Part I: It is Time for a Change

It is obvious that there are serious problems in the country and the world. Although this may seem apparent to some of us, how is the situation viewed by the general public?

  1.  Some think all is well, and our political masters are doing a really good job.
  2.  Some are on the fence: Yeah, Nah, OK, Maybe.
  3.  Some can identify the problems and the solutions quite clearly.

For those in the third group, what can be done?

  1. Nothing, the mess is too deep.
  2. Complain, whinge, chatter about it
  3. Do something about it that will make a difference.

If you have the checked option 3, and then c, what is the next step?

Here is my analysis.

If there is to be a change here in Australia, the most important factor will depend on the Federal Elections, and who wins it. For that, those who want to do something to make a difference, need to generate an awareness that there is something going wrong in this country. Indicate who is responsible for the mess that Australia is in, and why change in the political scene is vital to this country.

How do we do it?

Education. Instead of wasting time in petty ego trips and point-scoring, those who understand the issues and the need for change should focus on ways in which we can educate others — those who are not part of our Echo Chambers — so they will change their vote from the wreckers (Liberal, Labor, Nationals, Greens) to the smaller centre-right parties.

How do we go about this educating process?

We can start within our own circle of family, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours, others we come into contact with. Look around you and see if you can spot the ones who may be open to reason. If you can convert one or at least plant a seed, that one in turn converts another, and it sets off a domino effect.

To successfully convert, we need to produce the evidence. We need to be calm and not lose tempers. We need to rationally place the true picture with the facts, before our intended target for conversion. If you are asked questions or face misinformation, you need to be able to counter it with the truth.

The material needed to successfully make our case should be easily available so that we can quickly refer to it, or after a while, even be able to direct our conversion target to this database.

That is where the CatWiki comes in …….

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2 Responses to Part I: It is Time for a Change

  1. FlyingPigs says:

    I’ll take 3.a. thanks Kaysee

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  2. Shy Ted says:

    4d for me. 4 being catastrophic. d being the French Revolution. Why? ICD10 code External Cause of Death index beginning with “B”.
    Light blue for pollies and journos.
    Not a fatuous post.

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