Open Thread – Saturday, 09 July 2022

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  1. mh says:

    Novak has lost the first set.

    Could be Nick v Norrie, not Nick v Nole.

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  2. Steve trickler says:

    I can handle the heat, easy-peasy, but this is too cold for my body. I’d be struggling.


    Eli from Russia:

    What people eat in the coldest city on earth? Yakutsk, Russia

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  3. Steve trickler says:

    Anyone exposing her boobies like that at her age. WTF!

    Decorum, please.

    Where’s Dan? Part 2

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  4. mh says:

    Billionaire Elon Musk wants to end his deal to buy Twitter, according to a letter sent by a lawyer on his behalf to the company’s chief legal officer Friday.

    In the letter, disclosed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Skadden Arps attorney Mike Ringler charged that “Twitter has not complied with its contractual obligations.”

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  5. mh says:

    Some funny stuff here

    From ‘sick’ sledges to private messages: How Kyrgios-Djokovic feud became ‘weird’ bromance

    Three years ago, Nick Kyrgios said he would mimik Novak Djokovic’s celebration should he beat the Serbian a third successive time.

    “The celebrations, they kill me. Every time, they kill me,” Kyrgios told renowned tennis correspondent Ben Rothenberg on the No Challenges Remaining podcast in 2019.

    “Honestly, that’s what I’m doing next time, if I play him and beat him, I’m doing his celebration in front of him. That would be hilarious.”

    Moments earlier, a candid Kyrgios said Djokovic had a “sick obsession wanting to be liked”.

    “He wants to be like Roger (Federer),” Kyrgios said.

    “For me, personally, I don’t care, I’ve just come this far, he just wants to be liked so much that I can’t stand him. Like this whole celebration thing he does after he wins a match, it’s like so cringeworthy. It’s very cringeworthy.

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  6. Shy Ted says:

    Further on Greta Rothschild. What a family tree!
    There is this correction –

    Greta may be a Rothschild, but don’t use the article above as your source. The genealogy presented in the article is not correct. Klaus Schwab’s father was Lugen Wilhelm Schwab, born 04/27/1899. Take some time and dig into the real story behind the Schwab family, Escher Weiss, and the Third Reich, then you will understand the WEF and the Great Reset.

    Doesn’t really matter as the Rothschild line is maternal.

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  7. Black Ball says:

    A couple of items on the Hun website. First there is a link to a story where you can predict you will have a heart attack. Which I guess is good considering the post jab world.
    And second, there is a move being considered to add another public holiday in Victoriastan. Accompanying this headline was a pic of the Aboriginal flag. Without reading the article I can only guess it will be something to do with NAIDOC.

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  8. Steve trickler says:

    See how far you get. There are some funny scenes amongst all the chaos.


    Fleccas Talks:


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  9. kaysee kaysee says:

    Supermarket giants exposed:

    Astonishing comparison proves the big names are almost TWICE as expensive as a local market for fruit and veg – as Woolworths explains why their prices are so high

    Daily Mail Australia took the same shopping list to Paddy’s Market and Woolworths

    The same trolley load that cost $109.50 from Woolworths at Leichhardt on Friday July 1 was only $59.75 at Paddy’s on the same day.

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  10. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dr Clare Craig

    Evidence that Pfizer presented to FDA on toddler trials

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  11. Steve trickler says:

    The United Spot:


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  12. Steve trickler says:


    Rehearsing for “A weekend with Kebu”, 4-5 June 2022 in Helsinki. In total 3 hours of music to get right, including this masterpiece by Vangelis, who recently travelled back to the stars. :'(

    Vangelis – Blade Runner (End Titles) (Kebu rehearsals)

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  13. kaysee kaysee says:

    Kavanaugh goes to Morton’s The Steakhouse for dinner but the kill babies protesters disrupt his dinner.

    Morton’s condemned the protests with the following:

    “Politics, regardless of your side or views, should not trample the freedom at play of the right to congregate and eat dinner,” the statement continued. “There is a time and place for everything. Disturbing the dinner of all of our customers was an act of selfishness and void of decency.”

