Open Thread – Saturday, 07 January 2023

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  1. Steve trickler says:

    And another one.



    A third X-class flare has occurred, showing at the boundary between M + X class flares…. “X-0” … below an X1 but above X zero

    1/11/2023 — THIRD X-Class flare — X0 (zero) Eastern Limb Earth Facing side of the Sun

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  2. JohnJJJ says:

    There is no intelligence in AI, it is just a tool to show what someone else thinks.
    yes, but try to distinguish what an intelligent person writes and what GPT writes. Good luck. ChatGPT makes new connections between different concepts – just as an intelligent person would do.
    You really need to try it out. It’s free.
    If it has access to more information than an expert and can connect concepts, then how is the expert to know it is not ‘intelligent’. How does the expert or anyone, such as the lawyers and judge, know it is not lying? Wait until the legal system uses it. Do we need lawyers?

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  3. Steve trickler says:

    My brother just gave me the biggest proverbial whack to the head, ever!

    Snap out of it he said. My response was no more jabs! He agrees. I walked away from work over the sh*t. It’s funny how that works. It did not go down well on initial discussions.

    I think it’s the first time I’ve ever hugged my brother and burst into tears….I can not remember that ever happening.

    I needed the kick up the bum.

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  4. Steve trickler says:

    Waiting for Cash. 13 minutes.

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  5. Cold-Hands says:

    The western Ukrainians (Galicians) killed as many as 100,000 Poles during WW II, yet thousands of Poles have volunteered to support the Ukes.

    Any opportunity to fight Russians. Poles hate them for Katyn & WW2, much more than they hate Ukrainians.

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  6. Steve trickler says:

    Giving up booze and tobacco all at the same time in prep for the hospital visit.

    Insomnia at the moment.

    My brain chemistry is a mess.

    Faithless – Insomnia (Live At Alexandra Palace 2005)

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  7. Steve trickler says:

    One more…probably not. Will be awake for a while.

    Faithless – God Is a DJ (Live At Alexandra Palace 2005)

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  8. Steve trickler says:

    The Lady in green who is clearly pregnant in the DK clip above would have the little one inside her having fun with this.

    Those sound notes permeate.

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  9. Steve trickler says:

    👏 Have a look at this!

    The Blue Danube

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  10. johanna johanna says:

    Hi Steve

    I enjoyed the Blue Danube clip, although it would have been heaps better if the promoters sacrificed the first row of seats to give the dancers some space. Couldn’t help thinking of the old Hollywood musicals, where there would have been cantilevered platforms above the orchestra with gorgeously attired ladies and dapper gents waltzing away!

    As for your enforced purity regime, giving up booze is no biggie (IMHO) and in fact you will probably lose weight and feel no worse, probably better. I’ve done it, not hard.

    Cigs is another thing, very difficult for most people. I’ve always suspected that this is a way to enforce anti-smoking, rather than a medical necessity. If you’ve been smoking for years, stopping a few weeks before an operation seems pointless. Also, it’s often very stressful, plus the weight you lose from giving up booze may come back thanks to giving up the cigs. Almost all giver-uppers put on weight.

    If it was me, I’d cheat. 🙂

    Anyway, wishing you the best of luck for what lies ahead.

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  11. mh says:

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸
    What the hell is going on?

    How many more healthy young people are going to drop dead?


    I think I know what’s happening.

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  12. mh says:

    Dr Ben Carson joins Stew Peters!

    Young People Continue To Die Suddenly; Lying Media Tries To Normalize Childhood Heart Attacks

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  13. mh says:

    Jeff Beck, brown bread.

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  14. Shy Ted says:

    Psst, wanna see a quick sneak pic from Harry Markle’ book? You really don’t.

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  15. kaysee kaysee says:

    It is quite okay when a man pretends he is really a woman, takes part in women’s sport and steals the victory from women. Or a woman is so confused, she thinks she is a man. It is okay to mislead children into chopping off body parts.

    But when cis male uses the same trick, the trannies protest.

    Man Legally Changed Gender to Gain Custody of His Kids.
    Trans Groups Are Concerned.

