Open Thread – April 2024

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  1. mh says:

    Courier Paywall

    Thousands riot at Sydney church after Bishop stabbed

    The stabbing of a prominent Christian leader and another man at an Assyrian church has led to an outbreak of total chaos in Sydney’s west, with police coming under attack from an angry mob gathered outside.

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  2. mh says:

    Even the term Zionist needs qualification. Zionism just means the right of the Jews to live peacefully in their traditional land, including those returning from the diaspora.

    So they are returning to Ukraine then.

    Maybe that’s why Blinken and Nuland want Ukraine depopulated first.

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  3. Cold-Hands says:

    Another stabbing attack in Sydney at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley about 7.15pm. Four injured, including the celebrant, His Grace Mar Mari Emmanuel (a Bishop of the Ancient Assyrian Church of the East). The lone assailant is in custody.

    As the Bishop livestreams his services (he has a big online following & is sometime known as the “TikTok bishop), the service was being live-streamed, so the attack is captured on video. The motive of the assailant is no mystery as the usual slogan was yelled by him during the attack.

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  4. mh says:

    Lee Fang

    Pastor John Hagee this am says Iran’s missiles are the prophetic start of the “Gog and Magog” war from the Bible (that ends w/ Jesus returning and Jews killed or converted). Says he will travel to DC to lobby lawmakers not to “deescalate” and support Israel. Asks for money.

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    While the police try to work out the cause for the stabbing of Bishop Emmanuel, there is the speculation doing the rounds. It seems the stabber was a teenager, a recent convert to Islam (?) and was offended by questions that the bishop had raised on that topic.

    As we wait for answers ….

    Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel questioned Islam before Wakeley terror attack

    The high-profile Assyrian Christian orthodox leader stabbed during a live stream of his service has in the past vocally proclaimed support for Palestinian civilians and criticised Israel’s actions in Gaza, but has also said he had a “question mark with Islam”, as authorities scramble to investigate the motive for Monday’s terror attack.

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  6. kaysee kaysee says:

    Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel

    Dec 2023
    Interview with PBD
    “Satan Has Engulfed the Churches”
    – Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Reacts to the Woke Pope

    Talking about his trip to Gaza

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  7. kaysee kaysee says:

    Now that Justice Michael Lee has ruled on the Higgins-Lehrmann saga, there needs to be an investigation into why and how the Labor govt awarded millions of taxpayer dollars in compensation to a former employee who should not have been on the Parliament premises in the early hours of the morning.

    Why wasn’t a proper process followed? Why were some of those linked to the case not allowed to be present during negotiations?

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  8. kaysee kaysee says:

    J K Rowling has been a strong force against this transgenderism and how it affects women. She is right on that. In support of women’s rights, someone posted this.

    A male responded with a thought-provoking analysis. Instead of just posting the link, I’ll paste the entire post here.

    It’s been kind of amusing, from a distance, to watch @jk_rowling melt down over men in dresses invading women’s private spaces.

    She still doesn’t get it.

    She doesn’t understand that first they came for the men. Only then, much later, did they come for the women.

    She doesn’t understand that “transwomen” are simply doing to women what feminists did to men decades earlier.

    First feminists demanded inclusion in men’s private, unisex environments. Then they demanded that those spaces be changed to suit them. Then they demanded that no male-only space exist, anywhere.

    And the cosmic irony of all of this is that this is a large part of the reason why “transwomen” exist in the first place.

    Boys raised without any spaces or groups for boys. Raised without any acknowledgement, or accommodation, for the sex-specific needs of boys. Boys raised solely by women, in environments designed for girls, treated as defective girls, medicated into insensibility with modified methamphetamine if they dare to act like boys.

    And then told, from an age far too young for psychological self-defense, that men are responsible for all the world’s ills, and girls are wonderful and can do no wrong, and can do everything they can do, backwards and in heels.

    And still Rowling is surprised when some of them grow up wanting to be girls, and move into the women-only spaces, which were never abolished when the men-only spaces were?

    She was smart enough to write a really good series of children’s books, but not smart enough to understand the high-order consequences of her own ideology.

    It’s so incredibly, mind-bendingly delicious to watch. This feminist apocalypse is the result of a chain of events that feminists themselves set in motion, using the same tactics and arguments against them that they used against men.

    They are being punished not only for their sins, but by their sins.

    This would all be great except for the niggling little detail that not all women are feminists. There are a great many women who never went along with the insanity, but are nevertheless being hit just as hard by the effects.

    That’s not so funny.

    Worse yet, men have very little incentive to lift a finger to help them, since almost no one, man or woman, did a thing for them when they were little boys being attacked from every angle by adult feminists.

    If you make women into a privileged class…

    If you make women’s preferences into your society’s moral standards…

    If you tilt the playing field for the express purpose of making women exceed men in every measure of health, wealth, and social respect…

    If you strip your society’s art and culture of any image or aspect of positive masculinity…

    Then men will grow up wanting to be women.

