Open Thread – Saturday, 30 October 2021

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  1. cohenite says:

    Lame pics courtesy of the inestimable Mark A:

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  2. mh says:

    ‘Another day, another professional soccer player has an on-field cardiac arrest
    Alex Berenson Nov 2

    This time in Norway. His name is Emil Palsson; he’s 28, and Icelandic. No report on whether he is vaccinated, but Iceland has near-complete adult vaccinations; 84% of people 16-29 are fully vaccinated.

    Same situation as Christian Eriksen. Palsson collapsed and his crisis was obvious immediately.

    He was rushed to a hospital; let’s all keep him in our thoughts.

    I have a feeling this is going to happen in a way that makes it impossible to hide – an NBA or NFL game or Premier League match.’

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  3. mh says:


    ‘A football match in Norway was stopped on Monday because of a player suffering cardiac arrest on the pitch.

    Icelandic midfielder Emil Palsson, who is on loan at Norwegian second division side Sogndal from top flight Sarpsborg 08, was taken ill after 12 minutes of the first half against Stjordals-Blink.

    In a statement, the club said the 28-year-old was “successfully resuscitated”.

    Palsson was then flown to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

    In June, Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen, 29, collapsed because of cardiac arrest during his country’s Euro 2020 game against Finland and had life-saving treatment on the pitch.

    He later had an a implantable cardioverter defibrillator device – a type of pacemaker – fitted.

    On Saturday, former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero was taken to hospital for tests after suffering “chest discomfort” as Barcelona drew 1-1 against Alaves in La Liga.

    Following cardiological tests, the 33-year-old has been ruled out for three months and will receive treatment while his health is monitored.’
    So footballer heart attacks on the pitch do get covered by the MSM.
    It will be interesting to see how these stories end up getting spun.

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  4. mh says:


    ‘Cleo Smith was alone inside a locked Carnarvon house when police broke in and rescued her early this morning but police will not say precisely what led them there. A man is in custody.’

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  5. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Youngkin defeats McAuliffe?

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  6. mh says:

    Ron DeSantis
    Paying illegal immigrants hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for “damages” is a slap in the face to hardworking Americans and individuals who legally immigrated to our country.

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  7. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Lolly Kingdom is good Muddy

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  8. Shy Ted says:

    The vax deaths caused by 5% off the batches is interesting. But VAERS data is so backed up and the best guess is only 1% reported anyway I reckon it’ll be a reporting problem in the end. Some areas will be better reporters than other areas. Like in the real world.
    Anyway, got to attend a protest. Don’t get any ideas.

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  9. egg_ says:

    Paying illegal immigrants hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for “damages” is a slap in the face to hardworking Americans and individuals who legally immigrated to our country.

    Erbie Dingo always belting on about “black fellas” this “black fellas” that.
    Is this “First Nations”* shite insulting to African immigrants?
    Talk about divisive rot, but a good earner what, Ernie, with your blonde white wife – the apex for a “black fella” like Adam Goodes, Irishman?

    *Imported from the Canadian Inuit industry.

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  10. egg_ says:

    ‘A football match in Norway was stopped on Monday because of a player suffering cardiac arrest on the pitch.

    Headline: Frankenvax Fells Athletes by the Dozen

    /Alternate Universe to the present Clown Universe

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  11. egg_ says:

    ‘Scott Morrison said he’ll allow the same number of replacement staff into Australia on expedited immigration arrangements to cover the gap.’

    Scummo sh1tting on Grig’s dissenting ‘Elf colleagues – the shame!

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  12. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    The way Patrick Mahomes is going egg, he is suffering effects of da vax.

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  13. Steve trickler says:

    Check this out from the WA.GOV. Is this even legal? If the parents tick no, the student then can make informed consent. F8cking BS!

    Legal Guardian or Legal Substitute Decision-maker details.

    I am the patients legal guardian or legal substitute decision-maker and agree to Covid-19 vaccination of the patient named above

    Tick Yes or No.

    Where is box that says?

