Open Thread – Saturday, 12 February 2022

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  1. mh says:

    Brian Lilley@brianlilleySHOCK VIDEO:
    PM @JustinTrudeau answers a question from Conservative MP @MelissaLantsman, a Jewish woman and descendent of Holocaust survivors by saying Conservatives stand with swastikas.
    This is beneath Trudeau and his office and he should apologize.

  2. bons says:

    No doubt that he insane. Dodgy genes.
    There is a book in the history of how a total lunatic came to gain real power.

  3. Steve trickler says:

    I remember swimming with the dolphins at Monkey Mia. I actually fell from the jetty you see here and dad jumped in to save me. I was four at the time. Niki the dolphin ( she had a bullet hole in the dorsal fin ) escorted us to shore. Will never forget her eye making contact with mine…she was a good mum; on the scene in seconds…that’s what my memory says.

    We’d camp about 20 meters back from the beach in 1979-80-82. You can’t do that today. Feed the dolphins anytime. We’d splash the water with our hands and Niki would bring in the family for a feed.

    Old bloke, Fred, used to live there and would come to Carnarvon to stock up with supplies. Dad allowed him to stay in the shed…he cooked me eggs in the mornings.

    Parents got divorced soon after and we never went back to MM. We lost track of Fred.

    I doubt I will ever go back. I don’t want someone saying I can’t enter the water to interact.

    As for the Pinnacles in this clip. They are petrified trees.

    Feeding Wild Dolphins Monkey Mia Australia

  4. Steve trickler says:


    Deep 6.0 quakes to the north on NZ. Nothing new. However, shallower bigger quakes will transpire.

    The chain of events over the next week will be interesting.


  5. Steve trickler says:

    Dutch is Live.

  6. Steve trickler says:

    Folks, you do not get repeats on twitch. If he drops it on sussietube, I’ll post it.

  7. mh says:


    ‘Off the charts’ inflation will force up beer prices, Heineken warns

  8. mh says:

    Next level

    Rebel News@RebelNewsOnline · 10hTrudeau’s Justice Minister on convoy supporters: “If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating… you ought to be worried” about your bank account being frozen.

  9. mh says:

    Jewish Canadian MP Melissa Lantsman reacts to Prime Minister Trudeau grouping her with ‘people who wave swastikas’ on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’
    #FoxNews #Ingraham

  10. Steve trickler says:

    To all those watching MSM TV.


    Great show on SBS-ABC!? You are a bunch of losers!


    Sleep well, people.

  11. mh says:

    The King

    #tucker #foxnews
    Washington Post harasses Canada trucker donors: Tucker

  12. Steve trickler says:

    I want my fourth shot, fifth shot…give me a sixth shot! I WANT TO TRAVEL! Give me a seventh!…give me the eighth!

    You f*cking dickheads!

    Love potion number 9, The Searchers

  13. Steve trickler says:

    People have stated they are waiting for a PCR test.

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? The test are useless…the inventor said so.

    FFS. Snap out of it!

  14. Steve trickler says:


  15. Steve trickler says:

    The stupid bitch currently travelling; the facebook fact checker and jabbed up retard linker is overseas.

    [ Middle Finger ]

    Who would that be?

  16. Steve trickler says:

    No doubt a follow up will ensue.

    The Day After | The SEARCH for Paul Knockel BTS

  17. Black Ball Black Ball says:

    Faith No More’s finest work Steve Trickler.
    The bass and drum work around the 3.30 mark is sublime. As well as Mike Patton’s screaming. His voice is very underrated with Evidence and Easy

  18. Eyrie says:

    Who would that be?
    I’m pretty sure I know.

  19. mh says:

    Dow drops over 600 points

  20. JohnJJJ says: deaths per million there is an interesting pattern. Dividing it into three parts (and generalising)
    top 50 – European countries
    50 to 100 – Asia and Middle East
    100 to 155 – Africa and islands.
    Seems a first world issue.

  21. Ragu says:

    I missed Dirty Harry last night. Did his partner get killed?

  22. Ragu says:

    Dow drops over 600 points

    Down 6.75% for the year. When do we start to see traders topping themselves?

  23. Steve trickler says:


    ABC and The Guardian went all out to paint me as the bad guy when it turns out they were actually white-knighting for one.

    What REALLY happened at Freedom Camp in Canberra

  24. JohnJJJ says:

    Ragu says:
    February 18, 2022 at 10:25 am

    I missed Dirty Harry last night. Did his partner get killed?

    Shot for enthusiasm.

  25. mh says:

    I missed Dirty Harry last night. Did his partner get killed?