    A cisgender man in Ecuador legally changed his gender to female in an attempt to gain custody of his two daughters. But LGBTQ groups are concerned about the man’s use of a law designed to promote transgender rights, and what effect it could have in the future.

    René Salinas Ramos, 47, told local media that the change was not related to his sexuality or identity, but rather that the Ecuadorian legal system gives preferable rights to mothers over fathers when it comes to the custody of children.

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    Project Veritas

    Pfizer scientist Chris Croce was aware that their experimental mRNA “vaccine” was the likely cause for the myocarditis.

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    I was joking, the other day, when I said that I would use the ChatGPT for my next blog Post. I won’t be using AI to churn out an article.

    I put up my hand, a few months after this site was set up, to write Posts for the blog. The entire process and experience has been, for me, very educative. I have learnt a great deal on each topic as I have researched it – reading articles, watching videos, fact-checking, gathering information and writing/editing the Posts. I have hoped that maybe one or two on this site have read the Posts and also gained some benefit from it.

    Much as I enjoy writing these Posts, they take up a great chunk of my time – which is in short supply. I have a list of topics but they are sitting there waiting and ignored. I will still write Posts …. when I am able to find some spare time. Otherwise, it will probably be some videos that I come across, that can be used as a discussion point by blog readers, if they want to share their opinions or debate the subject matter.

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  18. Old bloke says:

    Any opportunity to fight Russians. Poles hate them for Katyn & WW2, much more than they hate Ukrainians.

    Putin should make a deal with Poland and give them north-west Ukraine (Galicia) including Lviv which was previously Polish territory. That is the where the Azov group and the other ultra-nationalists come from, the same people who wanted this war with Russia.

    It’s not a place which the Russians would want to occupy, there would be an ongoing insurgency there, so Putin should tell the Poles to take it back.

    The Galicians hate the Russians, the Jews, and the Poles so if Putin allowed Poland to incorporate that part of Ukraine back into Poland, they are the ones who will have the ongoing problems. Central Ukraine, home of the Kievan Rus, could form a reconstituted Ukraine without the Nazi problem.

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  19. Old bloke says:

    Albo says, “where do I sign?”

    Morrison would have signed it too. It would make life much easier for our politicians to announce a mandatory new vaxx for a new killer contagion.

    They would just say “international treaty obligations, there’s nothing I can do.”

    I wonder if their big pharma bribes would diminish as they now have an easy way out to avoid public hostility. Big pharma would like this situation too, just stuff a bundle of fivers into the pocket of some WHO functionary and then get a mandatory international vaxx order started.

    The UN is a failure, it’s been taken over by the same corrupt organisation or ideology which permeates the political class in the western world.

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  20. mh says:

    Courier Paywall

    Harry shares Meghan sex secrets
    Prince Harry has left little to the imagination in his memoir as he details explicitly the surprising places he had sex with Meghan Markle.

    Believe Harry

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  21. Cold-Hands says:


    Nice to see another Australian Editorial cartoonist prepared to draw it as he sees it. A shame his message will be ignored by its targets.

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  22. mh says:

    GOP Congressman Introduces Resolution to Place a ‘Permanent’ Bust of Zelensky in the U.S. Capitol

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  23. mh says:

    Even Kanye hasn’t done this

    NSW premier’s leadership is in turmoil after he was forced to admit that he wore a Nazi uniform to his 21st birthday.

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  24. mh says:

    Lisa Marie Presley dies suddenly at age 54.

    Suspected cardiac arrest.

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  25. kaysee kaysee says:

    Giving up booze and tobacco all at the same time in prep for the hospital visit.

    Steve, is this for further tests?
    Or surgery? Has it been scheduled?

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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    What was considered normal for thousands of years, is now said to promote homophobia and transphobia and aren’t inclusive of all students and families.

    And so the publishers (Canada) give in to the activists and these Catholic sex-ed textbooks (Fully Alive) have been discontinued following accusations of ‘homophobic,’ ‘transphobic’ content.

    This kind of teaching is utterly shameful. Never mind that it is sex-ed books from the Catholic perspective.