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  9. Old bloke says:

    So they are returning to Ukraine then.

    The eastern European Jews (the Ashkenazi) are the descendants of the Jews who were driven out of Jerusalem when it was sacked by the Romans in 70 AD. They are not exclusively descendants of Judah, the original meaning of the term Jew, they also include some segments of the northern tribes (Manasseh & Naphtali) who still had some remnants living on the steppes though most had moved westward prior to 70 AD.

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  10. mh says:

    The eastern European Jews (the Ashkenazi) are the descendants of the Jews who were driven out of Jerusalem when it was sacked by the Romans in 70 AD.

    So their “traditional homeland” is not in the middle east.

    2000 years living in Eastern Europe means their traditional homeland is Eastern Europe.

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    Tucker’s interview with Pastor Isaac brought out some pro-Zionist responses which called Munther Isaac a PA shill. He was accused of spreading lies about Israel because Bethlehem is under Palestinian rule.

    In Breitbart, a similar tale. Now that we know how the site was set up, we know the Zionist narrative being pushed. Yes, Bethlehem is under the “Palestinian Authority” jurisdiction. But in reality, Israel, as occupiers, illegally control the land and thus impose their own rules.

    Christian Pilgrims Flock to Israel’s Holy Sites, Defying Fears of War

    Christian pilgrims also visited holy sites in the city of Bethlehem, which is located within the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

    Christians have been subjected to social and political pressure in Bethlehem as they have become a minority, relative to Muslims, and they have suffered from the Palestinian Authority’s policies as well. However, neither that history, nor the ongoing threat of terror, kept pilgrims and tourists from visiting this weekend.

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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    Two voices explaining Hamas.

    Gabor Maté,
    Holocaust survivor

    We have to look at the whole situation that is going on for generations and ask ….What is causing all this? What is the source of it?…..

    Forty years ago there was no Hamas. Something happened to create that organisation and that ideology. Where did it come from?

    Ron Paul
    Israel Created Hamas

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  13. mh says:

    In Breitbart, a similar tale. Now that we know how the site was set up, …


    Andrew Breitbart with Netanyahu

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  14. mh says:

    GAZA WAR DAY 191: Iran ATTACKS Israel With MASSIVE Drone and Missile Strike | America First Ep. 1319

    Nicholas J. Fuentes

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  15. mh says:

    Nick is a little disappointed in Candy O

    We Do NOT Fund Both Sides of This War
    Nicholas J. Fuentes

    (13 minutes length)

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    Less than two days after the attack on Bishop Emmanuel, this article explains the problems faced by Assyrian Christians in the Middle East due to Islamist persecution. And how the Christian population in the ME has declined due to the same persecutors.

    But even six months after the genocide in Gaza, the same paper has not detailed to its readers the persecution of innocent Palestinian Christians and Armenian Christians – by the Israeli government.

    Christians are the most persecuted faith group all over the world – persecuted by Islamists and Zionists. The difference is that the “conservative” media will mention one sect but not the other.

    Sydney Assyrian church stabbing:
    Anything’s ‘possible’ when ancient hate fuels threat of terror

    There are perhaps three million to five million Assyrians in the world. They are an ancient Christian community that can trace roots back to the generation after the Apostles. Their language, Syriac, is closely related to Aramaic, which was the language of Jesus himself.

    It may be a good idea for the writer to go to Gaza and the West Bank and meet some of the direct descendants of those with roots going back to the time of Christ.

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    Paid activist with faux outrage about the genocide in Gaza. A misuse of the right to free speech. She should have been kicked out before she finished her first round of venom at the podium.

    Now Riddhi Patel is facing 18 felony counts with bail that was initially set at $1 million and has lost her job.

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  18. kaysee kaysee says:

    How George Galloway does it:


    MP George Galloway questions Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of the UK, on his failure to condemn Israel’s destruction of Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria.


    “Iran gave enough warning to allow Netanyahu to scurry like a RAT into the basement of a private home owned by his American billionaire friend”…

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  19. kaysee kaysee says:

    This article is paywalled too…..but……here we are.

    Democracy Dies Behind Paywalls

    The case for making journalism free—at least during the 2024 election

    How many times has it happened? You’re on your computer, searching for a particular article, a hard-to-find fact, or a story you vaguely remember, and just when you seem to have discovered the exact right thing, a paywall descends. “$1 for Six Months.” “Save 40% on Year 1.” “Here’s Your Premium Digital Offer.” “Already a subscriber?” Hmm, no.

    Now you’re faced with that old dilemma: to pay or not to pay.

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  20. mh says:


    Russia’s economy is expected to grow faster than all advanced economies this year, according to the International Monetary Fund.