    That was the night before.
    Last night’s was Sondra Locke getting gang raped. I gave that one a miss.

  26. Steve trickler says:

    I’d happily tell friendlyjordies to his face, he is a f8ckwit on climate change…with that said, he does good work.

    Was great seeing getting Liam Bartlett get his arse handed to him on a previous clip. 60 Minutes – OZ is joke and this just confirms it.

    Scott Morrison’s 60 Minutes HUMILIATION

  27. Ragu says:

    Thats four from four, right?

  28. cohenite says:

    Top athlete earners 1990-2020: Tyson made a fortune and is now broke:

  29. mh says:

    Omar doubles down against the MSM’s war on truckers

    Ilhan Omar
    Ps. I fully read the article multiple times and I still don’t believe there was merit to the story as reported other than further harassment. You all are entitled to your opinions, but my opinion remains the same. These kinds of stories ruin people’s lives and are uncalled for.
    2:34 PM · Feb 17, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

  30. egg_ says:

    ABC and The Guardian went all out to paint me as the bad guy when it turns out they were actually white-knighting for one.

    Socialism 101

  31. egg_ says:

    Tyson made a fortune and is now broke

    Is that why he’s now on all these Celebrity Roasts – celebrities past their expiry date?

  32. cohenite says:

    List of the law suits against Trump. The kunts will get him one way or another:

  33. Delta A says:

    A spokesman for ACT Policing confirmed to Fact Check via email that LRADs were deployed during the protests.

    From on-line ABC news.

  34. johanna johanna says:

    Lawsuits against Trump – they will haul him and his family up against New York courts with Democrat judges and prosecutors using the ‘process is the punishment’ rule.

    Dragging a former President through the courts means nothing to these people in terms of what it does to the position of the President. They would get him on a parking ticket if they could.

    Not sure they’ve thought very far ahead – unless they are confident that they own enough judges to prevent payback against Joe, whose felonies abound.

  35. mh says:

    I see a flaw in the business model

    Social enterprise Lentil as Anything will go out of business by the end of February amid deep financial problems and allegations of mismanagement.

    Founder Shanaka Fernando said its three remaining pay-what-you-feel restaurants in Brunswick, St Kilda and at the Abbotsford Convent would all shut, citing the impact of the pandemic…

  36. JohnJJJ says:

    mh says:
    February 18, 2022 at 3:46 pm
    I see a flaw in the business model
    Social enterprise Lentil as Anything

    Fascinating. Their annual reports are interesting esp 2018. I am no expert on (and definitely bored by) P/L – but I’d say $4 million in ‘donations – restaurant’ is pretty good for not charging for food. And I can’t seem to find the one that always kills me ‘Tax’. The $17k in ‘Grant Writing’ didn’t seem to cut it. ‘Biological Assets’ is good. There is a lot I can learn here.
    Ah Melbourne.

  37. egg_ says:

    Are all mattress companies into virtue signalling?

    Emma (Kraut OEM) featuring a pale blond chick in bed with a habib -complete with top knot and goatee – there’s at least a foot between them and it’s probably green screen as well.

    Note their website champions their multicultiness.


  38. egg_ says:

    ‘Untenable’: Lentil as Anything chain to shut down amid financial woes


  39. mh says:

    I wonder if there is a dental practice called Dental as Anything.

  40. Ragu says:

    In times of conservative blog implosion it ia good to have a laugh while being informed.


  41. mh says:

    Tonight’s 7mate Harry Callahan feature is The Dead

    Following that is the excellent Pale Rider, with Eastwood returning to the man with no name archetype. ‘The Preacher’ rescues a young teen from being raped by a bunch of mineworkers, and kills the baddies at the end all by himself. So the usual formula, but the movie has such style you fall for it. Bravo!

  42. Steve trickler says:

    We shall wait and see.



    Fallout over the cost of Wellcamp quarantine facility is escalating, with the deal referred for investigation.

    WELLCAMP FALLOUT referred for investigation

  43. mh says:


    Transgender swimmer blitzes US rivals
    The top-ranked swimmer, who was rated 462nd as a male, beat her nearest rival by more than seven seconds in their final.

  44. mh says:

    Craig Kelly derided by Parliament’s UNiparty members for asking this question:

    Did the Aust. Police deploy ‘Sonic weapons’ Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) against protestors ?

  45. Barking Toad says:

    Harry, the son of the groomsman, reckons his kids aren’t safe going to the UK to say hello to Betty unless plod holds his hand.

    The skank has really fucked his brain cells!

  46. Ragu says:

    Silly flameheaded mudflap.

    Nah nah nah nah
    Xunt struck!

  47. Ragu says:

    Oh man. Now I’ll never catch up

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