Open Thread – Saturday, 24 September 2022

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  1. Steve trickler says:


    Into the Silent Sea is used with permission from Andrej Landin.

    In the midst of the Cold War in the 1960s, a cosmonaut named Alexander orbits in space, adrift around the earth in his space capsule. He has lost all navigation and communication systems, and he will soon lose his life-support systems.

    Alexander soon discovers an Italian radio frequency where a Sicilian radio engineer named Alvaro is working the night shift. The two men form an intense bond as they work through the night and Alexander reckons with the journey that led to the space capsule in the first place.

    But as Alexander drifts away, the newfound friendship between the men may not last the night, and help Alexander find his way home.

    Writer-director Andrej Landin takes a meditative, thoughtful tone in his sci-fi short about the mythic “lost cosmonauts” that were a supposed casualty of the so-called “space race” between the U.S. and the Soviet Union to be the first to send a human in space.

    The story has the plot points and development of a thriller, with its elements of space travel and potential disaster. But the beautifully considered craftsmanship and pacing are steady, introspective and measured, with an emphasis on emotional resonance. The images have an elegiac power, full of natural beauty, light and texture, emphasizing just how rich life on earth can be.

    Alexander’s memories of his training — and a particular love affair with a fellow trainee named Tanya — suffuse the film throughout via flashbacks, bathed in the golden hues of warmth and contentment. It can be hard for shorts to integrate flashbacks into the storytelling, but these memories form the sociopolitical context of the story, as well as the emotional core of the film — and give viewers a palpable sense of loss once we realize just what Alexander is losing as he floats in space.

    Through the understated dialogue and the equally subtle, resonant performances that bring it to life, Alexander’s bond with Alvaro forms his final, last attachment — one that helps him come to terms with his fate, appreciate the richness of the life he has to leave behind and find meaning in the sacrifice that he made before he left earth.

    “Into the Silent Sea” falls into a rich tradition of sci-fi films that use the vacuum of space and the unthinkable breadth of the cosmos as rich metaphors for the human condition, in all its ultimate helplessness and solitude. It takes its time to tell its story and develop its characters, but the result is a moving, emotionally immersive cinematic experience that tells an unusually full and complete story, with an ending that is bittersweet in its wisdom. As Alexander says, “We live as we dream… alone.” But we do carry the richness of memories and love within us, providing some comfort in our final journeys.

    A Soviet cosmonaut who is stranded in space discovers a voice in the distance. | Into the Silent Sea

  2. Steve trickler says:

    These dogs are in their element.


    Joseph Carter the Mink Man

    House Dogs vs Street Rats! #2

  3. mh says:


    Stocks tumbled Friday to cap a brutal week for financial markets, as surging interest rates and foreign currency turmoil heightened fears of a global recession.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 486.27 points, or 1.62%, to 29,590.41. The S&P 500 slid 1.72% to 3,693.23, while the Nasdaq Composite dropped 1.8% to 10,867.93.

    The Dow notched a new low for the year and closed below 30,000 for the first time since June 17. The 30-stock index ended the day 19.9% below an intraday record, flirting with bear market territory. At one point, the Dow was down more than 826 points.

    The major averages capped their fifth negative week in six, with the Dow giving up 4%. The S&P and Nasdaq shed 4.65% and 5.07%, respectively. It marked the fourth negative session in a row for stocks, as the Fed on Wednesday enacted another super-sized rate hike of 75 basis points and indicated it would do another at its November meeting.

  4. mh says:

    Peter Schiff

    🔴 Powell Still Hopes to Do the Impossible – Ep 842

  5. mh says:

    Everyone has an opinion


    Calling it poor monetary policy is an understatement, Says Prof. Jeremy Siegel on Fed hikes

  6. Shy Ted says:

    Welcome Custard. Glad you’ve seen the light.
    Some of us love Trump.
    Some say Q is actually the Queen. Q is not QAnon.
    We’re meant to be watching the events of 21-25 September, not just 24th. I haven’t seen anything earth shattering.
    24th today, end of the world. Apparently. Nearly was for me. Morning walk with strangely incurious hound. Came within 6′ of stepping on a croc. My guess is it was 8′ as it slowly made it’ way out of a tiny creek 2′ wide (how did it even turn round?). Walked on a bit, 2 pairs of abandoned thongs and a bicycle, right at the water’ edge. It’s where the kids go to smoke dope.
    AnAl is a dim bulb. $5 if anyone can post anything he’s ever said that was a considered thought.
    We do not love Optus. Or Telstra. Or banks.
    When cartoonists don’t cartoon
    Is that what they meant by 10 days of darkness. Zanetti misheard, thought they said shades?

  7. mh says:

    BBC Prince Andrew interview – the best bits

  8. Arky says:

    Helmet camera footage of a gunfight somewhere in Ukraine shows exactly chaotic and confusing firefights in a heavily wooded area can be.

