Open Thread – Saturday, 20 August 2022

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  1. Steve trickler says:

    They are on a mission from God.


    Adventures with Purpose:

    COLD CASE: John Creech went missing in April 2009. To date his disappearance remains a mystery but this is not stopping Bosque County Sheriff Hendrick’s & AWP from getting to the bottom of this case.

    During this 2 part episode we investigate an area of interest next to Lake Whitney dam where the local Game Warden notified the Sherif’s office several vehicles identified underwater by local fishermen.


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  2. mh says:

    Globalists still backing Cheney

    The Koch network and other Trump allies are quietly backing his biggest GOP critic: Rep. Liz Cheney

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  3. Black Ball says:

    But no recommendations for IBAC

    Police tasked with investigating Labor MPs over the infamous red shirts rort were actively blocked from doing their jobs in a deliberate cover-up to help Daniel Andrews win the 2018 election, a force whistleblower has claimed.

    In an explosive statement addressed to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission, the whistleblower involved in the investigation has claimed senior police interfered with and obstructed their work.

    The 29-page statement, written and witnessed in June, calls for a fresh probe into how the investigation was conducted.

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  4. johanna johanna says:

    It stinks to high heaven, BB. The corruption runs deep and in every direction in Danland.

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  5. JohnJJJ says:

    The corruption runs deep and in every direction in Danland
    It is a mafia of bureaucrats abetted by recent uni graduates hired through favouritism disguised with diversity and inclusion gobbledygook. Same model as the USA Democrats allowing the southern invasion. Same model as … well any country in Africa and the UN.

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  6. mh says:

    Girls who want boys
    Who like boys to be girls
    Who do boys like they’re girls
    Who do girls like they’re boys

    ‘Absolutely devastating’: woman sues psychiatrist over gender transition

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  7. mh says:

    As a pureblood currently suffering from my first common cold since having Covid, I can confirm the symptoms of the common cold are ten times worse than Covid.

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  8. Admin Admin says:

    Dear All,

    I have been busy with other things and have just been catching up with the Cat.

    A blog does not run by itself. It requires work from Admin and Blog users.

    1. It needs administration. There is a lot of work that goes into keeping the blog running at the backend. That is the job of Admin and it is being managed.

    2. It also requires input from all those who are interested in the blog, to keep the site moving along.
    It needs contributors by way of Commenters to post comments.
    And Posters to contribute articles.

    Now, some are complaining that the blog is at its end and wondering what is happening. There are very few regulars who have been making a genuine effort to keep the blog functioning by posting comments with information or links, opinions, feedback and so on. The rest, wait and watch. So if those few regulars are busy and not on the blog, the site goes dead.

    How many of you really see the value in this blog? Do you appreciate that you have here a Free, Free Speech platform? Have you been willing to put in some of your time and effort to help in the running of the blog? Or do you just lurk?

    Is it just the job of four or five regulars to keep finding material to keep posting and the others sit back to read and be entertained?

    We are ALL busy people. We have jobs, families, other commitments and personal problems. If you are not willing to find the time and put in the work to keep the show on the road, then is there any point in keeping this blog on?

    Doing some prep work – finding material, reading articles, watching videos and then posting that as a comment, takes time.
    Writing a Post for the main page takes a great deal more time – there’s the research, fact checking, writing, more checking and so on.

    How many of you have been making the effort to share comments on the blog? How many have come in to appreciate and support those who are regularly contributing to the blog? How many have provided feedback or some response to the comments that have been posted in the Open Threads? What about the Posts on the main page? Who is prepared to add to the topic that the poster has spent time in writing? Or is it just the job of the Poster to be responsible for the Post articles?

    This blog chooses not to have a Like button. Upvotes can turn into popularity contests and are meaningless. They take the focus away from the topic being discussed. But if you do like something that has been posted, have you bothered to share that as a comment?

    In the early stages of the site, there were some troll issues on the blog. There were some personal reasons why this situation took place. However, after that, the blog was cleaned up and the trouble makers were banned. The problem was sorted and we had a good, clean site.

    This blog has great potential. It does not have d**kheads, ego fights, abuse or meaningless chatter. It has rules that are enforced to keep it running. It has some good contributors who have tried for the past year to keep the blog up and moving along.

