Open Thread – Saturday, 26 February 2022

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  1. Shy Ted says:

    Back in the day when I was discovering something other than beer was quite nice I came across a sparkling from the Killawarra brand. Cheap end but after a bottle I used to have the most vivid dreams. Recently friends have been trying to educate my palate on wines, which I don’t, as a rule, like. But I bought them and so they have to be drunk. One particularly unpleasant red (my palate, everybody else likes it) has been a bit hard to get down, maybe a glass or 2 over the evening. the vivid dreams are back. Last night in my dream I rewrote the words to the Brady Bunch dream tune. Funny but I’ve never watched an episode though I know the first few lines of the tune. Sussex Ridge Hunter Valley shiraz 2016. Pen and paper on the bedside table tonight as I’ve already forgotten the most excellent new lyrics.

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    January 10, 2016
    Interview with Klaus Schwab

    Klaus Schwab wants the general population chipped and enslaved by 2026.

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  3. Shy Ted says:

    Also during the week I thought I’d become a Guinness world record holder. I play a bit of scrabble with a group, varying standards and when only the guns remain we get some pretty decent scores. One was 844 in total. Someone DDGed world record scrabble score – 850. This week, playing vs the droid on the tablet, thought it beat me, 854. Astonishing games when you get up there, all the triples, big tiles hitting triples across and down. Thought I’d better check, even register, the new record. Sadly, 850 was the score of just one person in that game. Board total 1320. It’s enough to drive me to drink. But not that Sussex Ridge Hunter Valley shiraz 2016 muck.

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  4. mh says:

    ‘This isn’t 2011’: Premier allays fears despite Brisbane River carnage

    Hmmm… let’s revisit that tomorrow.

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    Aussie Cossack may alienate many supporters by hanging too much shit on the Ukraine. Has done great stuff, but needs to pay attention to the “aussie” bit if he want to attract wide support.

    The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is like the Covid pandemic of two years ago.

    Watch and wait. The facts will emerge and there will be a clearer picture.

    The Aussie Cossack has been doing good work as a freedom fighter and exposing the police and government, but I think he lacks discretion, sometimes.

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  6. kaysee kaysee says:

    Crisis Magazine:

    Understanding the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

    We need to have the same perspective toward today’s invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The invasion must be condemned, period. But we must understand what led to this horrific act by Russia, not to justify it, but with the goal of deescalating today’s conflict and preventing future ones.

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  7. kaysee kaysee says:


    Don Surber:

    How’d impeaching Trump work out, Zelensky?

    As air raid sirens fill the air of Kyiv and Russian trucks head for Donbas, Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, is crying like a little girl over NATO’s refusal to protect him and his country.

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  8. kaysee kaysee says:

    Ron DeSantis 2022 CPAC speech: full video

    All good, but ….

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  9. egg_ says:

    Most likely Sharon got paid to sit on her arse for two years.

    Can they use her as a sandbag?

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  10. egg_ says:


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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    The “People’s News” is an emerging print/electronic newspaper in NQ moving to take the space vacated by News Corpse when it closed its regional weeklies “because covid”.
    They invited me to submit a column – below…

    Guest column: (Cardimona), United Australia Party candidate for Kennedy

    Cardimona, are you on the Catallaxy premises, now?

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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    I don’t have the adjectives to describe this man. It is not just a pleasure to listen to him speak, but his talks are excellent. And like the others, this opinion piece is a feast for the intellect in substance, as well as in the crafting of the words.

    Neil Oliver:

    We watch Russia – but we must watch what our leaders are up to here in the West

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  13. kaysee kaysee says:

    Forget the Great Reset. Embrace the Great Escape.

    egg_, I watched that a few days ago, but halfway through, I gave up.

    He says he doesn’t buy the Great Reset agenda. That may be because he doesn’t get it.

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  14. mh says:

    Bill Quinn
    Is this the same whiney journalist from this morning’s #bneflood #brisbaneflood #SEQFloods presser asking questions, sounding like a toddler who’s just had his toys taken off him?

    Tend to agree with this.
    The amount of water the Wivenhoe has held back is incredible.
    Don’t think the dam operators will be able to hold on much longer though before upping the release.
    The rain is returning to the catchment, adding to the heavy inflows.