    Russia is expected to grow 3.2% in 2024, the IMF said in its latest World Economic Outlook published Tuesday, exceeding the forecast growth rates for the U.S. (2.7%), the U.K. (0.5%), Germany (0.2%) and France (0.7%).

    The prediction will be galling for Western nations which have sought to economically isolate and punish Russia for its 2022 invasion of Ukraine. …

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  21. mh says:

    Anya Parampil Reaction to MP, George Galloway

    Judge Napolitano –

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  22. mh says:

    Evangelical DEMANDS War With Iran To Usher In End Times | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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  23. mh says:

    History will judge what we do right now. No more money for Netanyahu’s war machine.

    Senator Bernie Sanders
    60K views 9 hours ago

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  24. kaysee kaysee says:

    Evangelical DEMANDS War With Iran To Usher In End Times | The Kyle Kulinski Show

    Anyone still wonder how Trump “won” the primaries?

    We don’t expect any candidate to be 100% perfect. Each of them will have flaws and some aspects that go against our values or principles. But there is a difference between having a few negative points vs being totally unsuitable for leadership positions, especially one as high as the President of the US.

    Even with loads of proof there are some so deeply enmeshed in the cult, they won’t recognise the reality. It is not just in the US; I hear Australians on talkback radio defending Trump and worshipping him no matter what he says or does.

    I am spending my time and effort on the US Election threads and comments to provide the evidence on the real Trump. To expose the cult, the brainwashing, the lies. I don’t hold any great hope of convincing those firmly in Magadonia, but those on the fringes might see the great hoax and wake up.

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  25. kaysee kaysee says:

    eSafety Commissioner Warning


    Warning : Unelected Censorship Julie has ruled Australians must be prohibited from seeing the following video (after everyone has already seen it)

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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    Florida’s surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo

    Dr Ladapo-1

    ‘Americans are not pharmaceutical guinea pigs’


    Dr Ladapo-2

    Florida’s surgeon general Dr Joseph Ladapo says they are concerned about the impact of the MRNA vaccines on excess deaths and are undertaking groundbreaking autopsy studies to prove it.

    ‘Studies that show abnormalities that are consistent with vaccine MRNA associated death. And I think if you have enough of that then it becomes harder to deny that overall these are harmful products.’

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  27. kaysee kaysee says:

    A history lesson

    Do you actually think that “israel” refers to a 20th century nation-state created by the Rothschild banking dynasty? Why are you convinced that what you call “Jewish” are the same people as the biblical Hebrews?

    It is informative and interesting, but I don’t know if the entire video is factually correct.
    Old bloke?

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  28. mh says:

    kaysee says:
    April 18, 2024 at 4:05 pm
    Evangelical DEMANDS War With Iran To Usher In End Times | The Kyle Kulinski Show

    Anyone still wonder how Trump “won” the primaries?

    I don’t think the issue here is Trump. If it wasn’t Trump, the GOP would still have a leader doing the work of Zionists.

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  29. mh says:

    Jackson Hinkle 🇺🇸

    🇵🇸 US Congressman Ritchie Torres just attacked me on X for supporting GAZA!

    🇮🇱 US Congressman Ritchie Torres received $1.2 MILLION from AIPAC & PRO-ISRAEL lobby groups!

    ❌ Not surprised.

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  30. mh says:

    Trouble at google

    Google terminated 28 employees Wednesday, according to an internal memo viewed by CNBC, after a series of protests against labor conditions and the company’s contract to provide the Israeli government and military with cloud computing and artificial intelligence services.

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  31. mh says:

    The format of these shows are annoying now, with the Judge playing video clips to his guests and asking them to comment.
    However Max is such a quality guy, it’s still worthwhile

    Max Blumenthal: Hamas Still Stands.

    Judge Napolitano

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  32. mh says:

    Captured America

    Via Al Jizz:

    US vetoes Palestine bid for UN membership

    Palestinian’s bid doesn’t go any further than this, but level of support significant

    Gabriel Elizondo
    Reporting from New York, United States

    This is how the process plays out in the Charter of the United Nations:

    It first goes to the Security Council committee. If it doesn’t get consensus in the committee, it can then be forced to a vote.

    That’s the vote that you just saw right now with the resolution put forward by Algeria.

    The US decided to veto it. That’s it. It does not go to the General Assembly.

    There’s no other avenue for Palestine at this point to get full membership unless the United States changes its position, but we don’t see that in the foreseeable future.

    This was really a vote that was pretty overwhelmingly in favour of Palestine.

    The fact that you saw Ecuador, Korea, Japan and France vote for this really shows how isolated the United States is on this issue.

    Make no mistake about it: The United States would have preferred that this would not have gotten nine votes because then it would not have had to veto it.

    We’re here every day at the UN. We talk to diplomats; we gauge the mood on a daily basis. And it wasn’t guaranteed that this was going to get nine votes. The fact it got 12 votes in favour of Palestine is very significant. Make no mistake about that.

