Open Thread – Saturday, 28 May 2022

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  1. egg_ says:

    This Will All Be Used Against You: Viva Frei, Sara Gonzales, Rav Arora | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

    Salty Cracker picked up Beta O’Rourke’s “duper’s delight” – one sick fvck.

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  2. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Good Moaning

    Another day of fishing awaits, it’s a tough life but someone has to do it.

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  3. egg_ says:

    Psycho tranny attacks Dave Chappelle on stage…
    Psycho tranny shoots up school…

    /Woke is broke

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  4. Shy Ted says:

    Me too Carpe, Splashing out on the good bait
    Handy snack, too

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  5. Whalehunt Fun says:

    It adds up fine. Democrats destroy the family unit with their animalistic culture and young men go awry killing innocents. Ocasia Cortez may as well have stabbed those children in they eye and bathed in their blood, she is that guilty.

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  6. JohnJJJ says:

    Not too sure if this got through, so to repeat: if you are interested in Asian wives of the US wealthy, honey traps, lezos in Hollywood, Armenian gangs selling mass votes and dead rolls in California, blue/yellow fat lady in NY Puccini and much more with Mark Groubert and Robert Barnes: Free Form Friday.

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  7. mh says:

    ‘I don’t hold any grudges’: Djokovic wants to return to Australia, happy refugees were released

    When asked his thoughts about the status of refugees, some who had been locked up in Melbourne for years on end, Djokovic said: “All refugees, did all refugees leave the detention centre?

    “If that’s correct, then I’m obviously very happy about it because I know that it was very difficult for them, particularly for the ones that stayed there for nine years,” he said.

    “I stayed there for a week, and I can’t imagine how they felt for nine years.

    “They haven’t done anything wrong, and they are asylum seekers and stayed for nine years. That’s something I obviously did not understand why.

    “But if I brought some light to that situation, then, you know, in a positive way for them, for this to happen, then of course I’m very happy because they got another chance in different country.

    “We underestimate freedom. Until you actually live something like that and see what the circumstances are, then you don’t really have an idea of what it feels like when somebody strips away the freedom from you.”

    Djokovic referenced the case of Mehdi Ali, who was released in early March and resettled in the United States.

    “I know he went to the United States. I saw that, saw his pictures. I was very happy that he’s happy, that he’s getting to live free.”

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  8. mh says:

    …News that the Coalition had lost power in Australia and Labor leader Anthony Albanese was Australia’s newest Prime Minister reached Djokovic in France.

    “In terms of the government, yes, I heard the news,” said the Serbian, who has won 20 major titles, sitting one behind Rafael Nadal, who won the Australian Open in Djokovic’s absence.

    “But, I mean, I don’t know anything about whether my visa is going to be reinstated or whether I’m going to be allowed to come back to Australia.

    “I would like to. I would like to go there and play the Australian Open. I don’t hold any grudges. Look, you know, it was what it was.

    “If I have an opportunity to go back to Australia and play a place where I made the biggest success in my career on grand slam [titles], I would love to come back.

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  9. mh says:

    ABC website showing Liberal Greg Mirabella ahead for the sixth senate seat in Victoria.

    I was hoping the UAP picked up that one.

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  10. Tony Heller:

    The Biden administration Arctic Report Card made no attempt to be even remotely credible.

    Arctic Report Card

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  11. It’s a good debate to be had when it comes to the jabs. No harm in knowing about differing opinions and data.


    Del Bigtree:


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  12. mh says:

    A wedge tornado grinds across the prairie land of the Texas Panhandle. Narrowly passing the town of Morton, the kilometre-wide twister did little damage except to drought-affected cotton fields.CREDIT:NICK MOIR

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  13. egg_ says:

    MSNBC Guest Shocks Host by Revealing Sick Smear Plan for Republicans | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

    Critical Race Theory = Race Replacement Theory?

    Brian Craig (with an adopted Negro daughter) was the first to speculate that the Leftist Fed Govt was hording baby formula for the imported vote herd from south-of-the-border.

    The Dems just maintaining the Plantation.


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  14. egg_ says:

    A wedge tornado grinds across the prairie land of the Texas Panhandle.

    First, there was Sharknado – now, there’s a real Sharkano:

    NASA satellite captures ‘Sharkcano’ eruption
    The underwater volcano is home to hammerhead sharks.

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  15. egg_ says:

    Uvalde Police Chief, Pete Arredondo, Ordered Cops NOT to GO IN
    Brian Craig

    FBI groomed the perp in an online chat room, one of several shooters?

