Open Thread – Saturday, 10 September 2022

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  1. Old bloke says:

    mh says:
    September 11, 2022 at 5:29 pm

    JWH in the bin for a head slam.

    John Winston Howard?

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  2. Old bloke says:

    Gonzalo Lira, Brian Berletic and Dr. Peter McCullough – Roundtable #20.
    Gonzalo usually posts his Roundtable interviews on YouTube but this one is on Odysee as the vaxxs are discussed in part of the interview, and YouTube tends to be rather censorious WRT the vaxxs.

    McCullough says that only 15% of the vaxxs are dangerous, i.e., contain some active component which causes death or permanent injury, the other 85% are just duds. This has been mapped by tracking batch numbers.

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  3. Steve trickler says:

    Doc Coleman:

    Things You Should Know about Traditional Vaccines.

    1:No one else will tell you this, but some traditional vaccinations kill and maim more people than the diseases they are supposed to prevent. Historically, the evidence is clear (as I have shown in my books). American statistics also prove this. In some cases illnesses were conquered by other means (eg better living conditions) before vaccines became available.

    2:Essential research into vaccine safety is not done. No tests are done to see how different vaccines inter-react – or may inter-react with prescription medicines or medicines bought from the pharmacy. No one knows just how much damage is done by vaccination programmes.

    3:Billions of dollars have been paid out to patients who have been injured by vaccines. And yet doctors and politicians claim that vaccines are perfectly safe.

    4:Many vaccines are woefully ineffective – in addition to producing side effects. When I was a GP I never met a doctor who had the annual flu jab.

    5:Every doctor I know of who has spoken out against vaccination has been struck off the medical register – usually for doubtful reasons. (I have not been struck off but I am retired.) There is nothing more likely to result in a doctor’s professional ruin than speaking out against vaccination. The profession will forgive doctors who sleep with their patients, who abuse alcohol or drugs or who prescribe in a dangerous way. But those who question vaccination (particularly childhood vaccination programmes) are never forgiven.

    6:The media (including the internet) has been instructed not to allow any debate or discussion of vaccination side effects, dangers or shortcomings. No one will debate vaccination with me anymore. The BBC refuses to allow any discussion of vaccination and will not allow anyone questioning vaccination onto its programmes ‘whether they are right or wrong’. On the internet, articles questioning the effectiveness or safety of vaccination are suppressed. I’m a Sunday Times bestselling author with over two million books sold in the UK and books translated into 25 languages. But when over 600 copies of my book on vaccination (Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying) were sent out to newspapers and magazines, not one review was ever published. Some publications were so terrified by the book that instead of selling it (as is customary with review copies) they sent it back to me.

    7:I have been threatened, lied about and fired because of my campaigning. My phones are tapped. My website has been hacked into on many occasions (one website alone is hacked over 3,000 times a month) and destroyed twice. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits more times than I can remember. I’ve had private detectives nosing into my life and process servers banging on my door. One writ server from drug companies brought so much paperwork he had to put it through the cat flap – it wouldn’t go through the letter box. And there was one threatened `hit’ which Interpol thought serious enough to merit investigation. There is an old Japanese saying: `The nail that sticks out gets pounded down’ which seems appropriate.


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  4. Steve trickler says:

    Doc Coleman:


    YouTube was doubtless a good idea when it started. I expect the originators may have had good intentions – they, perhaps, hoped to provide members of the public with a place for new ideas and for discussion. But I fear that the platform has allowed itself to become a tool of the devil-worshipping oppressors who are working hard to destroy mankind.

    If you do stupid things on roller skates or leap out of a tree into a vat of blancmange then your videos will be safe. YouTube doesn’t censor the puerile or the pathetic.

    But the platform’s censors do not approve of facts, free speech, original thought or any sort of public debate.

    The blancmange and the roller skating gerbils are fine. But anything which includes facts and opinions is likely to find itself on the equivalent of the cutting room floor.