    Via Funker530

  9. JohnJJJ says:

    Everybody, rest easy. According to today’s Murdoch rag, Penny Wong has it all sorted:
    Wong tells China to rein in Putin over Ukraine
    Penny Wong will put China on notice that it must use its ‘no ­limits’ partnership with Russia to force an end to its war.

    Take that, evil empires.

  10. Arky says:

    The China Show.
    (Formerly ADV China)

  11. mh says:

    Arky says:
    September 24, 2022 at 10:51 am
    Jimmy Dore:
    Teacher With Giant Fake Breasts DEFENDED By School Board

    You will be able to resurrect your teaching career, Arky.

    Giant fake tits.

  12. Arky says:

    You will be able to resurrect your teaching career, Arky.

    Giant fake tits.

    I was privileged to teach at a time when good, decent knock- about working class youngsters could have a proper laugh and it was very, very enjoyable, I thought I would happily teach into my old age.
    So, so, SO glad to be out of it now.

  13. Arky says:

    … and the way I let the diet and exercise go during the lock downs, I don’t need the fake boobies. I have a set already.

  14. JohnJJJ says:

    firefights in a heavily wooded area can be
    Fun fact: I met a yank who made his fortune exporting timber to Europe after WW2. All the forests in Europe had trees full of shrapnel and bullets. The metal destroys the saw blade – they shatter – a danger in itself. Gotta hand it to the yanks.

  15. kaysee kaysee says:

    American Thinker

    Are You Really that Smart If You Can’t Recognize B.S.?

    What exactly does a person’s IQ mean?

    Modern intelligence tests often focus on abilities such as mathematical skills, memory, spatial perception, and language abilities. The capacity to see relationships, solve problems, and remember information are important components of intelligence, so these are often the skills on which IQ tests focus.-(

    Now what’s missing from this description? How about the ability to reason? How about the ability to figure out what is total nonsense and check out who’s spouting that nonsense? How about the ability to recognize that the media and certain politicians on both side of the aisles are self-serving and unconcerned about your best interests unless it lines their own pockets?

  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    The teaching of “turning the other cheek” is often misinterpreted as meaning inaction and pacificism on the part of Christians who are on the receiving end.

    This is in France

    French Catholics pray while a migrant plays loud music to purposely disturb them. The Alpha in the prayer group has had enough.

    For being faithful to one’s Christian beliefs

    In what once used to be Catholic-Ireland

    (Over) 16 days of unjust imprisonment

    Enoch Burke, an evangelical Christian, has been committed to prison for an INDEFINITE period for his Christian beliefs

    As a teacher, he refused to call a student who was a boy, a girl.

    This is how anti-christian Ireland has become

    Lest it all seem too depressing ….

    Shared by a mother on FB

  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    There was some discussion on last week’s Open Thread about libraries and books.
    In keeping with the times,
    Oxford University Press has rebranded its logo

    On the streets of Amsterdam,
    this poster

    And in The Mock

  18. Steve trickler says:

    French Catholics pray while a migrant plays loud music to purposely disturb them. The Alpha in the prayer group has had enough.

    Gold, kaysee.

  19. Steve trickler says:

    This comes with a great song.


    Tony Heller:

    This week in 1926, Miami was largely destroyed by a hurricane in America’s (inflation adjusted) most expensive natural disaster.

    Miami Wasteland

  20. johanna johanna says:

    Hi Steve.

    Tangerine Dream – Rubycon 1975 (34 mins).

    A masterpiece. I liked their later albums, but this was The One.

    Was lucky enough to hear it performed live in a small venue in Canberra. Unforgettable.

  21. Old bloke says:

    Was lucky enough to hear it performed live in a small venue in Canberra. Unforgettable.

    The pub at the back of Hotel Canberra?

  22. johanna johanna says:

    It was the Albert Hall. But, if you are real, tell me where The Wellington was. 🙂

  23. Old bloke says:

    Was that the hotel on Canberra Avenue heading out to Manuka / Kingston way?

  24. Old bloke says:

    Legend has it that it was the only pub in Canberra for may years.

  25. Old bloke says:

    may years = many years.

    There was a prohibition in Canberra imposed by a former Federal Minister, can’t remember his name but he was an American who pretended he was a Canadian.

  26. Old bloke says:

    Fair Work Australia has determined that Covid-19 injections cannot be administered if the recipient says that they are under threat of dismissal for not having it.


  27. Steve trickler says:

    johanna says:
    September 24, 2022 at 4:09 pm

    G’day. That was the year of my birth.

    I’ve only been listening to them in recent years. I posted this on Doomies a while back. I know you’ve heard this bloke.

    He does excellent covers. The sound quality is superb.


    State Azure:

    Tangerine Dream – The Dream Is Always The Same (State Azure Cover) // Eurorack + DAW

  28. Steve trickler says:

    From a couple of months back.


    Reverend Simon Sideways:

    This is how the weather should be reported!!!!!

