Open Thread – Saturday, 01 January 2022

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  1. mh says:

    Headline at The Age

    ‘Australia doesn’t deserve’ a grand slam: Tennis world reacts to Djokovic’s rejection

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  2. mh says:

    PJW, thankfully hatless

    Macron’s Comments Were INSANE

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  3. Shy Ted says:

    Pretty clever
    Team America I think. We can learn from that eagle.

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  4. JohnJJJ says:

    Fabulous free overseas press for Australia. I hope Tourism Australia is taking advantage. “NO Vak, NO WAY, MATE”, “Australia, just bugger off” “Welcome, but no joke n’ no jokavic”

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  5. Steve trickler says:

    Megyn Kelly:

    Megyn Kelly is joined by Sen. Rand Paul, Josh Rogin of The Washington Post, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a bioethicist fired over vaccine mandates, to talk about Dr. Fauci’s “noble lie,” tech censorship and how Americans can fight back, the shameful American response to China, the threat of China to American business, what may happen with the Beijing Olympics, China’s newest totalitarian COVID crackdown, vaccines vs. natural immunity, the legality of vaccine mandates, the pressure to disallow medical exemptions, the outrageous American COVID response, and more.

    Fauci’s “Noble Lie,” Natural Immunity, and China’s Latest Crackdown, with Rand Paul & Josh Rogin

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  6. mh says:

    Steve trickler says:
    January 6, 2022 at 12:42


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  7. mh says:

    Matthew Wood
    1 hour ago (edited)
    @chisel83 – he had a medical exception granted (and verified) by 2 independent medical panels, who didn’t even know the details of who they were granting the exception to. And by the way, pretty much all international tennis players have the ATP/WTA and local Tennis Associations (relevant to the country of the tournament) manage their Visa applications/documents. This is nothing more than a BS political stunt due to all of the hypocritical keyboard warriors whinging about him getting an exception, whilst they all caved in to the constant coercion and propaganda and got vaccinated. The irony is, with number of supposedly positive “cases” now, the vast majority of them are vaccinated. So Novak having an exception is actually completely irrelevant anyway 🙄

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  8. mh says:

    ‘Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers seek new trial after juror discloses he was sex abuse victim’

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  9. Shy Ted says:

    Please scroll past. You’ll never know the agonies of the past half hour putting this post together. Upthread I “recommended” watching Jane Caro on yet another paid ABC gig letting us know, yet again, how inferior we are
    So this is a summary
    Interviewer: Jane Caro.
    First guests: lezzers. Second: mussies. Third: Hari Krishnas. Fourth: Elderly couple, she quite frail. Fifth: dirty hippies, now mature age.
    Hari Krishnas found they couldn’t cook, opened a restaurant, eat there every night, they seem to eat only humus. Doing their best to justify no sex due to Krishna principles “but the love and affection is much deeper”. Fuck that.
    Oldies – traditional roles but he a pro chef so he’s got the kitchen. Less sex as they age!!! Flabbergasted. What a traditional marriage is, deep affection 50 years later.
    Mussies – she traditional mussie, he convert. She’s the boss. Sex when he’s been a good mussie.
    Hippies – kids came along and made them grow up. Kids being kids labelled as “problem behaviour”. Anti-smackers. Lots of sex despite him burping and farting. Inference of lots of variety. Doesn’t bear thinking about.
    Lezzers: 2 kids, used to have 4! Not sure where 2 went. Best parents ever. This is how all kids should be raised. Too tired to have sex.

    And that was it. Apparently it’s a series. I like you lot but there’s no way I’m sitting through another episode to say “standard ABC bias and fare”.
    On a good note, Caro looking quite warty. Turning into a witch?

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  10. Ragu says:

    So this is a summary

    Thank you for your sacrifice.

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  11. Ragu says:

    Yeah, right. Novak Djowhatev is not, and has not, been a trending search on Google for a few hours.

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  12. mh says:


    ‘Massive sh*t show’: World reacts to Djoker deportation’

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  13. Ragu says:

    Convene the National Cabinet!

