Open Thread – Saturday, 16 April 2022

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  1. egg_ says:

    Salty @ c. 30 min:

    The guy who allegedly rooted Nikki Fried is buying up all the sex tapes?

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  2. Earth Day?

    A lot of f**ktards have have not figured this scam out yet.

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  3. candy says:

    Tough week for Anthony Albanese. Not having properly thought out policies and goals for people to latch on to and think about and decide on coming up to the election.

    On other hand he seems a nice bloke and quite modest in the way he talks with people. I don’t see artifice. He has a kind face, no smirk.

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  4. Shy Ted says:

    WEF corner
    This is more like it
    And the Australian contribution to the NWO
    His body language suggests he’s in the wrong place.

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  5. Shy Ted says:

    Comedy corner before I go off and play with my new, really cool electric scooter

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  6. mh says:

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

    Russia & Ukraine War – Day 48 w/Col Douglas Macgregor.

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  7. mh says:

    From a couple of weeks back

    Dave Smith brings you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave is joined by Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor to discuss the military and cultural issues with running a perpetual war state,and the incoming economic repercussions of spending with no limits.

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  8. Old bloke says:

    egg_ says:
    April 17, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    Hidden Forces That Shaped Today’s World: The Dulles Brothers, the CIA & The Secret World War (2013)

    JFK sacked Allen Dulles of the CIA over the Bay of Pigs disaster. Dulles went on to be part of the Warren Commission.

    Thanks Egg for linking that interview, it was a most eggselent interview.

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  9. Shy Ted says:

    2021 mortality stats revealed
    But if you go to the link
    Only deaths certified by a doctor are included in the analysis. Approximately 87-89% of deaths annually are certified by a doctor, with some variability across jurisdictions.
    So they exclude up to 13% of deaths. My guess, those with Do Not Resuscitate orders.
    There were over 5,000 deaths more than expected in Australia during 2021.
    My guess, those who didn’t go and see the doc because of restrictions.
    All jurisdictions except the Northern Territory recorded a higher than expected number of deaths in 2021.
    Yes, those with most restrictions!
    There have been 4,235 lower than expected deaths due to influenza and pneumonia through the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Which is about the same as the number of Convid deaths.
    There have been 724 deaths due to cancer that were higher than expected in 2021
    My guess is the diversion of services to Convid and away from real illnesses.
    Anyway, have a look at your state (unless you’re Vic). It’s a long and boring read with much fudging. But 3.5% up!

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  10. kaysee kaysee says:

    It is just over a month to the Federal Election. In the weeks ahead, most voters will be deciding who they will be voting for.

    As I said in my Election Campaign post on the weekend, we have this platform to share with others whatever information we have, so that it helps those who come here to decide who gets their votes.

    It would get really boring if we only talked about the election and related issues, so we continue with the variety that is posted here. But this election is very important. We have limitations in what we can do to make a change – but we all can do something. Each one has to find out what he/she is able to do, and try to do it. That is, if we care about the country we live in.

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    He is 59 years old. Whoever is responsible for his makeover and advice thinks that some fancy spec frames and tight jeans are vote-winners for an aspiring PM.

    On stage at Bluefest

    Anthony Albanese receives hostile welcome

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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    Shy Ted’s Elon link above.

    Elon Musk is not a true blue Conservative. But he is doing something that upsets the wokerati. In this case, the support of free speech.

    The Twitter Board

    Elon Musk is in for a bad time. I’m not sure he’s prepared to take on a couple PhDs, a few MBAs, and a Baroness who use Twitter once a year (to reset their passwords) and collectively own 77 shares of the company.

    Even the co-founder of the company doesn’t have a high regard for the Twitter board.

    Jack Dorsey says the Twitter board has “consistently been the dysfunction of the company”

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  13. egg_ says:

    This is more like it

    When cross dressers are running the world – you know you’re in trouble – it’s definitely time to stock up on “beans and ammo”.

    The attack of the tranny zombies.

    IME wymminses never notice the misandry on Aunty (the National broadcaster is just ‘voicing their beefs’ on the public coin?) – now the Left is coming for them, karmic.

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  14. egg_ says:

    Tough week for Anthony Albanese. Not having properly thought out policies and goals for people to latch on to and think about and decide on coming up to the election.