    A proper weather report for MEN (bad language)

  29. kaysee kaysee says:

    Fair Work Australia has determined that Covid-19 injections cannot be administered if the recipient says that they are under threat of dismissal for not having it.

    This is by Global Law. Is it retrospective?

    There will be those who took the jab last year out of fear of losing their job. Fair Work Australia will have to deal with thousands of cases where people will be saying I didn’t want to but had to ….

    Coming up soon …

    What will happen when the jabbed find out what has been done to them? The elite will get picked off one by one.

  30. kaysee kaysee says:


    EU vs Italy
    a/WEFer Ursula

    EU v. ITALY – Ursula threatens citizens of Italy We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction, we have tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary.” Translation: we have ways of making you do as we tell you!

    b/Energy bills

    Naples calls, Rome responds. People burn gas and energy bills: “We don’t pay! In Italy nobody has to pay their bills anymore!” Attention, those in the video are not photocopies, they are the original bills. Patience in Italy is dead, the endurance limit has been reached.

    For the public good and emergency reasons, brought to you by the government of India

    c/ The govt of India

    The #NewWorldOrder of #India. It has finally come down to this: the complete seizing of privacy rights. The Indian govt. moves in the direction of a complete dictatorship to create a #HinduRashtra that shall rule in alliance with #Israel to form the one eyed man’s #paxjudaica

  31. Arky says:

    Old bloke says:
    September 24, 2022 at 5:16 pm
    Fair Work Australia has determined that Covid-19 injections cannot be administered if the recipient says that they are under threat of dismissal for not having it.

    You really have to wonder at the sickening levels of compliance in humans when people go to the doctor and say “I don’t want this injection but if I don’t have it I’m going to lose my livelihood” and the person who is sworn to “first do no harm” shrugs their shoulders and bloody well injects it anyway.

  32. kaysee kaysee says:

    There’s all kinds of info swirling around cyberspace. Not easy to verify it all. Fact, fiction, real, fake ……..??!!!


    Rumors are swirling across the internet of a military coup in China and that Xi Jinping is under arrest after CCP seniors removed him as head of the PLA. Is the massive cancellation of flights in China just a military exercise, or is there something more to it?

    Is Xi Jinping Under Arrest After Military Coup?
    Three Senior Anti-Xi Officials Sentenced to Death

    If you don’t want to watch the entire video, jump to the summary at 24:45.

  33. kaysee kaysee says:

    How many people around the world with Ukrainian flags on their social media accounts know the name of the Yemini president? Would they recognise him in a photo? Can they identify the flag of Yemen? Would the media fare any better?

    Here are a few clues. His name does not have the initials V or Z. He does not wear a green/brown t-short and waltz around the online world with a begging bowl.

    Why should we have any interest in Yemen?
    The country is home to an eight-year-old civil war and arguably the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. As many as 20 million people in that country are facing famine.

    Innocent Ukraine invaded by bad Russia 9 months ago. Big deal.

    Yemen invaded by Shiite Houthi militias (who are supported by Iran) 8 years ago. Not important.

    The Yemeni people should identify as Ukrainian. Say the invaders are being supported by Putin. And their president should buy himself some t-shirts.

    Yemen at U.N.:
    Iran Fueling a War Leading 20 Million to Famine

  34. Steve trickler says:

    A visual and audio treat.

    You may have already seen it.


    Ashton Gleckman:

    Composed by Hans Zimmer
    MIDI Programmed and Arranged by Ashton Gleckman

    All organ sounds from the new Royal Albert Hall Organ library, recorded at the historic hall in London by James Everingham. Available now:

    Suite programmed by ear in Logic Pro X based on the original soundtrack recordings. Virtual instruments from Spitfire Audio, Orchestral Tools, and 8Dio

    Hans Zimmer – Interstellar (Royal Albert Hall Organ)

  35. Shy Ted says:

    Do you remember that dreadful scold Tracy Spicer? Newsreader, SJW and leader of the charge in reporting drunken encounters as dubious sexual assaults? Front and centre in the get vaxxed propaganda?
    Well, she’s not standing for much now
    I’ll bet some folk in TV fantasy land are putting 2 and 2 together.
    Massive salary vs blowing the whistle. Decisions, decisions.

  36. mh says:

    Bunnies 12 nil up against the Panthers.

  37. mh says:

    … Not for long.

  38. Steve trickler says:

    Doc Coleman:

    Why and How the Conspirators are winning the War for our Freedom and our Souls
    24TH SEPTEMBER 2022

    Anyone who doesn’t believe the conspirators are winning this war isn’t looking hard enough at what is happening.

    At the beginning of 2022 I said that we had until the end of the year to defeat the conspirators.

    I stand by that warning.

    Government policies everywhere are designed to destroy economies, impoverish millions and result in hundreds of millions of death (particularly in Asia and Africa) through cold and hunger.

    Nothing that is happening is happening by accident. Everything in our stagnant, rancid, entitlement based society is planned and everything is deliberate.

