Open Thread – November 2023

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  1. mh says:

    The King

    INTERVIEW: Thirty of my family lie under Gaza rubble

    George Galloway
    336K subscribers

    27 Nov 2023 #Gaza #Israel #OilandGas
    Israel wants to take Gaza because of its offshore oil and gas reserves, says Abdel Bari Atwan, who doubts there will be a permanent ceasefire

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  2. mh says:

    What a cracker of a video

    How Does Israel Compare to Nazi Germany? [The Facts]

    The CJ Werleman Show
    183K subscribers

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  3. mh says:

    China pulls up the Zionist LARPers

    ‘Please show some respect at least’, Chinese UNSC president tells Israeli envoy

    CGTN Europe
    207K subscribers

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