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  14. struth says:

    Stock up as the next phase of the destruction of the west by the great reset continues.
    If not stopped, 2022 will be the year we finally become the starving, powerless, violent, poverty stricken shithole of Veneztralia we used to talk about for years.
    Fuel for the Gennie?
    Meat in the freezer?
    Powdered milk.
    Oh what fun they have in store for us.

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  15. Ragu says:

    Steve trickler says:

    January 6, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    Thanks for that.

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  16. mh says:

    ‘Leader of the free world’: Dad’s support for Djokovic

    The father of tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has described his son as the “symbol and the leader of the free world” as the world No.1 faces deportation from Australia as early as Thursday night.


    GB News

    The Clash: Should athletes get to compete regardless of their vaccine status?

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  17. Steve trickler says:

    Stew Peters Show:

    Dr. Malone is the man who started our great vaccine war. Three decades ago his work was critical to the creation of modern mRNA vaccines. Today, he’s possibly the single-most influential voice criticizing the forced use of the vaccines he helped invent. Malone went onto Joe Rogan’s show. He asked a very relevant question: “If I’m not qualified to talk about this, then who is?” But you know how it really is. He got silenced for going against “the experts,” even though he’s one of the world’s premier experts on mRNA vaccines himself. Because, of course, the “experts” are fake. It’s just a label for whatever cabal of people repeats what those who hold power want to hear. Dr. Robert Malone joins us to discuss.

    MRNA Inventor Faces Tough Questions as Jab Deaths Explode

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  18. mh says:


    Vaxxed man in 20s dies as Covid surges
    A fully vaccinated man in his 20s who had no underlying health conditions has died of Covid-19 in NSW as case numbers surge.


    The vaccines are rubbish ™

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  19. Shy Ted says:

    Winning. We’ve got the top two stories at Conservativetreehouse – NT & Joker.

    No need to read, nothing you don’t already know but Gunnerc**t putting the heavies on the unvaxxed. Getting closer.

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  20. mh says:

    So much confidence in the vaccines.
    Just what the elderly need in the QLD summer:

    Sunshine Coast
    Aircons off as elderly locked down in aged care homes
    Multiple Sunshine Coast aged care facilities are in lockdown to manage Covid-19 outbreaks – leaving some residents living without airconditioning.

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  21. mh says:

    GOAT update

    ‘Djokovic deportation call delayed as saga drags on’

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  22. cohenite says:

    Better late then never, but great lame Pics.

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  23. Steve trickler says:

    Compare this interview with those from the the demented F8ckwit in the WH.


    Democrats and the mainstream media are laser-focused on making the one-year anniversary of January 6 the only news topic this week. The New York Times editorial board says, “January sixth is not in the past, it is every day.” The Left could not be more tone-deaf on this. Average Americans don’t dwell on January 6 because they can’t afford to. They have real challenges to deal with, many of which didn’t even exist one year ago – things like food and gas prices and inflation. Every day, Americans are experiencing the stark difference it makes to live under a federal government controlled by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. Glenn says leftists are using January 6 as a distraction from their own drastic failures over the past year. Americans want to talk about real issues, so Glenn traveled to Mar-a-Lago for an exclusive conversation with former President Trump about our reality under Biden’s leadership now and how we fix our future. They also discuss the authoritarian vaccine mandates, what he would do about Fauci if he were still in office, and the growing threats from Russia and China. The former president also answers how he would take on a Deep State committed to his destruction if he runs for a second term. Finally, Glenn reveals his strategy for candidates to easily win against the disastrous Democrats in ’22 and ’24.

    The Jan. 6 DISTRACTION: Glenn & President Trump on Overcoming America’s REAL Challenges | Ep 159

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  24. mh says:

    ‘Djokovic wins three-day reprieve

    Novak Djokovic’s legal battle over the federal government’s cancellation of his visa to play tennis in the Australian Open has been adjourned until Monday.


