers (brother or the late gangster Michael Sayers) who categorically rebuts retrospective lies spread by the Bill Waterhouse camp that Mick Sayers bankrolled the ring-in.
    That Michael Sayers was the Cine Cotton mastermind was never seriously suggested until after he was killed 5 months after the ring-in. Once dead, he made a wonderful scapegoat.’

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  63. Black Ball Black Ball says:


    ‘The Murder And Mayhem documentary will not win gongs at Cannes,but its makers (and the Seven Network) showed a courage and commitment missing from ABC productions ruled by timid lawyers and mediocre managers cowed by wall-to-wall wokeness, perceived legal fears and an apparent reluctance to hurt the feelings of people that some ABC insiders might know socially.
    The limp wristed Waterhouse family confidential episode might be an early example of what happens when the ABC, despite it’s charter to be impartial, dilutes its obligations by outsourcing programs to third party “content providers” whose loyalties lie in profit, not the public interest.
    At the time, I wrote: “Perhaps the doco makers had amnesia. Perhaps they arrived back from 30 years in outer Mongolia with nothing but a camera and one name and address; Robbie Waterhouse. Or, more likely, they struck a deal with one side of the family that discouraged any contact with dissenting voices from the other side. Such as with David, Robbie’s younger brother. Or Martin, their first cousin.
    David and cousin Martin were mentioned in that show, but only in their absence, and in disparaging terms by people estranged from them. There was no serious effort to produce an even handed overview.
    I wrote: “Having ostensibly set out to document a family at war, the filmmakers aired only one side; the one with most to gain from positive publicity.”

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  64. Black Ball Black Ball says:


    ‘It was a tough critique, but not a word was repudiated. In fact, a red faced ABC executive producer privately offered a stumbling apology, but that was no comfort to viewers who had been played for fools.
    Taxpayers might hope the ABC would not repeat such a mistake. But this fresh podcast, which cost the price of a Rolls-Royce, race of horse manure.
    The 8 part series has taken a year to make. It’s chief reporter contacted me in January last year asking for help to find key witnesses to provide free and (I hoped) balanced content for the series. This person seemed genuinely want to know who to interview to get closer to the truth than some previous coverage, notably a trashy book that had further muddied already murky waters.
    Sadly, the same producer glosed over, then later downplayed, the fact the ABC had bought the rights to the book that made a joke of the Fine Cotton debacle, peddling the same rank misinformation (about Michael Sayers’ supposed involvement) that had been peddled by the Waterhouse camp for decades. Worse, the producer conceded, the ABC has contracted a co-author of the book to write dialogue for actors hired to do “funny” character voices.
    There’s no law against publishing trashy books -a lot of us hacks do-but the ABC should not be paying public money for junk journalism then try to justify the expense by passing it off as valid material.
    The Fine Cotton Fiasco book is to investigatative journalism what stubby drinking contests are to Test cricket. Yes, of course the ring-in was a fiasco, as we all knew within days of the race. But to say so all over again, across eight episodes 38 years later, is like revealing the Vietnam War wasn’t a great success. Repetition certainly doesn’t make it funnier.’

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  65. Steve trickler says:

    Going back in time with this channel. This is from a couple of months ago.


    Eli from Russia:

    There is one daily steam train left in Russia in the Republic of Karelia. It takes you to the mountain park Ruskeala in the North of the country, Let’s see what life looks like in Karelia, what local dishes you can try and how people entertain in the North.

    Time codes:
    0:00 Starting my big expedition!
    1:42 Good morning from the Republic of Karelia
    2:18 Soviet-style apartment tour!
    3:40 Friends reunion
    4:20 Exploring the Sortavala town
    5:14 Eli the fisher!
    7:54 Local food to try 🍽
    8:25 Ruskeala express – a steam train!
    10:07 Inside the train 🚂
    12:06 The restaurant car
    13:18 Let’s explore the Ruskeala town
    14:43 Underground marble cave!
    16:14 Time to get back
    17:22 I’m heading further north

    I took a Soviet steam train in Karelia | My expedition to the Far North of Russia starts!

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  66. Black Ball Black Ball says:


    ‘The real story lies behind the fiasco. The real story is who did what and when and why. The real story, which the ABC team should have delivered after a year, needed tough truths told, not trite trash rehashed.
    The podcast narrator, a sometime comedian, does her best with a clunky script. The result is is if she’s trying to entertain adolescents, something between Play School and improv comedy. It’s not her fault this is offensive to anyone who knows the truth behind the shambolic caper.
    This is a failure of nerve and judgement at the ABC. After criticism, or some of it justified, of previous current affairs stories and documentaries, ABC executives and lawyers decided it was better to downplay and undermine witnesses who had put themselves on the line in the belief they were telling truths that mattered. Instead, their material was misused as something to make fun of.
    For those witnesses, there was nothing in it except the sense they were setting the record straight. This was especially so for Robert North, who’d been jailed after being conned into taking part in the rort but has since married and had a family.
    North is one of the podcast “witness list” outraged by what they see as a cynical manoeuvre to misuse them to push the scenario that Michael Sayers was the ring-in mastermind.
    North, Arthur Harris and journalist Rodger Crofts are so furious at the selective treatment of their evidence they have gathered sworn statements from people who played parts in the conspiracy, or know details hidden until now.
    The most powerful statement is one North made last week. He has sworn a statutory declaration that conclusively that identifies the “middle man” who relayed orders to the Brisbane ring-in crew (Gillespie, North, John Dixon and horse trainer Hayden Haitana) from their not so mysterious Sydney connection.
    Unlike Michael Sayers, this middle man is still alive. He knows that North’s sworn statement has been lodged with the Sunday Herald Sun’s lawyers and that if legal proceedings ever arise his name may eventually become public.
    If that happens, other witnesses will be called, to, to give evidence on oath. Including a bookmaker and his wife who were once very close to Robbie Waterhouse but are no longer.’