    (Continues in next comment)

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  9. johanna johanna says:

    In a previous life, I had a lot of dealings with psychiatrists (as methadone prescribers). All the jokes about them are true.

    People rabbit on about the importance of IQ. Well, these people had very high IQs, but many of them were seriously lacking in judgement and common sense.

    Oh, and I was a ‘tomboy’ who hated fussy clothes and loved climbing trees and fishing. Neither I nor my parents saw that as having anything to do with whether I was female or not.

    What strikes me is how much the trannie movement relies on stereotypes of male and female. Those boys (who are actually gay) just can’t wait to get into makeup and high heels – like people who were formerly known as drag queens.

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  10. Admin Admin says:

    Do you want this blog to shut its doors? Or do you want it to continue?

    Do you think that this blog is useful because it provides a platform to all those who have something to share?

    Is it important in these times, with all that is happening in the world, that there is a good site for intelligent discussion and information sharing?

    If you want it to continue – are you prepared to put in the effort to help keep it running? Or do you want it both ways – Yes, it should keep running, but you will just come in to watch the show?

    No decision has yet been made about the blog.
    I am waiting for feedback from you.

    I want to know how many of you want this blog to continue, and if you will be regularly participating via sharing comments with information, opinions, news, discussions, debates, feedback.

    If you can share your reasons for wanting this blog, that would be helpful, too.

    I don’t want responses from those who will continue to only lurk.

    The Open Thread is open to all topics. The Posts are related to specific topics. The only commenters who are not welcome here are the d**kheads.

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  11. Woolfe says:

    Love this blog but am not a regular, will try harder!

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  12. Admin Admin says:

    Travelin’ man

    Please stop throwing tantrums.

    This user name is Not blocked by the moderator. I have checked the log. As I mentioned last week, you have used other user names in the past. The system is linking the other names and is thus putting you in moderation. I cannot do anything about that.

    Sometimes, your comments will end up in moderation. If that happens, I will release them when I check into the blog.

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  13. Steve trickler says:

    👍 Admin / Adam.

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  14. mh says:


    Party-hard PM’s friends posed topless at her desk

    Sanna Marin says she is entitled to a healthy social life but is sorry she allowed an ‘inappropriate’ photograph to be taken after a music festival.

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  15. Delta A says:

    I certainly want this blog to continue.

    The posts are informative/entertaining, usually from sites I don’t visit. More importantly, thanks to the ‘no d**kheads’ policy, there’s no petty squabbling that can dominate and ruin an OT.

    Many times I have really liked posts, but haven’t commented because it seemed a tad frivolous to simply reply, “Great post, Cat. Thanks.” However, I shall do so in future.

    Thanks, Admin, for all your effort in keeping this great blog alive.

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  16. mh says:

    The Guardian

    Finland’s prime minister, Sanna Marin, has apologised for a controversial photo taken at her residence, less than a week after the 36-year-old sparked criticism with a video of her partying.

    The picture circulated by Finnish media shows two women kissing, lifting their tops to bare their torsos and covering their breasts with a sign that says “Finland”.

    Marin confirmed on Tuesday the picture was taken at her official residence, Kesaranta, after she attended a music festival that took place between 8 and 10 July.

    “I think the picture is not appropriate, I apologise for it. Such a picture should not have been taken,” Marin told reporters in Helsinki.

    Marin said she had “friends” at her residence at the time “spending the evening” and “going to the sauna”.

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  17. Steve trickler says:

    Doc Coleman:

    The General Medical Council: the Charity that helped destroy British General Practice
    23RD AUGUST 2022

    There was a time, not long ago, when British GPs provided the best home doctor service in the world. Patients could telephone their doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including Christmas), ask for a home visit and get one. Patients prepared to visit the surgery could expect to see a doctor the day they called.

    Those were the good old days.

    Today, it is easier to find a plumber than a doctor at nights and weekends. The absence of out of hours GP services means that patients wanting emergency help out of office hours must visit their nearest major hospital and spend hours queuing in the A&E department. In some areas the waiting time is 16 hours. In practice patients may be forced to lie in an ambulance, parked outside the hospital, for more than a day before room can be found for them in the accident and emergency department. Patients who might otherwise have been saved are dying while waiting for treatment.

