Open Thread – Saturday, 15 January 2022

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  1. Steve trickler says:

    The ending is a great visual capture of the streamers / vapor trails.


    Elwyn R:

    F-15c Reapers led the F-35 Valkyries 495th fighter squadron through the Mach Loop Low Level
    Chuffed to catch the first F-35A based at RAF Lakenheath Low fly in Wales also a first are Seymour Johnson F-15s that are based at RAF Lakenheath at the moment.

    The 48th Fighter Wing has reactivated the first U.S. Air Forces in Europe F-35A squadron. The 495th Fighter Squadron, nicknamed as the “Valkyries,” was activated at exactly 8:49 and 50 seconds, Friday morning, 30 years to the day since its designation as a fighter squadron.

    The base was selected to host the first U.S. F-35A squadrons in Europe based on very close ties with the Royal Air Force, existing infrastructure, and combined training opportunities. Additionally, the U.K. is a critical component in training and combat readiness for U. S. Air Forces in Europe due to its excellent airspace and F-35 program partnership.

    My First F-35 in the Mach Loop Snowdonia Wales

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  2. Steve trickler says:

    Adventures With Purpose. ( Clip Above )

    We found Carey Mae Parker underwater, solving a 30-year-old missing person case in Hawk Cove, Texas, bringing home a mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

    Carey Mae Parker (23), was last seen in Quinlan, Texas on March 17, 1991. She was driving a blue and gray 1980 or 1981 Buick Skylark with Texas license plates at the time of her disappearance.

    Nobody knew what happened to Carey, and why she never arrived at her son Brian’s birthday party 30-years ago in Hawk Cove, Texas.

    This documentary brings you alongside Adventures With Purpose’s search on October 15th, 2021, following up on their initial find on February 5, 2021, when they found Carey’s car underwater, leading in Lake Tawakoni, Texas, answering questions as to what happened to Carey’s car 30-years earlier, before being found and recovered.

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  3. calli says:

    Thanks Steve. Hadn’t seen that clip before, nor the movie. Looks interesting.

    I do know the song though. Listened to it on my little transistor radio when it first came out a million years ago. That Grace Slick could definitely belt them out.

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  4. mh says:

    Good stuff from the reliable Avi Yemini

    Avi Yemini
    Serbian president slammed Australia for mistreating their national pride and the world’s top tennis star, Novak Djokovic.

    I’m on team Serbia this time.

    Imagine they treated an Aussie athlete this way.



    Avi Yemini
    Immigration Minister Alex Hawke concedes the unvaccinated Djokovic entered Australia with a VALID medical exemption and poses a low risk of contracting the virus while in the country and passing it on to others.

    But now, they argue the tennis star could spread dissent.


    Avi Yemini
    The government is arguing in court that Novak Djokovic should be deported from Australia as “he may risk lives and civil order by eroding regard for Covid rules and vaccinations”.

    NOT that he’s a threat to spread the virus.

    That he’ll spread dissent.


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  5. egg_ says:

    Funny how Biden, Boris and Butthole Morrison are all in massive political trouble at the same time.

    They are obviously not their own Masters, but mere toadies.

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  6. mh says:

    Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is arguing that Djokovic must be removed from Australia because he will spread anti Covid vaccine sentiment.

    However until this persecution, no one knew officially what Novak’s vaccine status was because he didn’t wish to talk about it.

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  7. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP

    Time to send another clear peaceful message NOT to abuse our Human Rights.

    Time to send another clear message that we do NOT submit.

    Time to send another clear message that it’s about PRO-CHOICE.

    Time to end the tyranny.



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  8. mh says:

    Another reporter collapses live on air

    The Juggernaut
    Journalist Carlos Ferrara collapses

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  9. mh says:

    DJOKOVIC vs AUSTRALIAN IMMIGRATION | LIVE TRIAL 2 | Australian Open 2022 | GTL Tennis Watchalong

    Latest News: Novak Djokovic has his final hearing in court to see if he can play the Australian Open 2022. Alex Hawke cancelled his visa for a second time and wants him deported from Australia immediately. Who will be the victorious?

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  10. mh says:

    Real Rukshan
    12 hrs ·
    Sorry Novak, we have lost our minds!