    The pathetic lies and abuse from corrupt doctors and fraud happy drug companies are never touched. The feeble-minded trolls are easily ignored – the trolls who so eagerly spread libels are clearly a bunch of ignorant half-wits. Their lies and deceptions are blatant and laughable. Talking of abuse, I have a fine collection of screenshots of libellous remarks made on the pages behind my Wikipedia entry. Excellent and useful evidence.

    But in theory the censorship of free speech is threatening the last remaining vestiges of our freedom. And in practice too.

    The internet is important because as we have seen, the mainstream media have been bought. The BBC was always going to defend the indefensible – it has, after all, taken money from the European Union and Bill Gates – but I am shocked and saddened at the way that other television stations and national newspapers have managed to bend their knees and, at the same time, bend over to facilitate the desires of the remorselessly wicked cabal so clearly determined to rule the world.

    We have built this society. It is our responsibility. If we stay silent then the evil will be done with our blessing.

    It has always been up to us to shout ‘stop’ when we have had enough of the wickedness around us. We all have a voice we can use and we all have a duty to make sure that our voice is heard. If we remain silent then we are just a part of the evil which is corrupting and destroying our world.

    We have to ignore the sad individuals who scoff or mock – either because they have been bought with a purse of silver or because they are too unintelligent to understand the nature of the war we are fighting. We must not allow ourselves to be put off by scorn, derision, undisguised contempt or a lack of support or encouragement from others.

    Look through history and we can all see that imaginative, thoughtful and creative individuals have always had a hard time. Look back and you will find countless examples of citizens who were harassed or persecuted simply because they dared to think for themselves – and tried to share their thoughts with others.

    The sad fact is that our world has never welcomed the original, the challenging, the inspirational or the passionate and has always preferred the characterless to the thought provoking.

    Those who dare to speak out against the establishment have always been regarded as dangerous heretics. The iconoclast has never been a welcome figure in any age.

    Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, was dismissed by his political masters and his books were burned. Those who didn’t burn his books within 30 days were branded and condemned to forced labour. Two and a half thousand years later Confucius’s influence was still considered so dangerous that Chairman Mao banned his works.

    Described by the Delphic Oracle as the wisest man in the world, Greek teacher Socrates was accused of corrupting the youth of Athens, arrested for being an evildoer and ‘a person showing curiosity, searching into things under the earth and above the heaven and teaching all this to others’. Socrates was condemned to death.

    Dante, the Italian poet, was banished from Florence and condemned to be burnt at the stake if ever captured.

    After they had failed to silence him with threats and bribes the Jewish authorities excommunicated Spinoza in Amsterdam because he refused to toe the party line, refused to think what other people told him he must think and insisted on maintaining his intellectual independence. He and his work were denounced as ‘forged in Hell by a renegade Jew and the devil’.

    Galileo, the seventeenth century Italian mathematician, astrologer and scientist got into terrible trouble with the all-powerful Church for daring to support Copernicus, who had the temerity to claim that the planets revolved around the sun.

    Aureolus Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (known to his chums as Paracelsus) made himself enemies all over Europe because he tried to revolutionise medicine in the sixteenth century. Paracelsus was the greatest influence on medical thinking since Hippocrates but the establishment regarded him as a trouble-maker.

    Ignaz Semmelweiss, the Austrian obstetrician who recognised that puerperal fever was caused by doctors’ dirty habits was ostracised by the medical profession for daring to criticise practical procedures.

    Dr John Snow fought two huge battles. He introduced anaesthesia for women in confinement and by removing the handle from the Broad Street pump in Soho he helped prevent the spread of cholera in London. Both battles brought him enemies.

    Henry David Thoreau, surely the kindest, wisest philosopher who has ever lived, was imprisoned for sticking to his ideals.

    These are all my personal heroes. They show that original thinkers and people who do not fit neatly into the scheme of things have never gone down well. You and I are in good company

    And nothing has changed over history.