    I am the patients legal guardian or legal substitute decision maker and do NOT agree to have the Covid-19 vaccination of the patient named above

    Tick Yes or NO


    Freedom Media WA

    McGowan’s School Injection Program – YOUR Kids – His Mandate.

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  14. Steve trickler says:

    The wording is deceptive…deliberately so.

    McGowan is a prick.

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  15. egg_ says:

    Erbie Dingo always belting on about “black fellas” this “black fellas” that.
    Is this “First Nations”* shite insulting to African immigrants?

    I personally know of African immigrants who admire colonial British architecture and whom dwell in same; Indians same.

    Our Aboriginal Industry rails against same – those who seek to better themselves vs the lowbrow-rent-a-crowd.

    DNA wise is not the path of migration Africa-Europe-Asia?

    But we of better resources are the most developed and not stuck in a medieval mindset.

    Biologists are saying what separates us from the Great Apes is not our capacity, as a society, for violence but our capacity for low reactive violence – tolerance.
    Sh1tholers have a medieval mindset – self and family before society?
    “What is ‘Society'”, per Maggie Thatcher.

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  16. mh says:

    If soccer players keep having heart attacks on the pitch I may have to start watching the world game.

    But I guess some players will begin faking it.

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  17. Delta A says:

    “Check this out from the WA.GOV. Is this even legal?”
    Same is happening at Grandies’ school.
    Daughter has stipulated that she DOES NOT want them jabbed. And, because she doesn’t trust any ‘authority’ these days, she’s keeping the kids home on the vaccination days.
    Kids are rapt about that.

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  18. mh says:

    ‘The Fox News Decision Desk can now project that Republican Glenn Youngkin will win the gubernatorial race in Virginia, defeating former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a statewide election with national implications that McAuliffe was once expected to win.’

    Let’s go Brandon!

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  19. Muddy says:

    Black Ball says:
    November 3, 2021 at 12:32 pm

    Lolly Kingdom is good Muddy

    Thanks, Black Ball. I’m assuming that’s our secret code?
    (I have checked out Lolly Kingdom online: Mmmmm, sugarrrrr *Insert Homer Simpson throat gurgle* I’m desperately trying to cut down my sugar intake though).

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  20. Top Ender says:

    Australia needs nuclear submarines now, not later

    By Top Ender

    In the debate which has ensued since the federal government decided not to continue with the French submarine contract, it has become increasingly apparent the general public is wiser than anyone about what’s best for this country.

    The tide of opinion is not only for nuclear, but for nuclear now.

    Talk that Australia will get nuclear attack boats in 10 or 20 years is widely seen as ridiculous. Talk that they will be built here is also seen as foolish. We have spent $2.4bn on the French project and got precisely nothing – no plan, and no submarine. What the general public wants is the deterrent of the most effective submarines right away.

    That the western Pacific is a potential battlespace is obvious. Obvious too is the fact that a deterrent of nuclear submarines, submerged once they leave port, would be the best bet for this country. This is the right way to bolster a defence force left neglected for far too long.

    So what to do? There are two solutions available, and money will solve the problem. Ironically it would be a lot less than the $150 billion the French contract would have cost, only to give us inferior diesel-electric vessels in a decade and more. The answer lies in injecting cash into the production lines of either the Astute or the Virginia hunter-killer submarines being built by Britain and the USA.

    These are the best boats to buy. They have a proven pedigree from two of the best navies on the planet. They are both in production now. Defence Minister Dutton – the most decisive defence minister we have had in decades – could and should take the national chequebook over to our allies, and ask nicely for the production lines to be paralleled or speeded up. And we’d like the first one in a year, not a decade.

    Which to buy? Both have proven pedigrees, unlike the weird concept of having the French take an existing nuclear submarine, rip the engines out, and instead install diesels and batteries; fuel tanks and snort masts. The Virginias and Astutes are nuclear boats designed to go deep and stay there, and once they leave port not to come up to run engines to recharge batteries – the diesel-electric concept of “snorting” born in World War II. Nuclear vessels stay down, and their deterrence increases by the day as they do, for the enemy does not know where they are, and must guard his ports and his surface vessels accordingly, thus slowly constricting his own operations for fear of sudden attack out of the depths.