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  33. mh says:

    It’s all happening

    Shares, $A sink; gold, oil, bonds jump on Israeli strikes

    Reports of Israeli airstrikes in Iran prompt investors to dump shares, buy gold, oil, bonds

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  34. mh says:

    When do the 30 red heifers get sacrificed in order to bring about the end times? 🐮

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  35. mh says:

    Keith Woods

    🚨🔥 My thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding Andrew Tate

    It’s easy to lash out at Tate, but our movement is succeeding in spite of itself


    5 min video

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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    Mar 26, 2024
    Kim Iversen
    Our Country Has Lost It’s Independence

    It’s time we start questioning why anyone who is advocating for Israel is not registered as a foreign agent in this country.

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  37. kaysee kaysee says:

    Neil Oliver:
    A Madness That’s Growing!!!

    ‘..medical lies, gender falsehoods & dangers hidden in the shadows…’

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  38. kaysee kaysee says:

    For all the Christians who are cheering on in support of Israel and Zionism, here are 2 articles.

    Is it likely that they are Hamas supporters? Maybe they were involved in the 7 October incident?

    Stories from the war in Gaza:
    “Every day that passes is harder than the one before”

    Two days after the war started on 7 October, my family and I fled to St Porphyrius Greek Orthodox Church. We’ve lived in the Church since then. My family wakes up every day in a large hall with 300 other people. We don’t sleep very well and wake up to the sound of bombs.

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  39. kaysee kaysee says:

    Catholics in Gaza are burying dead in Muslim cemeteries

    In the chaos of the Israel-Hamas war, where any movement can be fatal, even burying the dead is not guaranteed…

    The challenge is even greater for Christians, whose cemeteries are all in the northern part of Gaza, next to their places of worship. For those who die in the south, receiving a Christian burial is impossible.

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  40. kaysee kaysee says:

    Don’t always agree with Bill Maher, but there are times when he speaks sense. Far more than the so-called “conservatives”.

    On abortion
    Bill Maher said WHAT about abortion?

    On paedophilia
    It turns out for pedophiles in Hollywood, “It’s A Small World After All.”

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  41. mh says:

    Two e-scooter stories from the Courier Paywall

    A charging e-scooter has been blamed for an explosion at a New Farm home that has left a man and woman fighting for life. WATCH THE VIDEO

    Paramedics across Queensland are being called to e-scooter crashes and falls daily with at least 13 injured this week alone and a string of tragedies including the death of a teen this month. SUBURBS, LATEST.

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  42. mh says:

    James O’Brien meets Bassem Youssef | LBC

    131,607 views 9 hours ago Full Disclosure with James O’Brien

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  43. mh says:

    So much better than a Judge Napolitano episode

    Max Blumenthal “Netanyahu Is A FANATIC” (Interview)

    Sabby Sabs
    92.7K subscribers

    An hour long interview, and obviously much more than the title.

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  44. Old bloke says:

    kaysee says:
    April 18, 2024 at 4:42 pm

    A history lesson

    It is informative and interesting, but I don’t know if the entire video is factually correct.
    Old bloke?

    In the main part it’s historically accurate, the only correction I would make is that it wasn’t Judah who wanted to kill Joseph (when the brothers threw him into the pit) but Simeon. That is why Joseph held Simeon in the Egyptian prison when he sent the other brothers away with the grain they needed.

    Simeon is the most war like of the brothers and he and his brother Levi were admonished by Israel for their excessive cruelty, which is why neither of the two received a land grant in the promised land. Levi was to live in different cities and they performed the duties which we would equate to the civil service along with the priestly and other duties at the Temple, Simeon was to live in he land assigned to Judah in southern Israel, though they were counted amongst the northern tribes who were sent into the Assyrian exile.

    Nowadays the situation is the same, Simeon didn’t form their own national group in western Europe but are scattered amongst the other tribes. They are now scattered amongst the Scandinavians, on the east coast of England, in southern Wales, and amongst the Irish.

    They retained their war like tendencies, for example the Iceni under Boudica and the Silures under Caratacus were two of the clans of Simeon and they both fought against the Roman occupation of Britain.

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  45. kaysee kaysee says:

    Foreign Aid Package

    It is getting difficult to detach some US politics issues between the Election thread and the Open Thread. They are connected but I’m trying to keep them separate.

    The GOP is supposed to have the majority in the House. What have they done with that? Who endorsed McCarthy for House Speaker? Then helped him get dumped? Who then endorsed Johnson for Speaker?

    Speaker Mike Johnson Celebrates Democrats Seizing House: ‘We’re Happy’

    House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) celebrated Democrats seizing the House by unprecedentedly relying on the opposition party to force President Joe Biden’s priority of Ukraine border defense funds toward a full House vote on Saturday…..