    Today, incompetence and mediocrity thrive and are subsidised, supported and encouraged by our increasingly bureaucratic and intrusive society. Among bureaucrats and administrators incompetence and mediocrity are esteemed virtues; these be-suited morons revere the banal and worship the bland.

    The unusual or the eccentric attract scorn and ridicule. Politicians are frightened of anything new or challenging. They reject the innovative, the creative and the imaginative in favour of the accustomed, the comfortable and the ordinary. It is hardly surprising that the sensitive, the thoughtful, the imaginative and the caring find twenty first century life almost too painful to bear.

    But this isn’t simply a battle for the right to say new or unthinkable things.

    We are fighting a war for our right to say anything; we are fighting for the right to question our rulers.

    Whenever we feel that something is wrong it is our duty as human beings to stand up for our principles, to shout and make our voices heard.

    There is a chance that some people will regard us as lunatics.

    Many small-minded people will sneer and tell you that in trying to change the world and root out dishonesty, corruption and injustice we are tilting at windmills. But there is also a chance that our voice will be heard; that others will respond and that we will win our battle.

    But we really don’t have a choice.

    If we fail to fight then we will lose the world we know.

    On this occasion the benefits of victory far outweigh the insults of the insignificant. And, after all, only when you’ve found something you are prepared to die for will you really know what life is all about.

    The battle you and I are fighting is the most important battle any of us will fight. It’s crucial to our lives, our world, our beliefs, our humanity, our mental and physical health, our spirituality and our future. It’s crucial too to future generations and to the planet God gave us.

    Doctors and nurses have been forbidden to question the official line – even when it is patently wrong. They have been banned from speaking to the media.

    You and I prefer to think for ourselves, and to do the right thing whatever the cost, and we cannot be bought or pressured to do the wrong thing.


    Vernon Coleman has written over 100 books – most of which are available on Amazon. His novel The Truth Kills is a story about a young doctor who questions the value of vaccination. His novel Mr Henry Milligan is the uplifting story of an elderly man whose wife is ill and who fights to defend their dignity. Both books are available as paperbacks and as eBooks on Amazon.


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  5. johanna johanna says:

    I’m not very impressed by Dr Coleman’s examples of people who went against the grain and turned out to be right.

    For every one of them, there were hundreds, even thousands of dissenters who ranged from being simply and honestly wrong to would-be messiahs who were convinced that they were leading The People into the Promised Land, and were also wrong.

    Don’t misunderstand me – I’m not saying that he is wrong, or that dissenters should be automatically discounted. Not at all.

    But, it’s not a line of argument that helps him.

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  6. mh says:

    Just another manic Monday

    A 23-year-old man has been stabbed to death ‘in less than five seconds’ near a busy gym in Brisbane’s east after he was confronted by a group of men in two cars, with police probing whether it is tied to bikies.

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  7. mh says:

    In this monologue, George Galloway states that King Charles is going on a tour of the realm with the new PM Liz Truss.


    Quackery, greenery and political interference. You’re not going to like this #KingCharles

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  8. mh says:

    Just googled it

    LIZ Truss will not be joining King Charles on a tour of the UK, Downing Street has confirmed, contrary to earlier reports.

    Maybe Klaus can join Charles.

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  9. JohnJJJ says:

    A 23-year-old man has been stabbed to death ‘in less than five seconds’ near a busy gym in Brisbane’s east after he was confronted by a group of men in two cars, with police probing whether it is tied to bikies.
    If you look at the multitude of news report, each uses almost identical phrasing and yet all are written by different ‘breaking news’ and ‘crime’ reporters. All of them look like they’ve just graduated from UTS journalism course.
    “It is a disturbing act,” according to the head copper. Thanks. I’m glad we cleared that up.

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  10. Delta A says:

    From the journalist who incorrectly accused Cardinal Pell, Dr Laming and Christian Porter, severely disrupting their lives, with no attempt to apologise when proven erroneous.

    From The Australian:

    Four Corners’ investigative reporter Louise Milligan said journalists must take swift action to correct any errors they make or ‘hang their heads in shame’.