    It is generally assumed that the sudden deterioration in the quality of general practice is the result of the deal done between the Government and the British Medical Association, the doctors’ trade union. The deal allowed doctors to opt out of providing night and weekend cover and, for most of the country, spelt the end of the traditional 24 hour a day cover. Those who looked a little closer assumed that the deal was itself an inevitable result of EU employment laws which regulated the number of hours employees could work.

    But although the EU laws are partly responsible for the sudden deterioration in the quality of the NHS, they aren’t the whole answer; there is another organisation which deserves a good part of the blame: the General Medical Council.

    The General Medical Council, the GMC, is a curious organisation which is half charity, half quango, half government department, half protection racket and, it seems to me, half enforcer for the Great Reset. (It has ruthlessly attacked any doctors who dared step out of line and share their views about the fake pandemic.) The GMC used to consist of a little more than a file clerk, who kept the register of doctors who were qualified to practice medicine, and a committee of rather pompous individuals who sat in judgement when erring doctors were accused of ‘having extra marital relations’ with their patients on the consulting room couch.

    In those simple days the filing clerk kept a list of doctors and stored the list in a couple of filing cabinets. Every year the GMC published a couple of thick red books which listed all the doctors on the medical register. The whole thing cost next to nothing to run. As recently as 1973, the GMC’s total income was £662,579. I doubt if that would pay the current organisation’s phone bill.

    Today, in contrast, the GMC is a vast organisation with a huge budget and a seemingly insatiable yearning for power. It employs a host of administrators with ideas well above their station, though most have little or no experience of medicine in practice.

    The new GMC does nothing to improve the quality of medical care (it does nothing about dirty hospitals, the over prescribing of antibiotics or the fact that doctors are now officially encouraged to murder elderly patients who have been in hospital for too long) but its staff constantly make statements about how doctors should practice medicine. So, for example, the GMC has decided that it no longer approves of the Hippocratic Oath, which it considers rather old- fashioned, and it has happily overseen the disappearance of the principle of medical confidentiality.

    The real problem with the GMC, however, is that it has been given the job of licensing doctors. And as a result, the GMC probably kills more people than influenza. It is no stretch to say that the GMC is such a threat to the nation that it should be classified as a terrorist organisation.

    For no obvious reason, but probably in order to satisfy EU and Agenda 21 requirements, it was decreed that some form of regular testing should be introduced so that doctors in practice could be assessed.

    The GMC was given the job of finding a new way of assessing medical practitioners and designed an entirely bureaucratic system (called ‘revalidation’) which was guaranteed to increase its own power and its own income. The inept, the incompetent, the corrupt and the cruel will pass the test easily. Drug company cheerleaders will sail through. The revalidation scheme is perfectly suited to the dishonest, the cheat, the silver tongued and the rogue. Revalidation appears to have designed to ensure a massive deterioration in the quality of medical care and a dramatic increase in the number of patients dying unnecessarily.

    To pass their appraisal doctors have to fill in reams of forms and find a few dozen patients and colleagues prepared to sign report cards. The scheme is a bureaucrat’s dream and a practitioner’s nightmare; it seems to have been designed by the sort of people who have six ball point pens in their breast pocket and its rigidity has made life unbearably difficult for thousands of doctors, such as locums, ships doctors and retired practitioners, who do not fit neatly into the system.

    Some parts of the revalidation procedure astonished me. So, for example, the GMC asked for details of all my motoring offences – which included details of a 1984 speeding offence and a £5 fine I received in 1977 when an officious policeman spotted me hurrying to a suspected heart attack patient. (My astonishment abated when I discovered that Ms Lindsey Westwood, who was in charge of the GMC’s revalidation programme was, just two years prior to these enquiries, working for the Traffic Penalty Tribunal as an appeals manager. I found it staggering that the person the GMC had put in charge of checking the fitness to practice of every doctor in Britain had previously been checking parking tickets for a living.).

    The GMC’s power and money grab has been enormously successful; they’ve designed a scheme which has built them an empire. Doctors now have to pay the GMC a huge sum a year to be registered and licensed. There are fees for everything imaginable and the power and money grab has been enormously successful. The GMC has a multi-million pound income. And the income is guaranteed to grow.

    The small problem is that by distracting doctors from the work they should be doing, the revalidation scheme will, I believe, result in vastly more deaths than before.