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  11. mh says:

    Bayern Munich football star Alphonso Davies has been sidelined after he was diagnosed with myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle). Davies, who is considered one of the best full-backs in the world, will be out of action for at least “the coming weeks” after the heart diagnosis.

    All Bayern Munich players and staff members had received their COVID booster shot during the winter break, according to German news outlet Sport1.

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  12. egg_ says:

    Dan’s going for COVID Hotel MkII?

    Jobs for the bovva boys?

    What’s the r0 for stupidity?

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  13. mh says:

    The Age

    Australia declares Djokovic a risk to civil order and public health
    The Morrison government has adopted a radical, Novak-zero approach in its bid to deport the anti-vax tennis star.

    Lost our minds – confirmed!

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  14. mh says:

    Dan’s going for COVID Hotel MkII?


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  15. mh says:

    Avi Yemini
    #BREAKING: Australia has its political prisoner, Novak Djokovic, back in custody ahead of his second court appeal tomorrow.

    I hope he wins again.

    Because our government deserves all the embarrassment, they can get.

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  16. Neil says:

    Any govt with half a brain could have dealt with the Novak Djokovic saga better. They had months of warning that he was coming and should have had a better plan to deal with the issue

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  17. mh says:

    Baldwin finally hands over key evidence
    Alec Baldwin has finally handed over his phone to police as they investigate the accidental fatal shooting on the set of his movie, Rust.

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  18. caveman says:

    Modellers are the new doctors

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  19. Shy Ted says:

    Always thought of myself as a bit of a traditionalist. Yup
    See you later…

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  20. egg_ says:

    The Moronic strain is less likely to cause “long COVID” – that suffered by fat, unhealthy cvnts?

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  21. egg_ says:

    Smokers up to 80% more likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid, study says

    Nervous cvnts sucking on mummy’s nipple surrogate more likely to succumb to Rona?

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  22. Steve trickler says:

    They survived.

    The bloke commenting is fine at his craft. 🤣

    Riddick Racing Jetsprint Crash – Whanganui March 2019

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  23. Steve trickler says:


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  24. kaysee kaysee says:


    What a complete bungle by an incompetent, virtue-signalling government.

    If the rule states that only double jabbed sheeple can enter Australia, then the department issuing visas could require proof, and based on this, issue or decline the visa. By this process, Djokovic would not have received the visa to enter Australia and that would be it.

    But he was issued a visa by the relevant department and thus landed on the shores of this country. If visa was issued in error, the department could have apologised to all those terrified of unjabbed aliens or upset by the injustice. A mistake was made by the government and the visa holder should not be penalised for it.

    Sure there would be grumblings by the usual sections of society but the error could have been blamed on miscommunication, and Tennis Australia, Vic Govt, Immigration and Federal Govt could all have apologised. They could have placed some restrictions on Djokovic and imposed some fines as well.

    The visa story would have ended there. And the action would have moved to the tennis courts and matches.

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  25. kaysee kaysee says:


    A little disappointed with Djokovic.

    Two points that would be high on his priority list:
    a/ He is not competing in the AO for the money. It is about the titles.
    b/ He wants the freedom to decide whether he gets jabbed or not.

    Knowing the above and the restrictions in coming here, he should have been more careful and prioritised/cancelled other activities. Also, the mistakes in the visa application by his support team? They must be a highly paid staff, well-versed in dealing with travel matters. How did they not get it right?

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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    JohnJJJ says:
    January 12, 2022 at 9:30 pm

    Also Quinine, if you want to try that, you can buy the powder easily from a shop in Melbourne (for making tonic)

    Would this be any health food store?
    Or is it a specific shop in Melbourne?

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  27. Steve trickler says:

    Super spreader train. Strict sniffle rules on show here. Karen’s around the world would have a heart attack watching this.

    Jan 15, 2022.


    Kurt Caz:

    To get out of Hyderabad we decided to take the easiest way back to Karachi.
    Which was by train.

    Madness on The Karachi Express! 🇵🇰

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  28. kaysee kaysee says:

    calli says:
    January 13, 2022 at 6:00 pm

    Sometimes you have to stretch love to the finest gossamer thread. Its tensile strength is amazing.

    That’s a poetic description of the one important ingredient in human relationships.

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  29. kaysee kaysee says:

    mh says:
    January 13, 2022 at 7:25 pm

    Pfizer boss says two doses provide ‘limited protection, if any’ against Omicron

    We are worried about Big Pharma and Big Tech censoring us?
    See how far they go.