    Absolutely fascinating article by a writer I hold in high esteem. If this be the case, why is Gai Waterhouse held in such high regard? Was Tommy Smith in on it? I was only a kid when this went down but still interested in all sporting infamy.

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  67. mh says:

    If you want to see a jockey slaughter a ride, check out the CH78 replay coming up of the Dubai Gold Cup last night.
    The odds on favourite is ridden by UK rider William Buick.
    This is why there is no sympathy when the press runs stories on jockey abuse.

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  68. mh says:

    Clean up aisle five

    Blinken: U.S. is not seeking regime change in Russia

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken clarified the U.S. is not seeking regime change in Russia.

    The clarification comes a day after President Biden said during a speech in Warsaw, Poland, that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

    Blinken said during a news conference in Jerusalem that Biden’s point was “Putin cannot be empowered to wage war or engage in aggression against Ukraine or anyone else.”

    “We do not have a strategy of regime change in Russia, or anywhere else for that matter,” the top U.S. official added.

    And: “In this case, as in any case, it’s up to the people of the country in question. It’s up to the Russian people.”

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  69. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Why Democrats are in Jerusalem is beyond me

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  70. Barking Toad says:

    Thanks Black Ball for the Andrew Rule article on the ABC’s inept, inaccurate and sycophantic program.

    Rule has never held back when discussing the cheating Waterhouses and he has an in-depth knowledge of the racing industry, especially the shady side.

    Get your hands on his recent book “Chance” if you haven’t already.

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  71. calli says:

    Interesting comment, Shy Ted. Had me re-rolling the tape. One in particular, from my very first job, stands out.

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  72. Barking Toad says:

    Dickhead Dan has caught the China Pox.

    Hahaha – oh the ironing!

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  73. Shy Ted says:

    Along the crime theme, last night on Crime Investigation Australia, CH7, they had the murder of Michael McGurk story. A very bad man in lots of ways, eventually someone got jack of his ways and took out a contract hit. Early in the show is Peter Fitzsimians, 🤣, making an arse of himself 😂🤣. To paraphrase, “I like to think of myself as a pretty good judge of character. I spend a bit of time with them and am pretty confident I can gauge them accurately. He was my neighbour, we were on good terms, socialised together. I never had a clue he was a conman, fraudster, standover man and career criminal.” 😅😆
    And that’s how you get a job at Fairfax.
    And Andrew Rule (ta BB) infers why senior policemen and ministers own racehorses.

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  74. mh says:

    Macron distancing himself from Biden

    The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine through words or actions should be avoided, French leader Emmanuel Macron has warned, after US President Joe Biden labeled his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, “a butcher,” who “cannot remain in power.”

    When asked to comment on the statements made by Biden on the final day of his visit to Poland on Saturday, Macron said that, personally speaking, he “wouldn’t use such words.”

    The French leader told the broadcaster France 3 that he was planning to talk to Putin about the situation in Ukraine in the next two days. He said his goal was “achieving first a ceasefire and then the total withdrawal of [Russian] troops by diplomatic means.”

    “If we want to do that, we can’t escalate, either in words or actions,” Macron stressed.

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  75. mh says:

    The Age

    Dave Grohl breaks down; Hawkins’ heart double normal size

    The Foo Fighters frontman made an emotional return to LA as unsettling details emerged into the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins.

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  76. Shy Ted says:

    GHunt thinks he might win the LNP a few votes.

    Travellers will also still be required to wear a mask while on international flights based on medical advice. These measures will be implemented under the non-emergency provisions in the Biosecurity Act. The requirements for maritime arrivals will also be aligned with those on airlines, as part of the safety protocols for the resumption of cruising.

    No points, GHunt.

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  77. johanna johanna says:

    Dave Grohl breaks down; Hawkins’ heart double normal size

    Grohl and the rest of the band and management knew perfectly well that Hawkins had a long standing and severe drug problem. His death was hardly unexpected, nearly happened 20 years ago and could have happened any time since then.

    Naturally they are sad to lose their old pal and bandmate, but having lost a couple of friends in similar circumstances, I have to call them out if they are expressing overwhelming grief.

    Of course I was sad, but was not at all surprised and had grieved for them a long time ago when it became clear that it was just a question of when.

    I suppose they will go through the scripted rituals required by the PR department, and of course it is a disruption for the band through losing a member, but a dose of realism would be welcome, if unlikely.

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  78. mh says:

    Great stuff

    “Keep my wife’s name out your f—king mouth,” Will Smith said to Chris Rock after Smith strode to the stage and appeared to hit Rock in the face after a joke about Smith’s wife.

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  79. JohnJJJ says:

    Great stuff
    “Keep my wife’s name out your f—king mouth,”

    Well, they are actors and rating are way down this year.

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  80. JohnJJJ says:

    Great stuff

    “Keep my wife’s name out your f—king mouth,”
    I should add that the considering the smackee had a good microphone on, and the volume was up, then the smack was more like a tap.

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