Open Thread – Saturday, 25 December 2021

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  1. Caveman says:

    The cuck speaks , just like he did with masks and QR codes.

    back says the cuck

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  2. caveman says:

    Huge Jackman had covid

    “My symptoms are like a cold,” Jackman, 53, said during the video.

    **cough, cough**

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  3. Ragu says:

    Another couple of weeks of narrative change and its possible to see a nett positive chance that if you fronted a star chamber to judge and condemn your Pure Essence, you could just about get away with it.

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  4. Ragu says:

    Its possible the next big narrative change will mix in the following;

    The scienticians infecting the media will proclaim the vaccines a success because they forced the mutation selection pressure changes that led to omicron. In effect, the vaxx helped along natural selection to a variant scenario that we know exists naturally. Vis, highly contagious- low pathogenicity.

    So the 21 guage rape was worth it! Congrats everyone!

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  5. Ragu says:

    Jeez. Myovaxxaly boomers are experiencing that bloke that’s older than Skincare Davidoff (Peace be upon his Pate) being all ‘sociable’ and chatty.

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  6. Ragu says:

    Debate on the veracity of new mRNA Vaccines being utilised to nudge nature, and not strictly for eradication, could become the next big thing.

    In my own experience, RSV is shit. It hits kids the worst because they don’t stop until they’re running close to 40⁰C. Dangerous and, endemic in state certified mass centres of infant resilience. What on earth should we do?

    One thing we should be taking out of this experience is; Point of Care testing is now cheap and accurate enough that sensible people should be using more of it to make true diagnoses accompanied good prophylaxis and treatment.

    Sounds sensible until you place into the calculus that some people, neurotic or otherwise, will use it as a means of exclusion.

    So the push to Boostinate on all manner of endemic commensal phyla and engineer an ecology of harmless prokarya could be the perfect foil for the WEF crew, in the long run.

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  7. Ragu says:

    Cheers to that, eh!

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  8. Shy Ted says:

    Breaking Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on 5/6 counts.
    I was just reading about the judge
    Who looks somewhat like
    Not sure?
    Lots of talk on the net that Iris might be a bloke.
    Still, progressive kids

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  9. Shy Ted says:

    Just seen the weirdest ad on the TV. Young lady waiting for a train, crowd surged, double amputation. Happens all the time, right?
    Naturally these things require a massive gummint bureaucratic response

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  10. mh says:

    Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty of sex crimes
    After days of deliberation, a US jury has found British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of sex crimes, including the most serious charge of sex trafficking a minor.

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  11. Ragu says:

    What happened to the minor? Right. Gyzza moved them, but to where? And to whom?


    Unsolvable. Clearly.

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  12. mh says:

    So Gizza is guilty.

    Prince Andrew. Is that totally separate from this trial?

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  13. mh says:

    ‘HONG KONG (AP) — A vocal pro-democracy website in Hong Kong shut down Wednesday after police raided its office and arrested seven current and former editors, board members and a journalist in a continuing crackdown on dissent in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.

    Stand News said in a statement that its website and social media are no longer being updated and will be taken down. It said all employees have been dismissed.

    The outlet was one of the last remaining openly critical voices in Hong Kong following the shuttering of the Apple Daily newspaper, which closed after its publisher, Jimmy Lai, and top editors were arrested and its assets frozen.

    Police raided Stand News’ office earlier in the day after arresting the six, including popular singer and activist Denise Ho, a former board member, on charges of conspiracy to publish a seditious publication.’

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  14. mh says:

    Did the QLD CHO deliver the news in a Richie voice?

    ‘Queensland has recorded 2222 new Covid cases across 30 local government areas overnight’

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  15. Ragu says:

    Definitely looking like a sting operation. Best evah by the way. Clinton, Gates, the DNC apparatus. Enough to blackmail a few. The DoJ is a bit slippery at the moment.

    May our duckboards be adequate.

