Neil Oliver Interviews George Galloway

The discovery credit for this video goes to mh, for finding it and posting it in the Open Thread.

Neil Oliver concludes the interview with:

George, as all the best conversations are, from my perspective, it has been an education. I feel the time I have spent with you I have genuinely learned information, and I have had my horizons broadened, as I hoped I would.


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3 Responses to Neil Oliver Interviews George Galloway

  1. mh says:

    Very important discussion on how/when the Left became liberals.

    This is what Paul Keating touched on at the press club this week, although Keating hasn’t fully accepted it but Galloway has.

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  2. Old bloke says:

    Their opening discussions about their early lives in Scotland brought to mind similar remarks some years ago by another famous Scot.

    This was Sean Connery who was from Edinburgh, who was honoured by his home city by being given the keys to the city by the mayor.

    In his acceptance speech Sean talked about growing up in Edinburgh, how they used to play barefoot in the streets, and what a wonderful time they had as children.

    Sean said that they had a wonderful life as there weren’t any social workers in that era to tell them how downtrodden and under privileged they were.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    While watching the interview, I was jotting some points that George was making. But as the discussion progressed, there was too much to note so I just listened. I posted a comment in the Open Thread.

    In a few months, I may watch again. There are some observations that are worth analysing to understand how we have reached this point, in the world, today.

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