    A glance at the figures is instructive.

    7,700 tons
    Crew: 98
    Armament: Torpedo; Torpedo tube launch Tomahawk missiles; Mines
    Range and endurance: Unlimited
    First built: 2001
    Number planned: 7
    Number produced: 5
    Cost: $2.25b US

    Size: 11,200 tons
    Crew: 35
    Armament: Torpedo; Vertical launch Tomahawk missiles; Mines
    Range and endurance: Unlimited
    First built: 2000
    Number planned: 66
    Number produced: 19
    Cost: $3.45bn US

    Given the smaller size of the Astute, and the need for the Royal Australian Navy to transition out of the smaller Collins-class it operates at present, the British option presents attraction there. It’s also less expensive.

    However, these days we train and fight more with the Americans. It has been that way since WWII, since both of us have the Pacific as our main interest. Better to have commonality with our main ally.

    The British Astutes have been individually produced over around 10 years, from “laying down” a keel to being in the water in service. The Virginias are much faster into ready use, at three or sometimes even two years. Rumours fly thick and fast in this debate, with one arguing the Americans “need” all of their vessels. But with a much bigger US class of 66 under construction as opposed to seven British boats that might be less likely than not. Maybe we could ask for USS Iowa of the present six on the slips – not so much to elbow into the queue as inquire if the speed can be increased to satisfy both US and Australian navies. Then again, an Aussie politician lugging a chest of gold behind him might well speed up a British assembly line.

    The idea that defence force build processes are slow isn’t necessarily true, although the build process for the French submarines was laughable. Announced in 2016, not a metre of steel had been cut when they were cancelled five years later. Perhaps the most admirable naval build record of all time was the construction of the mighty HMS Dreadnought, the battleship than revolutionized naval thinking prior to the Great War. Laid down in 1905, only 15 months later this 527 foot 18,000 ton monster was sailing. The British public had demanded “eight, and we won’t wait” – so should we. Other feats of naval engineering show mighty achievements may be made. The Kreigsmarine – the German Navy – of WWII, had 1,156 submarines built through the war years. The US Navy, following the Battle of the Coral Sea, had the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown repaired over several days for the coming fight at Midway – a fix that had been estimated at three months. The Australian public should not be told that we can’t have nuclear submarines quickly.

    Although the Virginia is the preferred design, at least for this writer, we should go with whoever can give us nuclear boats the faster. We need to go and ask whichever government – and whichever company – will get us in the sea sooner. For we are in a situation now where we need deterrence if we don’t want to fight. Sun Tsu said the greatest victory is that which requires no battle. Knowing there were two to three Australian nuclear attack submarines possibly lurking off your coast would certainly make an aggressor think in terms of peace. For Tomahawks, the best cruise missile there is, attack targets on the land as well as at sea.


    Top Ender is a military historian. His 2020 book Atomic Salvation has proved the necessity of using the A-Bombs in WWII, and his recent biography of Teddy Sheean VC has received critical acclaim.

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  21. Top Ender says:

    Crew of the Virginia should be 135; typo when I converted the table to text for this blog.

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  22. Muddy says:

    Interesting article, thanks Top Ender.

    What am I missing in the difference between crew numbers though? The British boat is smaller, but has a much larger crew?

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  23. Top Ender says:

    And 31 minutes ago in the Oz:

    US has capacity to supply Aussie nuclear subs, says congressman Joe Courtney


    The chairman of the US congress’s seapower committee has dismissed as “very unfair” concerns American shipyards are too busy to supply nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, arguing extra orders could help lift industrial capacity back towards Cold War levels.

    Democrat representative Joe Courtney said he was “very confident there will be capacity when the demand signal is out there”, amid speculation the British, with greater production slack, will end up with the lion’s share of contracts to build at least eight ­nuclear-powered submarines under the AUKUS security pact.

    “If you go back to the 1980s and 1990s, we were building four ­Attack submarines a year,” Mr Courtney, who is also co-chairman of the Friends of Australia caucus, told The Australian.