    In March 2020, I warned that the coronavirus pandemic hoax was designed to do three things: to kill the elderly, to get rid of cash and to bring in compulsory vaccination programmes. I warned that we were fighting a war against evil people.

    And three months after that, in the early summer of 2020, I warned that our main enemies were not the conspirators themselves but the collaborators – the millions of people who would, if told to do so, stand on their heads in buckets of custard and ask only how long they had to stay there. I warned that it would be the supine, spineless, ignorant, gullible, compliant collaborators who would sign our death warrants.

    I was widely criticised for this (what a surprise) by people who argued that those who were collaborating with the enemy needed to be talked to nicely, and persuaded to understand the truth about masks, lockdowns, covid-19 jabs and PCR tests.

    That was never going to work. And it still won’t work.

    It was never going to work because the conspirators had bought the mainstream media lock, stock and barrel. Gates and his chums had spent millions to buy the news.

    Right from the start of this war we should have been fighting the collaborators, as well as the conspirators.

    And we needed to draw attention to the way that government spokesmen were lying and the way they were openly using brain washing tricks to promote lies and deceits. I pointed out the dangers of the programme of control leading us towards state controlled social credit.

    Today, even seemingly intelligent people still fail to understand the extent of the fraud and the danger we face. There are many educated people who are so brainwashed, and so capable of suppressing the truth, that they still believe that those of us who talk and write about the conspirators are suffering from paranoia.

    The evidence of the fraud is easy to find. It is easy to prove that PCR tests are worse than useless. It is easy to prove (using official statistics) that covid-19 killed no more people than the ordinary flu. It is easy to prove that the official figures have been fiddled. It is easy to prove that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed or injured by the covid-19 jabs. And it is easy to prove that, right at the start, in the UK, the Government’s own advisors confirmed that covid-19 was no more deadly than the flu.

    The proof of this, of course, is that right from the beginning the authorities have refused to debate any of these issues. The BBC has steadfastly refused to allow any airtime to anyone, however qualified, who dares to say anything even remotely critical about vaccines.

    The one thing we should have done, right from the start, was to demand proper, open, live, televised, public debates. I repeatedly tried to do this (even offering money for a debate) but no one on our side of the war was prepared to promote the challenge – and so it was easy for the conspirators and the collaborators to ignore the fact that the truth had been suppressed.

    I hate the idea of ever appearing on television again but I honestly believe that if I were allowed to take part in a 30 minute national, televised, live programme with any number of the opposition, I could destroy the fraud once and for all. It is so easy. The facts are all on our side.

    Instead, the opposition was allowed to do its best to destroy my reputation and credibility by filling the mainstream media and the internet with lies. My Wikipedia page was altered beyond recognition – largely by an individual I and others suspect to be employed by the CIA. My income was (probably permanently) destroyed. My reputation was shredded in a way no celebrity has ever had to endure and I was so shattered that I found it difficult to leave the house.

    The lies, the abuse and the threats were then taken up another notch by members of the opposition who began promoting an absurd, hypothesis that there are no germs, no infectious diseases and no immune systems. Many of the noisiest of this small but busy group didn’t bother offering any evidence, didn’t bother fighting the lies about the covid-19 jabs but simply claimed, without any evidence, that anyone who didn’t believe their nonsense must be ‘controlled opposition’ and must be silenced or killed. This nonsense, often deliberately promoted by people who also expressed the belief that the earth is flat and that we will all fall off the edge if we travel too close to the rim, had the desired twin effect of convincing the public and the medical profession that those of us questioning the fake pandemic, and also warning about the danger of social credit must also be insane.

    Everything that has happened since the start of 2020 was always part of a cleverly planned media war.

    The conspirators have deliberately destroyed literacy and numeracy. They created episodic television programmes and films to destroy` joined up’ thinking processes. They persuaded celebrities and doctors to endorse and promote the covid-19 jabs – even when the evidence showed clearly how damaging the useless jabs really were. In the UK they succeeded in persuading the public that the deliberately destroyed health service was working tirelessly to protect and care for the public. They persuaded people to have faith in the nanny state. They used tricks created by the CIA and the army.

    And now, having deliberately forced up oil and gas prices with a designer war, they are buying people with subsidies and cash payments.

    The bond that holds us together is the need to have a purpose and to be useful. The conspirators have deliberately removed that support. They have done everything they can to make everyone dependent on the state. They have created corrosive uncertainty and built an epidemic of depression and anxiety.

    The law used to allow us to do things that were not prohibited. The spread of ill-defined rights (demanded by and designed for far left wing agitators) means that we no longer know what is permitted and what is banned until we are arrested. The twin principles of expecting intervention and blaming someone else when things don’t go smoothly have destroyed society. Absurd climate change enthusiasts (who are mentally ill and as dangerous as terrorists and should be locked up for our safety) are allowed to control political agendas with deadly and devastating effects.

