Open Thread – Saturday, 08 January 2022

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  1. win says:

    I have seen a positive RAT 21 days after the person received her third Pfizer vaccination. This was then confirmed with a PCR.

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  2. Ragu says:

    QLD set to drop all restrictions on interstate travel

    Are we going to get some announcement from the trough caste that the pandemic phase is over? I’m inclined to agree that this scamdemic has been centrally planned because it has turned into a giant fuck-up.

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  3. Ragu says:

    turned into a giant fuck-up.

    From our perspective at least. ScoMao and Palletjack more than likely think the opposite.

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  4. Black Ball says:

    I don’t seem to recall any puff pieces like this in relation to Farquarson or any other bloke who has done this shit. In my mind, it’s a special kind of evil.

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  5. Black Ball says:

    I see the Supreme Court has given the jab mandate the to all workers the Khyber Pass, except for those in healthcare

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  6. mh says:

    ‘ I sort of felt I recognized the tall dude as a tennis player but couldn’t recall his name, so I asked him if he was a tennis player. He told me who his was and we go talking for a little while. I asked him if he was Yugoslav and he corrected me by saying he was Serbian. I forgot they took offense at that crap.’


    Thanks, JC.
    It must have been a long time ago for you not to know him immediately as The Joker, seeing as he is going for his 10th Melbourne Park singles title. What did you discuss?


    On the Owen Shroyer vid I posted upthread he discusses the attitude of Australians with Evelyn, and how this tournament could have been viewed as an opportunity for Australia with the possibility of sporting history being made – 21 Single Grand Slam titles. Australia could have taken it as an opportunity to showcase to the world that it is open for business and travel again, etc. But no, Australians did the opposite.

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  7. egg_ says:

    GimpMo makes KRuddy-the-clown look competent.

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  8. Black Ball says:

    And what is it with green governments and insulation?

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  9. egg_ says:

    In the absence of Bob Brown to screw things up for Labor, is Albo a dead cert for the Lodge?

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  10. mh says:

    Fox News

    Supreme Court just handed Biden admin biggest blow yet to federal vaccine mandate for businesses

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  11. mh says:


    ‘Worse than a natural disaster’: The critical shortages that could hit next

    Supermarket shelves have been stripped bare and there are concerns major disruptions to the nation’s supply chain could extend to everyday items, with a Queensland transport mogul saying his business is in “dire straits”.

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  12. egg_ says:

    The Moronic strain is curve rebound against tyrants, Stairmaster Dan?

    Enjoying the ride, Scummo?

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  13. JC1 says:


    It was just when he was getting to the top like around 2014 or so. I’m still amazed how fit the fucker was. He ran the hill freaking sideways.

    Wifey and I also do a walk around what we call “the tan”, which is the circuit around the Botanical gardens here in Melbourne. I’ve seen Roger Federer jogging a few times.

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  14. mh says:

    Liz casts Andrew adrift

    Prince Andrew’s royal title has been removed meaning huge implications for his upcoming sexual abuse trial, as his alleged victim’s lawyer weighed in.

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  15. Delta A says:

    the trough caste

    Very good, Ragu.

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  16. egg_ says:

    Liz casts Andrew adrift

    The Firm protecting itself?

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  17. mh says:

    Courts vs Morrison

    Will Morrison now confirm our banana republic status by cancelling Novak’s visa?

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  18. Old bloke says:

    kaysee says:
    January 12, 2022 at 6:26 pm

    This is from the Virology Journal in 2005

    Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread


    Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (SARS-CoV). No effective prophylactic or post-exposure therapy is currently available.


    Kaysee, Chloroquine was found to stop Covid-19 in February 2020. A French doctor used it on patients suffering from Covid-19 and he had a 100% recovery rate, this was against the early Alpha version of Covid-19.

    Other doctors replicated his work with the same results, then interest grew in other anti parasitical drugs, Hydroxychloroquine and later Ivermectin. They all appear to be successful if used with zinc.

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  19. Black Ball says:

    Just a quick note, I see that Real Madrid and Barcelona clashed in the Spanish Cup semi final. In that famed Spanish city of Riyadh.