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  16. Ragu says:

    And a hearty adios to all until the New Year.

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  17. mh says:

    ‘This isn’t the end’: Giuffre welcomes Maxwell conviction
    Virginia Giuffre says she has faith that those who acted alongside convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell will be held accountable for the abuse she and other girls endured


    Bill Gates’ involvement triggered Melinda’s divorce proceedings. Remember last time Bill got some serious questioning?

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  18. mh says:

    Russell Brand

    “They’ll Stop At Nothing!!!” Australia’s Scary Surveillance Powers

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  19. mh says:

    ‘The Five’ react to the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict

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  20. Old bloke says:

    Steve trickler says:
    December 29, 2021 at 5:01 pm

    Found this via Breitbart.

    A Finnish Tesla owner received a repair bill totaling almost half of what he initially paid for the car. His response? Have YouTubers blow up the car with 66 pounds of dynamite and post the video rather than pay the hefty bill.

    Finnish Man Blows Up His Tesla to Protest $22,600 Repair Cost.


    Why would anyone buy a second-hand electric car? The battery has a limited life and its replacement costs around the same as a new car. These vehicles have no resale value.

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  21. mh says:

    Permanently suspended on Twitter…
    and how to find me.

    Robert W Malone MD, MS8 hr ago

    We all knew it would happen eventually.

    Today it did. Over a half million followers gone in a blink of an eye. That means I must have been on the mark, so to speak. Over the target. It also means we lost a critical component in our fight to stop these vaccines being mandated for children and to stop the corruption in our governments, as well as the medical-industrial complex and pharmaceutical industries.

    So, please spread the word – share this on your own twitter feed or whatever social media venue you wish.

    My Substack sign-up is:

    Substack is absolutely the best way to see my writings. I appreciate everyone’s support in signing up for my newsletter. It truly matters to me. Substack @rwmalonemd

    Other social media links are:

    My website is:

    Traditionally, the telegram account with my handle (rwmalonemd) is run by a someone else – it is not my own account. They have done a good job auto-posting from twitter and I have personally thanked the person who does this (I only have one of me and getting scientific knowledge and info pushed out is critical in this battle). It has 100,000 followers. Not sure how that will work now…

    In the meantime, I am not going away – in fact, every door closed is another open. Stay tuned and thank you all for your support. It means so much to me and Jill.


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  22. cohenite says:

    Good Lame Pics.

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  23. Steve trickler says:

    Thank f*ck we don’t live on plate boundaries. Having said that, the Meckering quake of 1968 still springs to mind, so we are not immune.

    Update from the tree lopper, Dutchsinse.

    Three times a year, Spring equinox almost right down to the day, Winter from late December until mid-late January, and July into August … three times a year large earthquakes and large volcanic eruptions show a dramatic increase from background levels.

    Huge blasts from volcanoes throughout history on these three times of year as well as the biggest earthquakes tend to strike.

    Not on a four season schedule for humans and heat on the surface of the Earth, we are on a 3 season cycle for quakes at the full tilt points of the Earth in Spring , halfway through summer and halfway through winter.

    There is no such thing as autumn anyways, right? Just spring , summer, and winter. Fall / autumn is relative and a human thing based on food being ripe at this time, and leaves falling off trees going dormant for the coming “REAL” wintertime.

    12/29/2021 — Large M7.3 Earthquake strikes W. Pacific — “It’s that time of year” -EXPECT MORE SOON

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  24. mh says:

    Re Dictator of the Year,

    Xi and Klaus Kissinger are the obvious ones.

    Michael Gunner deserves Rookie Dictator of the Year

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  25. mh says:

    ‘A famous Brazilian singer has died six weeks after receiving his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Cantor Maurílio, from the duo ‘Luiza and Maurílio‘, has passed away as a result of a pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs).

    The 28-year-old singer had been vaccinated with his second dose on November 17th.