    /Deep State

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  16. mh says:

    WEF’s horseface wants us silenced

    Aaron Ginn
    The head of state of New Zealand is mocking people who disagree with her and promoting silencing critics in the “new town square”at Harvard.

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  17. mh says:

    Ted Cruz confronted by activist at restaurant over gun laws
    May. 28, 2022

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  18. egg_ says:

    The head of state of New Zealand is mocking people who disagree with her and promoting silencing critics in the “new town square”at Harvard.

    Dud thuy hev an interpreter/signer for the mangled vowels?

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  19. egg_ says:

    The head of state of New Zealand is mocking people who disagree with her and promoting silencing critics in the “new town square”at Harvard.

    New Weld Udder

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  20. egg_ says:

    The head of state of New Zealand is mocking people who disagree with her and promoting silencing critics in the “new town square”at Harvard.

    It’s getting kind of Biblical:

    – Disease and now famine brought to you by the political puppets of the faceless WEF oligarchs
    – Another needless war for Daddy Warbucks approved by political puppets on both sides of the US Legislature (who’s afraid of/paid by the Deep State)

    This can’t end well.

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  21. Black Ball says:

    Liz Cambage watch. Sunday Hun:

    ‘Aussie basketball superstar Liz Cambage called Nigerian rivals “monkeys” during an implosion that ended her Opals career and derailed the team’s Tokyo Olympics campaign.
    The Sunday Herald Sun has uncovered the real story of her Las Vegas meltdown and obtained video that captures Cambage elbowing an opponent in the head before she unleashed a torrent of racial abuse.’

    Correct me if I am wrong kind reader, but didn’t this idiot claim that racism against her was the reason for her omission from the Opals? Way to end your career darling.

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  22. Black Ball says:

    There is a more detailed report on pages 6-7. Some players in the side speaking with anonymity because the officials in charge of basketball in this country muzzled them after this outburst from Cambage.
    Apparently after her work, she tried apologising to the Nigerian team but half of them turned their backs on Cambage.

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  23. egg_ says:

    She’s exposing the truth at Davos | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

    Greta exposing the oligarchs?

    Time for another bike ride with Arnie?

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  24. Suss out the first 10 minutes. Is there anything to be concerned about?

    I didn’t see any blank boxes in my neck of the woods.


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  25. H/T Mr Beer@Dovers

    Dodgy shit from the AEC? Is the photo real?


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  26. egg_ says:

    Scumoron out of office and Friedeggburger out of a jerb is WINNING, however it was effected.

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  27. If that photo is true, good luck defending the AEC. I reckon more dodgy ‘stuff’ will surface soon.

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  28. Shy Ted says:

    Well done to Gem for broadcasting the EUFA final. Well, except for the lady commentator. Apparently one team had more “dinnermism” than the other. I think she meant “dynamism”. Native English speaker. Sigh. Once upon a time you had a working class lad who’d scored the goals and won the cups and ended every tortured sentence with “you know what I mean” and we did.

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  29. After watching some Monaco highlights, this is worth repeating.


    The Guy Who Decides Formula 1 🏎😬

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  30. egg_ says:

    Gavin Newsom has Covid one day after meeting with Jacinda…

    Aren’t they saying that it’s only transmissible via close contact – like rooting?

    /Diamond Princess anecdotal evidence

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  31. egg_ says:

    In which case, Dr Boob Gates is very safe.

    Dr Boob Gates now says he is NOT pursuing digital Frankenvax certificates, after all the hoo-ha?

    Recall the hardcopy EULA Microsoft certificates glued to PCs of yore, resembling plastic money, complete with holographic window (now replaced by a motherboard security chip, hence Win11 upgrade checks fail on old PCs)?

    Who’s he kidding?

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  32. egg_ says:

    Microchips In Pills To Force Compliance Are REAL Says Pfizer CEO
    The Jimmy Dore Show

    No Frankenvax certificate required!

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  33. mh says:

    egg_ says:
    May 29, 2022 at 12:31 pm
    She’s exposing the truth at Davos | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

    Clayton has been outed recently as a plagiarist:

    In this video, the Dreizin Report explains in detail the tactical and psychological components of the Ukraine’s latest failures in the Donbass. Among other things, you will receive a crash course in static defense planning. Most enjoyably, we start the video with several minutes of highlighting a certain other talking head’s “borrowing” of Dreizin Report material.

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  34. egg_ says:

    Dr Boob Gates’ Hispanic lover wants us to have a “micro sip”?

    Of Kool Aid a day keeps the Dr away?

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  35. egg_ says:

    Clayton has been outed recently as a plagiarist

    So long as Ken & Barbie are spreading the word – we’re all on the same side, unlike the in-fighting Clown Posse retards.