    The GMC’s new method of assessing medical practitioners has made many doctors hate their jobs and it is pushing doctors into early retirement, with a growing number choosing to retire in their 50s. Doctors already had enough forms to fill in. The revalidation scheme has turned doctors into full-time form fillers. A survey of GPs showed that 78% thought that the revalidation programme was a waste of money.

    In the ‘old’ days, a doctor who retired would often work at his former practice as a locum; covering for holidays or sickness. His expertise, local knowledge and intuition would not be lost. In local emergencies, such as a flu epidemic, he could be called upon to help out. But the GMC’s new revalidation scheme makes that impossible. Once a doctor has retired he can no longer practice at all. The doctor who retires at 55 must stay retired. As a result locum doctors, many of whom don’t speak English properly, have to be imported, at enormous expense, from other countries.

    The GMC isn’t just killing patients; it’s destroying the NHS too.

    It is perhaps not surprising that the GMC now provides private medical care for its staff.

    A version of this article was first published in The Spectator magazine under the title: ‘Meet the bloated, useless General Medical Council’ (in 2014).


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  18. Hi Adam, another vote here in favour of continuing, but then, I’m not the one putting in the effort to run it.

    Still mostly lurking and generally pop in daily.

    I have thought about contributing to the Wiki section and see it could be valuable, but the potential time-sinkiness has put me off to date. Perhaps I should clear some time! 🙂

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  19. JohnJJJ says:

    The blog is good because it doesn’t have a lot of people rattling on.
    This Duran August inflection point (Live) w/Andrei Martyanov & Larry Johnson was excellent with the two guests.
    Seems the Germans are getting cold feet – soon to be frozen feet.
    The Oz is still repeating Zelensky/USA propaganda. Seems he has almost conquered the Crimea. Astoundingly similar to the coverage of the Vietnam war.

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  20. Sheepcockie says:

    I’ve just stumbled on to this site after being aware of the demise of the original.
    I would very much like to see it continue and will contribute if you all will have me!

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  21. Steve trickler says:

    John Stossel:

    People in government now use your money to promote left-wing advocacy, disguised as science.

    The problem goes all the way to the White House.

    The co-head of President Biden’s “Scientific Integrity Task Force,” Jane Lubchenco, just got caught abusing science.

    Yet she still has her job.

    Don’t White House officials care about scientific integrity?

    “They could not care less,” says science writer Andrew Follett. “Her job from their perspective is to generate papers that rationalize and justify the regulations they want to impose.”

    Today’s bad government science goes well beyond the White House.

    Your tax money is used for gibberish.

    That’s how people like comedian Steven Crowder are able to hoax so-called “experts” in absurd ways.

    Here are examples:

    Government Corrupts Science With Progressive Nonsense

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  22. mh says:

    Evidence of softening economic activity across Asia, Europe and the US this month has intensified concerns that soaring consumer prices and aggressive tightening by central banks will tip the world into recession.

    All eyes on Jackson Hole.

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  23. Steve trickler says:
  24. calli says:

    Adam, I’m lurking here daily, but I don’t expect others to put in hard work for my entertainment.

    Unfortunately, my level of expertise in doing posts rather than commenting is strictly limited. And most of my commenting would be dull, anecdotal stuff that would not be appreciated here.

    But I am grateful to the commenters here who link to items that I would not normally see elsewhere. In the end, it’s your decision. We are all guests in your space and in no position to call the shots.

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  25. Ragu says:

    Who the fuck is the travelling man.

    Is it that piece of shit Graham? Do I care?

    Will you lot break out and start talking?

    I’ll have something to say, give me a topic and I’ll submit 1500 words.

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  26. Ragu says:

    Heres a thing.

    They thought they had depresssion nailed down, turns out was total shyte. Heres the thing. They are this close to using CRISPR Cas9 to remove and replace somatic problems that cosmetic gene therapy could be performed based on incomplete science.

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  27. Ragu says:

    Blogs have been going nuts about the ethics of pregnancy, heres the shit. Gene therapy is now, and the ethical dilemma they are having is whether or not the public is talking about it enough. Dont kid yourself because germline editing has been here for 20 years

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  28. johanna johanna says:

    Adam, I like this blog as a source of information and also humour via the links.

    The lack of backbiting and endless feuds is another attraction.

    Your call, but my vote is a yes to keep it going. And thanks for your efforts so far.

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  29. Ragu says:

    Is that making sense?