    Someone willing to fight.
    That’s why he is the GOAT.

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  25. mh says:

    A low blow. But I like it:

    ‘Easy to point the finger
    Demanding we abandon coal for climate is akin to asking NZ to give up love affair with sheep.

    Environment Editor’

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  26. Steve trickler says:

    I wonder if AVI is on the phone to Novak?

    Gut feeling.

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  27. Steve trickler says:

    Ragu says:
    January 6, 2022 at 5:31 pm

    All the best.

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  28. Steve trickler says:

    The tech behind the platform is great, the people that control it are wankers. Sussietube is now a bastion of MSM sh8t. Look up anything that relates to “news and politics” and it is page after page after page of MSM garbage…not exactly news to some around here.

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  29. mh says:

    Djokovic immediate fate revealed as tennis star fights deportation

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  30. egg_ says:

    Scummo is a global laughing stock with the latest Djoker saga, PragerU have been parodying the Oz COVID Zero joke for weeks.
    Gimping out to Stairmaster Dan was really worth it, Scummo?

    Will & Amala do a good Aussie accent.

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  31. mh says:

    Did everyone catch the latest crackdown on the pure bloods from NT Chief Minister?

    It’s only a Territory, why isn’t ScumMo reigning in this fvckwit? Oh yeah, the Great Reset.

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  32. Steve trickler says:


    Happening LIVE in Melbourne now outside a detention facilities for Novak Djokovic and other political refugees! Share!
    Djokovic touched down in Melbourne on Wednesday but the visa mix-up saw him whisked away to a room under police guard, while officials tried to clear up his situation.
    The 34-year-old’s father Srdjan told the Serbian B92 internet portal: “Novak is currently in a room which no one can enter. In front of the room are two policemen.”

    Police Violence in Melbourne over #NovaxDjokovic imprisonment & other political refugees

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  33. mh says:

    The Australian


    1. Djokovic wins three-day reprieve

    2. Djokovic bombshell: ‘Proof’ exemption was not valid

    3. How Novak’s next move could backfire

    4. Vaxxed man in 20s dies as Covid surges

    5. Tennis Australia warned of player exemptions

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  34. Steve trickler says:


    Who would have thought that all this time healthy people aren’t at risk 🤦‍♂️

    MANAGE it with PANADOL 😂🤦‍♂️

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  35. mh says:

    MANAGE it with PANADOL 😂🤦‍♂️


    Enjoyed that one, ta.

    I was reminded of this morning’s headlines regarding Queenslanders defecating outside businesses while waiting in day long queues for testing kits. This is about health?
    The CHO advising that most people can see off Covid with Panadol and fluids adds a great backdrop to the mass psychosis.

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  36. mh says:

    Whoopi Goldberg ‘Shocked’ at Catching COVID Despite Being Triple Vaxxed

    “It was a shock because you know I’m triple vaxxed, haven’t been anywhere, haven’t done anything.”

    The host followed her explanation that despite being triple vaccinated she still caught the virus by encouraging people to get vaccinated.

    “Unless everybody gets vaccinated, this is what we’re gonna be facing for the next little while,” said Goldberg’


    Where do you even begin with this.

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  37. mh says:

    Chief Sports Writer, The Telegraph

    Oliver Brown
    Increasingly uneasy about how Djokovic is being treated. Whatever your views on the man, he was approved to board that plane. And now? An 8hr interrogation, a glorified detention centre, and global ridicule. This does not feel like ‘rules are rules’. It feels like a show trial.
    7:33 PM · Jan 6, 2022

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  38. Cardimona says:

    Today’s long-form LTE … sent to ten papers, not expecting ink…

    How to break a loved one out of a hypnotic trance

    The Editor

    Experts in psychology say that the safest way to wake a loved one from a deep hypnotic trance is with gentle questioning.

    Here are a few examples.

    “Why was Scott Morrison telling us to ask our doctors about Covid vaccine safety when the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency had already banned them from criticising the vaccines?”