    Several singers took to social media to honor the musician including Wesley Safadão, a Brazilian singer with 35 million followers on Instagram …’


    Here he is getting his vax

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  26. Steve trickler says:

    Something for the individual to dwell upon. Does anyone have faith in the Australian Electoral Commission?

    Stew on it.

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  27. Steve trickler says:

    Scroll Alert!


    Florida, would be a great place to be at the moment.

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  28. mh says:

    In FFS news

    ‘A COVID-19 case in the Melbourne Stars camp has forced Cricket Australia to call off Thursday night’s match against the Perth Scorchers.’

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  29. mh says:

    Dicktator Dan has an unbeatable lead in the Dictator of the Year poll with 52% of the votes.

    Sieg Heil!

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  30. Steve trickler says:

    Switch your phone to ultimate battery back up mode.

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  31. mh says:

    The Age

    Alexandra Smith
    State Political Editor

    The two lines on the rapid antigen test were all I needed. With classic COVID-19 symptoms – no taste, cough, fever and generally feeling like I had been hit by a truck – I knew I’d finally caught the virus.

    However, I have no intention of joining the hundreds of thousands in queues for a PCR test, despite ticking all the boxes. I know I have COVID-19 because a second positive rapid test left me in no doubt…


    Yep, she was feeling so sick that she decided to write a column about it.

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  32. Steve trickler says:

    Excellent artwork included with this song.

    Chris Rea – The Blue Cafe

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  33. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP
    Completely outrageous if fire at old Parl House was deliberately lit & for anyone to condone such behaviour in anyway.

    I condemn all forms of violence or destruction of property.

    I expect AFP & ASIO will deal with any far left extremists causing damage.

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  34. mh says:

    I know Jeff Bezos wants to depopulate the planet, but this is sick:

    Amazon’s Alexa assistant told a child to do a potentially lethal challenge

    “Plug in a phone charger about halfway into a wall outlet, then touch a penny to the exposed prongs,” Alexa replied.

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  35. Steve trickler says:

    Cinematography, folks.

    Fine edit.

    The Beauty Of Lamb

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  36. Steve trickler says:

    A lot of those mountains in the clip above are ancient petrified trees.

    What!? WTF!

    They are ancient Trees. Yep.

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  37. Steve trickler says:

    Memory banks. Chris Rea jolted it.

    Icehouse – Street Cafe

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  38. mh says:

    The JUSTIFIED Execution Of The Female Guards Of Bergen-Belsen

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  39. mh says:

    I notice the narrator gets the date wrong just before the 15 min mark. 1945 not 1943.

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  40. Top Ender says:

    I expect AFP & ASIO will deal with any far left extremists causing damage.

    The ASIO building is within binocular range of where this took place.

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  41. mh says:

    The Hill

    Kim Iversen details the alleged NIH and CDC effort to discredit some experts’ COVID-19 opinions.

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  42. mh says:

    ‘NSW has recorded 21,151 new cases of Covid-19’


    The vaccines will stop the spread of the virus, Dr Fauci?

    “When you get vaccinated, you not only protect your own health and that of the family but also you contribute to the community health by preventing the spread of the virus throughout the community.

    In other words, you become a dead end to the virus. And when there are a lot of dead ends around, the virus is not going to go anywhere. And that’s when you get a point that you have a markedly diminished rate of infection in the community.”

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  43. Steve trickler says:



    The national cabinet agrees on a federal definition for a close contact

    Definition of a close contact changed

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  44. Shy Ted says:

    Craig Kelly MP@CraigKellyMP
    Completely outrageous if fire at old Parl House was deliberately lit & for anyone to condone such behaviour in anyway.
    I condemn all forms of violence or destruction of property.

    Oh no Craig. Have you never seen a Clint Eastwood movie where the bad guys get theirs?

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  45. mh says:


    Netherlands Announces Plan To Give People Up to Six Doses of COVID Vaccine

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  46. mh says:

    ‘Queensland has recorded 3118 new Covid cases overnight while chief health officer Dr John Gerrard has warned of a “substantial wave” of cases coming earlier than expected.’