    While you are bullshitting to each other that you are so sophisticated that you understand politics elements are making sense of recombinase and the fertile ground is the three germ layers of the zygote, because to understand that is to understand the adult.

    So don’t kid yourself that science is working toward an understanding of the popularity contest.

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  30. Ragu says:

    Google ‘heritability’

    Get a bit deeper and find out what you can get up for if you weren’t so old.

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  31. Steve trickler says:

    You are going to watch people descend into a cave. Little do they know, it is in the belly of a ancient tree. Book of Enoch type stuff…

    X: Got proof?
    Me: Not 100% conclusive.



    Massive Cave With Clouds Inside

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  32. Ragu says:

    So the ‘problem’ moving forward isn’t homo this or that, its the ethics of changing your DNA. personally I’m against any of it, and i dont have to say anything but ‘its fucking wrong’

    But it will change. Changing DNA will become like inflating your arse with silicone. And we will all kid ourselves that its just somatic and who cares because it isn’t children until it is.

    There are serious ethical problems that we are heading toward and todays mind doesn’t fill me with hope.

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  33. Steve trickler says:

    Once you see the trees, they can not be unseen.



    Biblical Tree Remains, Gold Mine

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  34. Ragu says:

    Can anyone else see that?

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  35. Ragu says:

    Let us take Steve T.

    For what ever reason he decides to up his copy number for his tolerance for DMT and I decide to follow him. So we are made to get high and its fine because we changed our DNA.

    Is it?

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  36. Cold-Hands says:


    Biblical Tree Remains, Gold Mine

    It seems to be a broken link.

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  37. mh says:

    Fox News
    Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., on why he is confident in his reelection chances, the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago and Fauci’s retirement

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  38. mh says:

    It’s grim up north

    Liverpool shooting: nine-year-old killed in ‘appalling act of evil’

    Channel 4 News
    Merseyside Police have named the nine-year-old victim of a fatal shooting in Liverpool as Olivia Pratt-Korbel.

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  39. mh says:

    The heartbreaking murder of Olivia Pratt-Korbel shames our politicians, police & judiciary – urgent change is needed

    The Sun

    AFTER Rhys Jones was shot dead in Liverpool exactly 15 years ago The Sun made a heartfelt plea: “Let this change us as a nation.”

    It sickens us that it did not.

    We had clung to the hope that the 11-year-old’s senseless murder would at least force politicians, police and the judiciary to examine how crime had engulfed our society and fix it.

    It shames them all that the problem is now far worse.

    The murder of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel — shot in the supposed safety of her Liverpool home by a ­random masked gunman, then left to die — is every bit as heartbreaking.

    The night before, not far away, 28-year-old Ashley Dale was gunned down at her semi. Last week Sam Rimmer, 22, was shot dead in Toxteth.

    After all these years, gang violence in the city still rages out of control.

    Yet again it is crucial that even those normally disinclined to co-operate with police do so to identify Olivia’s killer.

    But Liverpool is not an isolated case.

    Knife crime is rife in London. Its 67 murders this year include an 87-year-old fundraiser on a mobility scooter.

    The Met Police is broken. Climate-obsessed Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan blames the heat. What hope does the capital have under such a fool?

    Other cities are increasingly lawless. Six failing forces are in special measures.

    Yes, police numbers were slashed too savagely after 2010 as crime appeared to fall. But that’s not the whole story.

    What cops we do have gave up on real crime long ago. Instead they obsess over “non-crime hate incidents” by Twitter louts.

    And social media virtue-signalling, like officers dancing the Macarena at Pride events, is far more fun than the hard graft of protecting the public.

    Meanwhile our justice system is paralysed by Covid backlogs and a strike. And judges remain too lenient.

    Will Olivia’s terrible murder change anything? We doubt it. But it should.

    Whoever is appointed Home Secretary come September 6 must know this:

    Turning back this horrific tide of crime is the most vital and urgent work they will ever undertake.

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  40. Admin Admin says:

    Many times I have really liked posts, but haven’t commented because it seemed a tad frivolous to simply reply, “Great post, Cat. Thanks.” However, I shall do so in future.

    I get your point. We don’t want the blog to turn in to “Love” fests with every few comments followed by the “I Like…”.🙂

    However, it is often possible to add a reason to why we like something in a post or comment or add on to the information there and that may lead someone else to build on it. So it becomes a discussion.

