Open Thread – Saturday, 14 January 2023

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  1. Steve trickler says:

    Gulag are really messing with WordPress atm. Pricks. Error city.

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  2. Steve trickler says:

    I love this lady. She doesn’t take any sh*t from cops.


    Susan Bassi:

    Two years ago Capitola Karen called the police when I was recording a public beach. So thought that following the California rain storms, we would check on how the police there felt about cameras now.

    Police interactions with autistic persons, have been a problem. Solutions abound when cameras are in hand. Hope more will join in. We are going to need help exposing all the conflicts of interest the secret court Bench – Bar- Media – Police Commitee dinners . Investigating what lawyers, judges, cops and reporters said in secret when the public could not hear, but paid for dinners.

    Lifting the Police Recording Tape

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  3. mh says:

    German Social Democrats hesitant on tank deliveries to Ukraine | DW Interview


    The comments are hilarious.
    Most likely from the same types that believed ‘safe and effective’.

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  4. PerryJ says:

    UK schools ban all physical contact

    Teens will be forbidden from hugging and holding hands in order to keep them “safe,” school authorities said

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  5. PerryJ says:

    Heard ads about buying tickets to the US lotto but wasn’t sure how that worked. want to become the first aussie billion-dollar lotto winner?

    How to play
    The competition operates as the Mega Millions jackpot in the US but Australians do not need to travel overseas to buy any entries.
    When a customer buys a ticket in The Lottery Office’s USA Mega Lotto, the organisation purchases a matching ticket in the Mega Millions draw.
    Any winners are then paid the exact amount of winnings collected from the overseas lottery ticket.

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  6. mh says:


    U.S. will hit its debt limit Thursday, start taking steps to avoid default, Yellen warns Congress

    … Congress in December 2021 increased the federal debt limit to about $31.4 trillion.


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  7. mh says:

    Kanye an honorary Aussie

    Kanye West has married Australian Yeezy designer Bianca Censori two months after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalised.


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  8. kaysee kaysee says:

    The wonders of AI.

    Do we really want it? If Schwab protégé Yuval Noah Harari is excited about it, then it should be enough for freedom seekers to be extremely wary.

    The Vigilant Fox

    ‘You Will Not Be Able to Hide’: Algorithms Will Understand You Better Than You Know Yourself

    Yuval Noah Harari: “Even if you walk away, and even if you keep hiding from your classmates or from yourself, you will not be able to hide from Amazon and Alibaba and the secret police.”

    The Chips

    They won’t even need to force mandates.
    There will be queues miles long to get chipped.

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  9. kaysee kaysee says:

    The vaxx


    We talk a lot about those who have #diedsuddenly

    But what about those whose lives were completely destroyed?

    Where is their Justice?


    The elite only want unvaccinated pilots. Wonder why

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  10. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Spare contest.

    Is anyone going to start up a contest called:
    Can you spot the lies?

    Air New Zealand exposes Prince Harry
    over bizarre lie in memoir Spare

    The Duke of Sussex claims Meghan had booked a first class flight for her father from Mexico to the United Kingdom on the New Zealand airline. 

    “We told him, leave Mexico right now: A whole new level of harassment is about to rain down on you, so come to Britain. Now,” Harry wrote in the book. 

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    Since the death of Pope Benedict, I have been reading about a revolt taking place in the Vatican, against Francis, by a small group of faithful Cardinals. No names were mentioned, but it now seems that Cardinal Pell must have been one of them.

    In March, last year, he published a secret memo under a pseudonym, Demos on a site. The site blogger has now confirmed it was Pell. He summarised in that memo his concerns about the church and recommendations for the next pope. In addition, Pell wrote articles on sites as the Spectator and First Things where he was critical about what is happening in the Church, under the current reign. The teachings of the Church are not being followed and he made suggestions about what needs to be done and changed by the next Pope.

    Although Pell, at 81, was past the voting age for any future conclave, he would have been a guiding force on selecting a good, faithful leader for the Church.

    The Lord’s ways are mysterious to us. Pell is not here now to keep up the fight. The question: Is there another Cardinal brave enough to step into Pell’s shoes and save the Church from the bad shepherds?

    Yesterday, I came across another article that I want to dismiss as fake news. I have heard similar stories, in the past – the image of Bergoglio outside the Vatican vs inside. But I don’t think that the reporter would have written this article without checking and verifying.