    Morton’s should stick to this stance because it is right. If they give in, they will be the losers.

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  14. kaysee kaysee says:

    It is so easy to deal with the woke mob when they make threats. If only there were enough corporate heads with backbones, the problems would solve themselves.

    Like this.

    Crosby, Stills & Nash Quietly Return to Spotify After Rogan Boycott

    The supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash have made a quiet return to Spotify, five months after boycotting the platform in protest against comments made by controversial podcast host Joe Rogan about COVID-19.


    Netflix to Its Techies: Shut Up

    Tech workers at Netflix thought the company would always value their feedback. How naïve.

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  15. Steve trickler says:
  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    It is going to be popcorn time in the UK.
    Who gets chosen as the chief and how.

    Meantime from the plebs:

    Dear Tory leadership contenders,

    We need a Prime Minister who will push back ….

    Don’t worry UK peoples,
    it seems the Problem Solver
    has arrived on your soil.

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Babylon Bee

    It’s a short one, so I’ll paste the entire article here.

    Elon Musk Backs Out Of Twitter Deal
    After Realizing He Can Read The Babylon Bee By Going Directly To Their Website

    Tech · Jul 8, 2022

    AUSTIN, TX — The tech world is reeling from the news that Elon has officially withdrawn his offer to buy Twitter after he realized he can still read the Babylon Bee by going directly to their website.

    “Whew! I almost wasted a bundle!” said Musk to reporters. “I almost plopped down $44 billion just to bring the Babylon Bee back to Twitter, and it turns out they had their own website this whole time? Awesome!”

    Musk then took a break from designing rockets and solving Earth’s underpopulation problem to sit at his computer and giggle at the marginally funny Christian satire of the Babylon Bee.

    At publishing time, The Babylon Bee announced their website is now for sale for a mere $4 billion.

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  18. kaysee kaysee says:

    Nick Kyrgios Pre-Final Press Conference | Wimbledon 2022

    That was a calm, down-to-earth Kyrgios answering the questions that he was asked.

    He seems to have another side that gets easily provoked and earns himself a bad reputation.

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  19. kaysee kaysee says:

    Oil protestors glue their hands to Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting at Royal Academy

    Brainwashed imbeciles.

    They should be left there permanently glued to the painting. Until they apologise and say on camera that they are wrong. Otherwise they can stay there. Glue the other hand, too.

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  20. mh says:

    Interesting comments from Nick on Lleyton Hewitt.

    Kudos to Lleyton.

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  21. kaysee kaysee says:

    University researchers create ‘speech-friendly’ face mask
    to protect people who suffer with anxiety from Covid

    The new design aims to provide a solution for those who suffer from stress or anxiety due to the difficulties of speaking clearly while wearing a mask

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  22. Admin Admin says:

    As blog regulars will be aware we have a few strict rules here. If you are a genuine commenter and have problems with seeing your comments appearing on the blog check this.

    There are reasons for the rules and the system is quite smart. Sometimes it makes mistakes, but mostly it sends trashy troll comments straight to the Bins and this helps keep the site clean.

    While cleaning up the blog bins I see comments there but ignore them as they are Trash.

    But I happened to notice one while deleting them this week…. and after thinking this through, I decided to release it on the blog, to share it with you. Just to give you an idea of why the rules help.

    Many of you will be able to identify this troll. Its character and IQ are also on display.

    This is FYI only. Not for discussion here.

    This is the comment.

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  23. mh says:

    Sinclair sounds bitter.

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  24. Admin Admin says:

    BTW, if any of the regulars can help with Admin tasks,
    please email Admin.

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  25. Black Ball says:

    Some good games of football today. Bad luck Richmond

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  26. Cold-Hands says:

    Anyone exposing her boobies like that at her age. WTF!

    Decorum, please.

    I thought you were referring to Tziporah Malkah (who used to be Jamie Packer’s ex-girlfriend, Kate Fischer).