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  41. Admin Admin says:

    I have thought about contributing to the Wiki section and see it could be valuable, but the potential time-sinkiness has put me off to date.

    The CatWiki is not as difficult or time consuming as it seems. Check out the list of topics in the wiki. If you come across, say, a good video which exposes the climate change lies, add it to the section called “Global Warming Hoax”. Or some article on the side effects of the jabs, add that to the “Covid-19 Medical Aspects” section.

    You can also double-post in the Open Thread or add a link so those on the Open thread know there is something new in another thread.

    Don’t worry about making mistakes. If you think you have added a comment to the wrong section, you can tag Admin in the Open Thread and let me know about it. I can Edit the wiki and make the changes.

    It is not just the serious stuff. There is the Mockictionary if you find something good that mocks the wokes and lefties.

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  42. Admin Admin says:

    Unfortunately, my level of expertise in doing posts rather than commenting is strictly limited.

    I don’t think being a part of this blog requires any special expertise. See it from the perspective of the regulars who are posting everyday. It may seem to them, sometimes, that they are talking to themselves and there is no one else on the blog.

    We don’t want constant meaningless chatter on the blog but the occasional comment or opinion from others provides a welcome break from the posts, links and serious topics being posted.

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  43. Rohan says:

    Adam, I lurk jere daily. And will continue to do so.

    Today’s contribution. Diagalon. How a meme from a podcast was weaponised by Castro’s son. The interview goes for about an hour.

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  44. Arky says:

    Admin says:
    August 24, 2022 at 11:28 am
    Do you want this blog to shut its doors? Or do you want it to continue?

    I believe if you keep doing what you are currently doing it will grow, slowly but surely.
    In general, I think the last couple of years have been brutal on almost everyone. There is a place for a blog that enforces polite interactions but allows for the discussion of any topic without fear. Which is what you have done.
    You have regular contributors. That isn’t nothing. Which is precisely what most people who start blogs get. Nothing.No interest at all.
    If you want more traffic, which is a big if (what are you comparing your numbers to?) you could author something every day or so and link to it on other sites.
    Just don’t stoop to inviting trolls on to manufacture controversy and arguments.

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  45. Admin Admin says:

    Ragu says:
    August 24, 2022 at 3:49 pm

    I ignored the comments you posted earlier this week (from here to here), since you had waved goodbye to the blog.

    I have no idea what you have been talking about this afternoon. Just posting comments randomly without re-reading or editing the content and expecting the rest of the blog to understand what you mean isn’t useful to the readers.

    I am putting you in moderation. You need to decide whether you want to be a part of this blog, treat others on this blog with respect and use language that is acceptable here.

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  46. Steve trickler says:

    Good grief!


    Reverend Simon Sideways:

    Sex with pets the next degenerate act to be normalised!!!!

    Sex with pets the next degenerate act to be normalised!!!!

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  47. mh says:

    Is there anyone who lurks/posts here that wasn’t part of the old Cat?

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  48. Admin Admin says:

    To all those who have provided feedback so far,
    Thank You.

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  49. Arky says:

    Been almost a year since the Model A garage burnt down.
    Building process still not started.
    A lot of time wasted with council planning process just to replace an existing building with one exactly the same.
    It staggers me that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, would voluntarily contemplate building anything in this wide sh*t brown land.

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  50. Arky says:

    In less time than it has taken to even start rebuilding a two car garage I have gutted and rebuilt and redecorated the inside of the rest of the house, mostly on my own aside from essential trades, including a new bathroom, new Australian made custom kitchen, new laundry and a new Australian native timber floor throughout. Plus every other surface cleaned of smoke damage and repainted. Plus a new concrete patio out the back.
    Meanwhile, do to the fricking council and building rules, not one single brick has been laid for the new garage,

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  51. Arky says:

    I almost wrecked my knees laying, sanding and polishing the new floor.
    Could hardly walk for two months.

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  52. Rohan says:

    Not me MH. Been lurking for a long time. Spend most of my time trying to catch up on what’s going on.

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  53. shatterzzz says:

    Knife crime is rife in London. Its 67 murders this year include an 87-year-old fundraiser on a mobility scooter.