    Pfizer Uses Copyright-Strike To Censor Video Of Their Own CEO Admitting Vaccines Don’t Work

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  30. egg_ says:

    What a complete bungle by an incompetent, virtue-signalling government

    Scotty-from-Marketing in a nutshell.

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  31. mh says:


    This is the government’s case against Djokovic heading to the Federal Court tomorrow. It has nothing to do with filling out visa applications – that got tossed out of court last week. The government’s new line of attack is quite pathetic:

    Australia declares Djokovic a risk to civil order and public health

    The Australian government says the presence of Novak Djokovic throughout the two weeks of the Australian Open may put lives and civil order at risk by increasing anti-vax sentiment and disregard for COVID-19 rules.

    In a radical reframing of the case against the Serbian tennis star, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke concedes the unvaccinated Djokovic entered Australia with a valid medical exemption and poses a low risk of contracting the virus while in Australia and passing it on to others due to his recent infection…

    Mr Hawke’s detailed reasons for his decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa for a second time since his arrival in Australia late on January 5, revealed by the Herald and The Age, portray the nine-time Australian Open winner as a menace to both public health and public order.

    The minister describes Djokovic as a “high profile unvaccinated individual” who has publicly indicated his opposition to getting the jab and demonstrated an “apparent disregard” for basic COVID rules such as isolating after a positive test.

    “Given Mr Djokovic’s high-profile status and position as a role model in the sporting and broader community, his ongoing presence in Australia may foster similar disregard for the precautionary requirements following receipt of a positive COVID-19 test in Australia,” Mr Hawke wrote.

    “In particular, his behaviour may encourage or influence others to emulate his prior conduct and fail to comply with appropriate health measures following a positive COVID-19 test, which itself could lead to the transmission of the disease and serious risk to their health and others.”

    Explaining how a 34-year-old visiting tennis player could be a risk to public order, Mr Hawke argues that when case numbers are rising in Australia due to the spread of the Omicron variant, influential persons and role models who show a disregard for public health measures have the potential to undermine the pandemic response of federal, state and territory governments…

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  32. kaysee kaysee says:

    Black Ball says:
    January 14, 2022 at 8:54 am

    Superb piece from Israeli professor

    An excellent letter. He has the credentials, and if the Israeli government follows his advice, the global scam will start to topple.

    This could refer not just to the Israeli government but most governments (especially, Western) around the world.

    You slandered colleagues who did not surrender to you, you turned the people against each other, divided society and polarized the discourse……………..

    There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets and control.

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  33. JohnJJJ says:

    kaysee says:
    Or is it a specific shop in Melbourne

    The Bitters Lab, located at Shop 9 / 397 Smith St. Fitzroy.

    From what I read a few years ago, HCQ is the lab version of Quinine. The press and health officials immediately tried to downplay the obvious gin and tonic – with zero proof of course. There is no downside!

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  34. johanna johanna says:

    Funny how Biden, Boris and Butthole Morrison are all in massive political trouble at the same time.

    Chickens, meet roost.

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  35. Steve trickler says:

    With so many jabbed athletes around the world coming into a spot of bother, I do wonder about all the GA crashes that have occurred over the last couple of years since the needle, particularly in the USA.

    We shall wait and see. Pure speculation folks. Sussietube channels will not entertain the thought of discussing that because they will be booted.


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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    Black Ball,

    The link to the Open Letter had some other good links that were worth adding to the CatWiki. Thanks.

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  37. kaysee kaysee says:

    Neil of Sydney says:
    January 14, 2022 at 7:08 pm

    What i do not understand about the lefties is that they do not believe in borders.

    Unless it is an unvaccinated person who wants to come in.

    But they believe in safe spaces which have borders.

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  38. Eyrie says:

    I do wonder about all the GA crashes that have occurred over the last couple of years since the needle, particularly in the USA.

    One glider crash in New Zealand was attributed to this a couple of months ago. Guy made a few dumb decisions in a row ended up damaging the glider. Report said maybe caused by the brain fog side effect of his second Pfizer jab the day before.