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  27. mh says:

    Fischer is in better shape than James Packer

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  28. mh says:

    A man who died on Dreamworld’s Thunder River Rapids ride donated sperm to a cousin that resulted in two boys being born – and the theme park will now pay for their education.

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  29. mh says:

    Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 6, 2022) LIVE: Russia Takes Lysychansk & What’s Next

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  30. Shy Ted says:

    Thanks for your continued efforts Admin, others who contribute behind the scenes and posters.
    Think it’s good enough to go on the fridge?

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  31. mh says:

    Good Morning Britain started off wanting a condemnation of comments from a former F1 driver on Lewis Hamilton, they didn’t really get the apology, and the interview descended into this, lol

    Bernie Ecclestone Would ‘Take a Bullet’ For ‘First Class’ Vladimir Putin As He Defends War | GMB

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  32. mh says:

    LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively here that he is considering attending the funeral of the assassinated former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and that he is communicating with Abe’s family about the matter.

    “We’re going to see how it goes,” Trump said when asked if he would attend Abe’s funeral. “We’re talking to their family. We love the family. His wife is a phenomenal woman. He is so loved in Japan I can imagine that is going to be an incredible celebration of life. He was just very special. Every aspect of that man was just very special. You know he was the first person I saw? Do you remember he came early? He came right after the election—he was the first person I saw. But we had a special relationship. We’re going to see about that, we’re talking about that right now.”

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  33. Shy Ted says:

    Welcome to the blog, Perry and thanks for posting Peanuts. I’m a fan and ordered a T shirt from a cheap site.
    Ladies can wear the makeup to improve their looks. So can the chaps (don’t click)

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  34. candy says:

    Looked in at news com and the headline next to a picture of Nick Kyrgios with a girl about 10, a fan giving him a hug, saying:

    Nick’s dirty little secret is finally out of the bag.

    Truly the News journalists are trying to insinuate p….do. Very nasty. They hate him and Novak Djokovic equally, it seems.

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  35. mh says:

    Candy, you may be overthinking that one.
    I went to look at the headline and article.
    It’s about the persona Nick likes to project, but the reality the writer is arguing is that he does in fact care about Tennis, and also what people think about him.
    That person in the photo is most likely his girlfriend. Remember Nick is 6’4” tall.

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  36. mh says:

    While at News dot com

    Kate put in ‘very awkward’ situation as Russian-born star wins Wimbledon

    I’m sure they discussed the war in Ukraine.

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  37. kaysee kaysee says:


    Australia’s true ‘voiceless’

    The Aboriginal bureaucracy, and possibly some Indigenous people themselves, have been agitating for a ‘Voice’.

    Surprisingly, these advocates think that having their own ‘Voice to Parliament’ – whatever this might actually mean – will improve their lot.

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  38. kaysee kaysee says:

    Uruguay and Pfizer

    From this thread

    #Pfizer withdraws from #Uruguay rather than admit what’s in the #vaccines. Alarm bells ringing loud and clear!
    Uruguay demanded #pfizer state if graphene oxide was in the jab and what else is in it. Pfizer withdraws from Uruguay.

    Court ruling1

    Court ruling2

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  39. candy says:

    Probably mh, but “dirty little secret” is never meant favourably in any circumstances. I’ve been seeing anti Krygios stories in the media all week.

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  40. kaysee kaysee says:

    Zero-emissions electric cars


    goes with


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  41. kaysee kaysee says:

    Rebel News arrives in Leeuwarden, where Dutch farmers protest outside government building

    I came across several clips on this protest. Instead of posting them here, I decided to put them together in a post.

    Rebel News has included much of the info I have, in their video. I’ll probably go ahead, complete and post it, anyway.

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  42. kaysee kaysee says:

    Good Morning Britain started off wanting a condemnation of comments from a former F1 driver on Lewis Hamilton, they didn’t really get the apology, and the interview descended into this, lol

    I’m surprised that Good Morning Britain did not accidentally-on-purpose lose connection with Bernie Ecclestone.