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  20. Old bloke says:

    Black Ball says:
    January 13, 2022 at 9:01 am

    A lot of healthy people around, a particular cohort, who could do the work…


    There’s a lot of people out of work as they don’t want the mandated vaxxs, I suppose they would be on the Job Seeker allowance. What will happen to them if the government declares they have to join a “work for the dole” scheme in the supply chain, but can’t get employment as they aren’t jabbed.

    Could the government then force them off the dole?

    The state and federal governments created this problem, Australia’s population actually dropped last year as those who could leave the country did so. Over 20,000 Australian citizens left permanently, and around 300,000* permanent resident visa holders packed up and left. There’s probably a few Uber drivers in that lot, but also medical, engineering and other skills represented too.

    *from memory.

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  21. Eyrie says:

    The state and federal governments created this problem, Australia’s population actually dropped last year as those who could leave the country did so. Over 20,000 Australian citizens left permanently, and around 300,000* permanent resident visa holders packed up and left. There’s probably a few Uber drivers in that lot, but also medical, engineering and other skills represented too.

    Excellent. Let’s keep it up for a few years.

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  22. mh says:

    Earlier this week, former professional tennis player Marion Bartoli came to Djokovic’s defence, slamming the treatment he had received in Australia as unfair…

    “I sincerely hope the minister will not use a sort of single power to dismiss the judge because that will send really the wrong message across,” she told BBC Radio 5.

    That message being Australia is a banana republic.

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  23. mh says:

    For Leftists, Your Freedom Is Their Misery – Your Slavery Is Their Joy
    January 13, 2022

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  24. mh says:

    The Lamb breaks silence

    Lambie says minister is ‘missing in action’ over Djokovic

    Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie accused Immigration Minister Alex Hawke being missing in action over the Novak Djokovic saga and called on the federal MP to make a decision.

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  25. cohenite says:

    Pauline’s latest featuring rub and tug albo and the mad kunt lidia thorpe:

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  26. calli says:

    Saw what you did there, mh. Tee hee.

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  27. calli says:

    And something to cheer Steve Trickler as I know he loves music + visuals.

    This one really captures the era when it was first released, and it’s a great song.

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  28. egg_ says:

    Lamb breaks silence…

    Scummo breaks wind (wet fart)?

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  29. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP
    Fri 14 Jan • NSW Health • Sadly 29 deaths reported.

    19 x vaxxed.
    10 x NOT.

    TRAGIC when you consider other possible treatments.

    TRAGIC when you consider the admission from Pfizer CEO.


    Just on the unvaxxed, I know an 88 year old who is unvaxxed. When I ask what the advice is from his doctor, he says he is always fobbed off to someone else, such as his cardiologist, whom he doesn’t know how to get in touch with. He has about 25% heart capacity left. I expect medical professionals know his heart would not cope with the hit from the Covid vaccines.

    Seeing as the average age of a Covid death is still somewhere in the mid eighties, the unvaxxed deaths are likely people on the way out who the vaccines may have killed anyway.

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  30. mh says:


    Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has used his personal power to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa, as his lawyers prepare to file an immediate injunction against the decision.

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  31. mh says:

    Morrison government left it until late Friday in order to stop the Djokovic appeal happening before the start of the Australian Open.


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  32. mh says:

    Nine time Australian Open champ treated like shit.

    What a shithole we have become.

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  33. mh says:

    Morrison has picked the wrong battle (again)
    Joel Agius

    … Instead of cracking down on the insanity of the premiers and gaining the political credit he desperately needs for the upcoming federal election, he has chosen to cause shame and embarrassment. It has made his government even more unelectable, ensuring that the rest of the world looks at us like we are all insane. It would not be surprising if tourists decided to travel elsewhere given how backwards this country is.

    The Djokovic saga has only highlighted what is wrong with this country, and what is wrong with this Prime Minister. He lacks the wisdom to pick the right battles to fight. He chooses cowardice over courage. And unless he makes a change immediately, he is doomed for consignment to the dustbin of history as one of the weakest and most ineffectual leaders this nation has ever seen.