    “In 2007 the subs workforce here was around 7000; now it’s 18,000.” He added that it was around double that level again during the Cold War.

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  24. Good stuff, TE.

    If the Japanese were in the mix, how would their boat compare?

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  25. Barking Toad says:

    Thanks for your piece Top Ender.

    Does our current government have the balls to timely force this issue?

    It took 5 years to fuck off the lunatic French project.

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  26. Muddy says:

    From Cohenite’s Mark A pics link of this morning:

    Dude distracts snake on his lap.

    (Could have been worse, I suppose. A Labor pollie, for example).

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  27. FlyingPigs says:

    Top Ender says:
    November 3, 2021 at 7:16 pm

    Australia needs nuclear submarines now, not later

    By Top Ender

    Thank you for ‘penning’ that TE.

    Hopefully Dutton can get it done.

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  28. FlyingPigs says:

    And I do not see a problem with ‘manning’ nuclear subs.

    Hopefully Australia is already rotating crew through British and American Nuclear Submarine fleets.

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  29. Muddy says:

    Posted my crew query before I saw your correction.

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  30. FlyingPigs says:

    @Farmer Gez

    Totally agree.

    Tamie Fraser nee Beggs was/is a class above Malcolm Fraser.

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  31. cohenite says:

    Virginia gone to the GOP with a clean sweep in the state looking likely. Still over 49% voted demorat. 49 fucking %. These people don’t have brains, they have dog turds between their ears.

    Also close is the NJ governor race

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  32. mh says:

    The Oz spins it:

    Virginia delivers a slap to Trump
    Proof a conventional Republican, with zero name recognition, can win a major state on the strength of a good campaign alone.

    Washington Correspondent

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  33. Barking Toad says:

    Virginia gone to the GOP

    Let’s Go Brandon!

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  34. mh says:

    So an aboriginal abducted Cleo then?

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  35. FlyingPigs says:

    and TE

    thank you for your service.

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  36. cohenite says:

    The Oz spins it:

    Virginia delivers a slap to Trump
    Proof a conventional Republican, with zero name recognition, can win a major state on the strength of a good campaign alone.

    Washington Correspondent

    adam creighton is a kunt.

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  37. Top Ender says:

    Re the Japanese submarine query…excellent boats, as are German.

    But I really think only nuclears will do us. Preferably off an overseas production line already running. For God’s sake don’t say we’ll build it here and “modify it for our conditions”.

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  38. mh says:

    If the GOP had lost, the Oz would be saying:

    ‘Republican loss in Virginia confirms the party needs to move on from the Trump era’

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  39. candy says:

    Virginia delivers a slap to Trump
    Surely a slap to Trump would be if the Democrats won, indicating voters thought Biden was the right man and no regrets.

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  40. mh says:

    ‘When mob rule dictates that we must all cheer a male homecoming queen, it’s clear that society is close to collapse’

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  41. Steve trickler says:

    Excellent travel vlog ( a lot of crap ones on sussietube ) from this South African bloke.👍


    Kurt Kaz.

    Towards the end of my stay I decided to stay in a floating lodge about a 25 minute speedboat ride away from Iquitos.
    In total it cost me $203 with breakfast included.
    Great service and friendly people who have now become friends.
    This is not an advertisement for them but if you would like to stay there, it is called Amazon Oasis Lodge.
    This video is a little bit different and more relaxed than the previous ones…

    $200 Floating Hotel In The Amazon 🇵🇪

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  42. cohenite says:

    Led by EU and AUKUS dreamers, they destroy reliable energy from coal, oil, nuclear, gas and hydro while forcing us to subsidise net-negative dreams like solar, wind, wave-power, CCUS, hot rocks, pumped hydro and hydrogen.

    All such speculative ventures should be funded by speculators, not taxpayers.

    COP-Out-26 illustrates to the realists of China, Russia, India and Brazil that the West has lost its marbles and is in terminal decline.

    For Scott Morrison to surrender Australia to these green wolves betrays an army of miners, farmers, truckies and workers in primary, secondary and tertiary industries that support him and his Canberra pack.