    “Why is everyone told the vaccines are safe and effective but that the unvaccinated who don’t have Covid can infect the vaccinated who may then die of Covid?”

    “Why is no one told that the average age of death from all causes in Australia is 82 but the average age of death ‘from’ Covid is 85?

    “Why has Scott Morrison promoted only the vaccines and not the safe and cheap Covid cure devised by Australian expert, Professor Thomas Borody?”

    “Why was the Australian media banned from reporting Japan’s stunning success against Covid using Professor Borody’s protocol?”

    “Why did the Therapeutic Goods Administration ban our family doctors from prescribing Professor Borody’s cure?”

    “Why has the TGA made it so very difficult to record an unexpected post-vaccination death as being caused by the vaccines on their DAEN adverse events database?”

    “Why has the Australian government prescribed a one-size-fits-all Covid treatment program in our hospitals when that is unprecedented in medical history?”

    “Why did the US Centre for Disease Control find it necessary to change the definition of the word ‘vaccine’ to suit the products being sold as Covid vaccines?”

    “Why have so many governments around the world enacted the same counter-intuitive and destructive measures as Australia at the exact same time?”

    “Why have those internationally identical measures transferred unprecedented wealth to the world’s richest billionaires at the expense of small businesses everywhere?”

    “Why are those measures now interrupting food supply chains and depriving famers of the Adblue needed to run modern diesel-fuelled agricultural equipment?”

    “Why after all these years of promoting equality and equity for all minorities are governments vilifying and persecuting the minority who refuse to be bullied or coerced?

    “Why are all 1300 major players in the Covid response rollout graduates of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Global Leaders for Tomorrow’ program, including Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, our federal health minister Greg Hunt, and vaccine investor Bill Gates?”

    “Why was this precise international response described in the ‘Lock Step’ scenario in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 document “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”?

    “Why are governments ignoring the internationally accepted ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ and the lessons from the post-WWII ‘Nuremberg Trials’?”

    “Why are governments everywhere ignoring unprecedented numbers of citizens protesting, and banning their media from accurately reporting those numbers?”

    “Why does the world’s major internet search engine deflect searches for ‘mass formation psychosis’ away from genuinely expert sites to their preferred sites?”

    There are hundreds more equally pertinent questions you might use to snap your loved one out of their government-induced hypnotic trance, but I’ll leave you with this one.

    “When Bill Gates is on the video record in a TED talk describing using vaccines as a depopulation measure, and when he has funded Tony Fauci to both create the Covid virus in the Wuhan biowarfare lab and to develop the Covid ‘vaccines,’ why are ‘our’ elected leaders playing along if they’ve not been offered either great wealth or death threats for their families?”

    (556 words)

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  39. win says:

    I have mentioned this on Dovers Site but for anyone interested in the vaccinated unvaccinated war of words. With in my bubble I have NDIS support workers who are all vaccinated .At this moment three have tested positive, one stalwart who stood in a 10 hour hospital queue awaiting results. The Gold Coast variant not Omicron presumably and not nice .So much for reducing the symptoms.

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  40. caveman says:

    Parrot the cuck is putting in place new restrictions which were the old ones anyway.
    Like banning “verticle consumption” .🤣🤣🍾🍻🍻
    2022 what a cracker of a start.

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  41. Shy Ted says:

    This should have been my first thought. Getting slack. Wouldn’t it be sweet if?

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  42. mh says:

    PJW has done a Djokovic vid.
    I’m not linking to it though as he is wearing his silly blue hat.

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  43. Shy Ted says:

    Apologies for causing Admin extra work yesterday when I, in my anger at Gunner’ latest outrage, I used a naughty word. In days gone by I had some wonderful and not so wonderful times in the NT, Arnhem Land, D of course, Katherine and Tennant and more recently in the APY lands. Aside from all the wrongs that it is, how on earth does he think this can be policed? NTPol have a tough enough job dealing with the dysfunctions anyway but to do this… NTPol “saved” me and mine more than once and for that there is much goodwill. They have to pick a side. They need to use Homer’ wisdom.
    We all do. Will use **** in future.
    And we don’t need upticks here. We’d spend all day upticking.