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  34. egg_ says:

    Scummo’s darkest hour.

    Hopefully, baseball bats at the ballot box.

    I for one welcome our new leader, Albo.

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  35. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP
    Absolutely disgraceful conduct by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

    Petty & vindictive.

    Nasty & despicable.

    Taking days to make decision.

    Running down clock to make 2nd legal challenge difficult.

    Playing politics to score cheap political points.


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  36. Neil says:

    I wonder who is running the country?? I have suspected that since 2007 the bureaucrats have been running the country. But i could be wrong

    I problems are so great that no politician wants to run the country. They have just handed power to the public service

    As for the current disgrace even if the bureaucrats told Morrison what to do, Morrison owns this mess.

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  37. Steve trickler says:

    If Djokovic loses the appeal, I’d like to see all the international players skedaddle back home on the next available flights so the OZ Open falls into a heap. Boycott the bloody thing.

    Considering the money on offer, I doubt it will happen though.

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  38. Steve trickler says:

    calli says:
    January 14, 2022 at 4:31 pm
    And something to cheer Steve Trickler as I know he loves music + visuals.

    This one really captures the era when it was first released, and it’s a great song.

    Right back at you. Fine editing here with the visuals. 😊

    Alice in wonderland || White Rabbit

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  39. Neil says:

    Why would Djokovic want to appeal?? Australia does not want him.

    I could never vote ALP but the Coalition is now close to the bottom of my voting list. Only the Greens and ALP are lower

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  40. mh says:

    The Age

    Authorities plan to move Djokovic into detention tonight
    By Anthony Galloway

    Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision means Novak Djokovic could be forced back into immigration detention within hours.

    It is unclear whether federal authorities plan to move him back to the Park Hotel in Carlton, where he stayed alongside refugees held in detention until the Federal Circuit Court ordered his release on Monday.

    Sources confirmed the plan was to move him back into some form of immigration detention…

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  41. Steve trickler says:

    Looks like fun. Not everyone’s musical tastes here. Visuals are off the charts.


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  42. Neil of Sydney says:

    What i do not understand about the lefties is that they do not believe in borders.

    Unless it is an unvaccinated person who wants to come in.

  43. mh says:

    Taking days to make decision.

    Running down clock to make 2nd legal challenge difficult.

    This is also political ineptitude.
    Top of the tv news was Jacquie Lambie ranting and raving about the Immigration Minister not making a decision.
    Then the news narrative was ‘shortly after he did’.
    So it now looks like Hawke couldn’t even make a decision without being blasted by Lambie.

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  44. Neil says:

    So it now looks like Hawke couldn’t even make a decision without being blasted by Lambie.

    The fact that the decision was left to late Friday says a lot. It means the lawyers cannot do anything until Monday

    I want to say something else but what can i say?? Morrison seems to be a untrustworthy person and cannot be trusted

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  45. mh says:


    Morrison and Co were trying to be clever by delaying the decision in order to hinder the Joker’s legal team.

    My point is the optics are Lambie kicked Hawke’s arse so hard it forced him to do something. There is no win here for ScumMo.


    I was reading at The Age just how broad the powers are for the Immigration Minister, leaving the Joker virtually no chance.
    So the courts are really just for show. Theatre.

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  46. Ragu says:


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  47. mh says:

    I find the Age less offensive than Newscorp.

    If you want to read it link

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  48. mh says:

    Example of the twats at Newscorp

    Bye, Djoker: Justice served on man who gamed system
    Novak Djokovic can remember shots he played 10 years ago but somehow forgot he was in Spain last month. Robert Craddock on why the world No.1 had to go.

    Justice is the courts.
    The courts made a decision.
    You absolute fvckwit, Craddock.

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  49. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP
    Daily Telegraph reports that media was notified BEFORE
    @DjokerNole & his legal team

    What a circus run by 🤡🤡.

    What nasty, sneaky & disgusting conduct by the Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

    Telling the media first.

    Disgraceful & UNAUSTRALIAN if true.

    Just a stitch up.