    Earlier than expected, heh.

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  47. mh says:

    I think cricket is finished for the summer, thanks to our looney overlords

    ‘The immediate future of the Big Bash League season is in limbo with positive COVID-19 cases present within the Melbourne Stars and Sydney Thunder squads.’

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  48. mh says:

    Guess who’s picture they feature to go alongside the story?
    I think you know.



    Epstein contacts fear wave of arrests
    Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction may begin a domino effect, leaving others who spent years in Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit dreading a knock on the door from FBI agents.

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  49. shatterzzz says:

    I think cricket is finished for the summer, thanks to our looney overlords

    The A League is about to join it, methinx ….!

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  50. kaysee kaysee says:

    If it doesn’t fit the narrative, deactivate it.

    British Newspaper Cancels ‘Person Of The Year’ Poll After J.K. Rowling Runs Away With Top Spot

    Readers of the British newspaper, The Guardian, are accusing the outlet of deactivating an online poll that asked readers to vote on “Person of the Year” after it became apparent that J.K. Rowling would handily win.

    “Tell us: who is your 2021 person of the year?” ran the headline, posted on Dec. 15, with the subtitle, “Time Magazine chose billionaire Tesla boss Elon Musk – but who would be your choice?” A short time later, when Rowling was far and away in the lead, the voting form disappeared, as did the results. A message in small print stated, “This form has been deactivated and is closed to any further submissions.”

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  51. Steve trickler says:

    It must be close to a decade since last hearing this. 🤔

    Icehouse – Hey Little Girl

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  52. kaysee kaysee says:

    In Australia:

    Testing Requirements for Covid cases

    “Anyone with symptoms will continue to seek a PCR test.”

    National cabinet also agreed on Thursday to narrow the definition of a close contact to someone who has been in a household or household-like setting – like aged care – for more than four hours with a confirmed infection.

    These people will be required to isolate for a week and get a rapid antigen test on day six if they have no symptoms. But if this rapid test returns a positive result, they need to get a PCR test.

    If they do have symptoms they will need to instead get a PCR test instead of the rapid antigen test.

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  53. kaysee kaysee says:

    In the US
    From January 1, CDC withdraws use of PCR test for Covid

    07/21/2021: Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

    Audience: Individuals Performing COVID-19 Testing

    Level: Laboratory Alert

    After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only. CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.

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  54. Steve trickler says:

    Again, he is allowed to exists because the MSM whores fail to engage.


    NSW Health Minister never ceases to amaze the people of NSW this time issuing a bizzare New Year Eve message of “Please don’t stand on your dick”. Watch this prick using a prick to promote a prick..

    “Don’t stand on your dick” – Brad Hazzard issues bizzare New Years eve message

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  55. Steve trickler says:

    Harald Baldr:

    NEPAL, SYAPRU BESI: The Himalayas, home of Mount Everest, also have many lesser known peaks and mountain plateaus that are far more accessible to the layman trekker. One of these is the Kyankin Ri mountain top, which is accessible by foot if you’re willing to walk for the 3 days it takes to hike up there.

    Having never done anything other than single day mountain hikes, I felt up for the challenge. But first I needed to get up to the Langtang National Park where the gorge you’ll walk through to get to the Langtang mountain range begins.

    That meant a grueling 8 hour bus journey on what is surely the worst road I’ve ever driven on. But when I rocked up at Kathmandu’s central bus station at 5AM to board the Himalayan Express Bus I had no idea about the adventure that lay ahead…

    Nepal’s Himalayan Express 🇳🇵


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  56. mh says:

    Courier Paywall

    ‘The Police Minister has condemned the behaviour of a group of cafe patrons who allegedly yelled abuse and chanted “you serve us” as cops conducted a Covid-19 compliance check. SEE VIDEO’

    Piss off all Covid Cops.