    “Everyone can vote their will and their constituents’ desires on the Israel aid, the Ukrainian aid, the Indo Pacific, and then our fourth national security package,” Johnson said:

    Poor Magadonians are posting these comments. They still don’t get it.

    – Get that gavel out of his hands. Do it now — then see how happy the traitor is.

    – STOP backing Johnson, President Trump
    STOP holding MTG back to move to vacate ASAP

    – Should have done it friggin yesterday!!
    WTF Trump, disavow supposed MAGA Mike Johnson

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  46. kaysee kaysee says:

    Rand Paul

    Ukrainian flags fly in the chamber of the UNITED STATES House of Representatives as they vote to send more of your hard-earned money to a corrupt foreign regime. And just like that they shout “UKRAINE! UKRAINE!”while happily working to secure Ukraine’s borders, not ours.

    Ukraine’s Zelensky ‘Personally’ Thanks Mike Johnson for $61 Billion Gift from U.S. Taxpayers

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  47. kaysee kaysee says:

    There’s a promo in the video – you can skip through it.
    Vigilant News

    Senator Rand Paul Issues Stark Warning to President Trump

    “He [Trump] will lose his voters if he continues to support Speaker Johnson.”


    Mission Accomplished

    America First.

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  48. kaysee kaysee says:

    Thanks, Old bloke.

    In the main part it’s historically accurate, the only correction I would make is that it wasn’t Judah who wanted to kill Joseph (when the brothers threw him into the pit) but Simeon.

    Wasn’t that Reuben against the remaining brothers harming Joseph? He suggested putting Joseph in the pit rather than take his life? Later, when Reuben was away, Judah convinced them to sell Joseph rather than kill him. When Jacob was unwilling to send Benjamin to Egypt, Judah stood surety and promised to bring him back safely.

    I thought it was overall a good summary in under 11 minutes.

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    Europe is revolting against the tyranny of electric cars

    Apparently it’s not just Britain where motorists have gone distinctly cool on electric cars. The electric vehicle industry appears to going the same way as one of its own products when the battery charge lowers: it’s slowing rapidly to a crawl.

    And it’s plain to me that the reasons in Europe are the same as they are here: electric cars are too expensive to buy, and too fussy to recharge.

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  50. mh says:

    Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו

    The US Congress just overwhelmingly passed a much appreciated aid bill that demonstrates strong bipartisan support for Israel and defends Western civilization. Thank you friends, thank you America!

    4:30 AM · Apr 21, 2024 · 1.7M Views

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  51. mh says:

    Michael Tracey

    The melodramatic pontificating continues with Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA). “Some say, well, we have to deal with our border first,” bellows Connolly. “The Ukrainian Russian border is OUR border!”

    Who knew?!? It’s basically like the border between Virginia and Maryland

    In addition, listen to the clown talk about Putin “bombing children, hospitals and schools”.

    Maybe he missed the news about the Gaza bombings which DC funds.

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  52. kaysee kaysee says:

    Inside the ‘disinformation’ industry

    A government-sponsored agency is censoring journalism; UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers investigates.

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  53. kaysee kaysee says:

    🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕
    And for this Sunday…

    10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)


    A Ponderable

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  54. Destroyer D69 says:

    Pondering on the current state that Australia find itself in as a result of years of political destruction of what it flowered into in the years following the World Wars, as a result of the sacrifices of the ANZACS we will be remembering shortly,I am wondering how many of them would volunteer today to defend what Australia has become since they made those sacrifices?

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  55. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Misinformation-Disinformation tricks are being used to suppress the truth-tellers. The WEF underlings in govt and elsewhere are seeking to take away our rights to Free Speech and and justify passing their “Disinformation” Laws.

    The incidents at Bondi and the Orthodox church in Sydney are being used to shut down discussion under the label of “misinformation”. Threats are being used to get social media to remove content of the recent stabbing attack in a Sydney church.

    Trust the Government. It is telling you the truth.

    What is the difference between Libs and Labor? Dutton and Albanese? When it comes to freedom in Australia they are singing from the same book. Dutton is telling us how the Libs started on the eSafety Bill.

    This is our Unelected eSafety Commizar.

    The UniParty.

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  56. kaysee kaysee says:

    Elon may be calling out the free speech commands that have been issued to him by the Commizar. But does he really allow free speech on twitter or is he unaware of what is happening to suppress some posters?

    On twitter, a poster asked this question:

    Over the past few weeks, I have been getting two or three bot replies to each of my posts showing ever more graphic nudity. I have to remember to hide and block them as soon as they pop up. But they just keep coming. Is this a problem others are noticing, and is there some setting I can change to stop this?

    Replies from others confirmed that they face the same problem.
    One poster explained:

    For those who don’t know, key words (lockdown, COVID, gene therapy, excess deaths, climate scam, woke, trans, Ukraine, Gaza, genocide, etc.) trigger an algorithm that sends a sex bot to like the comment, which is then censored on the grounds that it’s a danger to children.