    Unbelievable hypocrisy.

    Tintarella di Luna has the full article on Flash Cat at 4:01 pm.

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  11. JohnJJJ says:

    LIZ Truss will not be joining
    Looks like the next clown act has arrived.
    Sergei Lavrov pretty well summed it up. Deaf

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  12. mh says:

    The media will bombard us with mournography over the next few days.

    I expect those that set the media narrative are interested to see if they can create a Diana moment with the public.

    Two years of fear ✅

    Now let’s see if they will cry…

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  13. JohnJJJ says:

    Thanks – but I found a list of the best super funds. It is the ones with the most crosses
    Great, the greenies and tealies have done the work for me.

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  14. kaysee kaysee says:

    Look at our PM – the climate change warrior – leading by example.
    While the plebs need to use electric cars, he can go private jetting around the world.

    Anthony Albanese will forgo flying commercial
    due to security concerns despite VIP guidance for Queen’s funeral

    According to embassy documents obtained by POLITICO, world leaders have been issued strict guidelines ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

    International guests have been asked to arrive in commercial flights to Heathrow Airport and forgo their usual private jets as well as banning helicopter transfers in an attempt to alleviate safety concerns.

    However, Mr Albanese, dubbed “Airbus Albo” because of repeated overseas trips at the start of his term, revealed to the ABC on Monday that he does not intend to amend his plans.

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  15. kaysee kaysee says:

    Switch off your brain. Don’t ask questions.
    Just make sure your apps are up-to-date.



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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    Warren Mundine slams AFLW’s decision to boycott minute’s silence

    I’m a little tired of white people and woke organisations speaking for Aboriginal people and assuming to know what Aboriginal people think and feel.

    I am Aboriginal and I support an Australian Republic.

    I also have Irish heritage and could find plenty of things in Britain’s historical treatment of the Irish to take issue with.

    Nevertheless, I believe it is entirely proper for Australia’s national sporting code to show respect to Australia’s Head of State on her passing.

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  17. Steve trickler says:

    I don’t give a flying rats arse about the carbon dioxide emissions from Albo flying to the UK. CO2 is not a problem. The cost to the taxpayer should be the main focus.

    He’s a wanker! – just like ScoMo.


    GTV last Stand:


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  18. kaysee kaysee says:

    I expect those that set the media narrative are interested to see if they can create a Diana moment with the public.

    George Galloway was going quite well in his analysis Quackery, greenery and political interference. Until he decided that poor Diana was a victim and Charles and Camilla were the wicked ones.

    Diana was driven to an early grave?
    Who drove her there?
    Charles has plenty on his sin list. But don’t blame Charlie for Diana’s romantic getaway to Paris, George.

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  19. kaysee kaysee says:

    Thanks – but I found a list of the best super funds. It is the ones with the most crosses
    Great, the greenies and tealies have done the work for me.

    The ones with the crosses will be targetted and rated with low ESG scores. Unless they “lift their game”.

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  20. mh says:

    Watching NRL 360 tonight.

    I’ve never known who Paul Kent was, but I heard him say yesterday’s NRL clash wasn’t a tough match and if he’d been playing he would have walked off without a bruise.

    So before launching into a post and making a dick of myself, I looked up his NRL career.

    Paul Kent is an Australian journalist and former rugby league footballer. In 1989, he played in one first grade match for Parramatta at halfback, becoming the 481st player for the club. Wikipedia
    Born: 4 September 1969 (age 53 years), Australia
    Position: Halfback


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  21. Steve trickler says:

    I wonder if Malcolm Roberts will invite him back to OZ?


    Tony Heller:

    Governments have known for thousands of years they can control the population through the use of fictional stories. The climate religion is just one more example.

    The Bambi Syndrome

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  22. mh says:

    Where is our number one sports writer Black Ball?

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  23. Steve trickler says:

    On song as per usual.