    When I was a kid growing up in 1950s County Durham murders, for the North east area, could, generally, be counted on one hand and for England overall around 30 yearly & mostly domestic/family .. how times change and not for the better! … no idea why as weapons were, probably, easier to obtain back then, lotza WW2 stuff floating around .. same with pedophiles .. I’m sure they existed but we, kids, never ever heard the term or worried .. out by 8 and not back before dinner was the standard off school day … fact coming home early required an excuse .. a bloody good one .. LOL!

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  54. PerryJ says:

    Don’t know anything about Brian Tamaki or his policies – but this is NZ anti-govt protests.

    Anti-government protest in Wellington

    Thousands rally against government’s pandemic response outside parliament

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  55. Arky says:

    Meanwhile, builders are going bust all over.
    Despite the fact that almost every trade impresses upon it’s apprentices the importance of quoting and pricing, and making sure you pay yourself first, the bozos couldn’t figure out that Covid meant disrupted supplies which meant increased prices, which meant when this artificially created building boom occurred you had to write contracts that included clauses for cost increases in materials and trades.
    All of which means, that the safest course for tradies is to go CFMEU and government contracts for massively expensive and useless boondoggles paid for by you and me, such as digging up all of Parkville to create a train station no one really wants.

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  56. Arky says:

    It has me completely baffled why Dan wanted to dig up Grattan Street to build an underground station.
    For generations students got off at Flinders street or any one of the city stations, hopped on one of the trams that go up Elizabeth or Swanson every ten fricking seconds and hopped off at Melbourne uni.
    Something which turning Grattan street into a massive hole in the ground has made all that much harder for the many years it will take to finish this massive stupid enterprise.
    Don’t get me started on the decade long continual 40km an hour speed restricted mess that building and rebuilding and rebuilding again just for laughs the Monash freeway has turned into.

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  57. mh says:

    …And social media virtue-signalling, like officers dancing the Macarena at Pride events, is far more fun than the hard graft of protecting the public.

    Right on queue

    Please make it stop.

    Watson advertises an American gold company in the middle of his video.

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  58. calli says:

    The thing that’s killing builders is fixed price contracts and no “meat” to absorb materials price hikes. It isn’t just supply problems as in shortages of components.

    In addition, subcontractors are announcing price increases mid-build for labour. It’s a perfect storm.

    At present, cost + is the only way to go, but that requires a tremendous amount of documentation. Building, already ludicrously expensive due to red tape, has just about priced itself out of the market except for the wealthy.

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  59. calli says:

    Ragu’s a good guy. Always interesting, just watch that fuse. 🙂🧨

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  60. Steve trickler says:

    Fauci and wife need a noose around their head.


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  61. Steve trickler says:

    A bloke walking his dog.


    woof bark growl:

    Cash 2.0 Great Dane meeting new people in Santa Monica 58

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  62. Steve trickler says:

    Zachary Denman:

    The Social Credit Score was the new way to run the economy, a streamlined control system to create the new 21st century citizen…

    Social Credit Score | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

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  63. mh says:

    This common cold I have is a real bastard.

    Stay safe out there people. You really don’t want to catch a cold.

    Covid on the other hand is an afternoon Sunday stroll.

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  64. Steve trickler says:

    Mosh pits; night clubs; and I never got the cold or flu. Smokes and drinking on the dance floor at the same time….the following below is not related.

    Das Boot Theme – guitar cover

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  65. Steve trickler says:

    Behind the scenes with AWP.


    Josh Cantu:

    I am a videographer for Adventures with Purpose. Summer of 2022 road trip has begun! Many questions are answered and a whole new season and team members are revealed

    AWP RV Reveal & Trip Start Behind The Scenes | Where’s Jared?? (Summer 2022)

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  66. mh says:

    Oops, error above

    Right on queue cue

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  67. mh says:

    Another cold night for SE QLD

    Oakey -3.0
    Wellcamp Airport -3.4
    Brisbane Airport 5.3

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  68. Steve trickler says:

    F*cking w*nkers!

    He’s been copping flak for years from the USGS. I will note that since he posted the clips from Thomas Bearden pertaining to electromagnetics; direct energy weapons; frequencies that can screw with human physiology etc…they’ve really gone on the attack.

    You think the 5G theories are in the tin foil hat category?…stick your middle finger up your bum.

    Rated R for language, pc hacked and bricked

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  69. mh says:

    Thanks, Steve.

    Superb work from Mark Steyn.