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  15. kaysee kaysee says:

    Mama Bear checking up on her baby son 🙂

    Reporter reflects on now-viral moment with mom

    Myles Harris joins “GMA” to discuss his mom’s surprise visit while he was reporting in the field.

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  16. mh says:

    ScumMo now speaking in Brisbane.

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  17. egg_ says:

    He says he doesn’t buy the Great Reset agenda.

    It’s amazing how academics can make a great analysis – viz: “Schwab is a Central Planner, i.e. Socialist”, yet have NFI how to deal with matters “going forward”.

    Presumably, Academics’ partners are left to run the household day-to-day?

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  18. Arky says:

    Great. Just what the world needs: millions of some of the worst dressed refugees since the Irish went looking for more spuds.
    Forget stingers and javelins. Send these people pants that aren’t trackies.

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  19. Delta A says:

    The amount of water the Wivenhoe has held back is incredible.

    Very worrying indeed, mh.

    Unfortunately, most of the news services (apart from QLD) are too busy hypothesizing on Russia/Ukraine to worry about the imminent danger to many Queenslanders.

    Everything ’tis forgot: the dictatorship in Canada, the uniparty in Australia which oppresses its citizens with lockdowns, mandates and inhumane punishments for those who simply want control over their own bodies.

    Then our PM proclaims to the world that he supports Ukraine because he stands for freedom!

    Really, PM? You trashed your own countrymans’ freedom. You supported little-Hitler premiers when they imposed life and career destroying mandates. You saw innocent Australians smashed to the ground by vicious cops, old ladies capsicum sprayed and young, pregnant mums in their pyjamas arrested in front of their children.

    And you said nothing.

    But thank God for Ukraine and the Queensland floods. Now you can be nice Scomo again, worried sick about his fellow man and spouting all those platitudes you didn’t even think of during the wickedness of Covid scam.

    Cutting a long and heartfelt rant shortish: I wish you all the best, Queenslanders. Stay safe. And when our PM waltzes in with his money and his poli-babble, remember that he’s been happy to condemn you – and every other Aussie – to two years of misery.

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  20. Arky says:

    Very excitable Indian TV channel live English coverage of the war:

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  21. kaysee kaysee says:

    This is the stage when a good dose of skepticism regarding any “news” item on the Russia-Ukraine conflict is required. Until any story is confirmed by multiple reliable sources, it may need to be filed under fiction.



    Video circulating in last hour showing shot down Russian IL-76 Aircraft is actually Ukrainian An-26/32 (see tail markings) No photo/video evidence of two claimed shot down IL-76 transport planes full of ~200 each Russian airborne each.


    Molotov cocktails

    Much information circulating appears to be propaganda or psy-ps from either Russians or Ukrainians. For example, this video of civilians throwing molotov cocktails is from 2014. However it ties into western narrative of civilian resistance so its being promoted by one side.


    Snake Island

    What appears to be footage of the Ukrainian garrison of Snake Island surrendering to Russian troops has surfaced; earlier the Ukrainian government had claimed they they refused to surrender and had all died heroically

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  22. kaysee kaysee says:

    Mother of ‘trans’ child poses as teen to find out how Trevor Project grooms kids into transitioning

    A mother who is dealing with her own child’s gender dysphoria posed as a 15-year-old gender dysphoric biological female to access services online with the Trevor Project on Sunday. She found that every step of the way, she was guided further and further into affirmation of being trans, with no stop gaps along the way where a kid could be told that maybe they weren’t trans, and should take a moment to think about it.

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  23. Cardimona says:

    Cardimona, are you on the Catallaxy premises, now?

    Here now, Kaysee – catching up on the news after a busy day campaigning.
    What’s happening?

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  24. kaysee kaysee says:

    I read your Column that was posted in the People’s News. Are you interested in having that put up on the blog main page, as a post?

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  25. Cardimona says:

    Are you interested in having that put up on the blog main page, as a post?

    If you reckon it meets standards, Kaysee.
    Preaching to the converted here, I know, but every little bit helps.

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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    If there’s anyone from this blog in your electorate, I’m sure they’ll vote for you. As you say, it is preaching to the converted.

    But, just in case there is anyone passing through the site, it could help.