    Mark Dice:

    This is Their Endgame

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  24. mh says:


    A group of right-wing political parties secured a razor-thin lead in Sweden’s general election, according to early results, and appear to be on course to defeat a left-wing bloc led by Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

    Exit polls Sunday initially projected a narrow victory for Andersson’s ruling center-left Social Democrats and their allies, although the tally has since swung to the political right as partial results were released throughout the evening.

    After roughly 95% of the vote had been counted Monday morning, a right-wing bloc of four parties, led by Ulf Kristersson’s center-right Moderates, had a total of 175 seats, with the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party set to record its best election result yet.

    Hopefully they are freedom parties, as right wing means nothing when the MSM says it.

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  25. Barking Toad says:


    Say no more! A big fat lefty lezzo.

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  26. mh says:


    The Great Reset: And the War for the World Hardcover

    “Alex is right about far more than he is wrong about…. He’s the most misunderstood guy on the planet.”

    “We are actually at War—a hybrid war of economics, cyber, psychology, and, yes, information. One of the field Commanders is Alex Jones of Austin, Texas—brilliant, irascible, tenacious. Alex has done his countrymen a great service: in one book he has given the structure and dynamics, the history and the processes of a New Order we see evolving daily. The Great Reset: And the War for the World is your battle map for what is ahead. Alex Jones is feared and relentlessly attacked by the very architects of this power structure. That is why he must be read and studied now.”

    “If Alex Jones is just a crackpot, why are the most powerful people in the country trying to silence him? No one bothers to censor the flat-earthers. Maybe Alex Jones is onto something. Read this book and decide for yourself who’s crazy.”

    “Alex has done an excellent job of bringing the globalists’ plans into the light. When we shine the light on darkness, the darkness can’t hide. It can only retreat.”
    —DR. MERCOLA, founder of, the most visited natural health site on the internet for the last twenty years

    “In The Great Reset, Alex Jones boldly showcases the history of engineered global collapse as it is unfolding in the present. No person living today has spent more time dissecting and exposing this anti-human, anti-freedom agenda than Alex Jones, and this book will one day be seen as a critical marker in the history of the fall (and rebuilding) of human civilization.”
    —MIKE ADAMS, founder, and

    “Alex Jones may be the most maligned patriot in the country, but virtually every threat to our liberty that he has predicted has come to pass.”

    “[Alex Jones’] reputation is amazing.”

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  27. mh says:

    Sky News

    Prince Harry gave his grandmother an ‘absolutely lovely’ tribute

    If only he had been so thoughtful in ‘the living years’.

    h/t Mike and the Mechanics

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  28. Steve trickler says:

    ..these blokes.

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  29. mh says:

    The Story of Jared Kushner and His Ventilators

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  30. Shy Ted says:

    So black is spelled Blak and fellow is spelled Fulla.
    I wouldn’t click on any of the headlines if I were you.

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  31. Shy Ted says:

    I caught part of an ad this am, selling off road quad vehicles. Great fun. Boasting a new technology that tells them if people in other vehicles are wearing their helmets or not. Get, excuse my French, fucked.

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  32. Shy Ted says:

    Sorry, feeling somewhat inoffensive today

    Lady cars

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  33. Steve trickler says:

    Teachers pushing transitioning and puberty blockers on children need to be put up against a wall and [ censored ]



    If the parent disagrees, the school “should affirm the child’s gender identity without family participation”. Not even a medical consult is needed.

    Daddy Dan REMOVES need for parental consent

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  34. Steve trickler says:



    Stew Peters Show:

    The FDA is pushing more shots and lies!

    Dr. Jane Ruby joins the show to expose how the FDA is producing NEW vaccines packed with mRNA! Big Pharma LIED about the vaccine testing and more!

    Pharmacists are admitting the FDA pushes FAKE NEWS!

    Biden FDA Rolls Out NEW Bioweapon Jab: Bivalent: New, Untested Covid 19 “Vaccine” Is DANGEROUS

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  35. mh says:

    He was perhaps closer to the Queen than anyone else in Australia, now champion horse trainer Chris Waller’s special connection with the monarch has been recognised with an invitation to her funeral.