    Who are his minders?

    James Campbell on SKY News (posted prior?) says Albo is lazy and ill prepared on his own Economic policy.

    Another win in store for our Stephen Bradbury PM?

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  15. egg_ says:

    Hidden Forces That Shaped Today’s World: The Dulles Brothers, the CIA & The Secret World War (2013)

    Yup, you can see where the Team America – World Police meme originated.

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  16. egg_ says:

    I Tried a BUDGET River Cruise and It Wasn’t What I Expected
    Emma Cruises

    Is cruising what you do when you do nothing with your life?

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:


    Thanks for the Win11 update, in the previous thread.



    Please Explain ….

    Why have I been assigned to the gender-confused pronoun category?

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  18. kaysee kaysee says:

    Danish politician Rasmus Paludan burns a book.

    Far-right Danish politician Rasmus Paludan burned a copy of the Holy Quran in a neighbourhood in Sweden’s Linkoping, which is densely populated by Muslims, on April 14.

    While he was burning the Quran under police protection, the crowd shouted at Paludan

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  19. kaysee kaysee says:

    What a sad story.

    Pregnant mum-of-four watches husband die in horror Queensland crash

    A pregnant mum-of-four is mourning the death of her husband after he was killed in a horror accident on Good Friday.

    It’s believed Debbie Szilagyi, along with other witnesses, watched on as the motorcycle Alex Szilagyi was riding collided with a car at the intersection of Teys Road and Pepper Tree Drive, in Holmview.

    There are good, generous folk out there.

    The GoFundMe to raise $50,000 is at over $140,000.

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  20. egg_ says:

    Why have I been assigned to the gender-confused pronoun category?


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  21. Ragu Ragu says:

    Antoine Albosleazie

    The following media includes potentially sensitive content

    I’ll say, it looks like he’s smuggling Dirk Diggler in those jeans.
    To be fair, they would boo Ghandi off stage to get back to the festivus the punters have been waiting for 2 years. Current goings on at GayBCAlP “they need to see the real Albo. We’ll get some clear air tomorrow and it will be fine”

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  22. kaysee kaysee says:

    Free advert from the sponsor.

    Tedros says:

    Thank you @BillGates for sending a copy of your new book. I fully agree that we must act on #COVID19’s lessons and innovate so that we can deliver swift, equitable health solutions to prevent the next pandemic. @gatesfoundation

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  23. mh says:

    Courier Paywall

    280 applications: Grieving Brisbane mum’s rental crisis heartbreak

    First she lost the father of her child in a horrific crash, then she faced raising their new baby alone. Now this young Brisbane mum is desperately searching for a home for her and child.

    Buy a house. Simples!

    H/T Scott Morrison

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  24. kaysee kaysee says:



    I need to find my safe space. 😉

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  25. egg_ says:

    On stage at Bluesfest

    Poor ol’ Albo, copped a Boosfest.

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  26. egg_ says:

    Thank you @BillGates for sending a copy of your new book. I fully agree that we must act on #COVID19’s lessons and innovate so that we can deliver swift, equitable health solutions to prevent the next pandemic.

    Bill Gates giving health advice?
    He must subscribe to the view “you’re only as old as the girl your feeling”, just like Uncle Joe.
    I like Joe Rogan’s take – fat gut and “toothpick arms”.

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  27. Shy Ted says:

    If you have a closer look at the AEC advert on the box you’ll see some “fine print” that says Convid protocols will be in place.

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  28. mh says:

    Tigers beat Parra

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  29. egg_ says:

    I Tried a BUDGET River Cruise and It Wasn’t What I Expected

    It does sound like “an RSL club on the water” – the chick was complaining about the lack of food outside of sit-down meals – she should try the Jap ferries filled with vending machines with any food you can imagine:

    3 Days on Japan’s Vending Machine Overnight Ferry.

    Euros protecting job security?
    Even Arnold Rimmer way back was a vending machine technician, second class.

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  30. egg_ says:

    I Tried a BUDGET River Cruise and It Wasn’t What I Expected

    The Captain was very friendly and said if you had any questions you could just pop by the wheelhouse.

    Q. What underwear are you wearing?
    A. None.

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  31. kaysee kaysee says:

    Is there a difference between the Libs or Labor or the Greens?