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  70. mh says:

    Twice as many voters trust Victorian Labor to govern with integrity compared with the Coalition, The Age’s Resolve Political Monitor reveals. Despite the Andrews government’s own integrity scandals, the Liberals’ recent donor scandal and Scott Morrison’s multiple ministries appear to be damaging the state opposition’s chances before the November election.

    Forty-two per cent of voters believe Labor is the best party to “govern with integrity and honesty”, compared with 21 per cent who backed the Coalition. More than a third – 37 per cent – are undecided or don’t trust either side to govern with integrity. Monash University associate professor Paul Strangio said the result was not a ringing endorsement of Labor but could be “encouraging for the teal or independent candidates”.

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  71. Woolfe says:

    If you want another view on Ukraine follow

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  72. mh says:

    Good job I can’t read this

    Courier Paywall

    Unvaxxed teachers taught actions have consequences

    Teachers are supposed to lead by example. So those who ignore medical advice on vaccinations have to accept they will be punished, writes The Editor

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  73. Old bloke says:

    Ragu says:
    August 24, 2022 at 4:53 pm

    Can anyone else see that?

    Yes Ragu, it was foretold a long time ago (mucking around with our DNA).

    Yeshua said that this time would be like the days before Noah, and only Noah and his family were saved because they were pure in their generations, i.e., their DNA wasn’t altered by the Fallen.

    They had been interfering with the women and breeding the Gigantes (Nephilim) so God wiped out the corrupted human race and started over again with Noah and his descendants (Genesis chapter 6).

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  74. Arky says:

    Unvaxxed teachers taught actions have consequences

    Thinking about what the vaxx bullies on the left and right of the political spectrum have in common.
    It is the same thing that they had in common over de-industrialisation and offshoring.
    That is: Class.
    If you are well placed enough you can do what you like over getting vaxxed.
    It’s everyone else, i.e. the masses of the lower classes they want to vaccinate.
    Like you would a herd.
    A pointer to the direction things are going.
    You wouldn’t let your owner livestock take long car journeys or overseas flights. They won’t let us either.
    You keep livestock in highly unified accomodation, with the emphasis on efficiency. The smallest inputs in food and energy to keep the animals alive and producing.
    Do we now understand why YOU have to build exactly the house THEY want you to live in?

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  75. Shy Ted says:

    Good week for Trump
    This week in fatshaming. It’s a blessing she’s clothed

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  76. Old bloke says:

    PerryJ says:
    August 24, 2022 at 8:49 pm

    Don’t know anything about Brian Tamaki or his policies – but this is NZ anti-govt protests.

    Anti-government protest in Wellington

    Thousands rally against government’s pandemic response outside parliament

    That’s the sort of coverage you would expect from the MSM. They were more focussed on the pro-government protestors who were protesting against fascism and racism. I don’t understand how anyone could see a protest against a tyrannical government as fascism or racist, these people are so deluded.

    Rukshan Fernando provided a more balanced report from Wellington, they had a very large group there.

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  77. Old bloke says:

    shatterzzz says:
    August 24, 2022 at 8:47 pm

    Knife crime is rife in London. Its 67 murders this year include an 87-year-old fundraiser on a mobility scooter.

    C’mon Shatterzzz, those English Bobbies don’t have the time to investigate murders and organised rape gangs etc., they are far too busy arresting people who post mean tweets.

    Causing offence to someone is a serious crime, it’s much more important than murders and organised crime gangs.

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  78. Old bloke says:

    Arky says:
    August 24, 2022 at 8:44 pm

    Meanwhile, do to the fricking council and building rules, not one single brick has been laid for the new garage,

    When the Covid restrictions were being lifted in WA, McGowan said he wanted to kick start building again to get the economy restarted. He identified local council approval procedures as a major restriction and said that he was considering abolishing some of those rules.

    I was just starting a house extension at the time and the builders submitted their plans to my local council and they were approved the next day. That was the fastest approval they ever had, threaten to remove all the needless, rules and the people who make those rules, and that gets them moving pretty fast.

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  79. Arky says:

    That was the fastest approval they ever had, threaten to remove all the needless, rules and the people who make those rules, and that gets them moving pretty fast.

    Andrew’s government made similar noises down here about relieving some of the planning burden.
    Hasn’t translated into a quick start to building my shed though.

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