    Fully Alive1

    Fully Alive2

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  27. kaysee kaysee says:

    With the ever increasing number of people dying suddenly, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

    ‘Died Suddenly’ Documentarians Announce ‘Died Suddenly 2’ In Production

    Died Suddenly’ documentary producers, Matthew Skow & Nicholas Stumphauzer, talk about the film with Shannon Joy, pushing the radical truth about the post Covid agenda and ‘Died Suddenly 2’ already in the works!

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  28. kaysee kaysee says:

    Died Suddenly

    Check the death certificate to see the cause of death.

    Gareth Eve

    This is my beautiful wife with our incredible son. This is her death certificate.

    John Stockton

    NBA legend, John Stockton, claims he has documented 300 sudden deaths in pro sports since the vaccine rollout and estimates it’s now in the thousands.

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  29. kaysee kaysee says:

    NSW premier’s leadership is in turmoil after he was forced to admit that he wore a Nazi uniform to his 21st birthday.

    The question is: Who knew about this incident/photo and waited till now to leak the story? Is it the opposition party outside the LNP or the opposition party inside the LNP?

    Shouldn’t this be the end of the matter?


    12 January 2023


    The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) notes NSW Premier Dom Perrottet’s apology for wearing a Nazi uniform at a party when he was 21.

    AJA President Dr David Adler said, “Young people sometimes do stupid, occasionally offensive things.

    The Jewish tradition teaches us the concept of Teshuva, genuine repentance, which earns forgiveness.

    The Premier has always been a strong friend of the Jewish community and Israel. We accept the Premier’s apology and regard this incident from his youth as of no relevance to the present.”

    Kind regards,
    Robert Gregory
    Director of Public Affairs
    Australian Jewish Association

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  30. kaysee kaysee says:

    Not the end.
    Latest in the Oz. (Paywalled)

    Nazi gaffe may cause legal headache for Perrottet

    Dominic Perrottet has refused to say whether he disclosed his Nazi uniform gaffe on four legally-binding, statutory declaration forms required to become a Liberal Party candidate.

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  31. Shy Ted says:

    Mrs Elvis has left the building.
    I just watched a 2 minute vid of on air journos/reporters collapsing. From all around the world. While it’s a tragedy and a crime it’s also wonderful to see because these are the bar stewards who didn’t do their homework and pushed and pushed and pushed for their 30 pieces of silver. Looking forward to the Australian version. Walking to briskly is the latest.
    Did you know?

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  32. Steve trickler says:

    kaysee says:
    January 13, 2023 at 2:57 pm
    Giving up booze and tobacco all at the same time in prep for the hospital visit.

    Steve, is this for further tests?
    Or surgery? Has it been scheduled?

    Surgery mid February.

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  33. Cardimona says:

    Walking to briskly is the latest.

    I dug around through media stories from the last year for causes of heart attacks for an LTE, Shy Ted.
    I sent it to several papers, but it hasn’t had any ink to date.

    We all miss Warnie and feel sorry for his daughter’s loss (“Christmas not same without Dad”, 11/01) but there’s been so many fit sportspeople and public figures that have died too early of heart-related conditions recently that questions must be asked about causation.

    Here’s a short list of alleged heart attack causes in the last year from a quick scan of mainstream media sites: climate change; cold snaps; heatwaves; shovelling snow; gardening; air pollution; mysterious airborne chemicals; racism; sexism; sugar; artificial sweeteners; salt; MSG; eggs; coconuts; skyrocketing energy bills; solar storms; depression; stress; anxiety; anger; not enough exercise; too much exercise; disruptions in routine; testosterone therapy; painkillers; diet pills; diet soda, marijuana; cocaine; alcohol; vaping; skipping breakfast; eating dinner too late; too much Uber eats; too much screen time; and, covid.

    We’ve been told that the spike in heart attacks in fit young people is caused by everything except the mandated covid injections. However, there are hundreds of alternative media sites that directly blame the mRNA jabs. The inventor of mRNA technology, Dr Robert Malone (, is one of the most outspoken critics of the covid jabs.

    Why are governments so reluctant to ask the obvious questions? Why aren’t those who “died suddenly” being autopsied? Why aren’t entire workplaces where jabs were mandated being tested with multifunction cardiograms to see if they’re at risk of unexpected sudden death? Come on Yvette D’Ath and Mark Butler – how about some answers and some intelligent proactive responses?