    Outgoing Liberal MP Catherine Cusack to back Greens candidate

    Ms Cusack announced on Monday afternoon she would back comedian and author Mandy Nolan in her bid to claim the electorate of Richmond from Labor at the federal election on May 21.

    “She has integrity, intelligence & empathy and will be a problem woman in Canberra fighting for our community,” Ms Cusack wrote of Ms Nolan on Twitter.

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  32. kaysee kaysee says:

    The fake Independent Zali Steggall says:

    Parents’ concerns about transgender athletes in women’s sport is ‘transphobia’

    In an exclusive interview with Sky News host Laura Jayes, Ms Steggall hit out at Liberal candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves who has previously argued in favour of restricting trans-women from female sports.

    Ms Steggall said there was “not an issue” around protecting women’s sports given existing parameters in the Sex Discrimination Act.

    The call is on by Rowan Dean to get rid of Marise Payne since she has refused to support Katherine Deves.

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  33. mh says:

    Albo and ScumMo are different cheeks of the same arse.

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  34. cohenite says:

    The Ladybird Book series about Family Life problems for the jaded:

    What to do when Grandma becomes a Lesbian
    When Your Best Mate is Dating your Mum
    Why Step Mums are Better then Real Mums
    Young Children and Coitus Interruptus
    Diarrhea and Constipation in Children: which is preferable.

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  35. What a placid beautiful creature…however, if you show aggression to his owner, I reckon you are in big trouble.

    Officially a fan of Cash.


    woof bark growl:

    Cash 2.0 Great Dane on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills 10

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  36. Admin Admin says:

    Part A

    It is a long comment. I have split it into parts.

    I will not be repeating this again.

    Some of you say you have problems with the blog, sometimes, so I thought I’d share this, in case you have missed earlier comments.

    This blog is quite old. It already had problems. Going back years, it seems every time there was a WordPress update, something would break in the blog. Last year, there was a problem with accessing Older Comments, until some commenters found ways to get around it. This happened following an update.

    The problems from the previous blog (Sinclair’s blog) have carried over here since it is the same system. Every time there is a new update, it is a concern about what else can go wrong.

    Anyone familiar with software systems knows that it is better to design and build a new system from scratch rather than sort the bugs in an older system. But this is what we have and we have to find ways to make the best of it.

    I have already offered the solution – get Registered.

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  37. Admin Admin says:

    Part B

    I am writing the rest of this comment not as Admin – but as a user of the internet.

    The settings on my browser have been selected to clear out cache and cookies when I close the browser.

    Anytime it seems any website is running slow or doing strange things, I close my browser – all tabs and windows. This gives the system a chance to clear out anything that is obstructing the smooth function of the site. I reopen the same site and usually the problem is solved.

    If it persists, next step is to close all programs, log off and shut down/restart the computer/device. This, in most cases, gets rid of the problem.

    There are a few more solutions, but I won’t go into them here.

    Now, those of you who say that you have site problems, have you tried the above, before blaming this Catallaxy Files blog?

    If you are a Registered user, you cannot expect to log in and stay that way, indefinitely.

    For any online activity that requires log ins, the system will automatically log you off after a certain period of inactivity. Then you need to log back in again. This is a privacy and security measure. I experience it with internet banking, library, internet service provider, shopping accounts with online stores and so on.

    If your device is running continuously, for days on end, at some point there will be problems. This is related to your device not to other sites.

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  38. Admin Admin says:

    Part C

    If you follow threads on blogs, and don’t want to lose the place where you stopped, just bookmark the comment and then close browsers/log off. The next time you come to the blog – later the same day or the next day or next week, click the bookmark and you find the last comment you read. I have been doing this for years.

    Close browsers regularly. It clears out the dust from the cache.

    Log off all programs, shut down/restart devices, on a regular basis, too.

    If there are still problems on the blog, after having done the above, let me know.

    The poor hamsters on this Cat get blamed more than they should.

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  39. Admin Admin says:

    Most of you will know how to bookmark a comment. If there is anyone not sure:


    See the comment I have just posted – before this one. If that was the last comment you read and you wanted to bookmark it:

    Admin says:
    April 18, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    -Click on the Date and time link (April 18, 2022 at 8:15 pm)

    – Either click the star icon in the browser address bar or
    Hold down Ctrl + D

    – And save that link.

