Racism – Thy name is Equity

An Oregon high school diploma does not guarantee that students who earned it can read, write or do math at a high school level.

Governor Kate Brown dropped the requirement that students demonstrate they have achieved those essential skills by signing Senate Bill 744 into law. She declined again Friday to comment on why she supported suspending the proficiency requirements, reported OregonLive.

The bill was not entered into the legislative database until July 29, a departure from the standard practice of updating the public database the same day a bill is signed. Charles Boyle, the governor’s deputy communications director, said the governor’s staff told legislative staff the same day the governor signed the bill.

Boyle said in an emailed statement that suspending the reading, writing and math proficiency requirements will benefit “Oregon’s Black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of colour.”

Ignoring the fact that they know what they doing is wrong, which is why they lie, hide or do not follow the normal procedures for these things I want to discuss the most egregious issue with the above. How the hell are they so stupid to include Asians as a minority that need education levels to be reduced? I expect they just threw in every minority they could think of to make it sound better but by doing so they dismissed their own argument in the process (as wafer thin as it was to begin with).

The bigotry of low expectations is not slowing down that’s for sure.

From: Post Millenial

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13 Responses to Racism – Thy name is Equity

  1. Rabz says:

    This successful push by collectivists to dumb down the population is nothing new, nor is it in any way a departure from their overall world view.

    It’s simply indicative of how evil they are. Ignorant, ill educated people are easy to manipulate, as we’ve seen so obviously over the last 18 months. Closer to home, it’s been estimated that nearly 50% of the adult population in Tasmania are illiterate.

    Well done, collectivists. Elephant stamps all round.

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  2. Shy Ted says:

    Oregon has a lot of catching up to do. Reflecting on my career I can pinpoint the year as 1989 when the first generation of uni grads entered my profession. You could tell by the lack of basic 3 R’s skills. So working backwards they’d had at least 10 years of schooling. The rot set in decades ago.

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  3. Zipster says:

    wtf is a ‘latinx’? this normalisation of metal illness is a crime in itself.

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  4. Rorschach says:

    This push by collectivists to dumb down the population

    Its a manifestation of the drive for “equalidee”. The eastern European iron curtained countries were poor, and spiritually and morally broken. But they were smart… And arguably it is the clever that can drive and argue a population into resistance. Which happened.

    If you have a dumb, and probably drug addled population happy to sit in a broken caravan doing nothing so long as they have the latest 65″ widescreen with news/propaganda and reality shows (showing how much dumber than they are the contestants) running 24/7 you have a socialist nirvana. The elites can play around the world and the addled work and consume.

    You also save the world from global warming as only the 1%’ers will travel, eat meat and live in huge mansions… 😉

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  5. rickw says:

    We’re going to end up back at employers setting their own entrance exams and training courses. Already part way there, for some time a fabrication shop in Townsville has been running its own training and examination. Owner got sick of new workers chopping up steel to wrong dimensions because of poor English and Maths skills.

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  6. DM OF WA says:

    The situation right here in Australia is almost exactly the same. The difference is that our education system is much more secretive and unaccountable than in the US.

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  7. Kneel says:

    “…first generation of uni grads…”

    Jordan Peterson now recommends sending your kids to trade school (TAFE) instead, as they will at least learn something useful, plus how to think. Uni grads now only learn what to think, not how.

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  8. Zipster says:

    Bigotry has been so overused as to become meaningless. Everyone has an opinion about some race or other and therefore everyone is a bigot as they don’t buy into the communist notion of “equity”. Communists set themselves up as God in front of which all difference must be eradicated and rendered same.

    It’s just a way of demonising the proletariat.

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  9. Baba says:

    Meanwhile, in Australia …

    In a major address at the recent Australian Association for the Teaching of English conference, former Queensland school teacher and University of Melbourne senior lecturer Dr Melitta Hogarth described the use of the name English as an “act of assimilation”.

    She offered alternatives, such as “Language Arts” or “Languages, Literacy and Communications”.

    Dr Hogarth, an Indigenous woman who spent many years teaching Indigenous children, said in her address her intent was to “disrupt and scrutinise” the role subject English played in maintaining the “status quo”, and “asserting the besieged sovereignty of the colonial state”.


    The good doctor is an Abbariginal. Natch.

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  10. Jannie says:

    Everything is racist, xxxist, xxxist, xxxist, for the last 30 years. But more recently white people have become identified as “the other”, by the government and media establishment. This will create a form of white solidarity that would otherwise be illegal for white people to organise and create. Maybe white supremacists are in control after all.

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  11. Crossie says:

    You also save the world from global warming as only the 1%’ers will travel, eat meat and live in huge mansions… 😉


    Funny how that seems to be working out just as the aristocracy want.

    I always thought it was very unseemly for Prince Charles to advocate green policies and sustainability when he would always enjoy a lavish lifestyle and consume far more than anyone else in riches and natural resources no matter how much he likes to pretend otherwise.

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  12. Enyaw says:

    Baba , at least she has a touch of abo facial features . not a complete pretender .

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  13. Kneel says:

    ” This will create a form of white solidarity that would otherwise be illegal for white people to organise and create. Maybe white supremacists are in control after all.”

    Yes, strange that they not only want to segregate, but they want white people to talk to each other about “shared” experience and “racial” experience etc – it’s almost like they WANT to promote the white supremacist stuff.

    Still, black folks are also pushing back – one lady complained about it because she wanted her kids to have a specific teacher, and they told her “that is not a black class” – she went ballistic (as she should).

    Once mothers get involved and push back, you know it’s gone too far. And they are. And when this is all races complaining, the push-back will be epic, and they won’t be able to shut it down easily – except for the usual MSM ignoring it, but that doesn’t work as well any more either, to many have awoken to the MSM lies and will seek alternative sources and alternative means of communicating their issues.

    Popcorn futures must be doing a hockey stick by now… should have gotten in earlier 🙂

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