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  36. Steve trickler says:

    Tony Heller:

    Australia was much hotter prior to the year 1910, so the Australian government now hides that information from the public.

    Hiding The Hot Past In Australia

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  37. Delta A says:

    If the parent disagrees, the school “should affirm the child’s gender identity without family participation”. Not even a medical consult is needed.

    Daddy Dan REMOVES need for parental consent

    Thanks for posting that, Steve.

    Kirralee Smith is smart and articulate. She would make an excellent politician, but (I suspect) she is too scary for the pathetic LNP and has been sidelined to obscurity in minor parties.

    She highlights the frustration and anger of many women regarding the ‘gender identity’ bs which allows men into female spaces, and into women’s sport. Perhaps it will be feminists like Kirralee, who have struggled over the decades to achieve these spaces, who will finally put and end to all the gender craziness.

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  38. kaysee kaysee says:

    Brain Surgeon Confirms Human Life Begins at Conception:
    “This is Settled Science”

    But Egnor said the biology is clear and has been since the early 19th century.

    “Obviously, life begins at conception,” he responded. “With the fusion of the sperm and the egg, a new human life begins. This is rudimentary biology — it has been settled science since the early 19th century. From a biological standpoint, it can’t be denied.”

    Life in the womb


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  39. Shy Ted says:

    Still waiting for an Irishman to say King Charles the Third.
    On mugging

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  40. kaysee kaysee says:

    ‘Unethical’ and up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease:
    Top Scientists Publish Paradigm-Shifting Study About COVID-19 Vaccines

    A team of nine experts from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and other top universities has published paradigm-shifting research about the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines and why mandating vaccines for college students is unethical.

    Take the jab. Wait 2 years.
    Then you will get the truth.

    CDC Admits Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Concerns That Were Labeled Covid Misinformation Are Legit

    When reports first surfaced in 2021 that some cases of myocarditis — the inflammation of the heart muscle, potentially leading to blood clots and heart attack or stroke — were potentially associated with the Covid-19 vaccine, the corporate media and its fact-checkers were quick to label them as misinformation, saying the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh its small risks.

    A year later, though, the media can no longer deny that what they called misinformation actually has data to back it up.

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  41. kaysee kaysee says:

    Glad I belong to the band of people labelled “Conspiracy Theorists”.
    But I don’t want to end up in the group of real Conspiracy Theorists.

    I am concerned about the split that is arising now among Conservatives who had held firm until recently. We do need to look for the truth and that is getting quite difficult. The “fact-checkers” are the lefty truth-hiders.

    Dan Wooton from GB News would appear to be a Conservative. Someone picked this clip supposed to be from Wooton’s account. He goes to pay his respects to the Queen and lays a bouquet there. He stands and makes a hand gesture. Is it intentional or is it a meaningless hand pose that people resort to?

    Is Wooton another WEF underling? I haven’t watched a great deal of his programs so I don’t know if there are other instances?

    Dan Wooton

    UK 🇬🇧 Next Level Symbolism…Alleged Truth Teller and GB News host Dan Wooton pays respect to the Queen and his 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 by dropping a Massive Masonic Diamond hand gesture…💎 Everything they do is in 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙞𝙣 𝙎𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩</blockquote>

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  42. Entrepreneur says:

    Thanks for posting that, Steve.

    Kirralee Smith is smart and articulate. She would make an excellent politician, but (I suspect) she is too scary for the pathetic LNP and has been sidelined to obscurity in minor parties.

    She highlights the frustration and anger of many women regarding the ‘gender identity’ bs which allows men into female spaces, and into women’s sport. Perhaps it will be feminists like Kirralee, who have struggled over the decades to achieve these spaces, who will finally put and end to all the gender craziness.

    Agreed, Kiralee would be a great woman MP for the LNP. The fact that they probably wouldn’t even let her become a member shows what a farce the organisation is.