    He adds:

    It’s the same grounds on which the Online Safety Act 2023 was passed in the UK. Under this legislation, all online platforms operating in the UK have a duty and obligation, with punitive fines for non-compliance, to censor content deemed potentially dangerous by the Government.

    Isn’t that clever? Set the algorithim so your feed shows nude pix from bots. Then instead of saying you have been censored for posting facts on the Covid vaxx or the climate scam or the wars, they can say that you are being shut down due to porn content in your account or blog which the Commizar has deemed unsafe not just for children but for adults, too.

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  57. kaysee kaysee says:

    Destroyer D69 says:
    April 22, 2024 at 10:11 am

    Great question worth discussing.
    Will take it up later this week.

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  58. mh says:

    Great question worth discussing.

    We would have to know what Destroyer thinks Australia has become that is so negative.

    What one person thinks is a negative may be another man’s positive. Eg I thought our low point was the Covid lockdown/vaccine mandates. Others see this is as government at it’s best – ‘keeping us safe’.

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  59. kaysee kaysee says:

    They keep talking about the aid to Ukraine in the foreign aid package but don’t mention Israel. Now it goes on to the Senate.

    Lindsey Graham
    This Ukraine package would not have happened without Donald Trump!

    Jim Townsend

    “He did not jump in there to support that minority, and they went down”.

    Donald Trump made “positive” statements about Ukraine on social media posts and did not support the Republican minority working to prevent the $61bn deal for Ukraine aid from passing, says Jim Townsend, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for European and NATO Policy.

    If you want to keep a check on the pollies supporting Israel and why, the clues are in
    the AIPAC Tracker

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  60. kaysee kaysee says:

    Neil Oliver:
    Neil Oliver warns of incoming FALLOUT over Israel and Iran

    ‘We’re not supposed to have noticed World War III is up and running.’

    Neil Oliver says World War III is ‘already here’ while discussing the conflict between Israel and Iran.

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  61. mh says:

    Palestinian ambassador’s speech moves UN Security Council president to tears

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  62. Interested observer says:

    Reported in the New York Times – hattip to American Thinker
    A $110m. military airfield and base abandoned in order to evacuate 1000 US military.

    More than 1,000 American military personnel will leave Niger in the coming months, Biden administration officials said on Friday, upending U.S. counterterrorism and security policy in the tumultuous Sahel region of Africa.

    In the second of two meetings this week in Washington, Deputy Secretary of State Kurt M. Campbell told Niger’s prime minister, Ali Lamine Zeine, that the United States disagreed with the country’s turn toward Russia for security and Iran for a possible deal on its uranium reserves, and the failure of Niger’s military government to map out a path to return to democracy, according to a senior State Department official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss diplomatic talks.

    The decision was not a particular surprise. Niger said last month that it was revoking its military cooperation deal with the United States following a highly contentious set of meetings in Niger’s capital, Niamey, with a high-level American diplomatic and military delegation.

    Whilst all eyes are on Ukraine/Israel, U.S. is losing strategic advantages elsewhere.

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  63. kaysee kaysee says:

    Whilst all eyes are on Ukraine/Israel, U.S. is losing strategic advantages elsewhere.

    Which begs the question: Why is the US/US politicians so focussed on Ukraine and Israel?

    I didn’t save the link but I read a post which explained that in the case of Ukraine it is not just the war weapons manufacturers who benefit, but also those with stakes in Ukraine agricultural lands and other interests. It is not about the rights and well being of Ukrainians or Zelensky.

    With regard to Israel, and thus Zionism, it seems quite likely that this is the control centre of the entire reset/new world order plans.

    They don’t want us to know the truth – that is why they are trying to shut down TikTok and Twitter, in Australia, too. The same masters rule the world. The Libs are in the same censorship boat with Labor. As well as Lambie. It is not about Free Speech for Australians – it is about their political survival.

    It seems as if only One Nation supports free speech.

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  64. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Covid scam helped many of us become aware of the Great Reset, WEF and the other plans by the elite to control the world. In the past three years, on this blog, we’ve posted on all the major topics. In the past six months, with the war in Gaza, I have gone from being an ignoramus on the “complex situation in the Middle East” to learning the facts and understanding more about the crisis and who are the real victims.

    I try to fact-check what I post but there is so much, and it takes a great deal of time. I would be happy if there were others willing to take up what is posted here, do some research and share what you learn. There is so much to add here but there isn’t enough time.

    I often wonder if there is any point to posting here. Most of it is by just a few of us. Are there are others gaining knowledge and awareness and learning from this library of info that is shared here? Do you have questions or want a debate/discussion like the one posed by Destroyer D69 yesterday?