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  39. Steve trickler says:
  40. mh says:

    The Age

    Djokovic an easy target in anti-vaxxer witch hunt
    By Paul McNamee
    January 15, 2022 — 4.30pm

    Clearly, the outcome of the Federal Court case on Sunday has implications for Novak Djokovic. How about for the Australian Open?

    The Australian Open is far and away Australia’s biggest international sporting event. Hosting all the world’s best tennis players in arguably the best sporting precinct in the world, it generates close to one billion dollars in economic impact for the state of Victoria. It puts Melbourne front and centre on the world stage for two weeks but, this year, for all the wrong reasons.

    The No.1 men’s player in the world and nine-time champion is scheduled to begin the defence of his Australian Open title on Monday. In the Federal Court, he is facing deportation for three years. For me, perhaps sending home one of the best athletes in the world boils down to the simple reason that it is now known he is not vaccinated, and being such a public figure, it made him an easy target. Otherwise, there never would have been what seems to be a witch hunt.

    When he boarded the plane for that long flight to Australia, he had every reason to believe he was entitled to enter. Yet, unlike the other players and officials who had arrived before him with the same medical exemption (including, in my view, the very poorly treated Czech player Renata Voracova), he was the one singled out to be detained. The one positive is that the location of his detention shone a light on the treatment of refugees.

    It’s important to note the federal government has now accepted his medical exemption is valid, that there is only negligible health risk, and further stating in court documents he is a “person of good standing known for his philanthropy”.

    For the record, if you have the same medical exemption here in Victoria as Djokovic, you can get a job at Woolies, or can work at or attend the Australian Open. The new court case will be based on entirely new grounds, with the Immigration Minister saying that “as a high profile un-vaccinated individual … Mr Djokovic’s ongoing presence in Australia may lead to an increase in anti-vaccination sentiment in the Australian community, potentially leading to an increase in civil unrest of the kind previously experienced in Australia with rallies and protests which may themselves be a source of community transmission”.

    People are saying he is getting special treatment because he is Novak Djokovic, when in fact it’s the opposite, as now it’s only because he is a high-profile and “influential” person that he is facing deportation.

    Djokovic is not an “anti-vaxxer”, which has been widely reported. He has openly said his children get various vaccines. Generous to a fault, he has personally donated millions of dollars to hospitals and causes struggling under the burden of COVID-19 in Serbia, Spain and Italy. He set up and paid for free vaccinations at two ATP and one WTA tournament (on his property) in Belgrade, so players and coaches could be double vaccinated, as many were. Who knew that?

    He knows from his own experience with allergies and diet that, in many ways, you are what you digest. Simply put, he wants the final say about what enters his body. As the No.1 in a highly competitive global sport, who can blame him? So, what he is actually is pro-choice.

    On the other hand, Djokovic, after learning he was positive, albeit masked and social distancing, was nonetheless rash when he did a one-on-one interview on December 18. However, he publicly has regretted and owned that mistake and in doing so, cannot be said either to encourage non-compliance. I’ll add this. For a very long time, he didn’t even want to disclose his status. That’s hardly a forthright position for someone alleged to be an anti-vaxxer.

    The facts are that Djokovic, a complex, holistic and deeply spiritual man, was put in detention just in time for Orthodox Christmas. He chose not to take his “bat and ball” (actually racquet) and go home but, armed with resources unavailable to the average man, he dared to take on the government in the Federal Court, and won.

    Now he is facing another court case, on entirely different grounds. He could have said it’s all too hard, cut a deal, so there would be no further detention or long-term consequences, and got out of Australia pronto. He has chosen to stand his ground and take on the fight, and is again detained, on the eve of his first-round match. I respect him greatly for that.

    I also respect that he fights for the rights of lower-ranked players to make a better living. He is popular in the locker room, and since this saga began, I have run into many players, male and female, and especially the lower ranked, who deeply appreciate the efforts he makes on their behalf: “Without Novak, we have no voice. He is our friend.”

    The Australian Open has been engulfed and paralysed by this fiasco. Having once been the tournament director for 12 years, and knowing the enormous contributions of so many, I am not happy that it is being subject to ridicule, given, for example, the so-described “temporary draw”. At least five players do not know who their opponent is, and one potential lucky loser, plus Djokovic, do not even know if they’re playing at all. How do they prepare for their matches, some of which are on Monday? It’s not a good look for the tournament.