    The fakery of COP-Out-26 is well illustrated by the provision of diesel generators to recharge the batteries of 26 electric cars provided for show in Glasgow. But that’s OK “because the diesels are run on recycled chip fat”.

    Horses and covered wagons would be more reliable and appropriate and dried horse manure could cook their fake meat on their green, chip-fired barbeques.

    Neither EU nor AUKUS green dreamers can run their world on energy plans drafted by neurotic school girls, clueless Princes, deluded accountants like Ross Garnaut or serial climate alarmists like David Attenborough.

    China loves Net-Zero, using its growing coal power to manufacture the wind turbines, solar panels, electric engines and rare earth batteries for the Woke-World.

    But the subsidy tap feeding green energy development in the Western world will run dry. Fake energy will fade away leaving a continent of jobless people with silent mills, refineries and factories.

    Our land will be littered with derelict windmills, decaying solar panels, dead batteries and sagging transmission lines to be cleaned up in order to restore our land to productive grasslands, crops and forests.

    Those huge concrete bases of abandoned wind towers will become permanent obstacles to restoration of this land. Next we will see digital carbon-credit cards designed by green academics to ration our energy and food usage to achieve their Net-Zero Nirvana.

    A bleak future beckons.

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  43. FlyingPigs says:

    I see South Africa wanting money for Net-Zero.

    I thought they had already achieved nothing.

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  44. Steve trickler says:

    Things you learn. Impressive as always, from THG.


    The History Guy.

    On May 4, 1917, one of the strangest air and sea battles in history took place in the North Sea in a fight so desperate that both sides literally fired until they ran out of ammunition.

    Cruisers vs Zeppelin: HMAS Sydney and HMS Dublin vs L 43, 1917

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  45. mh says:

    ‘Family support workers warned a toddler was at risk just months before he was left with lifelong disabilities after his mother spent five hours in a Melbourne pokies venue while he was locked in her car on a scorching summer’s day.

    The 34-year-old mother pleaded guilty in the County Court of Victoria on Wednesday to negligently causing serious injury to her son, then 14 months old, after she left him alone in a car outside The Brook gaming venue at Point Cook on January 15, 2020…’
    This was the story the media sweetened by changing facts, such as the ‘pokies venue’ became ‘bingo hall’.
    Because vag.

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  46. Steve trickler says:

    It is worth bookmarking ladies and gents. 46:41

    Harald Baldr

    ■ NICOSIA, CYPRUS: I joined a group tour of Cyprus to investigate the incredible history of this island first hand. I expected the highlight of said tour to be the many mountain-top Venetian castles that still stand proud and strong along the coastline of Cyprus.

    Whilst the one medieval fortress I visited was indeed impressive, I ended up aborting the tour to set up an appointment with a woman I ran into that first day who told me she makes mosaics!

    But does she really make them herself? Are there really artists that have kept this epic ancient craft which was the principal art form in the Byzantine empire alive? And can I order my very own custom mosaic of whatever motif I like?

    I had a million questions and hence spent the next week figuring it all out. Here’s how it went!

    The Mosaic Maker 🇨🇾

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  47. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    No sleep means a bit of reading. And it looks like the biggest emitters are holding a gun to the head of the West.
    But even Fiji are telling SloMo what should happen, which I guess means more money to them. Its just a useless exercise ever holding these confabs.

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  48. Ragu says:

    《Its just a useless exercise ever holding these confabs.》

    It has some utility, BB. Russia and China not turning up tells us drones that they are happy with their brand of communism, and aren’t much interested in distributing their national wealth to Kiribati

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  49. caveman says:

    Santos says if companies don’t switch to new energy sources they will die

    Hydrogen Nazis apparently the only energy source available ,no nuclear for you.

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  50. mh says:

    ‘Victoria’s daily coronavirus numbers are in.

    The state has recorded 1247 new cases of COVID-19 and nine deaths.’

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  51. mh says:

    ‘Alan Jones exits Sky News Australia

    The controversial broadcaster said that in a meeting last week with his employer, he received an offer, but it was one he did not wish to pursue.’
    Can’t think of anything worth watching on Sky News now.
    Maybe Gary Hardgraves on a Friday night, but I normally miss that show anyway.