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  36. Standing ovations from retards at Harvard. 🤦‍♂️



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  37. Bazinga says:

    Would an EMP negate the microchip?

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  38. mh says:

    Harvard is churning out brainwashed globalists, just like David would have wanted

    (Reuters) – Philanthropist David Rockefeller donated a record $100 million to Harvard University’s undergraduate program, the largest gift by a Harvard alumnus in the history of the oldest and richest U.S. college.

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  39. egg_ says:

    Would an EMP negate the microchip?

    Microwave the MoFo?

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  40. mh says:

    Is horseface going to tell the US government and Harvidians that it might not be a good idea sending that 40 billion to Ukraine?

    Of course not.

    But by far the most deadly of the attacks carried out by alleged Azov supporters was that on the two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand in March 2019 in which 51 were killed by white supremacist Brenton Harrison Tarrant.

    The self-styled Ethno-nationalist spent time in Ukraine in 2015 and planned to move there permanently according to New Zealand’s security services, with the country becoming a haven for the global far-right.

    During the attack, the shooter donned a flak jacket bearing the sonnenrad (sunwheel) or black sun: a symbol commonly used by the Azov movement, originally adapted from a mosaic on the floor of the SS Generals’ Hall.

    It is known that the sickening manifesto written by Tarrant and posted on social media to justify his killing spree has been translated into Ukrainian and shared among far-right groups there. Men in military fatigues have been pictured holding copies of the Ukrainian translation of the manifesto while giving Hitler salutes.

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  41. mh says:

    Novak Djokovic match currently on CH9 Gem.

    This is a very dangerous situation.

    Aussies might be influenced.

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  42. mh says:

    Imagine paying money to The Australian for content like this:

    Weakened Putin now more dangerous
    Moscow’s military humiliation in Ukraine raises the ultimate question: is this the end of Russia as a major power?


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  43. mh says:

    Jim Rickards
    Americans have been fed a steady diet of propaganda about Ukraine “winning.” In fact, Russia has taken Lyman (a key logistics hub) and has encircled the Ukrainian army in Sievierodonetsk. I’m not pro-Russian. I am pro-American, and pro-sticking to facts.

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  44. mh says:

    Not the Bee

    The Age

    Climate warning over laughing gas used during childbirth

    A new report says people should be made aware of nitrous oxide’s environmental impact when considering it as pain relief, but midwives and mothers have warned against “guilting” women.

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  45. mh says:

    Not a sport I follow, but I know enough to say this is a big achievement

    Jai Hindley has etched his name into cycling history, becoming the first Australian to win Italy’s grand tour – 20 years after Cadel Evans first wore the pink jersey on a stage.

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  46. egg_ says:

    Weakened Putin now more dangerous

    Apologies, I read that as:

    Weekend Putin more dangerous

    He uses Neo-Nazis as target practice on the weekends?

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  47. The Sheriff says:

    Idiotic Nats have officially gone woke and removed Barnaby Joyce from the leadership. What a joke.

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  48. mh says:

    Let me guess

    Littleproud says top priority for Nats is climate change?

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  49. egg_ says:

    Idiotic Nats have officially gone woke and removed Barnaby Joyce from the leadership.

    Agrarian Socialists implosion.

    Rainbow farmers now official.


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  50. egg_ says:

    Littleproud says top priority for Nats is climate change?

    Looking for more tummy rubs on Q+A?

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  51. Black Ball says:

    Going by what radio man sez, the Nationals leader will be one of Littleproud, Chester or the non entity from Mallee in Anne Webster. What a choice 🤦

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  52. johanna johanna says:

    The Nats are why John Howard and his successors never even attempted to rein in TheirABC, they made it clear that they would shoot any reform down in the Senate. The Nats loved TheirABC.

    Over time, the Nats who supported their traditional values have been replaced with young go-getters who assert that ‘modernising’ the Nats is the way forward.

    That would be making their policies the same as everyone else’s.

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  53. egg_ says:

    The Nats are why John Howard and his successors never even attempted to rein in TheirABC, they made it clear that they would shoot any reform down in the Senate.

    Their Agrarian Socialists’ ABC Landline has been woke for years – wall-to-wall female presenters, with a lot of wymmins and environmental issues and the rare odd core farming issue thrown in to the mix almost by accident.

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  54. The Sheriff says:

    egg_ says:
    May 30, 2022 at 3:44 pm
    Idiotic Nats have officially gone woke and removed Barnaby Joyce from the leadership.

    Agrarian Socialists implosion.

    Rainbow farmers now official.