    The progress towards the society I described in my books Endgame and Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street is rapid. Builders must now put bars on the windows of new houses. Huge commercial kitchens are being built so that flat dwellers can have all their meals prepared for them and delivered. Working from home is being promoted as a way to ensure that we stay imprisoned. Purpose built rental blocks are being built which contain within them space for organised and permitted socialising – and access to services (such as hairdressing and shoe repair) which might be considered essential.

    Most people find it difficult to believe that bad people lie as much as they do.

    And people conform because, as Joseph Schumpeter said: ‘Any deviating conduct by a member of a social group is condemned by the remaining members of the group’ and leads to ‘social ostracism’.

    Ostracising those questioning the fraud has been arranged by the CIA, MI5, the 77th brigade, the mainstream media and by outrageous, insupportable bans and censorship organised by compliant public companies such as Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal.

    We will soon be living in a version of the system of social credit which is now in place in China.

    You might like to take a look at how that is going.

    Wi-Fi sniffers, barcodes, smart phones, smart meters, apps and cameras (including infra-red cameras) watch every move by ‘citizens’ so that they can be punished and rewarded according to their behaviour. Everyone and everything will be controlled from birth to death. Private and public sectors are working together to spread surveillance technology.

    Chinese towns are now little more than concentration camps.

    We have until the end of the year to stop it happening to us.

    Why and How the Conspirators are winning the War for our Freedom and our Souls

  39. Steve trickler says:

    Doc Coleman:

    Do you have too much stuff?
    24TH SEPTEMBER 2022

    Look around your house. How much stuff have you got that you don’t need? How much time and energy are you wasting looking after it and providing storage space for it? How much time are you wasting looking at and wondering if you’ll ever wear it again, find the manual or find the other bit that makes it work? How much of it could you sell? How much of it could you give away to your local charity shop? How much of it should you throw away? How much cleaner — and clearer — will your life be without all this unnecessary stuff?

    Few people need a new car every two years. Most people have more pairs of shoes than they really need. Millions have electrical equipment they never use. Standard of living and quality of life aren’t the same thing but we confuse the two.

    There have been more shopping malls than high schools in the USA for many years. Three quarters of people who go shopping are not looking for something in particular. They are simply out ‘shopping’.

    We all need to get into the habit of asking ourselves why we buy the things we buy. This isn’t a judgemental question. But it’s a question well worth asking. How many jumpers do you really need? Why do so many people insist on having an entirely new outfit if they are planning to attend someone else’s wedding? The complaint ‘I don’t have a thing to wear’ has become a joke.

    I know a handyman who earns his living painting, bricklaying and doing bits of carpentry. He’s a real jack-of-all-trades and he’s very good at what he does. But it’s difficult to get him to come and do anything because he only works two or three days a week. The rest of the time he messes around on his boat or in his garden.

    A few months ago I asked him why he didn’t work harder.

    He explained that he didn’t see any point in earning more money than he needed to satisfy his fairly simple needs. He told me that he has paid off his mortgage, that although old and rather battered, his car is his own and that he has all the furniture he wants. He has, he told me, managed to put aside a few hundred pounds in the building society for emergencies.

    I asked him if his wife was happy with this philosophical approach to employment. He said that she was very happy and that they spent much of the week gardening together, walking along the cliffs or, on sunny days, bobbing around in their little boat. He also told me that he and his wife don’t have holidays away from home because for them home is a pretty constant holiday but that they do spend a day every month travelling to demonstrations against hunting, vivisection and other examples of cruelty to animals.

    He also told me that because his earnings are low he pays hardly any income tax.

    I found his attitude enormously refreshing. This local handyman is leading the life of a true revolutionary. I suspect that Henry David Thoreau, the philosopher of Walden Pond, would have been proud of him.

    Before you dismiss the handyman’s lifestyle as impractical ask yourself how much of your life you spend earning money to buy things you don’t really need and are only buying to impress people you don’t really care about.

    Here’s a simple little exercise you can try.

    Make a list of everything other than food that you’ve bought in the last year. By the side of each item on your list make a note of the price you paid.

    Then divide your after tax annual income by the number of hours you work to find out how much you earn an hour. Don’t forget to deduct any essential business expenses from your income before you do this calculation.

    Now you can easily use this figure to find out how long you had to work to buy each of the items on your first list.

    I have learned that knowing how much I earn per hour is extremely useful.

    Get into the habit of thinking of the things you buy in terms of hours rather than pounds. If you buy a television set that costs £1,000 and you earn £10 an hour then the television set has cost you 100 hours.

    If you buy a book for £10 and your income is £10 an hour then the book has cost you one hour.

    Every time you spend money ask yourself how long you have had to work to pay for it.

    How much of your life are you giving in order to buy a car with a three speed rear window wiper instead of one with a one speed rear window wiper? (That was the sole difference between two models of a car I once considered buying. The extra price was £500.)

    This can be a frightening exercise for you’ll quickly realise that you’ve given a great deal of your life in order to buy junk that you don’t really need.