    If there are others who really want to take part but think you can’t do so because you don’t have anything to post, let me know. I can send you some of my bookmarked links via email. I am struggling to find the time for my reading, watching videos, digging up info, research and then writing it up to share it here.

    I want to keep passing on what I am learning but my time is limited, and there is so much happening here and overseas. I can’t stay quiet. The politicians and governments are controlled by forces outside the country. They want to keep us ignorant so we don’t know what is happening ……..until it is too late.




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  65. kaysee kaysee says:

    Some info via twitter.

    Jeremy Boreing posted this comment

    People who deny the moon landing or suggest America is evil for its use of atomic weapons against Imperial Japan or who say that George Bush was behind 9/11 actually hate this country.

    It generated plenty of reaction. From that I came across this info re the bombing of Nagasaki.
    What Imperial Japan Couldn’t Do in 250 Years American Christians Did in Nine Seconds

    News from Candace Owens
    She has joined the Catholic Church.

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  66. kaysee kaysee says:

    There is much in the media about the anti-Israel protests at Columbia university. But not a great deal from the pro-Israelists about this:
    More than 200 bodies found in mass grave at Nasser Hospital in Gaza

    Recall all aid to UNRWA being stopped because of their evil October 7 Hamas employees? As claimed by Israel? Without any proof?

    Independent review panel releases final report on UNRWA

    “Israel made public claims that a significant number of UNRWA employees are members of terrorist organisations. However, Israel has yet to provide supporting evidence of this,” according to the 54-page final report, Independent review of mechanisms and procedures to ensure adherence by UNRWA to the humanitarian principle of neutrality.

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  67. kaysee kaysee says:

    Columbia uni – college campuses

    Ron, when it comes to Zionism, you are all in it together. Which is a real pity.
    Keep pretending that Palestine = Hamas.

    The Biden Justice and Education Departments are asleep at the wheel regarding antisemitism on college campuses. Both agencies should hold these universities accountable, and the visa of any foreign student who is championing Hamas should be canceled.

    From Mossad.
    Threats against Americans

    Wishful thinking?

    If you’re wondering why all of this attention is being paid to Columbia University it’s simple – Columbia is probably going to be the stone that begins the avalanche that dismantles Israeli Apartheid.

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  68. kaysee kaysee says:

    All those poor Jewish (Zionist) students at American university campuses. They get persecuted by all the Hamas supporters. So we are told.

    Own Goal


    She is trying to provoke others on the campus so that she can then claim anti-semitism and Jew hatred. Nothing happened. No one reacted. She was perfectly safe on that campus at Yale University, USA.
    Maybe if she was really brave, she would take a trip to Gaza.

    The people around didn’t care. They were there on a peaceful protest.

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  69. mh says:

    The Mother of All Talk Shows with George Galloway

    The US government consists of 535 lobbyists, says Colonel Douglas Macgregor. All of them, with very few exceptions, are bought men

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  70. mh says:

    In the second of two meetings this week in Washington, Deputy Secretary of State Kurt M. Campbell told Niger’s prime minister, Ali Lamine Zeine, that the United States disagreed with the country’s turn toward Russia for security and Iran for a possible deal on its uranium reserves, and the failure of Niger’s military government to map out a path to return to democracy, according to a senior State Department official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss diplomatic talks.

    African countries became tired long ago of America explaining this to them:

    I’m Tired of Having To Explain This To Everyone!

    Mark Dice
    1.87M subscribers

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  71. mh says:

    Moment Palestinian Flag Explodes as Israeli Man Kicks it | Firstpost

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  72. mh says:

    Heart attack

    ‘Devastating’: NRL cult hero Terry Hill dead aged 52

    The rugby league community has been rocked by the sudden death of NRL, NSW Origin and Kangaroos icon, Terry Hill.

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  73. kaysee kaysee says:

    We need to be always alert to the sources of our news and info. Are they trustworthy? Biased? Gaslighting? Fake? That is why I am open to anyone sharing links if they prove that something we have posted here turns out to be incorrect.

    It is not about egos and being “right” but getting the facts right. I see this site as a venue for news, info, opinions; not some click-baiting headlines to suit some agenda.

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  74. kaysee kaysee says:

    Gaza war – News stories from the past few days

    I’m going to post some links without the quotes as they take up time.

    200 days into the war ….
    How dare aid be sent to the people of Gaza during Passover
    ACTU letter to PM

    One response to that post asks:
    Jewish fury or just Zionist fury?
    Related to the above
    from the same paper

    I must be Anti-Semitic …….

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  75. kaysee kaysee says:

    ….just like these other Jew-hating, Anti-semitic Jews …all over the world.