    Rename it, if you wish.
    It is added to your bookmarks folder.

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  40. mh says:

    Paul Volcker discusses his time as Fed Chair tackling inflation.


    There is no Volcker on the horizon in 2022.

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  41. egg_ says:

    The NOT the White House studios across the street, where Dementia Joe gives his Pressers.

    White House Convening on Equity

    c/- Salty Cracker

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  42. I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

    Not jabbed and can not go to the Pub.

    “HIV and hepatitis status will be asked. What is the status of the Chef! You are serving food so I want a full medical history, too, waiter.

    Let’s play ball. I’ll be asking the waiters too….”you can not ask that”…you wanna bet you stupid bitch?

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  43. mh says:

    Washington for ‘ambassador Rudd’

    Anthony Albanese has told some senior party colleagues he is in favour of appointing Kevin Rudd as Australia’s next ambassador to Washington if Labor wins the election.

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  44. Shy Ted says:

    I checked. It’s real.
    Seems to be the same reason why Ron De Santis has banned lots of maths textbooks.

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  45. Shy Ted says:

    In real life news I’ve just bought one of these
    Only electric! It’s actually really cool. The motor is built into the front wheel. Goes really well in the fast setting. Sadly, due to the design of it really being a push scooter there really isn’t enough space on the foot board and it means you’re twisted riding it and after an hour or so the tired old joints have had enough and it’s Ibuprofen time. Gonna give it a few more chances before admitting defeat. Nobody told me getting old was going to be a never-ending saga of aches and pains. Actually they did. Everyone did.

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  46. johanna johanna says:

    Thanks for explaining How Things Work, Adam. Now I know why I am sometimes logged out, although this has never happened on any other WordPress site I inhabit. This is not the only one I have open and logged in all the time.

    It’s annoying, but I get that there are a lot of legacy issues.

    This is an excellent source of links and heads up across a wide range of issues, as well as Steve T’s music and motorsport and aviation stuff. I’ve especially appreciated Ted’s stories recently – keep them coming, Ted!

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  47. johanna johanna says:

    Ted, as a fellow-sufferer in the bones department, probably best that we didn’t know or care.

    Never meet trouble half way, is my motto. 🙂

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  48. Ragu Ragu says:

    Joe O’Brandon is cooked.

    It looks like Meghan Hays, the WH director of “message planning,” was the bunny who interrupted POTUS’ comments on Afghanistan.

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    Battleground seats:

    Where the election will be won and lost

    Only a handful of seats are expected to determine the outcome of the federal election.

    To form government, a political party needs to win a majority of the 151 seats in the House of Representatives.

    For the Coalition and Labor, the magic number is 76. Fall short and the decision of who claims power will be left to the crossbench.

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  50. kaysee kaysee says:

    The TGA is an independent health regulatory body.

    Big-Pharma sponsored TGA after importer of Ivermectin

    The Big Pharma -sponsored Therapeutic Goods Administration and its Chairman Professor John Skerritt are prosecuting anyone who imports Ivermectin for any purpose. Big Pharma has tied up the TGA and politicians so well that any alternative treatment for ‘Covid’ will be prevented no matter what.

    A reader imported Ivermectin tablets from India for animal treatment but TGA’s Sam, no surname, informed him he cannot bring the Covid cure in without a permit.

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  51. kaysee kaysee says:

    23-year-old woman to Tucker:

    I regret transitioning as a teen

    Helena Kerschner tells Tucker Carlson on why she de-transitioned.

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  52. kaysee kaysee says:

    More in the Mock. A few from Steve, too.


    In a shocking experiment, random beachgoers in San Diego, California are asked if they’ll sign a petition to ban the Bible. Their reactions will shock you.

    This shows how easy it is to manipulate the gullible and stupid.
    It is terrifying as well.

    Dice is repeating some illogical phrases.
    Then tells them to fill in date of birth and signature. That would be a warning to anyone with a brain. Why would you just add your personal details and signature on a sheet of paper that some stranger on a beach hands you?

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  53. caveman says:

    Never go full nuclear.

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  54. Bazinga says:

    RE: TGA and Ivermectin.

