Open Thread – Saturday, 25 June 2022

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  1. mh says:

    The Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark ruling that established the constitutional right to abortion in the U.S. in 1973.

    That’s because the US constitution doesn’t mention abortion I’m guessing.

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  2. Ragu says:

    Shits gunna get real.

    Pussy hats and antifa united in knocking off the unborn

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  3. Arky says:

    For the record for those who peruse various versions of the cat:
    1. I don’t post at Dover cat right now. At all.
    2. I have not done so in many weeks.
    3. If I do in future post there I will do so under “Arky” not some other name. This could well happen, I don’t know.
    4. I won’t engage further about this.
    5. I have reduced my online presence and social media use and suggest some others might be better off inside their own heads if they do likewise, rather than spewing everything they think immediately onto a blog.

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  4. Ragu says:

    What’s going on? Is old mate losing his shit. Again?

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  5. Ragu says:

    Let me guess. Old mate is off the handle and his bum buddy leigh lowe is chiming in with the bully tactics.

    Should I waste vital minutes of my life and go have a look?

    Nah, fuck that. I’m going bowling

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  6. johanna johanna says:

    The prospect of letting voters in each State decide about abortion has whipped the Left into a frenzy. What are they so afraid of?

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  7. Arky says:

    Should I waste vital minutes of my life and go have a look?

    You are correct. I shouldn’t have dragged it into here.

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  8. Ragu says:

    Don’t worry Arky. That guy is a solid gold dickheaded arsehole infested with T. pallidum

    By the way, that router table you knocked up is almost exactly how I did it. 🤘🤘

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  9. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Rich World’s Climate Hypocrisy

    They beg for more oil and coal for themselves while telling developing lands to rely on solar and wind.

    The developed world’s response to the global energy crisis has put its hypocritical attitude toward fossil fuels on display. Wealthy countries admonish developing ones to use renewable energy. Last month the Group of Seven went so far as to announce they would no longer fund fossil-fuel development abroad. Meanwhile, Europe and the U.S. are begging Arab nations to expand oil production. Germany is reopening coal power plants, and Spain and Italy are spending big on African gas production. So many European countries have asked Botswana to mine more coal that the nation will more than double its exports

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  10. kaysee kaysee says:

    From earlier this week:

    Japan Court Upholds Ban on Same-Sex Marriage,
    Says Union Should Be Between Men and Women

    A Japanese court has ruled that it’s constitutional to ban same-sex marriage, a decision that’s been met with extreme dismay by Japan’s LGBTQ population.

    In its decision, the court argued that such a ban was legal because marriage was “between a man and a woman.”

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    Interested observer,

    Thanks for toons.

    The link at 8.35am is paywalled. If you were just testing, it’s okay. Otherwise, it appears to be a page link to Leak toons. Probably needs a direct link to the latest toon itself.

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  12. Interested observer says:

    Thanks kaysee. I need these links to be road-tested. However I am quite enjoying the learning experience.Second attempt

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  13. Interested observer says:

    ClassyDoes this work?

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  14. kaysee kaysee says:

    I have reduced my online presence and social media use and suggest some others might be better off inside their own heads if they do likewise, rather than spewing everything they think immediately onto a blog.

    It does seem that a number of people are backing off from posting or getting involved in anything and are opting for the lurking or passive choice.

    Part of the reason may be a sense of dejection with what is taking place in the world, as well as the results of the federal election, here. The other part is that it is less stressful and consumes less time and effort to sit back and watch and let others be the posters.

    The problems that arise when posting on a blog are not due to the posting in itself. It is as you say, the spewing everything they think immediately onto a blog. If we apply a bit of thought before we hit the Post Comment button, there wouldn’t be an issue. And if it is brought to our notice that we said something we shouldn’t have, we need to be humble enough to apologise.

    The good thing about this blog is that it is about sharing information and opinions so we can learn, but it does not have the personal attacks on other commenters. We can agree. Or disagree. Without being rude. Checking into the blog and finding others who share similar hopes and values helps us cope with the madness taking place in the world.

    I have considered stepping back from the blog too, mainly because it takes up a great deal of time. It would be far easier to lurk or just consume what others post and not share anything. But if everyone lurks, there will be no blog.

    As I have said before, if we value this blog and what it offers, we can’t sit back and leave it to a few to carry it. At some point, the few will get weary and give it up.

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  15. kaysee kaysee says:

    I need these links to be road-tested. However I am quite enjoying the learning experience

    Don’t worry about the errors that creep into the comments. Test links after posting. If it doesn’t work, post again. Happens to us all.

    Then there are times when WordPress decides it does not like something and disappears it. 🙂

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    Belgian railways

    New public health message on the Belgian railways: “Bye bye masks. Hello smiles.”