    The facts are that Djokovic came to Australia with one sole aim, to try and defend his Australian Open title. Agree with him or not, and unpopular as he is here, it is accepted he met the rules.

    So, he sits detained with the threat of immediate deportation for three years. It might as well be for life, as why would he ever come back?

    Paul McNamee won the Australian Open doubles title twice, was a semi -finalist in the singles, and tournament director for 12 years.

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  41. Steve trickler says:

    Dutch is live on Twitch.


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  42. Steve trickler says:

    Put it on sussietube, Dutch.

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  43. kaysee kaysee says:

    This is the government’s case against Djokovic heading to the Federal Court tomorrow. It has nothing to do with filling out visa applications – that got tossed out of court last week.

    mh, the case earlier this week was the way the border force handled the issue. Novak was not given the procedural fairness.

    There were missteps on his part. The brainwashed sheeple are running in circles on those points, since that is what the MSM have been feeding them. That negativity could have been avoided if Novak had been a bit more careful.

    The case put forward by the government is shameful. How low can they go? The powers of the Immigration Minister are meant to be used to deport real threats like terrorists.

    It is not to cancel the visa of a top sportsman who is only in the country for a few weeks, for a major sports event. Tennis is a racquet and ball game with the opponent on the other side of the net.

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  44. Steve trickler says:

    That was a big bang!

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  45. kaysee kaysee says:

    This, from:

    Leigh Sales

    Djokovic visa cancelled on the grounds of “public interest” relating to “health” and “good order”.

    1. With covid cases in the hundreds of thousands, how can it be “health”?
    2. How can one person whose job is hitting a ball with a racquet be a threat to civic “order”?

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  46. kaysee kaysee says:


    Thanks for that link.
    Bitters are generally good for the digestive system. That shop has quite a range of bitters, tonics, syrups.

    I was checking my online supplements store and they stock the black seed oil. So I may buy a bottle with my next order.

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  47. mh says:

    The case put forward by the government is shameful. How low can they go? The powers of the Immigration Minister are meant to be used to deport real threats like terrorists.

    Imagine if Elvis Presley was granted a visa to perform in Australia in 1959. When he arrives, Robert Menzies decides that Elvis being here could lead to a rise in juvenile delinquency, then cancels his visa and sends him home.

    We are here ⬆️

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  48. kaysee kaysee says:

    Macro woke wokery, now brought to you by a wokesoft company.

    Microsoft called out for new ‘woke’ feature

    Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy on Microsoft Word correcting offensive terms for the woke crowd,

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    There are some innovative resisters out there.


    This guy reportedly kept a french fry in his mouth for the entire 1.5 hr flight so he wouldn’t have to wear a mask.

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  50. mh says:

    Early win for Djokovic’s lawyers: Case to be heard by full court, not a single judge
    By Marta Pascual Juanola
    Novak Djokovic’s case will be heard by a full court at the Federal Court tomorrow morning instead of by a single judge.

    The Federal Court announced this afternoon the matter would be heard by Chief Justice James Allsop, Justice Anthony Besanko and Justice David O’Callaghan, who presided over this morning’s proceedings.

    The tennis star’s counsel spoke in support of a full bench earlier today, but the move was opposed by the governments’ lawyers as it would remove both parties’ right to appeal the ruling.

    The hearing will begin at 9.30am (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) and be live-streamed on YouTube.

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  51. kaysee kaysee says:

    …….but the move was opposed by the governments’ lawyers as it would remove both parties’ right to appeal the ruling.

    Aren’t the gov lawyers confident of victory?
    We are being told that the Immigration Minister has such powers that there was no way out for Djokovic.

    We need 2 of the 3 to vote for Djok. All 3 would be very nice.

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  52. JohnJJJ says:

    kaysee says:
    I was checking my online supplements store and they stock the black seed oil. So I may buy a bottle with my next order.

    You can easily get Nigella Stavia seeds in the supermarket (called Black Cumin – but check it’s Nigella Sativa). Sprinkle on bread ( the Arabs do). The oil takes getting used to. If you want another suggestion look for Sidr Honey – another few thousand year old cure/prevention from the Middle East and Asia.
    After the Vietnam war, Iraq war and Afghanistan debacle, where our government and media lied to us every single day, I don’t trust what they tell us on COVID. I go with very low risk, thousand year old cures and preventions.