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  44. mh says:

    DeSantis Rips ‘Nauseating’ Media Response To January 6: ‘They Are Going To Take This And Milk This’

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  45. Shy Ted says:

    Prediction for future car sales – BMW to boost sales massively The Chermans don’t deserve our money but hey
    Prediction past – my swimming pool would never have looked like this when I was a lad. We’d have fought over one particular buoyancy aid.

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  46. mh says:

    I can’t read the story, but this will add to the growing opinion that The Vaccines Are Rubbish ™

    The Age

    Powerlifter, scientist identified as young man who died with COVID

    James Kondilios, 23, died earlier this week after testing positive to COVID-19.
    James Kondilios, who was double vaccinated and had no significant underlying health conditions, died in Sydney this week.

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  47. Steve trickler says:

    The show will be spliced into segments in the hours ahead.


    Megyn Kelly:

    Megyn Kelly is joined by Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, Josh Holmes, the hosts of the Ruthless Podcast, and Arthur Aidala and Lis Wiehl, attorneys, to talk about the truth about January 6, the media’s obsession 1/6 and Trump, the Biden administration’s goal of changing the subject, the latest on COVID mask craziness, the constantly changing COVID guidance, hypocritical maskless politicians, absurd restrictions on college campuses, Novak Djokovic getting kicked out of Australia, the verdicts in the Ghislaine Maxwell and the Elizabeth Holmes trials, and more.

    January 6 Obsession and Maxwell Verdict, with The Ruthless Podcast hosts, Arthur Aidala & Lis Wiehl

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  48. Steve trickler says:

    So much for Gettr…


    Stew Peters Show:

    So maybe Gettr isn’t the free speech savior we were looking for. But there are other options. For starters, Gab. Gab has built up an entirely independent infrastructure with its own servers, since it’s been banned from Amazon and all of the regime’s app stores. It’s basically the most-harassed Twitter alternative in existence, which means it’s also the one they view as the biggest threat. Andrew Torba is founder and CEO of Gab. He joins us.

    GETTR Uses Twitter Censorship Tactics, Globalist Funded Platform Bans America First Accounts

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  49. mh says:

    NSW Health appear to be burying the info on THE VAXXED dying from Covid

    Craig Kelly MP
    What a bunch of Big Pharma Reps.

    What a bunch of🤡🤡.

    Perrottet, Hazzard & Chant must GO.

    “Safe & effective” they say.

    11 deaths reported Fri 7 Jan.


    NO info on💉status.

    NO info on underlying conditions.

    What are they HIDING ?

    Just more scaremongering.

    Just more of a con job.

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  50. mh says:

    ‘Good chance’ Djokovic will play in Open

    A leading Melbourne lawyer says it’s likely the World No 1 will play at the Australian Open because his legal challenge will require more time than a few days. ‘

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  51. Steve trickler says:

    The taxi driver is spot on along with the female fan above. Australia is a joke….pun intended.


    Via the Cossack channel.

    Angry locals are protesting for the 2nd consecutive day outside the facility which is holding world tennis # 1 Novak Djokovic as a prisoner!

    “This is a dictatorship!” – local taxi driver demands Novak Djokovic’s release.

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  52. Steve trickler says:

    mh says:
    January 7, 2022 at 1:01 pm
    ‘Good chance’ Djokovic will play in Open

    You reckon he will be booed from all the jabbed sheep on the stands?

    I think so.

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  53. Steve trickler says:

    A f*ckwit comment on sussietube

    The onus was on Djokovic to provide the appropriate paper work, he failed. He is a wealthy tennis player, not a god deserving special treatment.
    Listening to the man in this video ranting and raving, tells me, ‘you can take the man out of Serbia but you can’t take the Serb out of the man.’ Maybe he would feel happier returning to his country of origin.
    There is a world pandemic reeking death and mayhem, Australia has done well compared to other countries. Our Border Protection Laws and Emergency Health Laws have served us well compared to other various countries.
    As for the Serbian president making a big song and dance against Australian laws and regulations, he needs to polish off the tarnish on his own bl👀dy country!