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  52. mh says:

    Russell Brand

    Is This A JOKE?? “Let’s Go Brandon!” Now BANNED?!

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  53. cohenite says:

    Lame pics from the Mark A repository:

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  54. caveman says:

    Knew AJ would leave skah news, more than likely see Piers Morgan fill the slot with his new show. Skah were looking for a time slot.
    Maybe AJ heads to 2SM with Lawsy.
    Ill flick my Skah subscription today , can always listen to skah on iheart radio until they pull that gig as well.

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  55. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Can’t link again. Terry McCrann has a nice summary of COPOUT26

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  56. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Deliciously, Gaia rolled out its own special welcome to the 20,000 or more carbon dioxide-belching, bloviating carpetbaggers, main chancers and assorted climate hysterics flocking by private jet and first and business class into Glasgow.

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  57. Shy Ted says:

    The Cleo of Carnarvon story is very strange. Abducted, missing for 18 days. Found in very good health, very clean and nourished and not traumatised. Sitting up in hospital within the hour, smiling. Tipoff was the nappy buying. Shouldn’t she be out of nappies at 4? Clearly she’s been well looked after. Not all things have to make sense but this just doesn’t. One story to watch.

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  58. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Lol. Aaron Rodgers has the American sports media in a tizz. Says he was ‘immunised’ rather than jabbed. Now he has tested positive to the rona. Conveniently. So he has let his teammates down and whatever else the media are slanging to browbeat him to get a jab. NFL I believe had compulsory vaccination so be interesting how it pans out for Rodgers and Green Bay

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  59. Steve trickler says:

    She’s right.

    Check the clip for links to longer versions. How anyone can take that pr*ck Ferguson seriously has got me scratching my head. The corrupt piece of crap has been wrong on how many occasions now?

    Professor Neil Ferguson Called A “F***ing Murderer”

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  60. mh says:

    ‘Pattinson could make shock England switch
    England are hinting the quick might change his international allegiance after he pulled out of his Cricket Australia deal on the eve of the Ashes.’

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  61. kaysee kaysee says:

    Some truths for the Dems.

    Jorge Bonilla

    This clip from Virginia will become the subject of nightmares. (via @TelemundoNews)

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  62. kaysee kaysee says:

    JUST IN – Fully vaccinated LA Mayor has tested positive for #COVID19 at #COP26 in Glasgow and is now isolating in his hotel room.

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  63. kaysee kaysee says:

    Poll: Only 42 Percent Think Biden ‘Mentally Sharp’

    The latest poll from I&I/TIPP released Monday revealed that overall, only 42.3 percent of the respondents believe President Joe Biden is “mentally sharp,” while over half (50.5 percent) believe he is not “mentally sharp.”

    Only 42 percent believe Biden is mentally sharp ….. Wrong emphasis?

    Shouldn’t it be
    Only 50 percent believe that Biden is not mentally sharp?

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  64. kaysee kaysee says:

    Facebook Fact Checkers Funded By The People They Are Fact Checking

    It asks the right question:
    Who pays the paychecks of the fact checkers?

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  65. kaysee kaysee says:

    Presser goes awry in Cairns.

    What’s-her-name did a Jacinda press conference.

    If the question is not from the accredited media, walk away.

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  66. kaysee kaysee says:

    A few daily toons get posted here by mh and johanna. The link to the latest Week in Pics is brought to us by Cold-Hands.

    Any volunteers to take up posting other toons? Lurking Cats?

    Those who are here every day in the mornings, especially the early hours, if any of you are willing to take up posting the links to some of the daily cartoons, it would be much appreciated.
    Some work involved: check the site, and if the cartoon for the day is a good one, post the link. Makes it easy for others to just click on the latest links.

    If there are any other Aussie or good cartoonists, someone can post those, too.

    Here are the main links to some cartoonists.