    If you want to go ahead, I could use what you have posted in your comment. I need a title. Also do you want it under your Cat name? That would be a bit awkward.

    The second option is if you want to write a separate post for this blog. In that case, you’ll have to send it to Adam/Admin to get it posted.

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  27. candy says:

    The media’s sudden love for Ukrainians is about painting Putin as a Hitler who is friends with another person they call Hitler, that is Trump.

    The history and intricacies of the situation they are not interested in and we won’t hear it.

    It’s about hating Trump who defeated Ms Clinton and making the pervert Biden look a bit better for the midterms. (in my opinion).

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  28. candy says:

    Here’s hoping the dam engineers have read the right manual this time and not believed in the Flannery person that it would never rain again and so let the dams fill up till they explode and cause death and destruction.

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  29. Cardimona says:

    Thanks, Kaysee – at the moment I’m particularly time-poor.
    You know my IRL name, so, yeah, post it under that and maybe use a title such as “Truth-bombs from FNQ” – thank you!

    In other news, briefly, over the past two weeks, I
    – drove down to Canberra for the Freedom Rally
    – got delayed/had to backtrack due to a flood on the Muttaburra Rd
    – arrived as the rally was winding down (thus avoiding being nuked by FedPol’s “Active Denial System” (95 GHz microwave weapon))
    – visited the protester camps, learned of the ‘Antifa’ attacks on them
    – stayed with VC and BJ and the grandies
    – had long chats with BJ, Matt C, George C, and Llew O’Brien
    – walked through parliament house – twice – unmasked
    – discovered Canberrans to be deep in the mass formation psychosis
    – triggered plenty of Canberra locals
    – displayed 3m x 1.5m “Vote 1 UAP” billboards on my tandem trailer for the whole 6,000km
    – brought our 26yo last-born (son) home with me from Queanbeyan, where the Canberra lunacy was getting to him.

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  30. cohenite says:

    Anyway, here’s some memes.

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  31. mh says:

    Candy, the dam operators may have done a good job this time. We shall see.

    They seem to be confident of using a large percentage of the flood mitigation space while having controlled releases.

    Last week Wivenhoe was at 57% I believe, which is a different scenario to 2011. Although we still have to look at what the operators have been doing with Somerset dam which feeds into Wivenhoe.

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  32. candy says:

    I hope you are right, mh. It seems a little precarious though and the rain is pelting down here again right now.

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  33. Steve trickler says:

    This just dropped.


    Johnny FD.

    The morning of Friday, February 24th, 2022 will be one printed in History Books as the day that Russia dropped missiles and started their invasion to the capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine. Today was the day we all needed to decide if we should prepare food to shelter in place with @bald and bankrupt or to try and escape to Lviv or even the Polish border. In this video, I show you both options, neither of them good.


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  34. mh says:

    I hope you are right, mh. It seems a little precarious though and the rain is pelting down here again right now.

    Brisbane will still be underwater tomorrow morning. But imagine what today would have been like if the water had been released at high rates on Friday and Saturday.

    Large parts of Logan will be underwater tomorrow, too.

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  35. Steve trickler says:

    I’ve seen that much crap posted of late, that I have to say this Ghost of Kiev Pilot comes across as 100% bullsh*t. Call it a hunch.

    I could be wrong though?….nah.

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  36. Steve trickler says:

    Bald and Bankrupt:

    🇺🇦 A week now seems a lifetime ago in terms of the rapidly changing events in Ukraine. I arrived in the country thinking to myself ‘Putin isn’t mad enough to invade because the Ukrainian people will fight to the death for their country. It will be like Stalingrad.’ And yet I was completely wrong to underestimate his insanity. Now as I write this the people who I met in this video are living under bombs and bullets. Unbelievable how much suffering Ukrain e has gone through in its history.

    I could write so much but I will leave that until my next video. In the meantime I wish the people of Ukraine well and hope for their safety in this terrible war 🇺🇦Solo Along The Ukrainian-Russian Border ( One Day Before Invasion )

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  37. Arky says:

    People who think this war looks “weird” on the tele need to understand that in this feminised world there aren’t any real war correspondents anymore.
    Instead, we have chicks interviewing other chicks and chick politician making chick announcements and channels repeating the same days old footage because no one has the balls to go to the front and film anything.
    Journalism is dead.