    Who granted the Visa you stupid bitch?

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  54. mh says:

    Warning: hot chick at 39s

    Evening Standard
    165K subscribers

    Fans protest outside the Melbourne hotel where Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic is being detained, pending the results of an appeal against the cancellation of his visa to play at the Australian Open.

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  55. mh says:

    Steve trickler says:
    January 7, 2022 at 11:53 am

    ❤️ 👙 ❤️

    Can she run for the UAP please?

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  56. Steve trickler says:

    Another f*ckwit comments on sussietube.

    Time you started wearing a mask, Brendan!



    Girl’s Piano Exam Piece Gets Taken To The Next Level

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  57. mh says:


    Boosters to soon be required under NSW’s vaccine mandates
    By Daniella White
    Existing NSW vaccination mandates for workers will be altered to include a requirement for booster shots.

    “The Health Minister is working through that at the moment,” Mr Perrottet said.

    “But that announcement today will ensure that whether it’s our teachers, nurses, our frontline health and disability workers, where NSW Health has previously required mandatory vaccination … we will move to boosters being included as part of that fully vaccinated determination.

    The NSW Premier said that from January 17, the state government expects to administer up to 300,000 booster shots per week at its hubs.

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  58. Steve trickler says:

    None dare question vaccines!

    F8ck off!, the whole vax regime needs to be scrutinized. All big pharma clinical trials should be illegal. They are not to be trusted. They should be be done by an independent authority ( 🤣 ) …that would probably be corrupted the moment it is establi$hed.

    The faith in big pharma is disgusting.

    Another doctor shafted in the clip below. My gut tells me he is not out to deceive.

    TV doctors on breakfast television shows…whores!


    Stew Peters Show:

    Child-Saving Doctor Targeted: Medical Establishment Aims to Destroy Dissident MD

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  59. mh says:

    ‘He is human. Do better’: Djokovic finds unlikely ally in Kyrgios

    The Australian star implored the public to treat Djokovic “better”, marking a change in tone following his feud with the world No. 1.

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  60. mh says:

    Good analysis

    The Hill
    Kim Iversen: ‘Covid Villain’ Novak Djokovic DENIED Entry, DETAINED In Australia Over Vax Status

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  61. mh says:

    Just saw a UAP ad on tv with ScumMo saying he is against mandatory vaccination.

    You’re right Craig, you can’t trust the Liberals, Labor or the Greens.

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  62. Steve trickler says:

    With all the shit down going down, I don’t think the English cricketers really give a f*ck about the game. Who can blame them. All these people sitting on the couch watching this crap…WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU! Stick your running commentary up arse…who gives a fuck about this game with the world going to shit. FFS!

    Get on a plane a go home, England!

    Australian players should walk off the field in unison!

    We are getting screwed by BIG PHARMA /.Gov and people are carrying on like life is normal.


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  63. Cardimona says:

    4m 12s
    Parody rap battle – from the UK.
    It’d be funny if it wasn’t such a tragic subject…

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  64. Steve trickler says:

    …Your arse.

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  65. mh says:

    Jonny Bairstow just got his ton.
    Special moment.

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  66. mh says:

    Nicholas Kyrgios
    Look I definitely believe in taking action, I got vaccinated because of others and for my mums health, but how we are handling Novak’s situation is bad, really bad. Like these memes, headlines, this is one of our great champions but at the end of the day, he is human. Do better.


    Nice sentiment, Nick.

    The reality is the vaccines do not stop or even reduce transmission.

    Your decision to get vaxxed makes no difference to your mum or others.

    Look around you. Everyone got vaxxed, then Covid spread like wildfire.

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  67. Steve trickler says:

    Go home England!

