Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote? [3]

There is more on this topic, here.

1. Make Your Vote Count

An easy guide on how to vote. This has been written Monica Smit, Reignite Democracy Australia.

Make Your Vote Count

2. How to Vote

A short video by Monica Smit, explaining the voting process.

How to Vote

3. Put the Majors Last

This is the website that Monica refers to, in her video.

Majors Last

There are benefits to using this site. You can check out the candidates in your electorate, place them in the order you want, and create your own How-to-Vote card. Clearly, the goal of the site is to have the three major parties (Liberals/Nationals, Labor and The Greens) take the last three spots on your ballot paper.

However, I think there are exceptions:

a. What happens if your sitting MP has been a good representative, and has worked hard for the electorate? Do you still mark them last?

b. If you have in your electorate, a Climate 200 Independent, this candidate needs to go to the bottom of the list. But the site only allow the three majors to take the last three spots.

In these cases, use the site as a guide, then make the changes you prefer.

4. Marking Implement

Pencil or Pen? The video above, suggests a pen.
We had the same suggestion by Nelson, here.

The AEC explains the options, under its FAQ section.

5. Your Ballot Papers

From the Reignite Democracy Australia website, here are the Sample Ballot papers.

House of Representatives (Lower House)


Senate (Upper House)


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7 Responses to Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote? [3]

  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    Posted by Old bloke in the Open Thread.

    In my seat the sitting member (Liberal) is last on the UAP how-to-vote card, and all the freedom parties are numbered much higher. The LDP candidates are in second place for both the local House of Representatives and Senate positions.

    None of the major parties get a mention in the Senate how-to-vote, just the freedom parties.

    Here’s a list of all the UAP candidates for all seats in all states, there’s some good-lookers there, and our Cardimona looks very distinguished.


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  2. Destroyer D69 says:

    https://standupandvote.com.au . Well worth a visit. Asking the Same set of questions to ALL the runners in ALL electorates and correlating the results for YOUR electorate.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    D69, thanks for that link. It is a good one.

    I was looking for a site like that. Displays clearly the parties/candidates that get the PASS mark and the ones that FAIL.

    Combined with the Majors Last website, it should be enough information for those who are Centre-right/Conservatives/Those who care about their freedoms, make their voting decisions.

    Then voters can decide on the numbering. If they have the time they can research each candidate/party, otherwise just mark those coded with Green (Go – First), Amber (Next) and Red (Last).

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  4. overburdened says:

    regardless of the result of the election the bureaucracy will continue on its own timeline and continue to mature the socialist ideas of the long march that commenced with earnestness in the 1980’s.

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  5. Deepak says:

    This is testing by developer.

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  6. D69, that site looks similar in some respects to the reignite democracy one, but it appears different candidates did not respond to all such requests, which means digging is required. Conversely, I looked at what I could find but missed stand up & vote, so their input did not make it to my analysis. I stuck my thoughts on the open Fred at Dover’s early this morning. Perhaps I should revisit them, but I’ve probably spent too much time chasing profiles and reverse-engineering HTVs to determine where my preferences go.

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  7. Destroyer D69 says:

    I have just received the current ” Official Guide to The 2022 Election”and note that the AEC is continuing the give the FALSE impression that in order to have a formal vote for the Senate , at least 6 above ,or at least 12 below the line boxes MUST be marked.THIS is NOT TRUE…..I quote the Electoral act ,and this is confirmed in the “Scrutineers Handbook”(p38 in the current edition), According to the Electoral act Part XVIII The scrutiny, Secs 268Aand 269 (Despite what you will be told at the polling pace) a vote in the senate is NOT INFORMAL if…..”.268A(b)if there are more than 6 squares printed on the ballot paper below the line -the voter has consecutively numbered any of those squares from 1 to 6 (whether or not the voter has also included one or more higher numbers in those squares)” AND “sec 269(1)(b) the voter has marked the number 1,or the number 1 and one or more higher numbers,in squares printed on the ballot paper above the line.” SO For a FORMAL vote only 2squares above the line OR 6 squares below the line are required to satisfy the requirements as detailed in The Act. To add insult to injury in this matter, if you carry out a “practice” vote on the AEC site for the senate using any of these options the “result” displayed is that this vote is incorrect and”WILL NOT BE COUNTED”!!!!!!!!?????????WHY is this so??????

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