    Michael Ramirez

    Ben Garrison

    A.F. Branco

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  67. Muddy says:

    I’m thinking of purchasing 20 copies of the following for Christmas gifts:

    Feminist CityClaiming Space in a Man-Made WorldBy: Leslie Kern.

    We live in the city of men. Our public spaces are not designed for female bodies. There is little consideration for women as mothers, workers or carers. The urban streets often are a place of threats rather than community. Gentrification has made the everyday lives of women even more difficult. What would a metropolis for working women look like? A city of friendships beyond Sex and the City. A transit system that accommodates mothers with strollers on the school run. A public space with enough toilets. A place where women can walk without harassment.

    In The Feminist City, through history, personal experience and popular culture Leslie Kern exposes what is hidden in plain sight: the social inequalities built into our cities, homes, and neighborhoods. Kern offers an alternative vision of the feminist city. Taking on fear, motherhood, friendship, activism, and the joys and perils of being alone, Kern maps the city from new vantage points, laying out an intersectional feminist approach to urban histories and proposes that the city is perhaps also our best hope for shaping a new urban future. It is time to dismantle what we take for granted about cities and to ask how we can build more just, sustainable, and women-friendly cities together.

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  68. Muddy says:

    I’ve been a Branco fan for a little while now, ever since I saw him on Legal Insurrection a few years ago.

    Speaking of cartoons, I’ve been trying to develop one, but my drawing skills are not up to presentation standard. I have a concept, and the writing content for about 12-15 strips so far, but I need another passionate, like-minded person with drawing skills. (Visually, the concept is quite simple, as it is dialogue-based. The strips cycle through three scenes, which remain basically the same in design, as do the characters).

    Any potential contributors out there?

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  69. Muddy says:

    Black Ball.

    Was the content of my email of any interest to you?
    (Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ – it’s all good practise).

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  70. Muddy says:

    I have no problems with the promotion of the positive aspects of a particular culture (being a history nerd, I often find this information fascinating), but I’m not a fan of the appropriation and redefinition (or undermining)* of the foundational concepts of other cultures:

    The First Scientists Deadly Inventions and Innovations from Australia’s First Peoples

    The First Scientists is the highly anticipated, illustrated science book from Corey Tutt of Deadly Science. With kids aged 7 to 12 years in mind, this book will nourish readers’ love of science and develop their respect for Indigenous knowledge at the same time.

    Have you ever wondered what the stars can tell us? Did you know the seasons can be predicted just by looking at subtle changes in nature? Maybe you have wondered about the origins of glue or if forensic science is possible without a crime scene investigation. Australia’s First peoples have the longest continuing culture on Earth and their innovation will amaze you as you leaf through the pages of this book, learning fascinating facts and discovering the answers to life’s questions.

    In consultation with communities, Corey tells us of many deadly feats – from bush medicine to bush trackers – that are today considered ‘science’, and introduces us to many amazing scientists, both past and present. The breadth of ‘sciences’ is incredible with six main chapters covering astronomy, engineering, forensic science, chemistry, land management and ecology. The first scientists passed on the lessons of the land, sea and sky to the future scientists of today through stories, song and dance, and many of these lessons are now shared in this book.

    Vibrant illustrations by Blak Douglas bring the subjects to life, so you’ll never think about science as just people in lab coats ever again!

    * It is not the appropriation of selected aspects of a culture (including their technologies) that I object to, for such is both normal and beneficial. It is the redefinition motivated by malice, that is unacceptable.

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  71. kaysee kaysee says:

    Tweet of the Day

    Few years ago, we saw an emotional picture of a young girl comforting her little brother who had cancer. Beckett Burge, the little boy in that picture has recovered completely from cancer.

    Details here.

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  72. egg_ says:

    Indeed, midday Tuesday Britain was getting almost as much – nearly 1000MW or about half a Hazelwood or a Liddell – from coal as the 1200MW it was getting from wind. That’s the coal that our duo of Twittering Twerps, Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd, were gushingly chortling back in the middle of 2020 would never be turned on again in Britain.

    And still it gets turned on, and will continue to be turned on, when the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine, at night, or can’t peep through the clouds during the day.