    Although it seems there are a few skeletons in Littleproud’s closet:

    The 41-year-old’s sprawling seat of Maranoa, which he took over in 2016, takes in most of Queensland’s south-west: from Roma to Charleville, Longreach and Winton. Along with neighbouring Groom, Maranoa was one of three Queensland seats to vote “no” to same-sex marriage, and Littleproud was one of just four MPs to vote against the law in the House of Representatives.

    In a recently-aired SBS documentary, one of Littleproud’s school contemporaries – farmer Dave Graham – accused Littleproud of homophobic bullying as a teenager. Farmer Dave, who was briefly famous when he came out as gay on Big Brother in 2006, said Littleproud was part of a “culture” of regular, violent bullying in the schoolyard.

    Although maybe that all goes in the forgettery if you join the climate brigade.

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  55. Entropy says:

    It could be worse, imagine how Pip Courtney gets patronised whenever she makes a pilgrimage to Ultimo. No matter how much she seeks approval with her story choice, ABC Rural would still get treated like a bunch of bumpkins.

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  56. mh says:

    About time dickheads

    Unvaccinated allowed back in Qld hospitals

    Unvaccinated Queenslanders can now visit public and private hospitals after the state government eased Covid vaccination requirements.

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  57. mh says:

    Joe Biden celebrates race replacement, you know, the right wing conspiracy theory

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  58. egg_ says:

    Is Gladys Berejiklian about to make a shock return to politics

    The NSW premier says his predecessor would make a great federal member of parliament amid reports Gladys Berejiklian is being considered for a run in 2025.

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  59. Ragu says:

    Gladys Berejiklian is being considered for a run in 2025.

    Is she broke? Why not creat a Special Emissary to California for trade relations?

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  60. Delta A says:

    Shy Ted says:
    May 30, 2022 at 8:54 pm

    Excellent article. Thanks for posting.

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  61. egg_ says:

    Is she broke? Why not creat a Special Emissary to California for trade relations?

    She used to work for Big Bank who love all the reno’s she did in Sydney.

    Fed (Ministers) get more post career connections and perks?
    Look at that dufus, the Cormannator.

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  62. Are you surprised? Davos approved.



    3AW Drive has been alerted to the proposed levy from an “inside source” who said the new fee would impact a large chunk of drivers.

    “Anybody who has a car with an engine displacement bigger than two liters will be paying this levy,” Tom Elliott said on Tuesday.


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  63. mh says:

    Peter Schiff

    🔴 Don’t Buy a Bear Market Rally – Ep 814

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  64. egg_ says:

    Look at that dufus, the Cormannator.

    Abbott needed that pair of dufuses Cormann and Hockey smoking a post Budget cigar (in high hats and tails?) like a hole in the head – talk about internet memes that write themselves!

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  65. F*cking ridiculous. You can go to a pub not jabbed but if you wish to work in said establishment you must be jabbed.

    Jab 1 = useless
    Jab 2 = useless
    Jab 3 = useless
    Booster = useless
    Jab 5 = ?
    Jab 6 = ?

    They are not useless, per say, they are doing what they have been designed to do….flick the off switch on your immune system.

    But!, but but but but but but, Bill Gates says otherwise!!

    Astonishing to read people gobbling up the Big-Pharma garbage suggesting if you did not get the jab, your conditions would have been worse if you caught the flu. BS!

    [ Both hands up with middle fingers ]

    Those experts have not been challenged from the MSM whores.

    WA’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination rules set to stay as experts see no reason to change

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  66. egg_ says:

    In Living Color – Jim Carrey as Reverend Carl Pathos

    Fantastic Joel Osteen parody by Carrey.

    I actually enjoy Joel’s presentations (2nd Gen Preacher?), but even some Yanks think he’s a little too commercial.

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  67. So the AEC has been recorded telling people bullsh*t with audio and visual on how to vote.

    Will this be a hand waving exercise? Nothing to see here folks, everything is above board.

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  68. mh says:

    Unintentional humour from the socialists

    The far right was a big winner in the election

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  69. mh says:


    Eurozone inflation soared to a new record high of 8.1 per cent in the year to May, piling pressure on the European Central Bank to speed up the pace of its exit from ultra-loose monetary policy.

    The jump in eurozone price growth, from 7.4 per cent the previous month, was much higher than forecast by economists, who had expected 7.7 per cent, according to a Reuters poll. The core number, which excludes more volatile energy and food prices and is closely watched by ECB policymakers, also rose above expectations to 3.8 per cent, up from 3.5 per cent in April.

    The higher than expected core measure, which signals price growth is gathering pace across most categories of goods and services, could tip the balance at the ECB’s meeting in Amsterdam next week in favour of raising interest rates at a more aggressive pace than currently outlined…

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