    The problem in Australia is that the traitors, once caught, get to resign and keep their ill gotten wealth

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  55. Ragu Ragu says:

    Macaroon’s rug and Albo’s package. Kreepy Klaus in more pockets than the Wangs and the Himalayaian Guru scared shirtless by a giant bunny.

    Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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  56. egg_ says:

    Salty Cracker (and Viva and Barnes) has a lot of short videos on Locals (free to join), an offshoot of Rumble:

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  57. egg_ says:

    Sounds like Tim Pool’s stocking up on beans, ammo and Iodine tablets.

    What do you use to ward off a tranny zombie in the upcoming apocalypse?

    Frank N Furter was right?

    The Wicked (1987) [aka Outback Vampires]
    Starring Rampaging Roy Nelson of the Lithgow Shamrocks

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  58. mh says:

    And fiery demons all dance
    When you walk through that door
    Don’t say you’re easy on me
    You’re about as easy as a nuclear war

    Simon Le Bon

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  59. Disgusting little prick from swinging pig; known as our State Premier.

    I reckon he has Klaus on speed dial.

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  60. egg_ says:

    Kreepy Klaus in more pockets than the Wangs

    The ultimate shakedown merchant if you check out Russell Brand.

    ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) – a Social Credit rating for Corporations being the latest iteration.

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  61. egg_ says:

    What’s the ESG of MSG, Klaus?

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  62. I read a couple of people suggesting Kim Beazley get involved on the live stream…what? He’d be shit scared at the forces at work.

    That useless prick is not going to do anything.

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  63. mh says:

    Joe Biden quickly interrupted by the Easter Bunny after he starts to comment on #Afghanistan and #Pakistan at the White House #EasterEggRoll 🐰

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  64. McGowan has been caught allegedly rooting around. Wife is on the war path.

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  65. mh says:

    Joe Biden seen ‘taking orders from a giant bunny’

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  66. egg_ says:

    Joe Biden seen ‘taking orders from a giant bunny’

    Dementia Joe’s wandered off down the rabbit hole?

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  67. Ragu Ragu says:

    Sam, no surname, informed him he cannot bring the Covid cure in without a permit.

    I can’t find any evidence of this claim.

    I did find the Notice of final decisions to amend (or not amend) the current Poisons Standard in relation to Psilocybin and MDMA.

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  68. Ragu Ragu says:

    If readers check out the members of that advisory board they’ll see what a wahmen fest it is

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  69. Old bloke says:

    MaoGowan’s WA. You have to watch from the beginning when it finishes.

    LIVE – Perth, WA – Boarder Force deporting a 64 year old Grandmother on technical issue.

    I caught the end of it last night, is McGowan taking his new girlfriend with him to Rome?

    Is she the lady who Lindsey mentioned in recent video who works for the Education Department which enforces jabbing? Her daughter was in hospital suffering from vaxx damage and was posting anti-vaxx comments on social media.

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  70. Old bloke says:

    mh says:
    April 19, 2022 at 10:27 pm

    Joe Biden quickly interrupted by the Easter Bunny after he starts to comment on #Afghanistan and #Pakistan at the White House #EasterEggRoll 🐰

    He didn’t look too happy when the bunny told him to go home.

    Imagine that, the President of the United States is ordered around by a bunny.

    Who is really running the show over there?

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  71. egg_ says:

    Who is really running the show over there?

    The Mad Hatter?

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  72. candy says:

    I would wonder who is in the bunny suit because he/she had authority to direct a President to go in certain directions and stop him from talking to children and so on.

    I wonder if it was a security detail person. A regular custumed entertainer surely would not be able to do that without security guards getting really uptight about any unplanned physical movement towards the president.

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  73. mh says:

    Candy, the Scooby Doo team should be able to solve the bunny mystery, like they did Covid

    Scooby Doo Just Solved The COVID-19 Mystery

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  74. Shy Ted says:

    I read but can’t find the Biden Easter Bunny was one of his advisors, reliable source. It would have to be one of his security detail or similar. Politicians are very well protected thanks to your taxes.
    Similarly it’s been revealed that all of ScuMo’ security detail in the crash were… men! Even the driver!!

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  75. Shy Ted says:

    All this fuss over a bit of speeding and meth.
    Without the meth-fuelled chicken truck driver he’d have got a fine and suspension and it’d be all over.

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