    He was not following the script they wanted:
    Bad Putin vs Saint Zelensky.

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  43. kaysee kaysee says:

    I’ve been seeing anti Krygios stories in the media all week.

    Today, I am anti Kyrgios, too.

    I want Pureblood to win. 🙂

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  44. candy says:

    I would like to see Novak win too kaysee, because of the rough time the Australian media and the Liberal and Labor parties gave him, demonising him when he’s obviously a nice, good sort of fellow wanting to keep as fit as possible for his career.

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  45. mh says:

    Nick’s ‘game-changing’ weapon: Why I’m backing Kyrgios to beat Djokovic

    By Paul McNamee

    … Kyrgios now has more weapons than any other player on grass. He can beat anyone and, true, he can lose to anyone, but, like Nadal on clay, I will not be picking against Kyrgios in the Wimbledon final.

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  46. mh says:

    I’m surprised that Good Morning Britain did not accidentally-on-purpose lose connection with Bernie Ecclestone.

    There is also a Piers Morgan YouTube vid trying to cash in on the faux outrage over Bernie’s comments.

    I didn’t bother watching that moron Piers, but I did start reading the YouTube comments. They are pretty good

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  47. Shy Ted says:

    Ch7 this evening –

    7NEWS Spotlight Albo
    7:00PM – 8:00PM
    Behind the scenes with Australia’s new prime minister, as Anthony Albanese invites the program into the Lodge for the most intimate interview of his career and sets out his agenda for saving the nation.

    Luckily Kung Fu Panda on another channel.

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  48. Shy Ted says:

    Maybe Albo went to Fwance for the fashion show.
    I wouldn’t click through the pics if I were you. Includes Nicole in Alfoil.

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  49. Black Ball says:

    If you are interested, Mark Riley is interviewing Albo in his home. Starts at 7 on Channel Stokes. According to the promo, Albo has changed the direction of the country. Well yes, but it won’t be to the majority’s liking.

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  50. kaysee kaysee says:

    7NEWS Spotlight Albo
    7:00PM – 8:00PM
    Behind the scenes with Australia’s new prime minister, as Anthony Albanese invites the program into the Lodge for the most intimate interview of his career and sets out his agenda for saving the nation.

    Will he also be explaining this?

    ‘Kevin 747 reincarnated’: PM’s 62,000km overseas ‘outrage’

    Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will have spent more time overseas in his first eight weeks in office than John Howard did in his first year, sparking accusations from the Opposition that he is “Kevin 747 reincarnated”.

    (It’s paywalled)

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  51. Black Ball says:

    Ah yes well done Shy Ted. Lucky I have Kayo

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  52. mh says:

    Just saw the CH 9 interview with Nick’s mum.

    Seems like a great lady.

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  53. kaysee kaysee says:

    One in a million pregnancy:
    Woman pregnant with 2 sets of identical twins

    It all started the Friday before Valentine’s Day when 35-year-old Ashley Ness went in for a routine checkup. She requested to go on birth control, so a pregnancy test was done. Turns out, she was pregnant.

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  54. mh says:

    Prince George will be at Wimbledon to watch King Kyrgios.

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  55. mh says:

    Kyrgios breaks the Djoker’s serve.

    Playing very well.

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  56. Black Ball says:

    Brilliant start.

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  57. mh says:

    Nick takes first set.

    This isn’t the Djokovic of the US final where he was stiff from the very first game. He is just being outplayed right now. But not by much.

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  58. mh says:

    Djoker playing like the GOAT in the third.

    Nick still going toe to toe.

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  59. mh says:

    Nick having a meltdown after he’s broken in the third.

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  60. mh says:

    Joker takes third set.

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  61. mh says:

    And Joker leads 2 sets to one.

    Nick will need to lift, but not sure if there is a higher level.

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  62. mh says:

    Between sets the women have started talking in the studio.

    FFS, stop talking crap.