    While it is easy to despair about what is happening in the world and the long arm of the WEF and NWO, the truth hasn’t changed.

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  12. Old bloke says:

    Joe Biden Busted Stealing Classified Documents and Even the Liberal Media Don’t Know What To Say! 😂

    There appears to be a civil war in the White House at the moment, one faction wants Brandon to go now and the other side wants him to remain and stand again in 2024.

    Dr. Jill probably leads the latter group.

    Obviously the media don’t know what to say, they are probably getting different talking points from the two factions.

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  13. kaysee kaysee says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Announcing the 71st Miss Universe winner, before the contest.
    Co-sponsored by MSM, WEF, NATO, NWO.

    And the winner is….

    (Don’t forget to turn on the sound.)

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  14. Steve trickler says:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson = f-wit.


    The HighWire with Del Bigtree:

    Celebrity Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently debated popular podcast host Patrick Bet-David over Covid vaccines, science & misinformation. In the process, deGrasse Tyson shared surprising misinformation of his own. Del breaks it down, and explains why he wants to have a beer with Neil deGrasse Tyson.


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  15. Steve trickler says:

    This was a shocker to watch. RIP. The camera man survived. I remember the days at Ravenswood when you could stand near the track at the finish line.

    Bloody big risk when I think back on it.

    Sam fenech drag racing accident | sam fenech crash video

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  16. Steve trickler says:

    Real Rukshan:

    Hollywood celebrities, ABC Australia’s Chair Ita Buttrose and TV Covid experts are shamelessly shilling for Pfizer in the companies latest round of advertising.

    Hollywood Celebrities and ABC Australia’s chair Ita Buttrose are shilling for Pfizer

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    Surgery mid February.

    Could you give us the date a couple of days before the surgery – if you don’t mind?
    I would like to know, and I’m sure others here would, too.

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  18. kaysee kaysee says:

    World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
    16–20 January 2023

    World Economic Forum’s Davos Set for ‘Record Participation’
    as 52 Heads of State to Attend Globalist Summit

    The Swiss town of Davos will host 52 heads of state and government and nearly 600 CEOs as the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in the Alps next week, organizers said Tuesday.


    Hmmmmm. Wonder why?

    How they do it.

    Over 2,500 delegates, 5,000 armed security and over 2,000 individual private flights will fly into a Swiss ski resort for the World Economic Forum Davos 2023… to tell the rest of us to stop taking flights, stop driving petrol cars and stop eating meat.

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  19. Steve trickler says:

    kaysee says:
    January 14, 2023 at 6:37 pm
    Surgery mid February.

    Could you give us the date a couple of days before the surgery – if you don’t mind?
    I would like to know, and I’m sure others here would, too.

    Still waiting for the exact date. I’ll let you all know.😘

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  20. kaysee kaysee says:

    There’s a reason why I use the self-serve in the supermarket.
    Yep, you guessed it. I’m anti-social. 😉

    But, not all peoples are the same.

    A Dutch supermarket chain

    …..introduced slow checkouts for people who enjoy chatting, helping many people, especially the elderly, deal with loneliness.
    The move has proven so successful that they installed the slow checkouts in 200 stores.

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  21. kaysee kaysee says:

    Came across this link on another site, yesterday.
    So I’m posting it here, today.

    The Christmas Scale

    It’s hard to believe that the greatest message the world will ever hear is contained in one simple scale. Voiceover by Willie Minor.

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  22. mh says:

    Larry Kudlow says on this episode:

    “We’re the world reserve currency and we will always keep it that way”.


    I expect British economists said that once about the UK Pound, too.

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  23. Old bloke says:

    “We’re the world reserve currency and we will always keep it that way”.

    I wonder what the impact will be when the BRICS dollar (or whatever they call it) is rolled out. The Petrodollar is dead, the Saudis are taking payment in all currencies, regime change in Riyadh is next.

    Also, Indonesia has requested membership to BRICS, expect to pay for your next holiday in Bali in BRICS dollars.

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  24. mh says:

    Kudlow appears to be saying what we all know – the US protects its reserve currency status by any means necessary, including wars.

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  25. Steve trickler says:

    He produced some classics. Fun watching all the young discover him on sussietube.

    The sh*t getting produced today…it would come as a pleasant surprise to hear him for the first time.