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  57. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP
    7.30pm tonight – My New Year’s Eve Message – channels 7, 9 and 10 and SBS


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  58. mh says:

    ‘Andrew Johns has tested positive to Covid-19 infection while on a recent holiday, with the rugby league great forced to seek hospital care.’


    Let me guess. If Johns wasn’t double/triple vaxxed it would have been so much worse.

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  59. mh says:

    Moulin Rouge cancelled mid-show after staff test positive for COVID
    Organisers called off the performance part way through the second act, telling the audience the show would not proceed and Ticketmaster would contact them shortly.


    🤡 🌎

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  60. mh says:

    What happened to ‘The show must go on’ ?

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  61. mh says:

    Tom Hammond
    Best jabber in south London – don’t miss out on this opportunity! 😊 #booster
    Quote Tweet

    Poppy Beddoe
    · Dec 19
    If you want a booster from meeee then come to Lambeth Civic Centre today – vaxing here until 7. Walkins welcome xoxoxo #booster #letsgetvaxed #GetVaccinatedNow #boosterforchristmas #earlychristmaspresent
    11:40 PM · Dec 19, 2021


    We are deeply saddened by the news that Tom Hammond, conductor & our Artistic Director, died suddenly at home on Monday 27th December.

    He will be greatly missed by all who knew & worked with him.

    Our thoughts & prayers are with his partner & his family at this difficult time.

    11:44 PM · Dec 30, 2021

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  62. johanna johanna says:

    mh says:
    December 31, 2021 at 6:05 pm

    What happened to ‘The show must go on’ ?

    Excellent point, mh.

    Nowadays, if the third assistant choreographer for the second act has a sniffle, they close the whole thing down.

    Pity Mel Brooks is so old, I can see a great sequel to The Producers in this. 🙂

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  63. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Those freaky deaky Dutch.
    Been watching highlights only from these championships and wondering if MVG had been eliminated early.
    Presumably vaxxed, doesn’t help though. Now the Ally Pally is empty whilst they play. FMD

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  64. Steve trickler says:

    Catching up on the series with Harald Baldr. Part 2. Some lovely people up there people on top of the world.

    This will gobble up another hour.


    NEPAL, HIMALAYA: After nearly freezing my Norse stones off during what was the coldest night on record in my 14 500+ days on planet earth, I set out in direction of the Langtang mountain valley. As soon as I had started though, a dilemma arose.

    The people at my hotel had all told me to stick to the path on the left side of the river. So did my friend and Himalayan trekking expert (and YouTube colleague) Gabriel Traveller who did the Langtang trek a couple of years ago.

    Two locals I met at the start of the trail however said I need to go on the right side as a landslide during monsoon season had tore up the path on the left bank along the Langtang river. A fifth person I met right at the start or the valley even pointed to a third path that didn’t even run along the river.

    What to do?

    I have a saying in such situations which have served me well over the years. It goes a little something like this: When in doubt, Go Right!

    I hesitated though as a wrong choice at this stage would mean,
    A) worst case scenario I’d be in for a truly dangerous trek or
    B) I’d waste hours walking in the wrong direction only to have to turn back at some stage

    After pondering said dilemma whilst standing on a scenic Himalayan hanging bridge I opted too…..

    Wrong Turn Himalaya 🇳🇵


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  65. egg_ says:

    ‘Totally unacceptable’: Police Minister slams cafe patrons’ behaviour

    Eh Hamish tard – plugging lockdowns then featuring baristas in travel videos?
    Hypocrisy knows no bounds in tinsel town.

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  66. egg_ says:

    What is the new national definition of a close contact? And what were the rules before?

    Is there a Clintonian definition for close contact – ‘I sucked, but I didn’t swallow’?

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  67. egg_ says:

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison says a close contact will be someone who has spent four hours or more with a confirmed case in a household or household-like setting, such as a residential care facility.