    Add up the cost of all the unnecessary stuff you bought last year and work out how much of your life you wasted earning money to buy stuff that hasn’t improved or changed your life.

    The whole point of modern advertising is to persuade people to buy things they don’t need; to turn shallow wants into desperate ‘must haves’.

    It is skilful advertising which encourages otherwise sane people to spend a fortune on double glazing which will never pay for itself and to spend thousands of pounds ripping out a perfectly serviceable kitchen and replacing it with another slightly different kitchen.

    And, of course, the more money you have to earn to buy all this stuff that you don’t really need the more income tax you will have had to pay.

    If you are happy with the things the Government buys with your money then you won’t mind giving them great chunks of it. But are you really happy with what they do with it?

    I’m not suggesting that the handyman’s life style is right for everyone.

    But you might like to think about all this a little.

    We live in a society which encourages the accumulation of goods: a smart, shiny motor car; a beautiful home; a wardrobe full of expensive, beautifully designed clothes — these are what we are encouraged to work towards.

    If you are not careful the stuff you think you own could end up owning you. Our world has been taken over by a lot of materialistic, acquisitive nonsense. We buy coffee table books that no one ever reads, fancy toilet roll holders, lotions to make fat thighs thin, creams to make small breasts melon-sized and to make melon-sized breasts positively breath-taking and all sorts of other nonsenses. We buy things for the sake of buying. We buy presents that are neither beautiful nor useful.

    Do not allow material possessions, belongings of any kind, to take over your life. Next time you are buying something other than an everyday item ask yourself if you are making the purchase because you want it or need it or because you have been persuaded to buy it by someone else — or, worse still, by Society. And then remember how many hours you have to work to earn that item.

    And regularly take time to go through all your possessions and sort out those which you want to keep and those that you neither want nor need to keep. ‘Spring-cleaning’ your possessions has several advantages. It will enable you to see exactly what you have (you may be surprised to discover things you had forgotten you owned) and it will also enable you to convert unwanted items into cash. You will have more space available and you will be able to find and use the belongings which are left more easily and more effectively. Clear out the stuff you own at regular intervals and throw away everything which doesn’t add value to your life. If you haven’t used something or worn something for six or twelve months sell it or give it to a charity shop.

    And always remember William Morris’s advice: ‘Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’


  40. Steve trickler says:

    No surprises here. He’s been shadow banned for years. I wonder if sussietube has sent him the 100k sub silver play button achievement award.

    Probably not.


    Tony Heller:

    YouTube Clown Show (Part 3)

  41. Steve trickler says:


    Bette Davis Eyes

  42. johanna johanna says:

    Old Bloke – yep, that was where the Wello used to be. 10/10.

    The character you mentioned was King O’Malley, who now has a pub in Civic named after him.

  43. mh says:

    They CAN’T hide the truth any longer about this | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    25 Sept 2022 Why are there so many unexpected deaths since the pandemic? We break down troubling statistics showing where these deaths are happening as well as other unexpected health problems. Now healthcare companies are releasing public health announcements about how unthreatening myocarditis is. Why is this necessary exactly?

  44. shatterzzz says:

    Reading that article on “what you have” .. I’m 74 now and have been a ‘collector” for years .. 4 bedroom house packed with furniture & collectables I very rarely touch .. problem is everytime I do inventory I come up with reasons to keep it all! .. I tell myself get rid of it, sell it, whatever but I don’t need the money so too lazy to list it on Ebay and not having a car nothing to transport it to an op-shop .. so end result .. STILL HERE! .. LOL!
    The only concession I’ve managed is to STOP collecting for the past couple of years .. LOL!
    The kids can sort it all out when I’m gone .. duuuh!

  45. custard says:

    I posted this on Dovers Cat and the lack of feedback over there is quite surprising to me.

    I feel the issues this blog has flailed to consider when considering Trump and the current situation are as follows and in no particular order.

    Why were EO 13818 and 13848 renewed in the (so called Biden administration) ?

    Was the insurrection act signed during Trump administration? Is it still in enforcement?

    Why did Trump visit DC recently to convey a personal message to the head of WH security?

    If the Ukraine is a money laundering industrial complex (that we know it is) why aren’t US troops on the ground protecting their complex they created via a colour revolution in 2014 created via the likes of Victoria Nuland and Norm Eisen.? Compare the raids of Rodger Stone and the raid on Mar a Lago.

    The media were media were there before the FBI rolled up in Stones case.

    A black hat operation.
    In the Mar a Lago instance the first person to alert the media to the raid was Donald Trump. About 9 hours after it commenced.

    So that begs the question that it was a white hat operation. No media, no leaks.

    Why did the FBI release pictures of documents from the raid?

    Do they relate to the Iran nuclear deal ?

    Why is a Time magazine cover in one of the pictures that also appeared in a Q post?

    Why is Donald Trump and Kash Patel trolling the fake news media around Qposts?

