Covid-19: A Review and Analysis of 19 Months

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a professor at Stanford University Medical School. He is also a physician, epidemiologist, health economist and public health policy expert focussing on infectious diseases and vulnerable populations. He is one of the 3 authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

The Declaration (October 4, 2020) was written from a global public health and humanitarian perspective, with special concerns about how the current COVID-19 strategies are forcing our children, the working class and the poor to carry the heaviest burden.

In this hour-long interview with Peter Robinson (recorded on October 13, 2021), Dr Bhattacharya analyzes the various aspects of this pandemic. In the latter part, he talks about the vaccines and appears to recommend them. His detailed response contains inclusions and exclusions, so it doesn’t seem like a simple vaccine endorsement.

There are several facets to this pandemic, and Dr Bhattacharya provides a good explanation to each question.

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Open Thread – Saturday, 4 December 2021

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The Week That Was [Friday, 03 December 2021]

It’s that time.
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Which Would You Rather Be: Fed or Free?

Last month, in her speech at The Democracy Fund event, Dr Julie Ponesse posed some questions to her audience:

How free do you feel? Raise your hand up if you felt more free 2 years ago? How about 10 years ago?

So, I’ll ask it again, “how free do you feel”? How free are we?

Which would you rather be: fed or free?

She goes on to ask:

Why does it seem that so many today are choosing the life in the cage?

Talking about rights these days seems to either fall on deaf ears or be dismissed as irrelevant ..… or even selfish. There is a frightening majority in this country that simply doesn’t believe that anything that truly matters is being lost.

Have we decided that a life of comfort, security and conformity — if that is even possible — is worth the price of freedom?

How can you rally a people to stand up for their rights when they don’t think their rights are slipping away?

What use is there in trying to emancipate someone who doesn’t realize she is not truly free?

What if you’re blind to the cage that has been erected around you? What if you helped to build it?

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A Day for Gratitude

Of all the American holidays, the one I have wished we could adopt here, in Australia, is the one celebrated in the US on the fourth Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day. While reading the opinions and articles from various American writers reflecting on the day and its meaning, I selected these.

Thanksgiving: A Lesson in Gratitude

The lesson to draw from this is perhaps that gratitude does not come easy. It must be learned and earned. Those who experience true hardships in life are often able to see the world in perspective. Knowing that a good life cannot be taken for granted and that happiness and comfort can be robbed from you at any moment enables you to appreciate life whenever it shines benevolently upon you.

Don’t Give Up on the Blessings of Freedom

Remember, evil prevails when good men and women do nothing.

Refuse to remain silent. Take a stand. Speak up. Speak out. Recognize injustice. Don’t turn away from suffering.

When it comes time to giving thanks for your good fortune, put your gratitude into action: pay your blessings forward with deeds that spread a little kindness, lighten someone’s burden, and brighten some dark corner.

Be a hero, whether or not anyone ever notices.

Acts of benevolence, no matter how inconsequential they might seem, can spark a movement.

All it takes is one person to start a chain reaction.

This Year Giving Thanks Isn’t Enough

The left hasn’t won because their cause is more righteous or because the majority of Americans support their efforts – quite the contrary. Indeed, the left has won because we have let them win.

That must end and it must end now.

It is incumbent upon every single conservative in this country to fight back and we must take the fight to every corner of our country and of our culture.

The God of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, historically, is a day set aside for people to express their gratitude and humility before a sovereign, holy, and all-powerful God.

And Thanksgiving is most meaningful when the giver of thanks understands that he is not entitled to anything. That even when times are difficult — even when tragedy comes — we still have many things for which to be thankful, because, in and of ourselves, we have no claim to anything. If nothing else, the mere fact that we are breathing — that we are alive — is sufficient to offer thanks to the Creator who breathes life into man.

So many people believe that God or the government or society owes them something. In reality, you owe God. You owe God your thanks and praise for the many blessings you’ve received, and you owe God your repentance for the many wrongs you’ve committed.

That is the meaning of Thanksgiving. Anything less than that, and the holiday is vain and hollow.

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Open Thread – Saturday, 27 November 2021

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The Week That Was [Friday, 26 November 2021]

It’s that time.
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The CatWiki is Ready to Go

The project has been set up and is ready for the building stage.
The first topic is Covid-19.

There is plenty of work to be done to build up the database.  If there are any commenters who would like to get involved in this project, let me know.

There are only two criteria:

  1. You would like to be someone who is doing something to make a difference. That is all. If you need help with the work to be done, it will be provided. If anyone needs detailed instructions, this will be available, too. Don’t worry about making mistakes. We are all learning as we go along. You work on it, as and when you can.
  2. Leave your Ego at the door, and come on in. It is not about me or you. It is about any way in which we can work together to help make a small change for the better.

From here on, topics will be added, and content will be updated. If you want to know what is new, you will need to check the CatWiki section of the blog. Unless there is something significant, there will be no regular posts about the wiki, here.

And with that

the  CatWiki

is now Open.

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Open Thread – Saturday, 20 November 2021

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The Week That Was [Friday, 19 November 2021]

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(The backstory)


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