    Pack your bags and get the f*ck out of here. Now if the Aussies decide to play in Uttar Pradesh….

    What, what what what what would that mean? People on song would know exactly what I mean.

    None dare mention those preventative drugs!

    Modi is a ****

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  68. Steve trickler says:

    You f*cked it from the get go! Dude, the rev limiter is for retards. Even Lynchy has screwed up in that area. He’d agree.


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  69. mh says:

    Fully vaxxed tennis player down:

    Nikoloz Basilashvili played a match against Stefanos Tsitsipas in Sydney in the Greece – Georgia rubber but play was halted when the Georgian experienced breathing issues.

    Dramatic scenes unfolded at Sydney’s ATP Cup on Wednesday night when Georgia’s Nikoloz Basilashivili began struggling to breathe early in his match with World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas, forcing play to be cancelled. Tsitsipas led four games to one in the first set when play was brought to an abrupt halt at Team Georgia’s request.

    A doctor and physiotherapist attended to a visibly rattled Basilashvili, who sat courtside with his Georgian teammates. In the broadcast of the game, Basilashvili could be heard telling his team “every shot I’m out of breath”. Soon afterward, he repeatedly told medical staff he was “struggling to breathe”.

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  70. Steve trickler says:

    Most of us would shit themselves ourselves with the open throttle.

    SICKO – 10,000rpm Burnout at the Summernats Master Final

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  71. Steve trickler says:

    Go back to Boris Johnson you English cricket filth.

    F*CK OFF!

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  72. mh says:

    ‘13-year-old Jack Thomas O’Drain from New Jersey passed away unexpectedly on January 4th after collapsing on New Year’s Eve. According to a social media post by his father Trent, Jack suffered an ‘unexplainable’ cardiac arrest while playing with his friends. He was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia before being put on life support.’

    Here is the Facebook post from Jack’s Mum following his second Covid shot

    Jennifer O’Drain
    7 June 2021 ·
    Sec shot done
    — feeling thankful.

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  73. Steve trickler says:

    If any tennis player drops from the jab…suck f*cking shit.

    Rafael Nadal

    Good. Drop dead in the first set you prick. So many athletes have fallen to this crap.

    Raffa can get fuc&ed, along with his entourage.

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  74. mh says:

    Novak Djokovic supporters protest on streets of Serbia | 9 News Australia

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  75. mh says:

    ‘Treasurer Josh Frydenberg tests positive for Covid-19’

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  76. mh says:

    Josh Frydenberg
    Like thousands of Australians, I tested positive today to COVID-19.

    I have the common symptoms and am isolating with my family.

    My thoughts are with all those who have COVID – this is a difficult time but we will get through this.


    The same symptoms that the unvaxxed get.
    End the mandates.

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  77. mh says:

    ‘Australian Open
    Czech tennis player detained by Australian Border Force

    Renata Voracova entered Australia with a vaccine exemption on the basis she had been infected with COVID-19 in the last six months.’

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  78. Steve trickler says:


    Father and discussion. Dad is full full blown ABC.

    At a loss here. I do not know what to do.

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  79. mh says:

    If I was Labor I would let Morrison slip in his own shit:

    ‘Second player joins Djokovic in hell hotel after visa rejected

    The Australian Open visa drama has claimed another scalp, with a top doubles player joining Novak Djokovic in a detention hotel in Melbourne.’

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  80. mh says:

    ‘Euro zone inflation hit a new record high in December, raising more questions about the European Central Bank’s monetary policy.

    Preliminary data showed Friday that the headline inflation rate came in at 5% for the month, compared to the same month last year. The figure represents the highest ever on record and follows November’s all-time high of 4.9%.’

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  81. mh says:

    Chris Kenny is the voice of reason at the appalling Australian


    It’s shame, set and match … and the Djoke is on us
    The vitriol hurled at Novak Djokovic says more about Australia than him.


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  82. Steve trickler says:

    Adam, what the f*ck is this all about?

    Cut that shit out.

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