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  43. mh says:

    List of monarchs who were Freemasons

    George VI – Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland (1936-1937)[41]

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  44. mh says:

    The sharemarket rally of the past few days may get a push along following the release of the US inflation data tonight, which is expected to show prices moderating.

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  45. kaysee kaysee says:

    Neil Oliver

    With Queen Elizabeth II, dies the only version of Britain most of us alive today have ever known

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  46. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dr Simone Gold has been officially released from prison.

    She says Thanks to her supporters.

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  47. kaysee kaysee says:

    Eva Vlaardingerbroek

    “Hundreds of excess deaths per week and nobody knows why.”

    Everybody knows why, but the Dutch government is withholding vaccinations records because of – you guessed it – ‘privacy reasons’.

    Dr. Sam White

    “There have been an explosion in inflammatory heart disease, particularly in young male adolescents who were never at risk”

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  48. Steve trickler says:

    Aussie Cossack out Friday 15kg lighter.

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  49. mh says:


    Fix Is In? Mail-In and Overseas Votes Could Overturn Right’s Narrow Lead in Swedish Election

    Oh look, I’ve found another suitcase of ballots under my desk.

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  50. mh says:

    9/12/2022 Full Interview Alex Jones With Andrew Tate, “Destroys The Censors And Exposes The Matrix”

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  51. mh says:

    Old bloke says:
    September 12, 2022 at 12:07 pm
    Gonzalo Lira, Brian Berletic and Dr. Peter McCullough – Roundtable #20.

    Thanks. Haven’t watched it yet, but funny seeing Brian along with Peter.

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  52. mh says:

    US inflation 8.3% in August.

    Hot hot hot 🔥

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  53. mh says:

    Jean-Luc Godard, brown bread.

    Jean-Luc Godard, one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, has died ‘peacefully at home’, aged 91.

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  54. mh says:

    Dow has fallen over 600 points at market opening.

    A lot of wishful thinking on inflation it seems.

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  55. mh says:


    Dow tumbles 1,200 points for worst day since June 2020 after hot inflation report

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  56. mh says:

    The Oz

    Putin not invited to Queen’s state funeral

    Thanks scoop!

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  57. Steve trickler says:

    Remember this?


    Tony Heller:

    “I was contacted by a reporter for National Public Radio. He offered to interview me, but only if I would state that the warming was due to human activity. When I refused to do so, he hung up on me.

    I had another interesting experience around the time my paper in Science was published. I received an astonishing email from a major researcher in the area of climate change. He said, “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.”

    Dr. David Deming – University of Oklahoma’s College of Geosciences

    “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period!”

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  58. Shy Ted says:

    Michael Smith has an extraordinary article about AnAl inviting 10 prominent Aussies to the Queen’ funeral, as requested by the palace.

    In addition to invitations extended to Australia’s Heads of State, the Palace has invited 10 Australians who have made extraordinary contributions to their communities, and who represent Australian culture and values.

    The 10 are AOTYs and local heroes. I’ve just searched who they all are. One of them is the reformed town drunk. Almost everyone else is diverse. I think we had a fair bit to say about the “achievements” of these characters at the time.

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  59. Old bloke says:

    Delta A says:
    September 13, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Kirralee Smith is smart and articulate. She would make an excellent politician, but (I suspect) she is too scary for the pathetic LNP and has been sidelined to obscurity in minor parties.

    Yes you’re right Delta, Kirralee would have been very good in Parliament. It’s a shame that the ALA didn’t get a single candidate elected, if they were successful then Kirralee would now be a Senator for NSW, Bernard Gaynor would be a Senator for Qld., and Avi Yemini would be a Victorian Senator.

    Kirralie Smith & Q Society – Words of war over halal

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  60. Steve trickler says:

    Further more.


    Tony Heller:

    Part one of a series showing how and why climate science was corrupted during the 1990s.

    The World’s Largest Industry (Part 1)

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  61. kaysee kaysee says:

    The quest to show that biological sex matters in the immune system

    A handful of immunologists are pushing the field to take attributes such as sex chromosomes, sex hormones, and reproductive tissues into account.