    99 years young

    and unjabbed.

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  17. Steve trickler says:

    We’ve finally got subtitles.

    If you are interested in big cats, have a squiz at this hour long doco. This couple have adopted a puma and cheetah.

    Owner: If you are thinking of following my lead, don’t. You can easily get killed.


    Они усыновили пуму / They adopted a puma ENG SUB

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  18. candy says:

    Maybe we are seeing the first steps towards the breakup of USA republic; secession or whatever it would be called.

    Does not seem like a bad outcome. Irreconcilable differences.

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  19. mh says:

    I spotted a pic of someone holding a ‘My body, my choice’ sign on the front of the Courier Mail homepage.

    The same types who applauded the war against the unvaxxed.

    So you can piss right off, baby-killers.

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  20. Ragu says:

    Part of the reason may be a sense of dejection with what is taking place in the world, as well as the results of the federal election, here

    And the groundhog day vibe. Everyday another crisis of linguistics whereby we are forced to accept those niche ideas of the vocal minority, immediately followed by the supine capitulation by The Elite.

    The Fitzsimians making complete arses of themselves makes for a good respite in-between the covid coercion, climate hysteria et cetera

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  21. mh says:

    Also at the CM

    Fears ‘farce’ could close mountain forever
    Climbers say Wollumbin (Mt Warning) could become the “next Uluru” after the ongoing closure of the mountain’s popular summit track was extended again.

    So who thought the blacks and Marxists would stop at Uluru?

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  22. mh says:

    Promises made, promises kept

    Baby Lives Matter Benny
    Remember when Trump ROASTED Hillary Clinton over radical abortion stance, then PROMISED to OVERTURN Roe v. Wade?

    It WORKED.

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  23. kaysee kaysee says:

    There are freedom fighters everywhere.
    That is why we should not give up.

    Cristian Terhes is a Romanian MEP for the 2019-2025 mandate. He studied Theology, Journalism and Communication in Romania and The United States. He also served as a priest in the Greek-Catholic Romanian Mission and as the President of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Association in US for 10 years.


    The purpose of the Green Certificate was not to combat COVID, but to impose a digital tyranny.


    Vera Jourova in the COVID Committee, where she claimed that the Digital Green Certificate has not forced people to be vaccinated.


    The purpose of the Digital Green Certificate was to “domesticate” the EU citizens into compliance and submission.


    [Yep, Romanian numeros]

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  24. kaysee kaysee says:

    Black Lives Matter. Not all the time.
    If they are Conservatives, you can use the N-word.

    Posted the tweet. Then had to delete after the backlash.
    Didn’t expect it?

    But someone saved it. Here it is.

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  25. mh says:

    Sky News

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Beth Rigby “people are filling up their cars and cursing when they do so” and said he “understands people’s frustrations”.

    Yes, they are saying fvck Boris and his Green wife.

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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    Everyday another crisis of linguistics whereby we are forced to accept those niche ideas of the vocal minority, immediately followed by the supine capitulation by The Elite.

    They’ve tried to get the public by using Fear. They succeeded with some. The rest of us, they hope they can just keep pushing into a corner, till we Give Up.

    If we all push back and refuse to give in, they won’t win. We have this site, here, where we can meet virtually and know that we are not alone. We can do the things the Elites are not capable of – be open minded, keep learning and sharing, and have fun, as well.

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  27. kaysee kaysee says:

    Pro-lifers on twitter


    I could not think of a better way to end Pride Month


    It looks like the Left suddenly knows what a woman is.


    if u r upset about roe v wade just get vaccinated. should do trick

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  28. Shy Ted says:

    Take heart, folks. The Cat has morphed, people’ lives have changed, posters come and go for reasons we know not why. Since my relocation from a city to parts unheard of it’s often late in the day when I get to the puter. It’s a blessing.
    The reality of war
    If I win the lottery I won’t tell anyone, but there will be signs

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  29. kaysee kaysee says:


    Break time


    To Be Six Again…

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult.

    I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of a six-year-old again.
    I want to go to McDonald’s and think that it’s a four star restaurant.
    I want to sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and make ripples with rocks.
    I want to think M&Ms are better than money, because you can eat them.
    I want to play kickball during recess and paint with watercolors in art.

    I want to lie under a big oak tree and run a lemonade stand with my friends on a hot summer’ day.
    I want to return to a time when life was simple.
    When all you knew were colors, addition tables and simple nursery rhymes,
    But that didn’t bother you, because you didn’t know what you didn’t know and you didn’t care.
    When all you knew was to be happy
    Because you didn’t know all the things that should make you worried and upset.
    I want to think that the world is fair.
    That everyone in it is honest and good.
    I want to believe that anything is possible.