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  53. mh says:

    Aren’t the gov lawyers confident of victory?
    We are being told that the Immigration Minister has such powers that there was no way out for Djokovic.

    I too thought the powers were so sweeping that the Joker had no chance. The fact that three judges have been appointed makes me now doubt that. And remember Judge Anthony Kelly was scathing of the government when he set Djokovic free on Monday, and warned them about doing what they went ahead and did yesterday.

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  54. Steve trickler says:

    WTF! is that in those ponds? I was looking up the coordinates of the big quake in Indo.

    6.929°S 105.251°E. Have a squiz at NW of the epicenter. Tjikawung.

    Enter into Gulag Earth.

    No doubt a simple explanation will come forth?

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  55. kaysee kaysee says:

    Checked Woolies and my fruit-vege shop. They have the regular spices including the brown cumin which is part of my regular
    spice addition, but not the Nigella Sativa.

    When it comes to my health, I am the same. I research the herbal meds that have worked for centuries and try them out.

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  56. kaysee kaysee says:


    Break time


    Brother and Sister?

    Izzy and Easton audition

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  57. Cardimona says:

    Great content today, Cats!

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  58. mh says:

    Prince Philip of Serbia

    Филип Карађорђевић
    The strength and actions of one brave individual, @DjokerNole can give us hope and courage. It is becoming increasingly evident the ‘free world’ is accelerating down a path of tyranny. When tyranny shows it’s ugly face then it is our duty to speak out. ⬇️/1

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  59. mh says:

    Newscorp – better late than never

    James Campbell: Government’s Djokovic decision borders on absurd

    Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s reasons for deporting Novak Djokovic are exceptionally feeble — even for an Australian politician, writes James Campbell.

    James Campbell
    Political Editor

    … You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.

    But no, pride is at stake now, so the court cases roll on.

    On Friday the Immigration Minister Alex Hawke cancelled Djokovic’s visa.

    Before we deal with the why, let’s stop for a moment and marvel at the why not.

    In his reasons Hawke concedes the following: Djokovic poses negligible risk to the community; he has a medical reason not to be vaccinated; he entered Australia consistent with ATAGI documents; he considered he had a valid medical exemption to come to Australia; he has made no attempt to contravene Australian law; and, finally, that he has is person of good standing.

    He also concedes Djokovic’s false answer on his travel declaration was the result of a screw-up by his agent who submitted it.

    In other words Hawke has basically conceded everything Djokovic’s lawyers argued was true.

    And yet, he has to go.

    Why? Because he’s still a health risk to the Australian community.

    How? Well no matter what he may think now, in the past he has publicly expressed anti-vaccination sentiment and his presence here might encourage others not to get vaxxed or boosted. (How his absence from Australia will encourage them to get vaxxed is not explained.)

    This is an exceptionally feeble line of argument, even for an Australian politician, not least because Djokovic’s vax views were on the public record before he was given a visa.

    Where Hawke is on stronger ground is in his assertion that in the past Djokovic has failed to isolate even when Covid-positive.

    But instead of simply saying a repeat of this performance might endanger us, Hawke argues that Djokovic’s “high-profile status and position as a role model in the sporting and broader community” means he might foster similar disregard here.

    It doesn’t say much for his view of the Australian public that Hawke thinks we get our health advice from tennis players, but let’s concede he might be right.

    Let’s also concede he might be right when he says Djokovic’s ongoing presence in the community as an unvaccinated person is a danger to public order as it might encourage others not to get jabbed.

    But in that case you have to ask why the Liberal Party is asking us to vote for the Victorian MP Russell Broadbent who, is just as unvaccinated as Novak Djokovic.

    Drawing another long bow, Hawke also argues that by his presence Djokovic might lead to an increase in civil unrest in the form of rallies and protests which could themselves be a source of community transmission.

    Never mind that these events were already happening, you could just as easily argue removing Djokovic from Australia is likely to provoke such rallies and protests.

    Surely, too, deporting Djokovic is also likely to fuel the claim by the protesters that our leaders are lying to us when they say we have a voluntary vaccination program in this country.

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  60. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP
    Sat 15 Jan • NSW • Sadly 20 deaths reported.

    16 x vaxxed.
    4 x NOT.

    And they still persist with Big Pharma narrative.

    “Safe & effective”.