    They are doing it. And if you can’t see it well you’ll just have to pay a little bit more attention perhaps.

    The biggest question is perhaps, the insurrection act.

    Best wishes to y’all.

  46. rosie says:

    The revolutionary handyman, does he intend to put his hand in the public purse when he is no longer able to work?
    Will he prop on the NHS when he is sick or injured?
    With just a few hundred pounds in the bank and paying little or no tax it would seem so.

  47. mh says:

    Kwasi Kwarteng’s audacious budget | SpectatorTV Kwasi Kwarteng’s audacious budget | SpectatorTV

  48. Old bloke says:

    kaysee says:
    September 24, 2022 at 6:31 pm

    Fair Work Australia has determined that Covid-19 injections cannot be administered if the recipient says that they are under threat of dismissal for not having it.

    This is by Global Law. Is it retrospective?

    I don’t think that there’s any such animal as “global law”. The chap who was talking said that Australia’s laws with respect to industrial relations is much the same as other countries who also have mandatory jabbing regimes, so Australia’s determination could also be used elsewhere.

    It will be interesting to see how it works out, I suspect that the end result is that an employer can’t sack an employee if he/she isn’t jabbed or boosted according to their company policy.

    For example, if an employer told an employee that he/she has to have the jabs or boosters to continue in employment, and if the employee tells the doctor that he/she’s there under duress, i.e., in fear of losing their employment, then the doctor cannot give the injection.

    The employer therefore cannot sack the unjabbed employee as it’s the doctor’s decision that the employee remains unjabbed.

  49. Old bloke says:

    Arky says:
    September 24, 2022 at 6:40 pm

    You really have to wonder at the sickening levels of compliance in humans when people go to the doctor and say “I don’t want this injection but if I don’t have it I’m going to lose my livelihood” and the person who is sworn to “first do no harm” shrugs their shoulders and bloody well injects it anyway.

    The person receiving the injection, if they clearly stated that they are acting under duress, can charge the doctor with assault and the doctor would lose his license to practice.

  50. mh says:

    George Galloway

    FULL INTERVIEW: Chris Hedges

  51. johanna johanna says:

    Old Bloke, how about a drink at King O’Malley’s? Conservatives need to network, to use that non verb.

    Adam can provide my email.

  52. Old bloke says:

    johanna says:
    September 25, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    Old Bloke, how about a drink at King O’Malley’s? Conservatives need to network, to use that non verb.

    It’s a bit too far for me to travel for a drink Johanna, I’m living in Western Australia these days. I lived in Canberra in the 70’s, and was also a frequent visitor in the 50’s and 60’s as I had grandparents living there.

    I do go back from time to time as I have a daughter and grandchildren who now live there but I haven’t travelled much since the Great Pandemic of 2020.

  53. Steve trickler says:

    dutchsinse – 6 hours ago:

    During the Mexico earthquake this happened in the USA a thousand miles North!!!!!!

    Ok, I’m going to have to look into this!!!!

    Something’s going on beyond normal ——

    Video provided by the National Park Service.

    Mexican earthquake causes ‘desert tsunami’ in Death Valley

  54. mh says:

    A sober, adult discussion on war journalism

    The Chris Hedges Report: Ukraine and the crisis of media censorship

    518,139 views Premiered on 3 Sept 2022 Throughout the Ukraine war, Western news outlets have mindlessly parroted the opinions of a ruling elite and overseen a public discourse that is often unhinged from the real world. 
    Patrick Lawrence was a correspondent and columnist for nearly 30 years for the Far Eastern Economic Review, the International Herald Tribune and The New Yorker. He is the author of Somebody Else’s Century: East and West in a Post-Western World and Time No Longer: America After the American Century.

  55. Steve trickler says:

    Just keep in mind, the bloke could be trolling.

    We shall wait and see.


    Rebel News:

    Rebel News’ Alexa Lavoie was on the scene in Oakville to hear what protesters had to say about the shop teacher who has been wearing enormous artificial breasts in front of students.

    Protesters gather outside Oakville Trafalgar High School over teacher with massive fake breasts

  56. mh says:

    …but I haven’t travelled much since the Great Pandemic of 2020.

    I hope you had your tongue firmly planted when you wrote that.

    Mark Moron locked you down, of course.

  57. Arky says:

    Running a blog centred around the contentious things cats concern themselves with, but doing so without a prevalence of malice, is a huge achievement.
    This blog deserves a far wider audience.

  58. Old bloke says:

    mh says:
    September 25, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Mark Moron locked you down, of course.

    He sure did, there were times when I couldn’t travel within the state as people couldn’t travel from one region to another. When regional travel restrictions were lifted, it was possible to leave the state but you couldn’t come back in without being jabbed.

    There were other times when I was forbidden to have a haircut or visit Mr. Murphy’s liquor emporium, it was all for my own good he assured me.

  59. Arky says:

    Dennis Prager on John Anderson.
    Well done John, wonderful interview.

