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It has been only four months since the last blog review and I didn’t think I would need to post this. I have been reading through threads since the last review and trying to decide how to proceed. I have noted a few comments where posters stated that they are busy. That is making a difference to the flow of comments. I have considered shutting down this blog since there are only a few regular posters. But I am also aware that this site provides a free speech platform to those who want to come here and share news, opinions, links, humour, anything.

Is it worth running a blog if there are only a few contributors and the blog goes dead or silent most of the time? Shut it down or keep it open? I have been trying to decide how to proceed. For now, it is Yes, as long as there are a few who prefer a quiet space to chat and post and this blog suits their style.

Since we do not have many commenters, I had a compromise plan to have only one Open Thread for each month. But I’ve taken on board the feedback that we start threads afresh regularly, so I will continue with the weekly Open Threads. This plan will be revised if there isn’t enough interest. If you want the blog to continue please support the regular commenters otherwise they probably think that they are talking to themselves 🤔. If you visit this blog and value its content, it doesn’t seem fair to expect a few to be the only ones who post comments to keep the show going.

If you want a d**khead-free zone to share, chat, post, rant, this space is open for you. Many occasional posters may find it strange and feel they are being ignored if they do not get a response to their comment and there is no Like/Upvote button to provide feedback. As the regulars are aware, if you want to participate or share something, just post it without expecting a response. If someone wants to reply they can do so, otherwise it gets read, quietly. This is just the nature of this blog.

The blog has a clear set of rules. Treat the site and its users with respect. Other than that, you can post anything. You can debate or disagree. You can have different opinions and views. I would much rather close down this site because we don’t have commenters who want to use it, than run a blog where abuse, swearing, name-calling, insults and accusations are acceptable because it is “free speech” or because controversy helps the blog traffic or enforcing rules will make me unpopular.

I do not want us to have on this blog personal criticism or abuse either of those here or those with whom we have, in the past, shared a common Catallaxy blog. Do not come here to criticise other Cat blogs or Cats who post there. If you have a problem with them, this is not the place to take it up. Other than that, it is a free speech site. If you want to criticise, make fun of, call out or ridicule politicians, governments, big blogs and sites, MSM, social media, UN, WEF, celebrities, woke, sports, or any other, go ahead. (But not the legal hassles-defamatory kind, please!)

Now that we only have commenters who follow the rules and self-moderate before posting, it is easy for me to just let the blog run without having to check and moderate. I am thankful for this. We are all busy people and I don’t want to have to spend my time checking and moderating comments.

If you want to write a post for the blog, email me at the Admin address. If you have suggestions, post them on the threads.

BTW, the Report comment link is for the purpose of reporting comments that break the rules: abuse of commenters, defamatory statements or general d**kheads. It is NOT for reporting comments that You disagree with. If you do not like or agree with a comment that is posted, be brave and post a response stating your opinion or reasons. Those of you who are just lurking and clicking the Report comment link, it is pointless. I just ignore those reports as no comments in the past month have broken any rules. It is a free speech blog not an echo chamber. Keep to the rules and you are free to post anything.

Some of you may still not be aware of this. A reminder about the time delay bug – it is annoying but can’t be fixed. If you are not a Registered commenter, remember to check the Save my name …..  box before posting comments (even if you are only posting one comment) otherwise your posted comment will not be visible to you immediately after posting.


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9 Responses to Another Blog Review

  1. Woolfe says:

    View daily and post obsessionally,
    Thanks Adam!

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  2. Woolfe says:

    Ha ha, occasionally!!

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  3. The Sheriff says:

    Thank you very much for providing us all with this forum!

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  4. John says:

    Thank you very much for continuing this blog.

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  5. mh says:

    ”The Conspiracy Of The International Bankers”

    The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered this powerful informative message in Springfield,Mass. on April 1, 1995.


    Warms up at this point

    As usual with Farrakhan, best to increase the playback speed.

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  6. Perplexed of Brisbane says:

    Thanks for keeping it running for at least a bit longer. I don’t know why it doesn’t enjoy the traffic of other Cats. It is definitely more peaceful than others.