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  50. mh says:

    Aussie Cossack

    Australia braces for protests over Government cancelling Novak Djokovic’s visa.. (again)

    Reclaim the Line marching tomorrow in all Australian major cities! For Freedom! For our children! For sanity!
    For Rally locations visit

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  51. Steve trickler says:

    I forgot about these things. Check out a few laps. You’ll learn the course pretty quickly. The girls are firmly on board.

    6g turns in a boat!

    PSP NZ 2020 Jetsprint Championship Round 1 Featherston Group A

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  52. Ragu says:

    Thanks for the age link, mh.

    The Cossack should take a drive over to the division of Mitchell for a zeitgeist investigation

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  53. Neil says:

    Morrison and Co were trying to be clever by delaying the decision in order to hinder the Joker’s legal team.

    So who do Conservative Australians vote for at the next election??

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  54. mh says:

    I know who I’m voting for Neil.

    You can never trust the Liberals, Labor or Greens again.

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  55. mh says:

    Court hearing to start at 8.45pm
    A directions hearing for Novak Djokovic’s legal challenge will take place at 8.45pm, the Federal Circuit Court says.

    The court will broadcast the hearing from its YouTube channel after the court’s own stream crashed because so many people were watching the case on Monday.

    Judge Anthony Kelly, who oversaw the initial quashing of the first cancellation, will preside over the hearing.

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  56. mh says:

    <blockquoteMetro Entertainment
    Former Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil came out as bisexual on #ImACelebrityAU last night! –We're so proud of you

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  57. mh says:

    Melbourne quarantine hotels to house Covid patients
    Victoria’s controversial quarantine hotels will soon be turned into Covid hospitals as Omicron places further pressure on wards.

    I’m sure that will be another roaring success.

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  58. mh says:

    Decision to cancel based on Djokovic stoking ‘anti-vax’ sentiment, lawyer claims
    By Marta Pascual Juanola
    Novak Djokovic’s lawyers claim Immigration Minister Alex Hawke based his decision to cancel the Serbian star’s visa on the basis his presence in Australia would stoke anti-vax sentiment.

    Counsel Nicholas Wood, SC, said Mr Hawke had chosen to “remove a man of good standing” from Australia and “impair” his career over comments Djokovic had made in 2020.

    “He has no rational basis to say the decision he makes is up to generate a greater amount of anti-vax sentiment that he is seeking to minimise,” he said

    The proposed grounds for Djokovic’s challenge
    By Tammy Mills and Marta Pascual Juanola
    Djokovic’s lawyer Nick Wood, SC, has foreshadowed the grounds on which they could challenge the visa cancellation.

    Mr Wood told the court the minister has justified the cancellation on the basis Djokovic’s presence in Australia would excite anti-vaccination sentiment.

    He said the minister has given no consideration whatsoever what the forceable removal of Djokovic may have on anti-vaccination sentiment.

    Mr Wood described the minister’s justification as “patently irrational”.

    Mr Wood said the challenge is a question largely of “interferences to be drawn from the minister’s reasons” and rationality and perversity in approach to his decision-making.

    Djokovic will not be detained tonight, or removed from the country after proceedings end
    By Marta Pascual Juanola
    Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s lawyers have agreed not to deport Novak Djokovic from Australia until court proceedings are over or the matter is transferred to another court.

    Stephen Lloyd, SC, also said Djokovic would not be detained tonight ahead of a meeting with immigration officials tomorrow morning.

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  59. JohnJJJ says:

    Novak vs Aust Gov – back and forth, back and forth like watching a tennis match. I expect more Serbian folk dance in the streets of Sydney and Melbourne.
    For those who want light relief go to Meat & Livestock Australia ( I hope they have a T-shirt) latest Lamb ad.

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  60. mh says:

    Lawyers ask for Djokovic not to be taken into detention while hearing is on
    By Tammy Mills and Marta Pascual Juanola
    Novak Djokovic’s legal team has asked that the Serbian tennis star not be detained in immigration detention while the urgent case is heard before the court.

