Fake Experts and Phoney Scientific Methods

In the quest to modernise all aspects of life, the world overlords have sought to even redefine science. What is science? What is the benefit of the scientific process in seeking answers? As explained in World History Encyclopedia:

The term science comes from the Latin word scientia, meaning “knowledge”. It can be defined as a systematic attempt to discover, by means of observation and reasoning, particular facts about the world, and to establish laws connecting facts with one another and, in some cases, to make it possible to predict future occurrences.

Since the arrival of the Covid-19 virus, the scientific methods have been ignored. Some scientists have stayed true to the course by systematically observing, investigating and carrying out experiments, in order to find the facts. They have then gone on to share their findings, not just with their colleagues, but also other truth seekers in the wider world. This has earned them the wrath of the establishment. Medical professionals have been vilified, threatened and harassed because they refused to submit to the pseudo experts and the narrative being dictated from above.

Dr Sam Bailey has been one of the doctors who has had to pay the penalties meted out to anyone who refuses to be part of the scam. She has been attacked by the media, was fired from her research job, lost her role as a television presenter and been accused by medical authorities of spreading misinformation, of practising outside her scope, and of bringing the medical profession into disrepute.

In the video here, she details the problems related to scientific discussion in context to Covid-19, the cargo cult science method, her husband’s encounter with an evolutionary biologist and also issues a public challenge to virologists.

False Gods, “Experts” and the Death of Science

The embedded video has been deleted. It can be viewed here.

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