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Months ago, I put these questions to the commenters on this site:

Do you want this blog to shut its doors?
Or do you want it to continue?

It seemed from some of the responses that the blog should continue. However, after a short spell the blog switched back to its normal pace. By October, there was a serious consideration to closing the blog as the interest in it was limited to just a few commenters. Instead of making the decision, I decided to put the question offline to the regulars. There were two reasons for it. I wanted feedback from those who do come here to post comments. Also, the previous time when I put the question out on the blog we ended up with trolls trying to get in.

Before I proceed, let me clarify this. All costs for running this blog are paid. There is No requirement for Donations, Tip Jars or Ads on the blog. The work involved in the back-end admin of the site is also taken care of.

In our offline discussions, I received some feedback which I shared with the email group as I had permission from the responders to do so. There were also some private discussions with some that I did not pass on to the group as I did not have permission to share it.

Now, it is the end of the year so what happens next? I am back to the situation where I have to make a decision on this blog. It is a dilemma for me as I can see both sides of the issue.

1. If the blog is not required or serving a purpose there is no reason to keep it running.

2. On the other hand, I have also received feedback from some who would like the blog to continue as this is the site that they prefer to visit and comment.

TBH, I do not want to be the one to make the decision on whether the blog continues or closes. I am hoping that the posters here will be the ones who decide.

Trolls and d**kheads bring traffic to a blog because there are people who enjoy controversy and the back and forth abuse and ridicule, especially of others. It adds “spice” to a blog. It is passed off as “free speech”. But there is a difference between free speech and d**khead speech. This blog policy is to keep the site free from trolls and d**kheads. It may reduce the commenting and site traffic but it works well for those who are busy and come to the site to read and post.

Commenters and posters here may think that there are not many people coming to this blog and reading what is posted. That is not true. There is a silent traffic lurking here to read every day. So, posters and commenters, don’t be put off by the “silence” – what you post is getting read.

So, for those who still value the blog, it will continue. At least, for the coming months. If it turns out that commenters are no longer interested in posting on the site, it will be time to re-evaluate. It is a site open to all. The only requirement is to follow the blog rules. The most important one is to treat the blog and other commenters here with respect. You don’t have to like or agree with all those who post here – but on this site treat others with civility and, as mentioned previously, don’t turn it into a garbage pit.

If there is some comment that has broken the rules, click the Report comment link. BTW, the Report link also gets clicked accidentally sometimes – don’t worry about it. I can work out where there is a problem being reported and when it is a mistake.

Also try not to post anything that could cause legal hassles for the blog.

Other than that, it is a free speech platform. It is not an echo chamber – you can agree or disagree, debate or discuss, choose the comments you want to read or scroll or ignore. You don’t have to stick to the topics being posted by others – you can post anything, within reason, of course.

Those who post here regularly are busy people with their own schedules and lives. Nobody lives here 24/7 with all the time in the world to keep posting comments. The blog has evolved into its own unique type with its own pace. Sometimes it may go quiet and seem dead when everyone is busy with their other lives: family, work and other commitments. Other times, there will be commenting taking place. If you want to take part, you have this space. If you want to say or share something you can come in whenever you want, post it and leave it here for others to read. When they can, they come in, read and add whatever they want to the blog.

There will be an Open Thread each week for general discussion. If anyone would like to write a Post for the blog, email me.

For the past few months, Admin has pretty much been unnecessary and not required. The blog has been running with no need for any Admin input. Most of the time commenters are moderating themselves and following the rules.

As Admin on this blog, being “Unrequired” is good. I like it that way.  🙂

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback you can post them in this thread or any other time on the Open Threads. You can also contact Admin via email.

Thanks to all the regulars who come in daily or most days. Some have been making an extra effort to help keep this show on the road. And there are other commenters who come in sometimes and add to the variety of comments here.

To this blog family:
All who have been a part of this blog this year with your contributions. And the silent blog visitors who come in to read what is posted. Thank you.


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16 Responses to Blog Review

  1. Steve trickler says:

    Keep it going, Adam.👍

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  2. Bazinga says:

    You could add a like & dislike button. The “silence” of lurkers would then be quantifiable.

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  3. Perplexed of Brisbane says:


    I am one of the lurkers but a regular reader of the comments.

    This blog is different to Dover’s Cat and CL’s.

    It is definitely less shouty than Dover’s. CL seems to hold a tighter rein over his blog in terms of trolls etc. Dover seems to be more laissez-faire. Both have their plusses.

    The open thread is a good idea I think. Fairly regular changes to refresh the threads is good. Topical posts seem to work as well.