    The Jewish Council of Australia
    supports the unions australia statement
    Thousands of American Jews with are holding an emergency Passover seder on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s doorstep demanding he stop arming the Israeli government as it carries out a genocide.
    Over 3,000 Jews And Allies Are At Grand Army Plaza On The Second Night Of Passover To Demand The Us Government To Stop Arming Israel And Put An End To Genocide. No One Is Free Until Everyone Is Free

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  76. kaysee kaysee says:

    Stop Arming Israel. Stop Funding Genocide. Let Gaza Live.
    Jews on the Palestine demo in London

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  77. kaysee kaysee says:

    I don’t know if this is true. But it is from well-known media personalities.

    Max Blumenthal
    uncovers Zionist psy op to infiltrate Palestinian protests and act as provocateurs & make demonstrators look bad.
    50K+ benefits to smear Palestinians students!!

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  78. kaysee kaysee says:

    Two videos – one is from a Zionist Jew (that’s what he calls himself),
    the other is from a Palestinian.

    Lee Kern
    Oscar nominated writer, lives in London and US
    Now Is The Time To Hurt Antisemites

    Mohammed El-Kurd
    Poet and Journalist, lives in Jerusalem

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  79. mh says:

    Jews on the Palestine demo in London

    They march now as the “Jewish bloc”.

    The Zionists and their newspaper and tv outlets are getting desperate trying to shut down the protests in the western world. UK and USA especially. There are so many staged stunts now everyone should be awake to it.

    The other night I was watching a YouTube vid, and the algorithm vids lined up on the right of the screen included FOUR TalkTv vids (Murdoch’s tv channel that recently went online-only, following piss poor ratings). Each video was the same subject – the Zionist Jew who manufactured a stunt to apparently show how he was not safe crossing the road in London when a protest was happening. Therefore WE MUST SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!

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  80. mh says:


    Senator Babet

    This is my response to the push for more and more censorship in Australia. @elonmusk @UnitedAusParty

    Join The Movement –

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  81. kaysee kaysee says:

    I don’t know Khalil Sayegh, but I came across a post from him in December and I shared it here.

    Today, I’ve read these posts from him.

    With a heavy heart I announce that my 18-year-old younger sister, Lara Sayegh, was killed today on her way from Gaza City to the south. She and my mother were reaching Egypt for safety…..


    I promised you I’d bring you to safety; I promised you I would get you a place to call home instead of the one they destroyed. I said I would get you to enroll in a new university instead of the one they bombed.

    But I failed, habibti, I failed miserably; I wish I were instead of you

    I don’t know Khalil Sayegh or his family, but I feel as if I have failed his father, his sister and his mother.

    A short while ago, he posted this:

    ”We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;“
    2 Corinthians 4:8-9

    Faith in the face of tragedy and grief.

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  82. kaysee kaysee says:

    Christians must confront the weaponization of a sacred promise

    In a House education committee hearing Wednesday (April 17) on antisemitism on campus, U.S. Rep. Rick Allen, a Republican from Georgia, used a passage from the Book of Genesis to intimidate the president of Columbia University, insisting that American universities teach their students about “what will happen under the wrath of God” if they do not support Israel.

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  83. kaysee kaysee says:

    The AIPAC Tracker

    I don’t know whether this is the effort of just a single person or a group but it is doing great work. It was a twitter account but now also on a site.

    Track AIPAC
    It is a work-in-progress but already lists the politicians in the House and Senate who receive funds from the lobby and how much. Including U.S. Rep. Rick Allen in the article above.

    There is a section on the Anti-Aipac candidates and most of them are Democrats – I wouldn’t vote for them for other reasons.

    Check the section on the lobby – plenty of info there.
    A short snippet on how the lobby works.

    We wonder how the war continues and how more bombs are being sent to kill more innocent civilians and cause more destruction. The war could have been brought to an end any time the US decided to end it.

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  84. mh says:

    Daily Mail Online

    Moment escaped Household Cavalry horses rampage through London

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  85. mh says:

    Republicans STILL pushing the de-bunked atrocity propaganda

    Keith Woods

    🇺🇸🇮🇱 U.S Speaker Mike Johnson says Israeli infants were “cooked in ovens” on October 7 🤡

    The Republican Party is a shell corporation for Israel.

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  86. kaysee kaysee says:

    The summons

    Anthony Fauci summoned to testify before Congress for lying about COVID origins, vaccine effectiveness, and his involvement in the pandemic’s origins. Must address his damning emails that prove his involvement. Confronted for deceiving Congress and the public.

    What happens next?
    Dr. Anthony Fauci to Testify at Public Hearing on June 3

    Will it make any difference?

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  87. kaysee kaysee says:

    I posted this video under the header Own Goal, a couple of days ago (scroll upthread).

    Now this comment on that video has got nearly 2 Million views.
    Over 900 comments, 88K likes, over 9K retweets, 2K bookmarks.

    Another poster has turned it into this parody.

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  88. kaysee kaysee says:

    The command from somewhere in the Mid East

    He spake and they jumped to obey.
    Like Abbott of Texas (Republican, Free Speech etc etc)


    Today in Texas

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