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  34. Cardimona says:

    I sent this one to 11 papers, and also to the Queensland and federal iteration of the politicians referred to in the last para…

    Professor Josh Guetzkow has analysed the US Centre for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data that journalist Zachary Stieber finally managed to extract from them – and you can see why they’ve been hiding it.

    VAERS only receives notification of a small fraction of the adverse events that occur, but even that fraction shows catastrophic results for the “safe and effective” narrative.

    I urge journalists to read Professor Guetzkow’s analysis at his Substack page – – and report this data and the unfolding tragedy it represents for the benefit of their communities and their consumers.

    I urge all health ministers and political party leaders to immediately take action to ban these very dangerous substances, and to commence investigations of the Australian authorities tasked with validating pharmaceutical research to prevent any future recurrence of their staggering failure to do their due diligence on the experimental mRNA injections.

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  35. Cardimona says:

    One LTE which did get ink last Saturday in NQ was this one…
    Even I was surprised.

    Further to James Morrow’s outstanding column (Alarmists seem to have ear of Albanese, 04/01), it’s time to face some uncomfortable facts about Covid.

    The Covid shots didn’t prevent transmission, infection, hospitalization, or death. They are not “effective”.

    The shots have abundant side effects, including death from myocarditis. They are not “safe”.

    Comparatively few people took the shots for fear of the virus – they were coerced by “mandates” and fear of unemployment.

    ABS data shows a 17% spike in all-cause excess mortality since the shots were pushed on us –

    NSW Health data shows the jabbed are suffering more from Covid than the unjabbed –

    Lies race around the world while the truth is getting its shoes on – but truth’s shoes are on now.

    There will be a Covid Nuremberg. Germany and Florida have begun that process.

    Australian politicians, bureaucrats, and media bosses on the wrong side of history have a dilemma.

    Do they simply hope to escape what’s coming? Or do they, belatedly, blow the whistle?

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  36. SVC SVC says:

    Lisa Marie Presley, brown bread. Cardiac arrest.

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  37. Steve trickler says:

    I’ll always remember this bloke after my parents divorced. Mum driving us in the Kombi from Carnarvon to Perth and he was being played on repeat. 1983.

    Gerry Rafferty Documentary Pt1 VOB

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  38. mh says:

    Cardimona says:
    January 13, 2023 at 4:05 pm
    One LTE which did get ink last Saturday in NQ was this one…
    Even I was surprised.

    Great letter.

    Did they publish the links, too?

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  39. Old bloke says:

    I think the blokes assembling these dirty bombs are at greater risk than the Russians they plan on targetting. You wouldn’t want to keep your ice cream in the same freezer as the spent nuclear fuel rods.

    VIDEO: Ukraine Manufacturing Drones with RADIOACTIVE (Dirty Bomb) Material

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  40. Cardimona says:

    Did they publish the links, too?

    They did, mh.
    Most unusual…
    And now NSW has quit publishing injection status.

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  41. mh says:

    And now NSW has quit publishing injection status.

    Rotten bastards.

    No amnesty.

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  42. mh says:

    Seems like yesterday when Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson

    Elvis Presley – Funny How Time Slips Away

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  43. mh says:

    Sea World’s Leviathan rollercoaster has left thrillseekers stuck mid-ride on Friday.

    The malfunction occurred on the same day as the funeral for Sea World helicopter pilot Ash Jenkinson, who died on January 2 alongside three passengers in a helicopter crash on the Gold Coast.

    The company remained temporarily closed on Friday, but Sea World and its rides continued to open in the past week.

    Umbrellas were used to shield stranded passengers on the ride until they were freed.

    The ride, which has a 909-metre track, goes 80km/h, reaches 32 metres and also travels backwards.

    Comment has been sought from Village Roadshows, which owns Sea World.

    The attraction has been temporarily closed.

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  44. Old bloke says:

    TB becoming a major worry for Ukrainian troops stuck in frozen trenches.

    This is MUCH worse than they’re telling you | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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  45. mh says:

    George Galloway sinks the slipper into Gordon Brown

    GordonBrown calls Putin a war criminal, the man co-responsible for a million dead in #Iraq

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