The Mockictionary

Instead of sitting back and passively watching the follies of the woke left, some conservatives are finding ways to mimic the wokerati, play their game, and put their moronic actions to public ridicule.

In the past week, I’ve come across some new terms that I posted in the Open Thread. But it is easy for them to get lost. So, if you find new terms that are being coined to mock the left, add them here.

I am not sure if The Catictionary is a work-in-progress or finito. If you have new additions for The Catictionary, you can include them here, as well.

As a temporary measure, I am adding this section to the CatWiki.

Perhaps later, we may be able to find a better way to sort them, maybe another tab on the main menu.

22 Responses to The Mockictionary

  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    Culture jamming

    It means to mercilessly mock your political and cultural opponents by turning their absurd behaviors and beliefs against them.

    (Open Thread: here and here)

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:



    Virtue-signalling coward who bends the knee to the woke mob.


    It’s also Jeff and Andy, the co-CEOs of Harry’s Razors.

    (Open Thread: here and here)

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  3. egg_ says:

    “Flicking their beans” to (whatever floats their boat).

    Salty Cracker’s spoof on the Left Wokerati, who are now trans males with only a clit to stroke.

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  4. Steve trickler says:

    Oh FFS.



    In a shocking experiment, random beachgoers in San Diego, California are asked if they’ll sign a petition to ban the Bible. Their reactions will shock you.

    It’s Come To This!

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Babylon Bee

    U.S. Ministry of Truth Interrogates Man Who Shared Misinformation

    This man shared misinformation online, so the Ministry of Truth — err, sorry, the Disinformation Governance Board — detained him for questioning. Will he stand strong in the face of torture?

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