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  38. Armadillo says:

    Arky meant to say Sheliah’s not “chicks”. He stands corrected.

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  39. Steve trickler says:

    Nice camera work. It is very hard to get bored of this.

    2022 Blue Angels & Thunderbirds! (February 25th)

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  40. Steve trickler says:

    Have fun before bed and enjoy your breakfast in the morning.

    Threads (1984) film – less in 5 minutes


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  41. Eyrie says:

    Steve Trickler: Yep 100% I reckon.
    Via Paul Joseph Watson’s twiiter

    Looks like an F-16 to me, not a Mig 29

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  42. egg_ says:

    Instead, we have chicks interviewing other chicks and chick politician making chick announcements and channels repeating the same days old footage because no one has the balls to go to the front and film anything.

    Historically when there were more Queens as heads of State in Europe, there were more wars – they’d gang up on another State.

    Sound familiar?

    As 9/11 occurred, the sole outraged caller to Wendy Harmer and Moonie that morning baying for blood as retribution was a woman (i.e. pious outrage, but no skin in the game).

    Journo virtue signalling doesn’t match reality.

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  43. egg_ says:

    Kerry Chunt’s NSW Rona “Zigzag”:

    25th Feb 2022:
    Masks off (again)

    December 2021:
    Masks back on again (Moronic variant)

    November 2021:
    Masks off – “living with Rona”


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  44. mh says:

    ScumMo doing the important stuff

    Piers Morgan@piersmorgan ·
    Great to meet Australia’s Prime Minister ⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩ at his office. Had a fascinating 45-min chat about Ukraine, China, cancel culture (not a fan), ⁦⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ (big fan), cricket (the Ashes 🙈) & my new global TV show. Thanks for your time, PM. 👍

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  45. egg_ says:

    “When the FACTS change, I change my opinion”.


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  46. egg_ says:

    ScumMo doing the important stuff

    Zaphod Bumblebot

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  47. egg_ says:

    California Petrol prices recently broke the $6 mark.

    Sydney fuel has been almost $2/litre for Regular Unleaded for over a week.

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  48. egg_ says:

    John Maynard Keynes is often credited with saying “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” In fact, the actual source of this quote was not Keynes, but Paul Samuelson, another famous economist.

    Q. How do you get 5 opinions on the Economy?
    A. Lock 4 Economists in a room together.

    I.e. guesswork.

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  49. Arky says:

    There won’t be any film of any air to air combat over Ukraine.
    Anyone putting together a piece on the “Ghost” will have had to use other footage. As every piece requires visuals, of course it won’t be actual footage, and they’ll use any old film.
    You’ll have to use other means to verify or dismiss that story.
    Could be utter bullshit, could have some underlying reality.

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  50. egg_ says:

    Will the BBC be reporting towers falling 20 minutes ahead of schedule, again?

    The relevant Producer and Reporter could not be found for comment.

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  51. cohenite says:

    New paper dealing with the core AGW issue of what caused the undisputed increase in CO2 concentration over the last 200 years. From the Abstract:

    Our results show that the percentage of the total CO2 due to the use of fossil fuels from 1750 to 2018 increased from 0% in 1750 to 12% in 2018, much too low to be the cause of global warming.

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  52. mh says:

    Looks like the Wivenhoe Dam operation has been textbook, and it’s done it’s job.

    However, there needs to be more communication from SEQwater on the dam operations. It’s too hard to find out what is going on in real time at Wivenhoe. There isn’t even a functioning webcam.

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  53. egg_ says:

    IIRC, as posted prior, a dam near Tamworth has 130% capacity and was a tad over its 100% capacity quite a while ago.

    Yet in 2016 four Tamworth Council water supply bores near Kootingal were closed as they were over WHO radiation limits. No two-headed frogs in the vicinity?

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  54. egg_ says:

    HNEH is now working NSW Health to convene an expert panel to provide more specific health advice for long-term residents of Moonbi-Kootingal and Bendemeer who may have been historically exposed to elevated levels of uranium in drinking water.

    I’ll bet that was deep-sixed.