    Somewhere in my youth…I matured and I learned too much.
    I learned of nuclear weapons, war, prejudice starvation and abused children.
    I learned of lies, unhappy marriages, suffering, illness, pain and death.
    I learned of a world where men left their families to go and fight for our country,
    and returned only to end up living on the streets… begging for their next meal.
    I learned of a world where children knew how to kill… and did!!

    What happened to the time when we thought that everyone would live forever,
    because we didn’t grasp the concept of death?
    When we thought the worst thing in the world was,
    if someone took the jump rope from you or picked you last for kickball?
    I want to be oblivious to the complexity of life and be overly excited by little things once again.
    I want to return to the days when reading was fun and music was clean.
    When television was used to report the news or for family entertainment
    and not to promote sex, violence and deceit.

    I remember being naive and thinking that everyone was happy because I was.
    I would walk on the beach and only think of the sand between my toes and the prettiest seashell I could find.
    I would spend my afternoons climbing trees and riding my bike.
    I didn’t worry about time, bills or where I was going to find the money to fix my car.
    I used to wonder what I was going to do or be when I grew up,
    not worry about what I’ll do if this doesn’t work out.

    I want to live simple again.
    I don’t want my day to consist of computer crashes,
    mountains of paperwork, depressing news,
    how to survive more days in the month than there is money in the bank,
    doctor bills, gossip, illness and loss of loved ones.
    I want to believe in the power of smiles, hugs, a kind word, truth,
    justice, peace, dreams, the imagination, mankind and making angels in the snow.

    I want to be six again.

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  30. Old bloke says:

    Shy Ted says:
    June 25, 2022 at 7:44 pm

    Your second link doesn’t work Ted, now we’ll never know the signs.

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  31. mh says:

    #FoxNews #Tucker #FoxNewsVoices
    Tucker: Democrats have abandoned their ‘my body, my choice’ argument

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  32. Shy Ted says:

    Sorry, second link was roolly roolly roolly funny but I delete after posting
    Anyway, stop fat shaming
    Not that I need this

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  33. Steve trickler says:

    Bill Ward runs amok on the drums.


    Black Sabbath performing “War Pigs” live at the Olympia Theater in Paris, France on December 20, 1970

    BLACK SABBATH – “War Pigs” (Live Video)

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  34. Ragu says:

    BLACK SABBATH – “War Pigs” (Live Video)

    Thanks, Steve. That will now be on high rotation


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  35. mh says:

    #Mearsheimer #Ukraine #Russia
    Ukraine war | An unmitigated disaster | John Mearsheimer

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  36. Steve trickler says:

    Cheers, Ragu.



    Roe v. Wade MEGA MELTDOWNS!

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  37. mh says:

    Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈
    Jun 25, 2022
    Breaking news out of Phoenix, Ariz.:
    Pro-abortion protesters surrounded the capitol in an attempted insurrection & began pounding on the windows. Law enforcement has used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

    Senator Kelly Townsend 🇺🇸
    We are currently there being held hostage inside the Senate building due to members of the public trying to breach our security. We smell teargas and the children of one of the members are in the office sobbing with fear. I expect a J24 committee to be created immediately.

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  38. Ragu says:

    Thought I would take a walk over to David Thompson and check-in on the zeitgeist and the retinue of weirdos, freaks, chancers and, peddle file boosters is a little disheartening.

    The only uplifting link was to a blood thirsty chap eyeing off a CNN j’ismist and throwing piss and shit in his general direction.

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  39. mh says:


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  40. Steve trickler says:

    Excellent news. 👏

    All done free of charge courtesy of the HeavyDSparks. I’ll put the full recovery operation up in just a moment. The channel below sparked it all. 😉

    The bloke with his boat was about to lose everything.


    Good News!!! We’re Getting Him Out! Stranded at Lake Mead

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  41. Steve trickler says:

    Full recovery operation below. A great part about this story is that if Sparks ripped the boat apart, he’d buy him a new one.

    It put a smile on my dial. Top blokes.



    Lake Mead Is Dropping FAST- Emergency Houseboat Recovery Before It’s Too Late

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  42. JohnJJJ says:

    try this

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  43. mh says:

    RSBN show Trump rallies live, then remove them.

    Not sure why.

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  44. mh says:

    Fox News

    A pregnancy center in Longmont, Colorado, was vandalized on early Saturday morning, according to police.

    The incident happened at Life Choices and police say that the building sustained “fire and heavy smoke damage.”

    The fire at the pregnancy center is being investigated as arson.

    According to police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also assisting in the investigation.

    Officials also said the building had been vandalized with black spray paint.

    “If abortion aren’t (sic) safe, neither are you,” one of the spray paintings reads.

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  45. Steve trickler says:

    It is because of that stupid bitch, Susan, mh.