    Those contacts would only be required to quarantine for seven days, and take a rapid antigen test (RAT) on day six.

    Only half pregnant, Scummo?

    What a maroon.

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  68. egg_ says:

    ‘NSW has recorded 21,151 new cases of Covid-19’

    Time for Frankenvax COVID Lotto?

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  69. Steve trickler says:

    Hey folks, anyone working under a car or on a ladder, just be cautious over the next week.

    That big 7EQ to the North might ( I said might ) cause some rattling in the future down here. In the next 7 days +

    Dutchsinse LIVE DutchsinseOfficial

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  70. Steve trickler says:



    Adventures with Purpose.

    We found Samantha Hopper and her 2 babies underwater in her car, solving a 23-year-old missing persons case in Russelville, Arkansas, bringing home a mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

    Samantha Hopper (19), was 8-months pregnant when she and her 22-month-old daughter, Courtney Holt went missing on September 11, 1998.

    SOLVED: Missing 23-years Underwater (Samantha Hopper, 22-month-old Daughter Courtney, Unborn Baby)

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  71. Steve trickler says:

    The country has gone to shit and fireworks are going off.


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  72. Mark A says:

    Lame pics.

    Happy New Year, one an all.

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  73. Bons says:

    Lots of mindless, unfunny, lefty memes in the Lame Pics today.

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  74. johanna johanna says:

    Happy New Year to all.

    I love Lame Pics!

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  75. Steve trickler says:

    All the best to you, ladies and gents.


    Freedom Media WA:

    WA’s Top Jockey William Pike will miss today’s 2022 Perth Cup due to WA Premier Mark McGowan’s uber tough pandemic restrictions where other States around Australia have been removing “rules” including State entry, testing and mask requirements.

    Leading up to the Perth Cup, William Pike who is considered one of the most successful jockeys earning the nickname, “The Wizard” with a total of 2661 wins, accumulating nine Perth riding titles, has been the subject of much speculation by main stream media.

    MSM have repeatedly misquoted William with headlines he is “refusing to comment” on his reasons why he won’t participate in the Perth Cup, where all along he has been and continues to be a person who values his privacy.

    Listen as William tells his story about the impact of McGowan’s mandate, where all racing participants and patrons will need to be double jabbed with proof of vax status needed for entry AND face masks to be worn for all those attending today’s Perth Cup.

    December 31st, 2021 should not be forgotten as the date thousands and thousands of West Australian’s no longer have a job due to McGowan’s tyrannical NO JAB – NO JOB, something William acknowledges whilst telling his story.

    The inconsistency with the health and safety “Rules” for Perth people with the cancelling a raft of memorable NYE events like music festivals, closing Perth’s nightclubs, banning dancing, except for weddings and mandating face masks in what most call “a kick in the guts.”

    The WA Premier defended his decision to cancel live music events when asked about the Perth Cup at a press conference on December 29th, 2021.

    He said it was not “fair, reasonable or even logical” to compare NYE music festivals and the Perth Cup event in terms of risk factors for the spread of COVID stating, “We can’t close down everything and I know people always try and make false comparisons between events,”

    When the WA State Government has not provided the people of WA with transparency during the pandemic with many Government documents being kept “secret”.

    It’s not a case Premier McGowan, of WA people making false comparisons.

    When you have your Minister for Emergency Services, the same Minister who tabled the coercive motion to extend WA’s “State of Emergency” to July 2022 – Reece Whitby, people WILL question the unprecedented restrictions at this year’s Perth Cup.

    Is your Minister Reece Whitby truly at “arm’s length,” given he holds the portfolio of Racing and Gaming, or is this further evidence of your master plan to continue to divide West Australia’s with introduction of YOUR “Vax Passport.

    Time WILL tell.

    WA’s TOP Jockey WILLIAM PIKE tells his STORY about missing the 2022 Perth Cup.

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  76. incoherent rambler says:

    Happy New Year to all.

    And to you johanna

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