    I really like Shy Ted’s essays on being a remote area nurse. They give a great counterpoint to the polished turds we get from the aboriginal industry about conditions where real aboriginals live and suffer.

    I will make more effort to post but I don’t often have much to share.

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  7. Arky says:

    I think the audience voted with their feet for abuse, name calling and all the rest of it.
    Thus I have given up on politics and blogs.
    It’s all tribal and horrendous. It goes back to the early days of the climate debate, when the left found out it could get away with simply ignoring the counter arguments and refuse to “platform” anyone who wasn’t on board 100%.
    There is no discussion to be had, just tribal emotions triggered by a series of orchestrated events.
    Take the drag queen story hour currently dominating the news.
    Purely synthetic controversy arranged by activists. The news hits, left and right commentators jostle for positions to attract the most eyeballs from the tribe. No one is interested in actual analysis of the phenomenon. Not as a cultural, a historical or a sociological phenomenon.
    Because it’s just a manufactured load of old cobblers like everything else.
    Within the right “silo” it is not much better than the left one as far as participation in debate goes.
    We won’t get out of this malaise because the forces driving it don’t want out. They want onto the next confected event driving views and sponsorships. The stupider the loony left outrage the more the right commentariat loves it because the bigger the views.
    I’m a conservative not because I don’t like diversity, but because in my private life I’m cautious. Cautious financially. Cautious with work, cautious with borrowing, with relationships and cautious about change. I believe in always having one foot on the ground, in managing risks.
    The left believe in “progress”. Conservatives believe in conserving traditions. I’ll progress once the thing has been well proven. I’ll stick with the thing that works as long as it works. I’m a monarchist as long as the monarchy embodies traditions that work. But I won’t support a monarchy that is progressive. What point supporting a stupid system of antiquated privilege if it wants to strip society of every tried and true value just to save its own hide?
    I’m feeling more and more like that about increasing portions of the right. I’m not supporting your economic policies if they are just what you need to maintain your wealth and stave off the coming backlash from the younger generations who can’t find meaningful work because that was all offshored, can’t find meaningful relationships because all the bints were promised heaven and earth and their cake and eat it too, young blokes can’t find older men willing to teach them and occasionally give them a deserved kick up the bum because it was easier to lie to the buggers about what it’s all about than take them in hand and teach them properly.
    I ask every tradie who comes to the house if they take on apprentices. I want to know their attitude to sharing their skills and passing knowledge on. 95% are not interested. I don’t know who they think will be keeping the lights on and the water running in their dotage. One guy had taken on six youngsters over the years. None of them completed the apprenticeship. Which is a shocking indication of our education systems shortcomings.
    Blogs? No one blogs anymore. It’s all TikTok and YouTube and algorithms and monetisation.
    Reasoned debate? There is none to be had. Only two tribes fed and regurgitating the daily talking points released by the onside and interested parties. Be it Moscow injecting it’s war propaganda or big pharma controlling the narrative around it’s
    1.5 trillion dollar business.

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  8. johanna johanna says:

    I read every day and comment somewhat less frequently. I do appreciate this site, especially as a source for useful links.

    And agree with commenter above re Shy Ted’s posts – they are outstanding!

    So, as long as it is not too much of a burden for you Adam, I hope it continues.

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  9. kaysee kaysee says:

    I think the audience voted with their feet for abuse, name calling and all the rest of it.

    Arky, I am trying to understand the point you want to make in your response above.

    Are you referring to this blog? Cat3 – Adam’s blog? Yes, there were problems during the initial months of this blog but there was a reason for that, as explained by the blog owner. There were some personal issues that took up Adam’s time, and the lockdowns and quarantine didn’t help. Some of us understood that and were grateful we had a place to chat.

    Once the blog settled down, we have not had abuse, insults or name calling here that has been accepted as okay by the blog Admin or other commenters on the blog.

    In the past year or so, Arky, have you experienced abuse and name-calling on this blog?

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