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  55. egg_ says:

    2015/2016 Uranium – Bendemeer (New South Wales)
    Uranium concentrations have been elevated above ADWG in bore 5 in Kootingal/Moonbi and in Airlie Rd bore in Bendemeer
    •There is limited scientific data on the health effects of uranium and studies are mostly about
    inhalation and/or occupational exposure and cross-sectional studies of communities with elevated uranium levels in drinking water
    •Epidemiological evidence suggests renal proximal tubular damage by the presence of biomarkers may occur at levels above 0.1 mg/L and there is little information on chronic long term exposure
    •For the Kootingal/Moonbi community Uranium concentration in the reticulated
    water tested over 2015 and 2016 range from 0.022 mg/L up to 0.043 mg/L.
    For the Bendemeer community, the affected bore was commissioned in 2014 and has provided only up to 20% of the drinking water supply since 2015. Exposure to water from this bore was not considered a concern due to the part contribution and shorter exposure time.
    • There is no clear dose response identified in the 7 studies examined
    •There is no clinical or histological evidence of kidney disease in the affected
    populations at various levels of exposure in the studies examined
    •Community testing would provide limited to no benefit due to lack of specificity in biomarkers
    Uranium (Information Sourced From 2011 Australian Drinking Water Guidelines)
    “Based on health considerations, the concentration of uranium in drinking water should not exceed 0.017 mg/L.”

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  56. Arky says:

    Most channels idea of reporting on this war seems to consist of:
    1. Clips of speeches at the UN by some bald bloke.
    2. Clips of speeches by some mutton dressed as lamb Euro chick at some European forum.
    3. Testosterone free blokes in a studio interviewing each other.
    4. Snazzy promo mashups of days old clips with dramatic music.
    5. That black US chick’s speech at the UN. Over and over again.
    6. German PM being clapped while saying they’re going to spend actual money on defending themselves. Good one, Hans.
    7. Clip of that chick sweeping up glass in her apartment.
    8. Some chick interviewing chick refos at the border.
    9. Chicks at various world capitals with weepy eyes demonstrating against Putin while holding flowers/ teddy bears/ signs.
    10. Weedy looking Ukrainian civilians going to pick up their first ever rifle at the police station.
    11. No actual combat footage.
    One “expert” they were interviewing from the studio looked about 17 and was in his bedroom with super hero movie posters on the wall in the background. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

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  57. Shy Ted says:

    As if there aren’t enough bad jokes giving commentary to us on a daily basis

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  58. cohenite says:

    I guess this is why the chunks are going to rule the world:

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  59. Steve trickler says:

    Cheers, egg. Salty is running amok.

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  60. Steve trickler says:

    This could be more BS. Will wait and see.

    The Only Antonov 225 Has Been Confirmed As Destroyed

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  61. DavidH says:

    Destruction of Antonov 225 is mentioned on Wikipedia, with this as the reference:

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  62. egg_ says:

    cohenite says:
    February 28, 2022 at 1:58 pm
    List of green idiocies revealed by Putin

    “Rupert Darwall: Standing up to Putin means ditching Net-Zero
    Real Clear Energy, 24 February 2022”


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  63. johanna johanna says:

    egg, I rather think that claiming that ‘facts don’t change’ followed by a comment about changing petrol prices rather undermines your original point.

    Facts exist in space and time, therefore they do change in the sense that space and time change.

    Last year’s petrol price is a fact, and so is this year’s.

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  64. egg_ says:

    Received an eBay phishing phone call (disputed $199.xx purchase) from a mobile no. this arvo – the bot said to press 1 to dispute a purchase – which I did – and got a call centre in India to which a female answered “eBay…”, natch.

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  65. johanna johanna says:

    Oh, and can I join calli and several others at both the other Cat and here in saying that we are in the midle of a propaganda blitz by both sides and nothing should be taken at face value.

    TBH, I don’t give a rat’s about the Ukraine. It has zero strategic or economic or any other significance to Australia. Every nation’s politicians (including ours) are huffing and puffing and taking sides because they want to sit at the big kids’ table, like in kindy.

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  66. egg_ says:

    changing petrol prices

    The thought occurred to me re metrics such as temperature.

    This is how Lefties are winning the Information War – we “modelled” XYZ, as if it is a fact, when it is merely Deep Thought running some retard’s code.

    Oxford “modelled” the Rona plague, didn’t they?

