The Shapers of the Future

There are crimes being committed against humanity. A year ago, at the Northern Light Convention, a group of professionals gathered to brainstorm the problems we face. One of the speakers was Dr Jacob Nordangård, a Swedish independent researcher and author. He is the CEO of a publishing company and has written five books which include the subjects of world politics, global agenda, climate change and the pandemic.

In his presentation at that convention, Dr Nordangård took his audience through the origins of the history of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and how it has become the vehicle for the technocratic shaping of humanity and the planet. Through his organisation, Pharos Foundation, Nordangård and his team work to highlight threats to democracy, freedom of thought, as well as those against humanity itself.

The lecture is around 54 minutes and it covers the various steps from the early beginnings of the forum to its many reincarnations and sub groups. It lists the forum shapers which consist of the leading companies of the world. The names of the forum partners who have paid the most to be on board and shape the global agenda are companies like BlackRock and JP Morgan, foundations like the Bill Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, and Big Tech like IBM and Intel. The WEF board of trustees comprises the most powerful interests of the world, especially the world of banking.

In 2019, the WEF signed a partnership with the United Nations.

All these players are so powerful that it is easy to despair and think it is all hopeless.
Dr Jacob Nordangård disagrees. He says:

But the future isn’t written in stone and now these plans are out in the light, I say it is time that we as humans come together and say NO to these trans-human fantasies and scientific management of the planet ….. and shape the future we want as humans.


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  1. Shy Ted says:

    Ah yes, let’s all come together and defeat them. Head in the clouds with these types. The Great Reset continues apace. The poliarticians and media lie, lie and lie some more. Nobody has laid a finger on them or any of the bureaucrats as their willing accomplices. It might be heartening when Senators, Roberts, Antic and Rennick land a few blows but nothing on the trajectory has changed. Way back when I thought doxxing was the answer and I still do. The villains need to live the rest of their lives in absolute fear of being in public.
    Gonna take a lot more deaths of relatives of those who stand between us and them, the cops. When they stop providing protection, game on.

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  2. johanna johanna says:

    I’m afraid that I find all this apocalyptic stuff ahistorical.

    What would these pampered babies have thought if they went through WWI, or The Depression?

    Read any commentary at any time in history, and people are always saying that the place is going to Hell in a handbasket. In some cases, like WWI, they had good reasons for thinking that. I don’t think that what we are dealing with is anything comparable to that.


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  3. Eyrie says:

    I don’t think that what we are dealing with is anything comparable to that.
    Correct, it is far, far worse.

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    Correct, it is far, far worse.

    We have to keep sharing the grim reality so those who still don’t know about WEF and its evil agenda, will read/watch and start to understand what is going on.

    I am going to add another video here that shows an alliance between WEF and the present day Vatican. But to understand that, a bit of history, some of which is already in the Jacob Nordangård video, above. (My bold emphasis for the purpose of the two comments here.)

    The Rockefellers

    Nelson Rockefeller initiated the Special Studies Project in 1956, a project to address the problems of the day and how to solve them. The stated objective of this project was to shape a new world order in all its dimensions: spiritual, economic, political and social. They identified science and technology as key to furthering their internationalist course and identified global health and climate change as especially interesting as these issues span across nations’ borders.

    The Rockefellers had already been instrumental in establishing the United Nations (“UN”) in 1946. “They view [the UN] as their own little club or organisation,” Nordangård said.

    The foundations for WEF

    The Club of Rome was founded in April 1968 by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist, and Alexander King, a Scottish scientist. It was formed when a small international group of people from the fields of academia, civil society, diplomacy, and industry met at Villa Farnesina in Rome, hence the name.

    The Catholic Church and Vatican II

    Vatican II was the 21st ecumenical council to be convened in the Church’s bimillennial history, and gathered nearly a century after Pope Pius IX convoked Vatican I (1869-70) which defined the dogmas of papal infallibility and the primacy of papal jurisdiction.

    Pope St. John XXIII announced the convocation on 25 January 1959, only three months after his election to the Petrine ministry in October 1958, as he addressed the cardinals gathered in the Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls in Rome.

    The Vatican II solemnly opened on 11 October 1962 in St. Peter’s Basilica, after over three years of preparations.

    Its “reforms” included the Novus Ordo Mass literally translated means New Order Mass.

    Coming up in October 2023, at the Vatican, is the Synod on Synodality for the continued Great Reset of the Catholic Church, incorporating the WEF agenda, with the full participation of the Pope who resides there. We have already seen his full cooperation with the Global Warming hoax and during the Covid scam.

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    This video got banned from YouTube because of the Covid section in the first part of the video.

    YouTube pulled it down and gave the uploader a strike. Why? Because it quoted from an article* written by a Cardinal about Covid lockdowns. This is in the first part of the video. You can watch the entire video, but if you want to see the link between the WEF agenda and the current Vatican and Pope, go to the 20:15 mark.

    Around the 30:00 mark, Michael Matt says:
    For the next few years …. do not trust anything coming from the Vatican….the Pope, most of the Bishops …..

    The Cardinal’s Sins:
    A Vatican Secret Pact with the Devil


    When Michael talks about the coming Great Awakening in the Church, he includes church leaders like Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who are now regretting being too compliant during the Covid restrictions and forgot their real duty.

    * Did we go too far?

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