    All up, as the Conference warmed up, so to speak, Britain was getting 70 per cent of its power from burning stuff – gas, coal and woodchips – and emitting CO2.

    A further 16 per cent was coming from the nuclear power that Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese have joined in an exercise of stunning bipartisan stupidity and national vandalism in refusing to consider for Australia.

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  73. egg_ says:

    Yes, to nuclear submarines, some time after 2050 if we are lucky, but no to nuclear power. Sheer, unbridled idiocy.

    So there was Britain and Boofhead Boris in full global warming ranting against fossil fuels mode, but getting at that very same moment 70 per cent of its power from those demon sources, another 16 per cent from nuclear, and around 7 per cent from its extension cords into Europe and its mostly nuclear and gas power stations.

    After the tens of billions of pounds that have been poured into windmills and solar panels, when Britain needed it, just 6.3 per cent was coming from them.

    Just 3.4 per cent was from wind and 2.9 per cent from hydro, and as I noted, right in the middle of the day, absolute zero anywhere in the UK from solar.

    Are we completely collectively insane? Desperately trying to reinvent the energy wheel and demanding it be square?

    Hundreds of billions of dollars around the world have been poured into renewables, and it’s bad enough that the ones that ‘work’- that generate some power, like wind and solar – are so pathetically useless.

    But think of all the others that have failed utterly – the rusting ‘wave generators’ scattered around coasts, the thermal ‘hot rocks that were going to power Australia, carbon capture and storage which has captured only dollars.

    Now it’s supposed to be – blue and green – hydrogen.

    While China just keeps building more – 95 more at the moment – coal-fired stations.

    While also making the wind mills and solar panels to sell to us idiots; the 21st century version of Lenin’s rope for hanging us.

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  74. kaysee kaysee says:

    From the emperor of the universe:

    Klaus Schwab:
    “…as long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe.”

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  75. cohenite says:

    She’s right.

    Check the clip for links to longer versions. How anyone can take that pr*ck Ferguson seriously has got me scratching my head. The corrupt piece of crap has been wrong on how many occasions now?

    Professor Neil Ferguson Called A “F***ing Murderer”

    Good stuff; but she should have also gone down and kicked the bastard in his shrunken cods.

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  76. egg_ says:

    Klaus Schwab:
    “…as long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe.”

    A pre-jab s(ch)wab?

    What about dissenting frontline medics?

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  77. mh says:

    ‘JUST IN – Fully vaccinated LA Mayor has tested positive for #COVID19 at #COP26 in Glasgow and is now isolating in his hotel room.’
    Can Klaus Kissinger explain why the Mayor has to isolate?

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  78. mh says:

    A clearer picture of the black fella who abducted little Cleo

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  79. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Thanks egg for the McCrann piece. ‘Twittering Twerps’. Chortle

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  80. egg_ says:

    Wave energy fizzers the norm.

    Carnegie closes choppy half-year with “key progress” on wave power technology

    Carnegie Clean Energy has closed the chapter on a choppy half-year, reporting a net loss for the period ending December 31 of just over $1.2 million.

    The company’s interim results, which also reported a slight year-on-year increase in revenue to $158,276, reflect six months where the company’s main earner, the Garden Island microgrid in Western Australia, was switched off.

    The micro-grid – which features a 2MW solar array and and 2MW/0.5MWh of battery storage and is used to power the HMAS Stirling naval base off the port of Fremantle south of Perth – was disconnected in early April of 2020, due to infrastructure issues on the base.

    Military clowns in bed with Green energy?

    That ought to work out well.

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  81. kaysee kaysee says:

    Nike Metaworse

    Nike is heading to the metaverse.

    On October 27th the company filed new trademark applications for NIKE, JUST DO IT and the swoosh logo.

    The filings indicate an intent to make and sell NIKE-branded VIRTUAL shoes and clothing.

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  82. kaysee kaysee says:

    Then, there’s Microworse

    Microsoft Teams enters the metaverse race with 3D avatars and immersive meetings

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  83. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Was it a case of mistaken identity mh? Reports are circulating that it was different surnames than the perpetrator, but the black fella was bashed?

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