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  63. mh says:

    Joker wins 4th set in a tie break, and the match.

    Nick played well, but the GOAT was on form.

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  64. mh says:

    Having a look at the MSM headlines this morning.
    A similar theme – Nick implodes

    Djokovic reigns at Wimbledon as Kyrgios implodes
    Mercurial Serb romps to his seventh Wimbledon title, beating a revitalised Nick Kyrgios who began brilliantly – only for his game to collapse amid heckling from a ‘drunk’ fan.

    No such thing happened.
    Nick’s game was good throughout, but he let off steam with some rants.
    Djokovic’ level of tennis was insane.
    The media does not want to recognise this because the GOAT will not consume the Big Pharma products.

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  65. Old bloke says:

    Black Ball says:
    July 10, 2022 at 6:56 pm

    If you are interested, Mark Riley is interviewing Albo in his home. Starts at 7 on Channel Stokes. According to the promo, Albo has changed the direction of the country.

    I haven’t noticed any change in direction over here in WA B.B., the sun still comes up in the east and goes down in the west.

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  66. mh says:

    Another one from the Paywallian

    Kyrgios loses the war … against himself
    If Wimbledon allowed entry music, Nick Kyrgios might have chosen Paul Kelly’s signature tune. He’s most definitely done all the dumb things.

    Sport Reporter

    I know who the dumbo is.

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  67. Bazinga says:

    According to the promo, Albo has changed the direction of the country.
    To date not much worse than Morrisson, early days and still to implement their usual job, family and country hating policies.

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  68. mh says:


    Djokovic’s coach Goran Ivanisevic, who reached four Wimbledon finals during his own playing career — winning the tournament in 2001 — said he always remained confident the top seed would bounce back from his Australian Open disappointment.

    “For some people, they don’t recover — they will never play tennis,” said Ivanisevic. “This was a big shock. It was a shock for me, and I was free — imagine for him.

    “It’s really for me heroic, because it was not easy to digest and come back to play tennis. People like him you don’t doubt, he’s a great champion.

    “He just needed to find the peace. Like I said, it was not easy to plan anything because one week he can play, next week he cannot play at that tournament.

    “It was not easy, but this is the result. This trophy, this joy on the Centre Court, it’s so beautiful. This is paying off.”

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  69. Black Ball says:

    Note the ranga at the end

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  70. Old School Conservative says:

    Violin Duel

    Under our “truth in Advertising” laws, that should read “Battle of the mini-skirts”.

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  71. Steve trickler says:

    This should be fun.🚗


    1320video in Alaska:

    Launching Cars 300ft off a CLIFF on the 4th of July!

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  72. johanna johanna says:

    Awesome news about Avi. A humiliating backdown – their lawyers told them they were on a hiding to nothing.

    Does anyone think it will be reported in the MSM?

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  73. Steve trickler says:

    Joe Biden and Hunter.


    The United Spot:

    The smartest person he knows

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  74. Steve trickler says:

    China fact Chasers:

    A room of 4 people watch Xi’s speech in Hong Kong! What a joke

    Chinese Media slip up humiliates Xi Jinping in Hong Kong

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  75. johanna johanna says:

    I find that Avi (virtue signalling) refused to take any damages.

    Way to lose.

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  76. Steve trickler says:

    The United Spot:

    Any questions?

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  77. Steve trickler says:

    A bloke walking his dog.



    Cash 2.0 Great Dane at Laguna Beach 1

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  78. Cardimona says:

    Everything in the universe is electric.
    Geometry of the Electric Universe
    Buddy James: Magnetohydrodynamics | Thunderbolts Project

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  79. mh says:

    Djokovic’s looming absence from Flushing Meadows isn’t sitting well with John McEnroe, who railed against the rule on ESPN after Djokovic defeated Nick Kyrgios in the men’s Wimbledon final on Sunday.

    “These politicians are getting in the way too much,” McEnroe said. “They did it in Australia. Let’s let the guy come in and play in the U.S. I mean, come on. This is ridiculous.”

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