    “Will reduce transmission”.

    “Will protect you”.

    Surely RATIONAL people would ask if ANY other treatments could be tried to save lives

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  61. Steve trickler says:


    This bloke and his training of animals is remarkable. I miss Sherni..that lovely lady that got killed getting run over; ultimate protector of his children. Butter Cup was awesome, too.

    Spare me that this is gore p*rn commentary; PETA bullshit esque thinking…. ***K OFF!

    Controversial subject as follows.


    Mink Man’s Mini Muscle

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  62. Steve trickler says:

    Brilliant and creepy…yes creepy. Ghost like. These ladies are.?….[ fill in the blank ]

    Amazing Russian Floating Folk Dance “Birch Tree / Beryozka”

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  63. mh says:

    Reading this on RT

    Unvaccinated father stripped of visiting rights by judge

    And saw this in the comments lol

    nabiru • 21 hours ago
    Deport all Australians from your home country. Eff’em!

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  64. mh says:

    Craig Kelly MP
    Even Mainstream Media saying “Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s reasons for deporting Djokovic are exceptionally feeble”.

    What an understatement.

    Alex Hawke’s reasons are a JOKE, POLITICAL & EMBARRASSING.

    A nasty & vindictive attempt to stitch up Djokovic.

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  65. Steve trickler says:

    It has still survived the copyright strikes.


    Supertramp – Goodbye Stranger (2010 Remastered)

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  66. mh says:

    Dolly Downer has turned up on GB News talking shit.

    He was totally ignorant of the facts on the Australian
    Government vs Novak Djokovic court case tomorrow.

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  67. mh says:

    Controversial sex guru charged with serious assault

    A North Stradbroke Island holistic sex coach who practices ‘vaginal Kung Fu’ has been charged with serious assault over an alleged altercation with a Census worker.

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  68. Steve trickler says:

    Pure Blood:

    Ask your GP why you should get the first Jab@2 15/01/21? I’ve not had this shit injected in my arm. Justify it with evidence as to why I should.?

    Explain the second jab after the first?, GP.

    But, but but but but…..

    So first and second jabs are useless, and I am now expected to get a third jab? Let’s go for four? Full frontal attacks against your GP’s are in order.

    Go on the proverbial attack folks. Shutting the fuckwits at reception will be easy.

    Film everything! Every interaction.

    Medical doctors and nurses today. Anyone pushing these drugs needs to spend the rest of their life in jail. People wanting to confess, now is your time…

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  69. Steve trickler says:

    Let them know you are filming them at all times…and do it. Do not hesitate to tell your GP and their staff….you are on candid camera.

    Film the GP’S and staff with every interaction.

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  70. Steve trickler says:

    You got that batch number on the vial, Doc?


    Escalate…people in the profession, hiding behind a wall of orders can get fucked. From the receptionist when you walk in. Record everything. Name number and details. Get it. Doc and nurse.

    Do it.

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  71. Steve trickler says:

    Disgusting, seeing the Queen shank hands with the prick, Bill Gates… and so many others…in that lastest love fest. Nothing new. She is a horrible disgusting creature. With all the crap going on, people defend her are despicable.

    Horrible, evil bitch. The family is scum….stories of her during the war (2)

    STOP PRETENDING that stupid old bitch values your concerns.

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  72. Steve trickler says:

    You’ll probably have to mask up as she dies.

    She is scum of the EARTH. Despicable, disgusting human being. One of the worst creatures in human history. All this defense of her is equally as stupid. She shanks hands with the most disgusting people on the the planet, and we are listening to the platitudes.

    Despicable women….

    She is not dead yet, but has ample opportunity to redeem herself.

    Will it happen?

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  73. Steve trickler says:

    Bald springs out of nowhere.

    I’ll watch in full tomorrow.


    Cheers, all.

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  74. mh says:

    DJOKOVIC vs AUSTRALIA | LIVE TRIAL FINAL VERDICT | Australian Open 2022 | GTL Tennis Watchalong

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  75. mh says:

    The Joker vs The Australian Government Federal court case on right now is set against the backdrop of the vaccines achieving absolutely nothing in Australia.

    It’s farcical.

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  76. mh says:

    One of the judges is pushing back on the government lawyer Steven Lloyd.

    Lloyd is arguing sportsmen are role models.

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