  60. Steve trickler says:

    A bloke walking his dog.

    I still can’t figure out the sussietube copyright BS!


    woof bark growl:

    Walking in the park with Rowdy the mini horse. Audio on this video is muted 4:42 to 11:37 due to music copyright claims.

    Cash 2.0 Great Dane walking with Rowdy the mini horse (no audio 4:42 to 11:37)

  61. mh says:

    There were other times when I was forbidden to have a haircut or visit Mr. Murphy’s liquor emporium, it was all for my own good he assured me.

    In the early days of Adam’s blog we had a guy here posting as ‘DM of WA’ who loved the WA lockdowns. Eventually he pissed off.

  62. Eyrie says:

    This blog deserves a far wider audience.


  63. kaysee kaysee says:

    True or not.
    Two entertainment stories related to the Megxit duo.

    If you don’t already know, Harry has written a memoir which was due to be published in the next few months. He has already received half of a £35 million ($58.8 million) deal for this book. This was before the events of this month.

    Now, Harry is in a panic and trying to make last-minute changes.

    Sources say parts will be deemed insensitive so soon after the Queen’s death — and his dad Charles taking the throne… He has contacted publishers but the book has already been signed off and is expected to be on sale by the end of the year.

    Prince Harry Will Be Permanently ‘Exiled’ by ‘Ruthless’ King Charles, Sources Say

    A palace source said Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were the blueprint, so Harry and Meghan come to be seen as “unimportant, misguided, disloyal, and even treacherous individuals.”

  64. kaysee kaysee says:


    1/The bigger monster?
    #KlausSchwab is a monster but he’s a late comer to this whole system. If you really want to understand what we’re fighting you have to go back to the period after the #Kennedy assassination — the people instrumental in taking the dollar off the gold reserve.”- HarleySchlanger

    2/The New World Religion

    One World Religion aka “Chrislam” is just one of many gross elements of this “New World Order”.

    3/Food Crisis

    A drone flies in and sprays some kind of chemical on farm field without seeking the permission from the farmer. Now, this is how they wanna create Food Crisis. The have already killed lakhs and lakhs of livestock.

  65. kaysee kaysee says:

    Mark Dice:

    Conservatives Are FINALLY Starting To DO SOMETHING About It!

    He is right about the “cowardly conservatives” who don’t want to call out the problems in society-related to gender and colour – because they are afraid of backlash and getting boycotted.

    But if conservatives are willing to hang on through the backlash, they will find others from the team coming in to support them.

  66. kaysee kaysee says:

    .. problem is everytime I do inventory I come up with reasons to keep it all! .. I tell myself get rid of it, sell it, whatever but I don’t need the money so too lazy to list it on Ebay and not having a car nothing to transport it to an op-shop .. so end result .. STILL HERE! .. LOL!

    What about something you’ve had for 25+ years, didn’t know you had it till you opened some old box and saw it, and now it is too valuable to toss away.

    Or, the week after you get rid of it, you will find that it was something useful, after all, and you shouldn’t have dumped it.:-)

  67. kaysee kaysee says:

    custard says:
    September 25, 2022 at 8:44 am

    custard, we have on this blog, a range of views about Donald Trump.

    – There are some who like him, no matter what he does or says.
    – Others who dislike him.
    – And those who evaluate him based on each issue. Sometimes, he gets it right and sometimes he doesn’t.

    Everyone is free to voice their opinion or have their rant.

  68. kaysee kaysee says:

    It will be interesting to see how it works out, I suspect that the end result is that an employer can’t sack an employee if he/she isn’t jabbed or boosted according to their company policy.

    If it only applies to cases from here on, it may be simple. However, there will be many questions and quite a task ahead for Fair Work Aus to deal with.

    How are they going to handle cases where people lost their jobs because they were unwilling to get jabbed? Can they sue their employer for having sacked them? Will they get compensation?

  69. mh says:

    Turkish television

    Italian Elections 2022: Rise of the far right?


    There is no evidence of ‘far right’ anything of course, but it’s interesting where these new parties stand on issues.

  70. mh says:

    And Sweden

    What’s behind the rise of right-wing parties in Sweden?

  71. kaysee kaysee says:


    Some time ago, a group of Italian patriots went to EU headquarters in Rome, removed EU flag and replaced it with the Italian one. The squalid threats of Ursula von der Leyen do not scare the Italians and cannot go unnoticed. Italy belongs to the Italian people. Get up Italy

  72. mh says:

    Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation press conference at the UN, NY

  73. Arky says:

    Just been lying on the couch making “Owwwwww. Owwwwwww”. noises.
    Been taking the girl running most days during the school holidays. We did some spring work this arvo.
    As the parent of a 10 y.o. while I’m heading rapidly towards 60, a special effort is required not to be mistaken for a doddery old grandad.
    And it hurts.
    It hurts.

  74. Arky says:

    Sprint work, not spring work

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