Guest Post: thefrollickingmole – The poor white ants we will always have with us

Back to that most fertile* of occupations, shooting Gruinaid ( ) articles in a barrel. Often it’s the below the line comments which expose the real vileness of the gimmedat left mentality.

The article is standard boilerplate Gruinaid grist fore the mill, take a problem caused largely by smashing the stable family unit and the war on the middle class & generational care.

Social care desperately needs funding, and the fairest way is inheritance tax ( )

In short the Boomer mob (generalisation alert) who were happy to dump mum and dad in St Keros ( ) home for the slightly inconvenient are now looking at having to enter the same places and think its not fair.

The only way to correct this is to further make sure future generations pay later for what they consume now.

The article is the usual grab bag of cliches, squandering vast sums is “investment”, the NHS is a jealous god, Its not your money, equality etc.

How can we get you plebs to live in the pods, eat the bugs, get the chip and be happy if you don’t have to sell the family home to pay the taxman? ( )

Anyway all this is just preamble to the horror that is the below the line comments.
Remember this is actively moderated, so these are opinions they are comfortable with.
All property should be the property of the government on death and the family gets 10% of the sale price. Transfer of property by anyone over 50 (or less than 10 years prior to death, whichever applies) outlawed to stop intra family tax avoidance.
Because nothing has spelt out “Successful nation” quite like government confiscation of property right?
Great idea but the greedy middle class will hate it so it’s a non-starter.
Got that, denying yourself gratification, saving money, providing services people pay for and accumulating assets and cash in your life is ‘greedy”.
But unless the tax rate is 100% with a zero threshhold, they’ll still get money for nothing
Soy stained claws typed this.

The usual self-serving cobblers about “I’ve already paid tax, I shouldn’t be taxed again”. Oh boo-hoo.
Im detecting traces of life long parasite in this post.

When you die your estate becomes brand new income for your inheritors that they are receiving for the very first time and it should be taxed as such.
Never mind the income tax, gst, rates fees & dozens of other ways the government whittled at the money invested, when you die your kids should be pennyless.

ban all inheritance, it is the cause for unjust privilege and has been for centuries.

inheritance should be banned full stop… when you die, the state should reclaim all your assets sell them and redistribute the money for public services and infrastructure etc

Moles Modest Proposal: We send all the elderly to 3rd world countries where they can live like kings on the Australian/UK pension.
You know it makes sense.

*In the same sense the waste pond from a piggery is fertile

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8 Responses to Guest Post: thefrollickingmole – The poor white ants we will always have with us

  1. Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Border Closure says:

    Excellent.  (Where’s the “thumbs up” button for this post?)

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  2. HD says:

    The below the line comments above read like they are composites of Raelian Church philosophy flavoured by Marx. Guardian readers huh(!)

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  3. Rabz says:

    Collectivists by their very nature are despicable mediocrities and their entire stupid belief system is driven by envy, hence the repulsive unworkable imbecility vomited forth above in the Garudain.

    Ideally, any politician that even advocates an obscenity like death duties should experience a mysterious fatal accident shortly after doing so.

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  4. John Bayley says:

    Those commenters would be the same people who are now anxiously awaiting their third Covid ‘jab’ and cheering on the newly established Australian gulag.

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  5. DDinAus says:

    Amateurs, when a defined wealth threshold is reached the patriarch and his family, unto the third generation, are thrown into the tower. The estates of all the family are confiscated and all are executed in revenge for their proven ability to be stupid. All politicians an public servants are deemed to reach the threshold on their fortieth birthday. We do need to think BIG.

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  6. Speedbox says:

    I think your on to something there DD.

    How about a defined maximum inheritance.   Everything above the total defined asset value is forfeited to the Crown.   The limit could be 10 times the average wage (say, $600,000) adjusted annually in accordance with ATO determinations.

    If your parents don’t have $600,000 in assets at the time of death, the inheritance is ‘topped up’ by those who have an excess.   Seems fair.   Everyone gets the same and nobody is left behind.

    Note that the inheritance is capped.  In other words, if you have one, two, three or more siblings, you share the $600k.   Its not $600k each.  God forbid!


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  7. Crossie says:

    I suspect the people who advocate death tax have been disinherited by their parents or grandparents.  Gruniard readers are not from the working classes but dregs of the monied classes.

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  8. Shy Ted says:

    Does The Groaniad still lose $100million a year?

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