    Whatever you are comfortable with doing is fine. Always good to evaluate though.

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:


    Thanks for this blog.

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    You could add a like & dislike button. The “silence” of lurkers would then be quantifiable.

    Is the Like/Dislike button an objective indicator? I think it is more of a popularity gauge. It probably works on some kind of blogs where there are articles or videos and a high traffic volume.

    Rather than clicking a button, it would be far better for readers to also share their knowledge and opinions. It makes us think and consider other views and theories, not just our own. That way we all learn from one another.

    Others on the blog may have a different thoughts on the Like/Dislike button.

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  6. Admin Admin says:

    The blog was created/cloned at short notice last year to get a site up and running for Cats before Sinclair’s blog shut down. You may remember that the previous blog was an old system and there were already bugs in it. These bugs got passed down here. We’ve tried to clean up the best we could.

    If you are posting comments – even if it is only one comment, some bug there causes the time delay.

    To get around that remember to check ☑️ the Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment box before you post your comment. So then you see the comment soon after you have posted it.

    If there are still some bugs that affect your reading or commenting on the blog, let me know. We can take a look and see if it is possible to sort them out.

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  7. Bazinga says:

    if not a like/dislike then maybe a reply button to keep the topic of the OP in the same spot.
    Occasionally I would post, mostly lurking. I’m unlikely to reply in support but will uptick and will probably reply to mock stupidity.

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  8. The Sheriff says:

    The blog is a great asset to Australia and the world at large. Long may it live.

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  9. Woolfe says:

    I only stop in a couple of times a week but am pleased it is continuing.

    Much less agro than Dovers which is well, yep. And i am one of the monthly donators to that site.

    Anyway thanks for your work Adam!

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  10. Interested observer says:

    I value this blog and its predecessor for opening up horizons. In a rural South Australian country town there is little scope for debate or different perspectives. Catallaxy contributors have introduced me to The Hill, Breitbart, Conservative Tree House, Power Line and countless memes and articles that have struck home. I fear I cannot contribute value and do not enter debates with those who have clearly researched issues of which I am ignorant. I do however engage in undermining arguments in my own circle by introducing inconvenient facts and historical data gleaned from this blog.

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  11. johanna johanna says:

    I mostly lurk rather than commenting, but assure those who post links here that they are read and appreciated.

    The cartoons and memes have raised many a chuckle!

    Keep up the good work, and thank you Adam for providing this venue. The lack of acrimony is particularly welcome. If the sniping comments were deleted from other blogs, their traffic numbers would be very much lower. 🙂

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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    I fear I cannot contribute value and do not enter debates with those who have clearly researched issues of which I am ignorant. I do however engage in undermining arguments in my own circle by introducing inconvenient facts and historical data gleaned from this blog.

    Interested observer,

    Years ago, I used to lurk on the previous Cat. Sometimes, I would want to respond to some comment or share something, but it felt intimidating. All those posting seemed to have been on the blog for years and had formed some kind of rapport. I joined the blog but was a newbie and felt like an outsider, most of the time.

    This blog is a year and half old. Those who have stayed here have formed a bond, too. As johanna has mentioned, we don’t have the acrimony and sniping. Anyone can join in if they share the same goals of this site – I see it as a combination of sharing what I know with others and learning from what others share here.

    You are underselling yourself if you think that you cannot contribute value, debate or are ignorant. You are already doing what I had mentioned a while ago when I set up the CatWiki – the educating process.

    On this blog, initially, it may seem as if others know more or are smarter than you. But we are all in the learning process. Once you start participating and sharing what you know, taking part gets easier.

    I try and encourage others to join because I am interested in learning from them – their knowledge, experiences and opinions.

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  13. mh says:

    1. If the blog is not required or serving a purpose there is no reason to keep it running.

    I’ll keep posting what interests me as long as this site is here, regardless of the number of visitors. Your call.

    This Cat has a different vibe; I even post stuff from the Left, such as George Galloway and the Irish MEPs like Clare Daley. They are equally repulsed by The Committee of 300 types.

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  14. JohnJJJ says:

    Speaking as an Outlier sliding down the Bell Curve of Life, I greatly appreciate the site. I rarely comment on any other site. It is like an Irish session in a pub.

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  15. If it wasn’t worth it, we wouldn’t visit. Even if I’m mostly lurking, my details are saved and I continue to appreciate the perspectives presented here.

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  16. Annie says:

    I like this site, even though I don’t have much to contribute to it.
    Wishing all a Happy New Year.

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