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  26. mh says:

    Currency wars

    As a result of these unprecedented sanctions, the ruble almost is immediately reduced to rubble.

    —- President Joe Biden, March 2022.

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  27. Old bloke says:

    the US protects its reserve currency status by any means necessary, including wars.

    They are in trouble now then, more than half the world’s population and a large slice of its manufacturing capacity has said Nyet to US hegemony. The trouble is Babylon doesn’t recognise limitations to its empire plans, it will not end well.

    Even in the G7 there’s dissension, Japan has refused to participate in the NATO/EU sanctions on Russian oil and gas, they are proceeding with joint development plans in the northern islands to ensure oil and gas supplies to Japan.

    And we’ve got Albo sitting in the big chair.

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  28. Old bloke says:

    Fun watching all the young discover him on sussietube.

    How would they respond to Baker Street (love the sax).

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  29. Steve trickler says:

    How would they respond to Baker Street (love the sax).

    They seem genuine.

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  30. Steve trickler says:

    After watching the Sam Fenech crash, the John Zappia incident popped in the head again.

    Driving straight is not always easy.


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  31. Cold-Hands says:

    Powerline’s The week in Pictures: Corvette Summer Edition.

    The original 1978 film Corvette Summer, which starred a youngish Joe Biden, fresh off his breakout role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, found our hero searching for a lost vintage Corvette, but along the way he purloined classified documents from the Empire, and hid them in the tailpipe, there being no pumpkins available in the fallow field of his mind. But at least he saved the mermaid-costumed Vanessa from adult-film makers in a hotel, won a wild car chase against Bad Dude Cornpop, and returned to his Delaware nursing home at the beach. Or maybe the remake of Corvette Summer will feature congressional hearings this summer into Hunter the and rest of the low-rent Biden mob.

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  32. JohnJJJ says:

    Interesting interview of the erudite Sash Latypova on Department of Defense and COVID. The site refers to the documentary BOOK OF OURS DOCUMENTARY: THE NEW CONSTITUTION – LIVING WAR CRIMES
    I get all this from the mathematician Professor Fenton – he has an excellent description of what has happened to Lancet and the corruption of Israel tests of the prototype. The Lancet has become a laughing stock

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  33. mh says:

    Gold Coast’s Magic Millions race meet has been called off after just two races due to the state of the track.

    The feature race meeting in the country was abandoned on Saturday afternoon when jockeys and stewards deemed the track unsafe.

    Persistent rain in the lead up to the meet downgraded the track from a good four to a soft six and, while rain was not torrential on Saturday, it was constant enough to leave the track unsafe…

    24 hour rainfall totals show about 10mm.

    The week leading up to Saturday wouldn’t have been particularly wet. A few coastal showers maybe.

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  34. mh says:

    Anthony Brian Logan

    The CDC and FDA are officially investigating a possible link between the vaccine and strokes

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  35. mh says:

    New York Times, the kings of fake news.
    Just posting this for the purpose of highlighting the dispute between the Wagner group and the Russian military leadership.

    Russia’s Claim to Seize a Ukrainian Town Exposes Rifts Among Forces

    After Russia’s Defense Ministry said its troops had taken Soledar, a leader of the Wagner mercenary group accused the military of stealing credit. Ukraine said its forces were still fighting there.

    Jan. 13, 2023

    A Russian claim of victory on Friday in a town in eastern Ukraine exposed a growing rift in Moscow’s war effort, as the Russian military and a private mercenary group contradicted each other publicly about who should get credit for the gains.

    Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that its troops had taken control of the town, Soledar — which would be Russia’s largest battlefield success in months — but made no mention of the Kremlin-affiliated Wagner private military company, which has ordered waves of troops into fighting in the region.

    Shortly after the Defense Ministry issued the statement on Friday, Andrei Troshev, a senior Wagner commander, accused the ministry of stealing “other people’s achievements.” Three days earlier, Wagner claimed that Soledar had fallen to its fighters, pointedly saying that the Russian army was not involved, only to have the Kremlin dispute the statement.

    After months of intense combat and heavy casualties, who actually controlled Soledar remained unclear on Friday. The Ukrainian military said its troops were still holding onto parts of the town, but that Russia had deployed significant forces in the area and that the situation was dynamic.