    Weather, petrol prices, etc. are relative, not absolutes.

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  67. egg_ says:

    huffing and puffing and taking sides

    WetFartallaxy blowhards gotta blowhard.

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  68. egg_ says:

    11) And finally: How scientific ‘groupthink’ silenced those who disagreed with Covid lockdowns

    BoN says he was a Warmy, until he woke up.
    Says it all.

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  69. Arky says:

    TBH, I don’t give a rat’s about the Ukraine. It has zero strategic or economic or any other significance to Australia.

    It has every significance, in that Xi will be watching and calculating when to go on Taiwan depending on how badly this adventure bites Putin.
    If we want this region to remain calm, and those sea lanes open, you’ll be hoping Putin has treaded on his todge, hard.

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  70. egg_ says:

    changing petrol prices

    Singapore is the head of our Regional crude oil market, as myself and later Tel had to update JC on old Cat.

    The Singapore Benchmark: how Australia prices fuel | Bulk Fuel Australia

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  71. mh says:

    The ChiComs will have shared plenty of Biden administration material with Vladimir.

    Laughs all round.

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  72. egg_ says:

    Salty reckons that the Ukraine issue is being used by the Left to take Fauci’s Frankenvax backpedalling off the front pages.

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  73. johanna johanna says:

    Arky, that is drawing a long bow, and anyhow not one we should buy into.

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  74. mh says:

    Peter Schiff joins Mark Steyn on GB News

    Peter Schiff on the economic ramifications of sanctioning Russia

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  75. Arky says:

    and anyhow not one we should buy into.

    For me personally, and my family in Taiwan, it’s number one concern.
    CCP will be looking very closely and learning whatever the lesson is.
    I want the lesson to be: Don’t do it.

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  76. Steve trickler says:

    3:50 break from global events.

    Composed by John Williams
    Performed by Danish National Symphony Orchestra
    Conducted by Antony Hermus

    The Rebellion is Reborn – STAR WARS // Danish National Symphony Orchestra (LIVE)

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  77. mh says:

    Russia Is too Big to Be Sanctioned on Energy: FGE’s Fesharaki

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  78. cohenite says:

    Islam powers on:

    Afghanistan: Muslims murder eight polio workers

    Asked if Biden would ‘welcome’ Iranian oil after nuke deal, Psaki says ‘we’ll talk…if we get to that point’

    India: Muslim rapes the daughter of Hindu priest in revenge after being released from jail

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  79. Steve trickler says:

    Excellent edit. 👏👏

    Things you find when you dig on sussietube.

    David Bowie: Songs In Movies

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  80. egg_ says:

    Russia Is too Big to Be Sanctioned on Energy

    Fossil Fuels Rulz!

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  81. Steve trickler says:

    Johnny FD and Bald:

    As the situation in the capital city of Kyiv was getting more and more dangerous, we made the tough decision to leave and try and make it west. Our original plan was to go to Lviv to join our friends, but during the trip, we got word that even there was being attacked by air raids. But first, we’d have to make it on the train. Here’s the journey with myself and @bald and bankrupt as we attempt to cross from Eastern Ukraine, to the West by train.


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  82. Steve trickler says:

    A lot of people are MSM centric. F*ck off and settle down….meanwhile.



    Leaving Kyiv On A Refugee Train 🇺🇦

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  83. Steve trickler says:

    Always ask for the batch number with every injection, if you are inclined to trust them.

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  84. mh says:

    Russell Brand

    #TheGreatReset #DigitalID #VaccinePassports
    So They DO Run The World

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  85. cohenite says:

    Russia Is too Big to Be Sanctioned on Energy

    Fossil Fuels Rulz!

    The real issue is swine like biden and the eurotrash have gone green while becoming dependent on Russia, Iran and China to provide oil and gas which they could be self-sufficient in if they weren’t green:

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  86. Old bloke says:

    cohenite says:
    March 1, 2022 at 10:26 am

    The real issue is swine like biden and the eurotrash have gone green while becoming dependent on Russia, Iran and China to provide oil and gas which they could be self-sufficient in if they weren’t green:


    It’s the same with us Cohenite, we’re sitting on oil reserves equal to Saudi Arabia and we can’t get it out of the ground. We should be an energy exporter, not dependent on overseas suppliers.

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