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  62. kaysee kaysee says:

    Climate Scam

    Godfrey Bloom Exposes EU Climate Hoax

    Global Carbon tax

    Food chain reaction crisis simulation ends with global Carbon tax</blockquote>

    Lithium for Electric Vehicles

    There isn’t enough lithium on the planet to replace 2 billion electric vehicles. The manufacturers know that, governments know that and the WEF knows that.

    Why aren’t you questioning? You should, because they are lying to you!

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  63. kaysee kaysee says:

    The problem is not so much with the inhabitants of the “Greens Party”. There are unsuitable, unstable people all over this planet.

    The problem is that there are big enough number of people deemed “eligible voters” who vote for these incompetents to form part of the government of a country.

    ‘Misgendering’ incident plunges Green Party of Canada into renewed turmoil

    In a Zoom appearance to kick off the party’s leadership contest, Interim Leader Amita Kuttner was identified by ‘she/elle’ pronouns instead of ‘they/them’

    Kuttner, 32, identifies as non-binary and pansexual (attracted to all genders and orientations), and goes by they/them pronouns. In a subsequent statement, Kuttner slammed the “misgendering,” saying the incident “made me feel hurt and isolated” and hinted that it was “reflective of a larger pattern of behaviours that a few in the party are perpetuating.”

    The statement added, “in moments like these I wonder — how can I ensure other people’s safety if I can’t even ensure my own?”

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  64. mh says:

    John Kehoe
    Shutting down Australia for the Queen’s death is absurd
    Australia is suspending normal operations because a 96-year-old foreigner on the other side of the world has passed away peacefully and not unexpectedly.

    John KehoeEconomics editor

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  65. Steve trickler says:

    Stew Peters Show:

    Six hundred and fifteen days have passed since January 6, 2021, but there are still political prisoners sitting behind bars, prisoners who still haven’t even been brought to trial. Not only that, they are tortured and harassed within the walls of their prison. A wife of such prisoner joins us today to share her husband’s story.

    Dr. Fuellmich has made it his mission in life to expose the danger that forced Covid jabs pose to the public. He’s been tracking the surge in young people dropping dead out of the blue ever since the vaccine rolled out.

    We know for a FACT that the COVID19 pandemic was planned. Now we have document proof that future pandemics are already in the making in Australia.

    LIVE: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: GLOBAL Class Action Lawsuit, Blueprint For Endless Pandemics RELEASED.

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  66. kaysee kaysee says:

    9 NASTY details in Harry’s letter to Queen

    That was a quick exposé from the Body Language Guy on the hypocrisy of the scheming Mr and Mrs Markle and the pot-stirrer Oprah.

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  67. mh says:

    Campbell Newman was about eliminating bikie gangs.

    The new approach is understanding them.


    Bikie associates explained: How gangs flex their street-level muscle

    The fatal stabbing of a Brisbane bikie associate has drawn into focus the hierarchy of outlaw motorcycle gangs. Here’s how it works.

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  68. kaysee kaysee says:

    MEPs in EU Parliament

    Cristian Terhes

    Moderna CEO said to me that “the gov. wanted a quick approval of the vaccines, without giving the manufactures a long time for clinical studies”, so they asked and received nonliability quarentees. He also acknowledged that the boosters approved in USA were not tested in humans.

    Christine Anderson

    Somebody lied and I want to know who.

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  69. Steve trickler says:

    Complimented with some Patsy Cline.


    Tony Heller:

    September 14, 2022

    Climate Crisis In The Australian Alps

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  70. kaysee kaysee says:

    Greens Senator Faruqi

    Refugee from Pakistan talking about stolen lives and wealth of colonised people.

    Racist Empire

    How does the average Aussie compare?

    Better or worse?

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  71. Shy Ted says:

    In response, kaysee – LOL

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  72. Shy Ted says:

    Cat quiz, true or false? I once shared an office with a morbidly obese, one-legged lessbian. For a year.

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