    Although taking control of the town would provide Russia with new positions for artillery facing the nearby city of Bakhmut, where fighting has raged for months, analysts say Soledar itself has little strategic value and is unlikely to significantly change the battle for eastern Ukraine.

    The Institute for the Study of War, a Washington think tank, said on Thursday night that geo-located footage indicated that Moscow’s forces “likely control most if not all of Soledar,” but said capture of the town was “at best a Russian Pyrrhic tactical victory,” gained at a steep cost.

    Most of Soledar has been reduced to shattered buildings, jagged rubble and shell craters, and most of its prewar population of about 10,000 has fled. But after months of Russian military setbacks — a chaotic collapse in the northeast in September, a retreat from a major city in the south in November, and heavy losses in the east all the while — Russian military leaders appeared to view the town as a symbolic prize worth competing for.

    The public quarrel between Wagner and the Russian military highlighted the deep rifts and disorganization that have plagued Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since it began almost a year ago. Late Friday, the Russian military appeared to try to patch up the dispute by issuing a second statement, this one with a rare statement of public praise for the Wagner fighters.

    In the statement, the Defense Ministry said it needed to “clarify” that a “heterogeneous” group had worked together in Soledar. The direct assault of city blocks, the ministry said, “was accomplished with the courageous and selfless actions of the Wagner PMC volunteer assault troops.”

    The founder of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has for months taken a greater prominence in Russia’s war efforts, recruiting prisoners to join his troops, deploying his own fighter jets and tanks, and openly denigrating and taunting Russian generals. Analysts have said that Mr. Prigozhin, by seizing on Russian military failures in Ukraine and highlighting Wagner’s role, has sought to raise his stature with President Vladimir V. Putin.

    In the battles for Soledar and Bakhmut, where Wagner troops have been engaged for months, Mr. Prigozhin has sought to portray himself as leading Russia’s only successful offensive. He has shared videos that show him with soldiers in person, purporting to be near the front, and criticized military leaders for staying far from the fighting.

    On Friday, one of Mr. Prigozhin’s companies quoted him on Telegram saying that Wagner faced a struggle against “corruption, bureaucracy and officials who want to stay in their places,” calling this a “more serious threat” to his company than the United States. He did not specify the officials he was referring to.

    In a statement on Friday night, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine reveled in the rift among the Russians and said his country’s troops were still fighting in Soledar. “They are already gnawing among themselves over who should be credited with some tactical advance,” he said, adding that the dispute was “a clear signal of failure for the enemy” and an incentive for Ukraine to put more pressure on Russia.

    In a reflection of the shifting power dynamics within the Kremlin, the top commander of Russia’s war effort — a general praised by Mr. Prigozhin — was abruptly replaced on Wednesday by Gen. Valery V. Gerasimov, a longstanding member of Russia’s military establishment.

    Mr. Gerasimov, the chief of the military general staff, was an architect of the invasion that has exposed to the world the dysfunction within Russia’s vaunted military. Russian nationalists and war hawks have increasingly criticized his leadership of the armed forces in the wake of Russian defeats and struggles.

    The general he replaced, Sergei Surovikin, was widely regarded as a competent commander: In his three months overseeing the war effort, he ordered a retreat from Kherson, a major city in Ukraine’s south, redeployed Russian troops to shore up defenses and concentrated efforts on eastern Ukraine. On Wednesday, he was named one of Mr. Gerasimov’s deputies.

    The shake-up probably reflected systemic issues in the Russian military, Brig. Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, the Pentagon spokesman, said on Thursday. He cited “logistics problems, command and control problems, sustainment problems, morale and the large failure to achieve the strategic objectives that they’ve set for themselves.”

    Western officials say that Russia, Wagner and Ukraine have all suffered heavy losses in the region, especially as Russia and Wagner have sent waves of men into battle in an effort to overwhelm Ukraine’s troops.

    Russian forces in the area far outnumber the Ukrainian troops who remain, according to people familiar with the matter on the Ukrainian side in the eastern Donbas region. They said the fighting was fierce and that resupply efforts were hindered by heavy Russian tank fire.

    Military analysts say that even if Soledar were to fall, it would not necessarily mean that Bakhmut — or the whole of the Donbas — was next.

    The White House’s national security spokesman, John Kirby, when asked on Thursday about the status of Soledar, cautioned that it was important to “keep this in perspective.”