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  46. Arky says:

    “If abortion aren’t (sic) safe, neither are you,” one of the spray paintings reads

    Moloch is an angry god.

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  47. kaysee kaysee says:

    Neil Oliver

    NHS should ‘leave our kids alone’
    it’s ‘unforgivable’ to advertise children’s jabs

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  48. mh says:

    Ronald Reagan — ‘I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.’

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dismissing Reality

    Historians analyzing the Covid-19 pandemic will one day consider what was going on in the minds of those who supported a narrative that only served profits and power…

    Mass formation can be associated with mass psychosis, a disturbance in the minds of small or large groups — to the degree where there is a loss of contact with reality — often with an eclipse of morality and objectification of an imagined enemy.

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  50. kaysee kaysee says:

    In Theory:
    Refugees welcome here

    In Practice

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  51. mh says:

    Tucker Carlson: Roe v. Wade was poison

    Jun. 25, 2022 – 8:17 – Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn abortion case Roe v. Wade on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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  52. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Nice song Kaysee!

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  53. Arky says:

    Good to see you here Bruce.

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  54. Shy Ted says:

    So, what are you paying for on the box tonight? Oh, fancy that!
    SBS Viceland –

    Trump’s American Carnage
    9:20PM – 10:20PM
    Tells the inside story of how Donald Trump’s presidency laid the groundwork for bitter division, violence, and insurrection. For the first time, this feature details how the country’s political leaders missed, ignored, and discounted clear warnings of the violence and chaos that was to come.

    May not include
    But it’s Videland so this is in

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  55. kaysee kaysee says:

    African countries leading the way

    a/ Pandemic Treaty

    WHO Pandemic Treaty HALTED by 47 African Countries

    Interesting turn around. Thank you Africa to stepping down and buying us some time

    b/ Zelensky address

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  56. kaysee kaysee says:

    Missed out the link to the Pandemic Treaty, above.


    Christine Anderson in response to Trudeau’s pro-abort tweet.

    So glad, you clarified that, Mr. @JustinTrudeau
    So you, being gov’t, a politician and a man, cannot compel me, being a woman, to get vaccinated!

    Your fight for women’s right to choose is appreciated!

    But don’t forget about the men. They do have rights, too, you know!

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  57. mh says:

    Some great headlines at the Bee:

    Dems Pause January 6 Hearings To Call For Insurrection

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  58. Steve trickler says:

    We don’t get to see the percussion or guitar. They were recorded separately.


    Two Steps From Hell – Myth (Official Music Video)

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  59. Shy Ted says:

    You knew they would, and they did.
    Lots of noise from the usual suspects suggesting polio.

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  60. Steve trickler says:

    This editing job on this is brilliant.


    The Beauty of:

    The Beauty Of Steven Spielberg

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  61. Steve trickler says:

    The editing..

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  62. mh says:

    Great first half of Origin.

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  63. Ragu says:


    Is this a weekday?

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  64. mh says:

    NSW much improved tonight.

    Should be a cracker of a decider in Brisbane.

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  65. mh says:

    Dice needs to get Jimmy Savile to explain to these dumbocrats that men – along with 57 other genders – can have abortions too.

    I’m Tired of Having To Explain This To Everyone!

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  66. Steve trickler says:

    Note the disclaimer sussietube has tacked onto this clip.



    Tony Heller:

    Climate Warriors

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  67. Steve trickler says:
  68. mh says:

    The Age

    Naturally this opinion would have been reversed for the vax.

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  69. Ragu says:

    NSW much improved tonight.

    Should be a cracker of a decider in Brisbane.

    Much better, but too many risky off-loads in and around the tackle. Great when the night is going your way but, disasterous when the opposition is playing halfway decently.

    Also disappointing to see Munster wasn’t decapitated

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  70. Arky says:

    Still not cov-vaccinated.
    I will never get vaccinated. NEVER.
    I see schools can now employ teachers who aren’t vaxxed.
    Given that schools were ringing me asking if I could fill in during the last two terms, I guess the system reached breaking point and our Lords and Masters finally had to cave in on this point.
    Guess what? Get fucked. The system’s behaviour over the last three years means I no longer believe in any of it.
    Get someone else to baby sit your dumb as dog shit indoctrinated brats.

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  71. Fat Tony says:

    Shy Ted says:
    June 27, 2022 at 9:58 am
    I like it.


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  72. Fat Tony says:

    Arky says:
    June 27, 2022 at 10:16 am

    100% agree.

    Not only will I never get their CONVID vaxx, I no longer trust any of their other vaxxes – trust level zero for Big Pharma / Big Gov.

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  73. Fat Tony says:

    Looking at some of those “women” protesting the R v W decision – I don’t think the availability of abortions would really be an issue for that ugly herd of slags / skanks / sluts / land whales.

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