    Nicholas Wood, SC, said as well as being left alone tonight, Djokovic should be allowed to be with his lawyers tomorrow after he is interviewed by immigration officers at 8am tomorrow, and then permitted to stay in the same “residential premises” that he is in tonight.

    But the lawyer for the Minister for Immigration Stephen Lloyd, SC, said Border Force officials plan to take Djokovic back into detention tomorrow.

    Mr Lloyd told the court that after the immigration interview, Djokovic would remain at his lawyer’s office until midday tomorrow before being taken into detention and brought back for a court on Sunday.

    Djokovic’s lawyers said they will file their submissions by midday tomorrow.

    The court has adjourned for a short time.

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  61. Black Ball says:

    Fuck me I am ropeable. A complete joke of a country, led by ineptitude and fuckwittery. Clowns one and all, yet they make the decisions that make or bteak us. Baffin Island looks good in comparison. FMD

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  62. mh says:

    Judge orders Djokovic to remain in Australia
    Judge Kelly has ordered border officials cannot remove Novak Djokovic from Australian while his legal challenge is afoot.

    Judge Kelly said Djokovic will be taken into immigration detention after he is interviewed by officials tomorrow morning.

    He will be allowed to stay with his lawyers while they prepare submissions tomorrow, and appear for another hearing on Sunday morning.

    He ordered Djokovic’s lawyers to file and serve their application and affidavits.

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  63. mh says:

    Rallies Saturday morning around the nation

    Novax supporters welcome

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  64. mh says:

    I can’t spare this man, he fights.

    Abraham Lincoln

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  65. mh says:

    We’re back
    Court is back and Judge Kelly has agreed to add words to his order so that the parties can agree on the location of where Djokovic will be detained or interviewed.

    The directions hearing has finished.
    Djokovic lawyer warns of security issues
    Djokovic’s lawyer Nicholas Wood, SC, asked for Djokovic to be taken into detention in a location other than the immigration office, citing security fears and the possibility of a “media circus” after the location of his interview was broadcast during the proceedings.

    “We have a genuine concern about security and a potential media circus, to be frank,” Mr Wood said.

    But Judge Anthony Kelly said that could have been brought to his attention sooner.

    “The obviousness of that circus might have occurred to everyone before five to 11 on Friday night. Now don’t put this at my feet,” Judge Kelly said.

    The Minister for Immigration Stephen Lloyd, SC, said detention arrangements could be agreed between the parties.

    “You can’t ask me to broker this,” Judge Kelly said.

    He then stood the case down for a short time.

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  66. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP
    There’s no doubt
    @DjokerNole is a political prisoner of Morrison regime.

    There’s no doubt that the ONLY reason to try deport @DjokerNole is for political reasons.

    @DjokerNole presents NO threat to Australia.

    Morrison JUST acting for political expediency

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  67. mh says:

    That’s all for tonight
    That’s it from us on the live blog tonight after a massive day.

    To re-cap, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke cancelled Novak Djokovic’s visa once again, citing health and good order grounds, on the basis it was in the public interest, in a statement just before 6pm.

    Djokovic’s lawyers are challenging the decision, telling the Federal Circuit Court this evening the basis of the cancellation was irrational.

    The court heard Mr Hawke cancelled the tennis player’s visa on the grounds his presence in Melbourne would “excite anti-vax sentiment”, as Djokovic’s lawyer Nicholas Wood, SC, told the court.

    Mr Wood said removing the Serbian tennis star would do exactly the same thing.

    Also from tonight’s hearing, we learned Djokovic is not in immigration detention yet, but rather a “residential address”. He will be taken into detention after he is interviewed tomorrow morning at 8am.

    The government has given an undertaking that it would not remove Djokovic from the country while the court challenge is afoot.

    Djokovic’s lawyers will file a formal application to the court tonight and submissions tomorrow by midday.

    The case will be transferred to the Federal Court, which will hold a hearing on Sunday at 10am.

    Thanks for reading, and we’ll bring you all the developments over the weekend.


    Thanks to The Age and 12ft ladder

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  68. mh says:

    Funny how Biden, Boris and Butthole Morrison are all in massive political trouble at the same time.

    Bugger off, all three of you.

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