    “We don’t know how it’s going to go, so I’m not going to predict failure or success here,” he told reporters. “But even if both Bakhmut and Soledar fall to the Russians, it’s not going to make a — it’s not going to have a strategic impact on the war itself.”

    He added: “If you look at what’s been happening over the last 10 and a half months, particularly in the Donbas, towns and villages have swapped hands quite frequently.”

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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    Saving the Planet Plan


    Klaus Schwab is literally telling us what’s going to happen next


    Promotion of paedophilia to depopulate the earth

    UK plan

    15 minutes of freedom

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  37. kaysee kaysee says:

    Despite Media Narrative,
    2022 Broke No Records for Extreme Weather or Temperatures

    Extreme weather is neither more frequent, more powerful, nor more unpredictable. That was true for 2022, which was not a record-setting year for extreme weather, or for the recent decades of climate change as a whole. Data produced by the climate woke Biden administration says so.

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  38. kaysee kaysee says:

    Nuremberg 2.0

    The List

    Which one of these people do we put on trial first at The Hague?

    US Uni party

    3 US presidents telling us to take the vaxx

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  39. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dr Reiner Fuellmich

    Part 1

    U.S. Criminal Trial Lawyer publicly announces Klaus Schwab the leader of the World Economic Forum which meets in Davos and Bill Gates as criminal conspirators of world control through pandemics, wars, natural disasters and digital currency.

    Scroll that thread for parts 2 and 3.

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  40. mh says:

    Robbie Knievel, brown bread.

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  41. kaysee kaysee says:

    Updates to The Mock.


    73-year-old pays $370/month to live in a plane
    he bought for $100,000 from a salvage yard: ‘I have no regrets’

    Bruce Campbell, electrical engineer, who’s now 73 and resides in a parked plane on his property, tells CNBC Make It the dream began when he saw an airplane boneyard on TV when he was 15 years old. He decided he wanted to live in one.

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  42. kaysee kaysee says:

    Robbie Knievel, brown bread.

    I have seen the phrase brown bread used on the blog to denote the death of a person. It isn’t one that I have been familiar with, so I have just been checking its history.

    One site says:
    Rhyming slang for dead, brown bread/dead, dates from c. 1960.

    Another one says:
    Brown Bread is Cockney slang for Dead

    There’s an article from 2013:
    Widow’s distress after receiving SECOND ‘Brown Bread’ letter to late husband
    Sheila Delhoy has been sent a letter addressed to her husband as ‘Brown Bread’

    Can anyone explain the origins of this phrase?
    Is it specific to certain countries or cultures?

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  43. mh says:

    LONDON, Jan 14 (Reuters) – Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s office said late on Saturday that Britain would send 14 of its main battle tanks along with additional artillery support to Ukraine, disregarding criticism from the Russian Embassy in London.

    A squadron of 14 Challenger 2 tanks will go into the country in the coming weeks and around 30 self-propelled AS90 guns, operated by five gunners, are expected to follow, the British prime minister’s office said in a statement.

    The UK will also begin training Ukrainian forces to use the tanks and guns in the coming days.

    “As the people of Ukraine approach their second year living under relentless Russian bombardment, the Prime Minister is dedicated to ensuring Ukraine wins this war,” a spokesperson for the prime minister said in a statement.

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  44. kaysee kaysee says:

    Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ sets record as fastest-selling nonfiction book of all time

    Is this news fiction or nonfiction? Is there a shortage of good reading material that the public has been hooked in by the bait of a tell all trash?

    Non fiction? From media accounts, it seems it is filled with fiction.

    Some of the Comments:

    – Why would you buy the book when the Daily Mail basically posted all the content days before it was officially released

    – Come on, Harry is making up stories in the book. How come this book is non-fiction category.

    – The three best sellers are Obama, Michelle, Harry. They have one common character. They talk high BUT ACT LOW —> VERY LOW.

    – why do the poor continually throw their crumbs at the rich?

    – I wouldn’t take it if it was free.

    – This will only encourage them. Sigh.

    – I can’t imagine the losers who’d pay to read Harry whine for 400 pages or whatever it is.

    – Sign of the times, every “victim” identifies with this loser!

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  45. PerryJ says:


    Missed this last month but since AI is in the news with this ChatGPT


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  46. kaysee kaysee says:

    I get all this from the mathematician Professor Fenton – he has an excellent description of what has happened to Lancet and the corruption of Israel tests of the prototype. The Lancet has become a laughing stock

    The Lancet, that esteemed journal that describes itself as:

    The world-leading general medical journal

    Every week, The Lancet publishes the best science from the best scientists worldwide, providing an unparalleled global reach and impact on health.

    Since Thomas Wakley founded The Lancet in 1823, we have strived to make science widely available so that medicine can serve and transform society, and positively impact the lives of people.

    It has sold its credibility to serve and transform Big Pharma.

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  47. kaysee kaysee says:

    Konstantina Andritsou

    She was 7 years old when she played the piece on the guitar,
    at Megaro (Athens)

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  48. Eyrie says:

    kaysee, I understand it is Cockney rhyming slang. Like “china plate” for “mate”.

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  49. Old bloke says:

    LONDON, Jan 14 (Reuters) – Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s office said late on Saturday that Britain would send 14 of its main battle tanks along with additional artillery support to Ukraine, disregarding criticism from the Russian Embassy in London.

    Just tokenism at this late stage of the war. Ukraine had hundreds of tanks, modernised versions of Soviet era tanks, at the beginning of this war, but it lost all of them in combat.

    These were quickly replaced by 100’s of comparable tanks of similar vintage donated by the former Warsaw Pact countries, now also all lost in combat.

    Dribs and drabs of western tanks won’t help, the Ukrainian army commander says he needs at leat 300 tanks and he’s only going to get token donations.

    Will Western Main Battle Tanks Turn the Tide in Ukraine? Brian Berletic (The New Atlas) – 2 days ago.

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  50. JohnJJJ says:

    Is this news fiction or nonfiction? Is there a shortage of good reading material that the public has been hooked in by the bait of a tell all trash?
    Think of all the money invested in PR and Marketing companies, University courses, Marketing departments since the 1950s around the world. Combine that with psychology and behaviour experts, courses and companies, Communication and journalism.
    All of it, to the last penny, is to manipulate the people.
    Harry’s book, COVID ‘response’, Biden, Trudeau and all the rest are a direct result.
    The question is what’s next.

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  51. Cold-Hands says:

    The CDC and FDA are officially investigating a possible link between the vaccine and strokes

    With those organizations as sponsors of the research, look to see studies designed to fail, like the ones put forward to show that ‘ivermectin does not work against C19’- studies with too small a dose for too short a time (like the NEJM March 2022).

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  52. Shy Ted says:

    Brown bread has been Cockney rhyming slang forever – dead. Trouble and strife – wife. And so on.
    News ran with 2022 having 500+ complaints from politicians about threats to them, mostly social media and phone calls. David Littleproud, who always looks like he’s about to cry was interviewed – “threats to my son too”. Well, David and others, boo bloody hoo. You chose to lie for 3 years for reasons best known to you, people don’t like that. They will never forgive and they will never forget. Perhaps you should go to the police and confess your crimes.
    Sneakers in WA was in a pub recently with bodyguards. Good to see the liars still getting out and about.

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  53. mh says:

    Robbie Knievel, brown bread.

    Afraid so.
    Robbie stacked his bike in Caesars Palace fountains.

    Just kidding. Pancreatic cancer, aged 60.
    So it could be the vax.

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  54. Cold-Hands says:

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s office said late on Saturday that Britain would send 14 of its main battle tanks along with additional artillery support to Ukraine,

    This is madness; given how depleted & demoralized the Ukrainian Armed Forces are now, it’s just like handing them over to the Russians to be technically assessed and reverse-engineered.

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  55. Steve trickler says:

    Good laugh.



    Humanity is being tea-bagged, kill-shotted, and yo-mama-joked out of existence by robots who think they’re teenage gamers.

    “Uprising” by Ben Hansford

    More About “Uprising”:
    Gaming super-nerd Bernie Meckler is having the worst day of his life. He’s just failed to woo his secret love, his roomies have begun their online tourney without him, and — oh yeah — the robot apocalypse has just begun. Now Bernie must survive hordes of murderous Hellbots, packs of driverless Priuses, and his numerous physical inadequacies — to hopefully save the world.

    Sci-Fi Short Film “Uprising!” | DUST | Starring John Gemberling

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  56. Shy Ted says:

    Time for that Qld road trip?
    Click on the – button and and drag down for the full extent.

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  57. Old bloke says:

    Time for that Qld road trip?

    It looks like there’s a bit of moisture around in northern Queensland.

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  58. Steve trickler says:

    Check out the precision engineering here, folks. Mind blowing when you think about.

    This channel is a treasure.



    These are not pillars for supporting the structure, but are moving parts, like parts of a machine.
    This is clear evidence of ancient machining technology at Chennakeshava temple, India.

    0:00 – Introduction
    0:17 – Intricate Pillars
    1:15 – Gears on Pillars
    4:06 – Timing belts & Pulleys
    6:53 – Mysterious Builders
    7:19 – Oldest Ratchet Wrench?
    9:08 – Impossible Drilling Technology
    10:53 – Flexible Drilling Machine
    12:03 – OUTSTANDING Sculpture
    13:56 – Ancient Screw Jack System
    15:31 – Conclusion

    Hey guys, Today I am going to show you some solid evidence of ancient technology in Chennakeshava Temple. When you see this, you immediately realize that it is not possible to make this without advanced technology.
    We can see a complex set of gear like structures on this pillar. I have already shown you smooth lathe turned pillars, which look like this, but the pillars I am showing you today are even more complicated. And we can make these pillars only by using advanced lathe operations like Milling, Chamfering, knurling and Gear Cutting. Archeologists agree that these pillars can be made only using lathe machining technology, but they also confirm that these pillars are at least 900 years old. But we are not going to question HOW ancient builders made these pillars 900 years ago. But we are going to look at WHY? Why did they make these complex pillars?
    But, are they just pillars? What do I mean by this? A pillar, by definition is a supporting structure for a monument. But are these pillars just supporting structures? Or were they made for a different purpose?
    Let us examine these 4 pillars in a row. We are only going to focus on the ring like structures at the top of these pillars, where the light is shined. Listen to what the tour guide says.
    So, the ring on the first pillar has 8 sides, the ring on the second pillar has 16 sides, the third ring has 32 sides and the fourth has 64 sides. These are not rings but are gears with a gear ratio of 1:2:4:8, I mean what is going on here? So, were these 4 pillars aligned with this specific ratio, by accident? The probability of having 4 pillars in one row, with such exact ratio is nearly zero. But these are just carvings on a solid stone pillar, they cannot rotate, right? No, according to archeologists, these pillars are not made of one stone, in fact each ring, is a separate stone ring, that can be rotated. I have already shown you the rotating ring in another temple, just 150 miles away. So, the rings in Chennakeshava temple must also be rotatable, but they are not rings at all. They are Gears. Yes, they are actual, rotatable Gears and when they are all connected to by a Belt or a Chain, each gear will rotate at a different speed, this is why these gears are in this 1:2:4:8 ratio.
    Today, we use the same technology in many machines, like a bicycle, there is a smaller gear with x number of teeth, connected to a larger gear with 2x number of teeth and we use this mechanism by just connecting the gears with a chain.

    Ancient Technology Science Can’t Explain – Chennakeshava Temple, Belur Karnataka

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  59. Shy Ted says:

    Masks, worn properly, save lives. Here’s one that wasn’t worn properly.
    Speechless. I hope they never sleep peacefully again.

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  60. Steve trickler says:


    Climate change activist flips on the WEF, accusing them of being “wolves disguised as sheep”.

    Leftist FLIPS ON World Economic Forum

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  61. mh says:

    Poland trying to start another world war

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Germany should send Ukraine all the weapons it needs to defend itself against Russia’s invasion, including tanks.

    Delivering the keynote speech at a ceremony marking former conservative Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble’s half-century in parliament, he implicitly criticised Social Democrat Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s reluctance to send heavier weaponry.

    “I call for decisive actions by the German government,” he said, to applause from gathered, mostly conservative, German legislators. “For all sorts of weapons to be delivered. The battle for freedom and our future is raging as we speak… Tanks must not be left in storehouses, but placed in their hands.”

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  62. mh says:

    A Ukrainian activist who has been lauded by legacy media outlets called for “all Russians” to be “wiped off the face of the Earth.”


    Melaniya Podolyak
    It’s absolutely fair for me to wish for all Russians and Russia to be wiped off the face of the Earth. It’s not hate speech, it’s not horrible of me, it’s just FAIR.

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